Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 63

After Lin Rushan was reinstated, the Emperor gave him the head. Lin Qingyu finally didn’t have to face the emperor’s face three or four times similar to Xiao Cheng every day. Lin’s father’s medical skill is above Lin Qingyu. With his wonderful hands, the emperor’s body is better day by day. Although it is not cured, the frequency of head wind attack is reduced, and it is no different from ordinary people as long as it does not happen.

Looking at the other end of the East Palace, Xiao Cheng’s trauma seems to be getting better, but the sword hurt his root. No matter how to recuperate, he can’t recover from the past. The day-to-day drinking and medication made his already poor temperament more violent and unpredictable, causing a miasma in the East Palace and people’s self-confidence.

Tianji camp hasn’t had a clue about Shen Huai’s knowledge for a long time. Xiao Cheng doesn’t care about it at all. The emperor thought that when he suffered this setback, he connived at his various grumpy behaviors, but he also sent Xue Ying to mention it by side, but the effect was very little.

How can a conceited person like Xiao Cheng bear to turn himself into a medicine jar. What made him more resentful was that it was Shen Huaizhi who grew up with him.

How could he be reconciled to the fact that he finally fell on a shadow guard after taking so many pains and killing so many people. He will never stop until he brings Shen Huaizhi back to be slaughtered by him.

In the emperor’s bedroom, Lin Rushan just finished acupuncture for the emperor. The emperor’s body was comfortable, but his heart was not very happy. Although Lin Qingyu and Lin Rushan are father and son, they don’t look very similar. Lin Rushan is just the Qingjun of ordinary men, and Lin Qingyu’s brilliance and beauty are rare in the world. If it were not for the bad luck of his wife, he wouldn’t have replaced him.

When Lin Rushan left, the emperor asked casually, “what has Lin Qingyu been doing lately?”

Lin Rushan’s face changed slightly and said, “the dog has stayed in the Tai hospital these days to dispense medicine for his majesty.”

The emperor hesitated, always thinking about the ominous, waved and said, “it’s all right, you step back.”

Lin Rushan returned to his house with worry. He saw a majestic sweat BMW standing at the door of Lin’s house. He recognized the horse. It was Gu Fuzhou’s Mount, but it seemed to be a lot fatter than in the past. He hurried into the house and asked the housekeeper, “general Gu has come to the house?”

The housekeeper looked strange and said, “yes, yes, the senior general is drinking tea with his wife and young master at the moment.”

Lin Rushan said, “Qingyu is back too?” that’s just right. He wants to remind him to be careful of the emperor.

When he got to the hospital, Lin Rushan found that they were not the only ones in the family. There are many new faces in the yard. They should be from the general’s house. Yuan Yin of the general’s house is directing them to put red wooden boxes one by one. The mahogany box is tied with festive red silk, just like a gesture of proposing marriage. The key is that Lin house has no daughter.

Lin Rushan walked into the main hall with doubts. His wife’s face was more complicated than that of the housekeeper. Seeing him back, Lin’s mother found the backbone and was relieved: “sir.”

Lin Rushan first saluted Gu Fuzhou and was quickly picked up by Gu Fuzhou. He asked, “general, this is…”

Gu Fuzhou said with a smile, “adoptive father, I’ve come to propose marriage to myself.”

Lin Rushan and his wife looked at each other: “dare you ask the general, who are you here to propose marriage?”

Lin Qingyu said, “I love you.”

Compared with Gu Fuzhou’s proposal, what shocked Lin’s parents was the attitude of the eldest son. The last time the Nan’an Marquis came to propose marriage, Lin Qingyu was ashamed of his male wife. He almost would rather die than obey. Finally, he had to obey because he couldn’t resist. Why is he so calm this time?

Gu Fuzhou patiently explained to the two: “the emperor intends to marry me. The person he chooses for me is either his own daughter or the daughters of those literary ministers. I think about it. These girls are really untrustworthy. I’m afraid they will feed the tiger. Therefore, I want to decide my marriage before the emperor’s decree comes down.”

Lin’s mother still didn’t understand: “the great general is brilliant and powerful. He is a great hero. There must be many women who really admire the general. The general can choose the woman he likes from the generals’ family. Why should he marry my Qingyu?”

Gu Fuzhou is asked and looks at Lin Qingyu for help. Lin Qingyu didn’t want his parents to worry. He didn’t tell them his situation in the palace. At the moment, he just said, “the Lin house has always been under the protection of the great general. I married the great general. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages for me and the Lin house.”

Lin’s mother doesn’t understand this, but she still remembers the humiliation of her son when he was a man’s wife for the first time. She really can’t bear to repeat the old story. She looked at her husband: “master…”

Lin Rushan, who had been silent for a long time, said, “I see.”

The eldest son did this not only to help general Gu, but also to avoid disaster for himself. The holy master has already had that kind of thought for Lin Qingyu. Maybe one day another imperial decree will come down and let him enter the back palace to serve the king. By that time, it will be too late to find another way.

Lin Qingyu used to be a man’s wife. He wants to marry a woman who is equal to him… Even if someone wants to, he won’t agree. In this way, it’s better for them to get together and take care of them in the future.

“Since you have some consideration, we will never object.” Lin Rushan said, “but the emperor will not let go easily.”

Gu Fuzhou said with a smile, “don’t worry, father-in-law. Just leave it to me.”

This “father-in-law” screamed quickly and skillfully, startling everyone except Lin Qingyu.

Seeing that several men were going to settle the matter, Lin’s mother couldn’t help saying, “but Lord Lu has only been there for less than a year.”

The husband’s mind is not delicate enough, maybe he can’t see it. After Lu Wancheng left, Lin Qingyu was calm and calm on the surface, and didn’t even shed a tear for Lu Wancheng. He was like this since he was a child. His emotions were not easily exposed. Only she, who was a mother, knew that Lin Qingyu felt worse than everyone else.

Gu Fuzhou said, “my mother-in-law is worried about gossip?”

Lin’s mother tried to stop: “it’s not just this…”

Lin Qingyu knows what his mother means. “Don’t worry, mother,” said Lin Qingyu. “I’ve long forgotten Lord Lu. Who is Lu Wancheng? Does it have anything to do with me?”

Gu Fuzhou: ”

Lin Qingyu said so, and Lin’s mother had nothing to say.

The ring was sent out and got the acquiescence of Lin Qingyu’s family. Gu Fuzhou entered the palace without delay. Lin Qingyu is going to have dinner with his parents at home before leaving.

Lin Qinghe took the opportunity to stick to his brother and asked, “brother, do you really want to marry general Gu?”

He was not allowed to sit in, but he learned about it from Mammy.

Lin Qingyu nodded: “yes.”

“General, he… He’s too old.” Lin Qinghe bends for his brother’s long Committee. “He’s twelve years older than his brother!”

Lin Qingyu smiled: “he’s not that old.” in terms of his actual age, Gu Fuzhou is one year younger than him.

Lin Qinghe begged, “brother, can you find another husband like brother Wancheng?”

Lin Qingyu told his younger brother that if he didn’t marry a 12-year-old general, he might be accepted as a concubine by an old man in his 40s. Lin Qinghe reluctantly agreed to the marriage.

At the other end, Gu Fuzhou met the emperor in the hall of diligence. The emperor’s complexion has improved more than a little. It won’t take long to appear in the morning.

“Aiqing came just in time.” the emperor said, “look at the urgent report from Yong Liang’s hair by Zhao Mingwei.”

Zhao Mingwei said in the urgent newspaper that after a few months of recuperation in Xixia, he made a comeback and attacked three small cities of Dayu one after another. After several defeats, the morale of the army was unstable, and it was urgent for general Gu to return to Yongliang to preside over the overall situation.

Gu Fuzhou was silent, but there were thousands of horses running in his heart. He knows how much he can handle the overall situation. Winning in a row depends on luck, and then you must lose in a row. He’s quitting now and won’t lower his winning rate. Zhao Mingwei fought hundreds of battles, perhaps with a victory rate of only 60%, but it is much more stable than his total of five games, with a victory rate of 100%.

The emperor said again, “I told you to go to Beijing alone and leave Beijing for two. Your marriage was delayed the day before yesterday because of the prince’s sudden illness. Now you can’t delay it any more. Settle down your home first, and you can take care of yourself in a cool place. The queen has seen many noble women with you. Do you have a favorite candidate in your heart?”

Gu Fuzhou closed the memorial and said, “when it comes to this matter, I specially went to the master of state Xu to calculate a divination. What I asked is marriage.”

“Oh?” the emperor always respected the unfathomable national teacher. “What did he say?”

“The national teacher said that I should marry a man, who was born on March 11 in the year of Guiwei. Only in this way can I be as helpful as God on the battlefield.”

“Male wife?” the emperor frowned. “Does the national teacher really say that?”

“Really. Your majesty has made an exception to allow the late Lord Lu Xiaohou to marry a man. I hope your majesty will make another exception for his minister.”

The emperor said, “do you know that the male wife has an ominous saying?”

“The National Master said that both good and bad luck depend on the individual. A man’s wife may be bad for others, but for a minister, it is a sign of good luck.”

With the precedent, the emperor could not refuse. He said, “can you find the man with eight characters on this birthday?”

“That’s a coincidence. The minister’s righteous younger brother, Lin Qingyu, Lin Taiyi, was born on March 11, the year of Guiwei.”

The emperor Huoran got up and said, “Lin Qingyu, do you say Lin Qingyu?”

He gets up too hard and is not well. It is inevitable that he is a little unstable. Xue Ying hurried forward to help: “the emperor, be careful of the dragon body.”

The emperor realized his gaffe and said, “Lin Qingyu is a good talent in Taiyuan hospital. I can’t live without him. Did you say to marry?”

Gu Fuzhou said, “it doesn’t conflict. Since Doctor Lin is a man who has become an official, he used to be and will still be. The minister doesn’t need him to take the responsibility of his mother in the government.”

“Ridiculous.” the emperor patted the table, “how can I allow a man’s wife to walk with civil and military officials in the palace under the five grade official position!”

Gu Fuzhou’s tone was a little cold: “Doctor Lin was once a male wife, and the Emperor didn’t give him an official position? Doctor Lin matched the prescription for epidemic diseases and the good medicine for head wind. The minister was considering the emperor’s dragon body, so he was willing to let his wife continue to stay in the palace.”

The emperor said coldly, “before I agree, you put the word ‘wife’ on your lips?”

Gu Fuzhou raised his mouth slightly: “just like the emperor said, settle down first, so that the minister can be carefree after Yongliang.” Gu Fuzhou knelt down and saluted, “please allow it.”

When the emperor heard the threat in Gu Fuzhou’s words, he was furious and the head wind was fierce. He couldn’t care about anything else. He hugged his head and said, “preach Lin Rushan!”

The news that Lin Qingyu is going to remarry Gu Fuzhou spread like wildfire. More than a year later, Lin’s house once again became the talk capital of gaomen in the capital. In other words, the rumors about Lin’s family have never stopped since the day Lin Qingyu married Lu Wancheng.

There are all kinds of statements about Lin Qingyu in Taiyuan hospital. Hu Ji repeatedly wanted to ask Lin Qingyu what was going on. Seeing that the other party was like nothing, he swallowed it back to his mouth.

Lin Qingyu hates people with broken mouths and many things. If you want to make friends with him, you must know what to say and what not to say.

On this day, when Hu Ji returned from his visit, he met several royal princes walking together. What he talked about was Lin Qingyu’s remarriage.

“Although there is a precedent about the man’s wife, it’s not very good. How could general Gu ask for a widowed man’s wife? I can’t understand it.”

“I heard that he had a divination with the national master. The National Master said that Lin Qingyu could prosper him.”

“Nonsense! Gu Fuzhou must have been confused by Lin Qingyu’s beauty before he asked the national master to endorse him. If he is so obsessed with male sex and the enemy has a beauty trick in the future, won’t he give in?”

“In my opinion, it’s Lin Qingyu who seduces me. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lin Qingyu, a great doctor who doesn’t keep a widow for her husband and appears in the palace, does anything. It’s a pity that general Gu’s great reputation…”

Hu Ji couldn’t hear these words and couldn’t stop him in his capacity. He was about to make a detour when he heard a voice from behind: “I said –”

He looked back with several speech officials. Gu Fuzhou was dressed in a military officer’s uniform with two flying Eagles embroidered on his head. He was tall and cold. It was not too much to stand out from the crowd in front of several speech officials.

“Almost.” Gu Fuzhou whispered, “whose people do you think you’re talking about?”

Gu Fuzhou’s voice was unusually calm, but the hidden desire for destruction made everyone present nervous and oppressed.

Yan Guan exchanged his eyes and saluted him together: “my lower official pays a visit to general Gu.”

Yang Geng boldly said, “we are all imperial officials personally appointed by the emperor. The so-called imperial officials are responsible for rectifying the outline and discipline and exercising supervision. It’s common to hear that there are things. Doctor Lin’s behavior is immoral and shameless. Why can’t we say it?!”

Gu Fuzhou’s eyes swept over the crowd one by one: “listen. It’s me, Mrs. Lin, who asked the emperor to marry. Mrs. Lin doesn’t want to, because of my power, so I have to — what else do you want to scold, scold.”

Yang Geng angrily said, “the general is so aggressive. Does he want to fight with us?!”


Gu Fuzhou’s voice fell, and the ministers were in an uproar.

“Of course not! This is the Imperial Palace, not in the northwest battlefield, nor in the general’s barracks!”

Gu Fuzhou smiled: “you don’t think I haven’t fought anywhere except in the barracks.”

Yang Geng was so angry that he blushed and his neck was thick: “dare you ask general Gu if there is still the emperor in his eyes!”

Seeing the seriousness of the situation, Hu Jisheng was afraid that Lin Qingyu would be implicated. He hurried forward and said, “great general!”

Gu Fuzhou naturally remembered the imperial doctor who had a close relationship with the Lin family: “what’s up?”

“The general will calm down. After all, it’s in the palace. If it comes to the emperor’s ears and accuse Doctor Lin, then…”

Gu Fuzhou was indifferent: “go away.”

Gu Fuzhou wanted to go to the hall of diligence to discuss the northwest war with all his officials, but he didn’t stay much. When Hu Ji returned to Tai hospital, he saw Lin Qingyu looking at his pulse, so he couldn’t help coming over.

“General Gu…” Hu Ji shivered. “It’s a little terrible.”

Lin Qingyu was surprised: “why do you think so.”

Hu Ji told Lin Qingyu what he had just seen and heard: “it’s no wonder that general Gu has many dead souls under a blue cloud Kyushu gun. Only a god of war in the northwest like him can suppress those speech officials by his aura alone. However, I always thought general Gu was a reserved martial artist. I didn’t expect him to say that he would fight with others in addition to the battlefield of the barracks…”

When Lin Qingyu heard the speech, he couldn’t help smiling.

His past and future husband seems to have something he can’t see.

The window was not closed, and a gust of wind blew through, bringing a trace of cold. Lin Qingyu said, “is it getting cold?”

Hu Ji said, “yes, it’s beginning of winter.”

Lin Qingyu sighed for no reason: “so fast.”

The story of winter begins again.


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