Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 64

The emperor finally agreed to the marriage between Gu Fuzhou and Lin Qingyu. Another war broke out in the northwest, and he must appease Gu Fuzhou at this time. Moreover, Xu Junyuan also said that their marriage was a sign of good luck. For the sake of the overall situation, he can only suppress his own selfish desires. He is the king of a country. He can tell which is more important than which.

The emperor only acquiesced and did not give marriage, but he said: if you are a man’s wife, you can’t enter the court as an official again.

Gu Fuzhou heard the speech and wanted to find the emperor’s theory. Lin Qingyu stopped him: “don’t worry, it won’t be long before the emperor will ask me back.”

Gu Fuzhou pretended to complain: “Dr. Lin did bad things without me.”

Lin Qingyu said, “this is not a bad thing.”

On the day Lin Qingyu left the palace, most of his colleagues at the Taiyuan hospital looked on coldly. In addition to Hu Ji’s all the way to see him off, Chu Zhengde also came to see him off.

The old man still didn’t have a good face to him, and he spoke strangely: “if you say to marry, do you deserve your talent?”

Lin Qingyu said indifferently, “it’s just because of his talent that it doesn’t hurt to delay some time occasionally.”

Chu Zhengde choked. He was so angry that he was defeated and said, “go quickly. It’s bad luck to see you.”

Lin Qingyu didn’t leave quickly – a eunuch in the East Palace found him and said that the prince had an invitation.

After many days, Lin Qingyu saw Xiao Cheng again and almost couldn’t help laughing.

After wandering on the edge of life and death, Xiao Cheng was different from her former high spirited appearance. However, seeing that others are almost half thinner, with sunken cheeks and pale lips, it is difficult to hide their embarrassment even in fancy clothes. Lin Qingyu even felt that he was not much better than Shen Huai who was in Changsheng temple that day.

When those two eyes looked at Lin Qingyu, they did not see the arrogance but reason in the past, arrogance but paranoia, leaving only paranoia and resentment in their eyes.

Lin Qingyu saluted according to the rules: “Your Highness, please see your highness.”

Xiao Cheng didn’t lock his eyes as he used to. He opened the door and said, “do you have any news about Shen Huai’s knowledge?”

Lin Qingyu raised her eyebrows: “bodyguard Shen is your Highness’s exclusive bodyguard. Your highness came to ask me about him?”

Xiao Cheng’s lips were tight. For so long, Tianji camp hasn’t found the whereabouts of Shen Huaizhi. He had nowhere to vent his anxiety and anger. He was in the East Palace all day and smashed all the things in front of him. Until the dark guard of Tianji camp asked timidly, “Your Highness, do bodyguard Shen have any relatives and friends? We can start with these people.”

Xiao Cheng was stunned. After thinking for a long time, she thought of a Lin Qingyu.

Shen Huai knew all his relatives and friends. They disappeared with tianyumen three years ago. In the past three years, apart from himself, Shen Huaizhi seems to have only intersected with Lin Qingyu. Otherwise, he would not appear on Jingchun’s birthday to plead for Lin Qingyu.

“All you have to do is answer Gu’s question. Did Gu allow you to ask?”

Lin Qingyu said, “I’ll see bodyguard Shen again at the imperial medical office. He didn’t know what he had done for his highness, so he was hurt all over. The lower officer prepared him a few pairs of medicine, that’s all.”

“What did he tell you?” Xiao Cheng didn’t have any hope for Lin Qingyu, but he really… Had nothing to do. He must hold fast to any news, even unimportant things.

Lin Qingyu thought for a moment and said, “he mentioned Princess Jingchun.”

“Jing Chun?” Xiao Cheng said eagerly, “what did he say?”

“He said that he and Princess Jingchun grew up together since childhood. When the princess was forced to kiss the north, I don’t know how she’s been these three years.”

Xiao Cheng asked, “he said he was going to the north?”

Too deliberate guidance will only add to doubt. Lin Qingyu said, “he didn’t say that. He said he was the shadow guard of your highness. Naturally, he should always be with your highness.”

Xiao Cheng narrowed her eyes and said, “it’s none of your business here.”

Before leaving, Lin Qingyu asked, “Your Highness, do you know the marriage between general Gu and me?”

“I know.” Xiao Cheng mocked, “Lu Wancheng is in a hurry to remarry before his bones are cold. Lin Qingyu, you really can’t live without a man. However, what do martial arts people like Gu Fuzhou know about fun, and Lu Wancheng’s illness can’t satisfy you. If you followed Gu early in the morning, I’m afraid you would have known it.”

Lin Qingyu can see that Xiao Cheng is just showing off her tongue. In his current state, even if Princess Jingchun comes back, he may not have any reaction.

“Your Highness has been kind to me many times before. I thought your highness came to me for this matter. Unexpectedly, your highness didn’t mention my marriage with general Gu and only cared about the whereabouts of guard Shen.” Lin Qingyu chuckled, “it seems that I’m far less important than guard Shen in your Highness’s heart.”

Xiao Cheng was suddenly stunned, as if she had realized this, and then said as if to convince herself: “Gu cares about his whereabouts in order to cure his crime and let him suffer the consequences as soon as possible.”

Lin Qingyu said, “Your Highness is what he says – Your Highness leaves.”

Rumors are flying outside Ren. The marriage between Lin Qingyu and Gu Fuzhou is finally settled. The marriage was made in a hurry, but under the control of Lin’s mother and Yuan Yin, everything went on in an orderly manner from acceptance to application.

When Lin Qingyu got married last time, he basically didn’t prepare a dowry. This time, Lin’s mother drew up a dowry list for him, but he said, “you can have more.”

Lin’s mother looked embarrassed: “Qingyu, your father has been an official for so many years. He has always had clean hands. That’s all he has accumulated.”

Lin Qingyu said with a smile, “my mother misunderstood. When I get married, I naturally pay my own wedding dowry. How can I use my parents’ savings? Mother, don’t worry, I’ll leave it to others.”

Lin’s mother worried: “how do you make up yourself? How long have you been in office?”

“Let Lord Lu help me out.” Lu Wancheng left him so much property that he was worried about having nowhere to spend.

Lin’s mother was surprised: “this, this is not very good.”

“Nothing bad.” Lin Qingyu smiled. “Lord Lu has knowledge under the spring. Maybe he wants me to take more to the general’s house.”

Lin’s mother only felt that she could not understand her eldest son more and more. She would never talk too much about Lin Qingyu’s decision. Finally, she did it according to Lin Qingyu’s intention.

Unmarried couples may not meet in private before marriage. Gu Fuzhou didn’t see anyone, but he didn’t stop. He sent a lot of things one after another. For example, the wedding clothes he would wear on the day of his wedding were personally selected by Gu Fuzhou and sent to Lin’s house by Yuan Yin.

Lin Qingyu knows that Gu Fuzhou has an inexplicable obsession about his wearing happy clothes. He thought Gu Fuzhou would choose a wedding dress that was more cumbersome than when he first married. Unexpectedly, the wedding dress cloth sent was excellent brocade, but there was not too much embroidery on it. It was a simple bright red, like a burning pure flame.

Lin Qingyu touched the ring on his ring finger. The relief on the ring is also very simple. Gu Fuzhou’s vision and taste are good, and he doesn’t like fancy clothes.

Along with Xifu came a letter from Gu Fuzhou. The vernacular full of paper said that he was tired and hungry these days and was about to be unable to hold on. Then he lamented that life is boring. It’s better to jump into the lake without meat.

Lin Qingyu didn’t understand: “the general is tired. How can he be hungry?”

Yuan Yin said reluctantly, “in order to urge him to practice martial arts, the general specially made his favorite clothes smaller. These days he doesn’t eat much and lives on vegetables and radishes all day. Yesterday he grabbed me and asked me why people live just to marry a beautiful lady. The world is not worth it…”

Lin Qingyu: ”

Now Gu Fuzhou is actually a very good figure, with wide shoulders and long legs. He won’t be too strong. Everything is just right. Lin Qingyu deliberately said that his abdominal muscles were loose in order to urge him to be diligent. It’s not a bad thing to move more. Unexpectedly, it gave Gu Fuzhou such a big blow.

Lin Qingyu laughed: “tell him I don’t like too thin men. Let him have a good meal.”


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