Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 65

Lin Qingyu has been staying in Lin’s house all the time while waiting for his marriage. He hasn’t gone anywhere. Other people worry about many matters of the wedding. He reads books every day and accompanies his brother. In the twinkling of an eye, it is the eve of the wedding.

That night, less than two hours after Lin Qingyu fell asleep, the Xi Niang invited by the general’s house arrived. Lin Qingyu still remembers that when he married Lu Wancheng, Hou’s house also sent Xi Niang. I don’t know if it’s emotional. Last time he saw the two brides, he just felt disgusting. Knowing that they were just acting under orders, he still remembered his revenge, although in the end he didn’t seek revenge.

The bridesmaids who came this time were two dignified young women who waited on him to dress up.

Lin Qingyu asked, “I remember taking a bath before grooming?” after bathing, both men and women should put ointment somewhere to facilitate sharing a room with their husband.

Xi Niang said with a smile, “the rules are like this. But general Gu said, Doctor Lin can come as comfortable as he is.”

Lin Qingyu smiled and said, “he’s very kind.”

Lin Qingyu still went to take a bath. Not for anything else, just to wash away the bad luck brought from the palace. After that, Xi Niang dried his long hair, combed it smoothly, and asked, “does Dr. Lin want to wear a Xi crown?”

Lin Qingyu asked, “it’s up to me, too?”

“Yes. Listen to the meaning of the general, even if Doctor Lin wants to marry in regular clothes, he doesn’t mind.”

How could it be okay. If he did not marry in his wedding clothes, the man would probably have a smile on his face and wonder how long he would have to complain.

“How you usually put on makeup for men is how you put on makeup for me.”

Xi Niang looked at Lin Qingyu’s face carefully and said, “how can I do it? No matter what I draw on Dr. Lin’s face, I think it’s painting a snake and adding feet.”

Lin Qingyu said lightly, “is your mouth so sweet to ask for a reward?”

Xi Niang covered her lips and said with a smile, “how dare you! I’m telling the truth.” she opened the box and chose a piece of rouge paper. “Please ask Dr. Lin to sip it between her lips.”

Lin Qingyu hesitated a little, took the rouge paper and sipped it a little, and the light lips were stained with a layer of bright red.

Xi Niang painted a few eyebrows for him, and pasted flower yellow on her forehead, also known as flower mother. After finishing these, Xi Niang said with satisfaction: “Dr. Lin has the right skin color, white and flawless. I don’t think I need to apply powder.”

Even if his skin color is not good, he is not enough. Gu Fuzhou likes to see it or not. Thrush, rouge paper and mother of flowers are the limit of his tolerance.

She put on her makeup too quickly and waited for half an hour for her hair to be able. Xi Niang put on a man’s special Xi crown for him. The two servants each held one end of the wedding dress and spread out the wedding dress. “Please change your clothes, Dr. Lin.”

Xi Niang wanted to help him get up. Lin Qingyu said, “I’ll do it myself.”

Arm through the red sleeve, the servant draped his joy suit over him. When Xi Niang was girding her waist for him, she couldn’t help sighing: “Doctor Lin’s waist is as thin as a woman.”

Another Xi Niang joked, “you’re wrong. Not every woman can hold her waist.”

Finally, Xi Niang covered him with a xipa, leaving only a red in his vision.

This scene was once the most humiliating memory of his life. At that time, I may have never thought that he would be willing to marry as a wife. Even if he and Gu Fuzhou did it as a last resort to avoid disaster, it was unimaginable enough.

An idea flashed through Lin Qingyu’s head: is there really no other way to solve the current dilemma except to marry Gu Fuzhou?

Not necessarily. But he chose to marry Gu Fuzhou again.

After tossing around for a long time, it’s already dawn outside. As soon as the auspicious hour arrived, Lin Qingyu went to the main hall of Lin house to say goodbye to his parents. For sending their son to marry, Lin’s father and mother are twice familiar. No matter how complicated the mood is, it’s much better than last time. The two of them gave Lin Qingyu a simple order, and the wedding procession arrived.

Most of the greeters were military generals, led by general Wu, who made friends with Gu Fuzhou. Martial people have always been busy greeting relatives, but these rude people are more elegant today. After being promoted by general Gu, they dare not make a mistake in front of the great beauty and invite people into the sedan chair in a proper manner.

This is a sedan chair for eight people. In Dayu, only the original can enjoy this honor.

Lin’s second marriage attracted many good people to watch. General Gu’s reputation is well known. He took his first wife in his thirties. She is still a widowed man’s wife. She has lived a long time and can meet anything.

“Since the emperor married two men last year, the people began to learn disorderly. My second uncle’s youngest son also married a male wife home not long ago – the world is getting worse!”

“What do you say these people do when they don’t marry a good girl and marry a male wife? They can’t even have children!”

“People are beautiful. I would like to…”

“Beauty is a disaster. One is to blame the family, two is to blame the army, and three is to blame the country!”

“Shh – what you said, you don’t want your head?”

The sedan chair lifted up and walked towards the general’s house step by step, leaving gossip far behind. The sedan chair was followed by a vast group of people and an invisible dowry.

The wedding reception team circled half the capital and finally stopped in front of the general’s house. The salute officer shouted, “get off the sedan -”

Then, the car curtain was lifted, and Lin Qingyu was helped to walk towards the general’s house. Just across the threshold, a hand appeared under xipa.

This hand is broad and warm. There are many thick cocoons on the finger belly. It is mottled and rough. It can be seen that it is the hand of a martial artist.

When he put his hand on it, Lin Qingyu heard a familiar and surprised voice: “we Dr. Lin really wear happy clothes.”

No one whispered to him at such a time.

Knowing that it was against the rules, Lin Qingyu replied, “don’t you need a rooster to worship for you this time.”

Their whispering was discovered by Xi Niang. Xi Niang reminded them, “general, you can’t talk to your wife at this time.”

Gu Fuzhou closed his mouth in a rare obedience. Lin Qingyu holds a hydrangea and Gu Fuzhou leads the other end. They enter the main hall together.

Gu Fuzhou has no father, no mother, no relatives or elders. Sitting on the table was the old and strong Duke of Wu. He was greeted by the new couple. He couldn’t close his mouth with a smile and repeatedly praised him.

After worshipping heaven and earth, Lin Qingyu was sent to his bridal chamber first, and Gu Fuzhou had to stay in the lobby to deal with the guests. As soon as the beauty left, the generals were free and rushed to Gu Fuzhou.

Gu Fuzhou’s entertainment lasted from dawn to night. He didn’t want to, but those generals really grind people. Gu Fuzhou hasn’t been the protagonist of persuading wine. For the first time today, his opponent is general Wu, who drinks like a man who doesn’t want his life. He can’t tell the southeast from the northwest. Finally, Duke Wu solved the siege for him and said that he couldn’t get people drunk. If he was really drunk, how could he get married? A group of men burst into laughter.

Gu Fuzhou thought that the bridal chamber could not be used, but he could take advantage of the strength of wine. For example, touch your hair, cheat a beauty, call your husband or something.

On the way back to Xifang, Gu Fuzhou’s footsteps were floating. The closer he gets to the happy room, the more his steps float. In the end, people seem to float, and everything in front of him seems to be in a dream.

He married Lin Qingyu home again. It was his own worship hall. Later, he would open Lin Qingyu’s xipa and drink Heying wine with him.

What a beautiful traditional culture. He loves it so much.

Gu Fuzhou took a deep breath, put his hands on the door with the word “Xi” for a long time, and then gently pushed the door open.

Hearing the news, Lin Qingyu raised his head from the book and said, “I’m back.”

Gu Fuzhou is a mature man in his bright red suit of the same color as him, with great heroism, sword eyebrows and stars. Only those eyes, when they see him, will vaguely reveal the youth spirit that others can’t feel.

They looked at each other. Gu Fuzhou opened his mouth. Without saying a word, he retreated and closed the door again.

Lin Qingyu: “…?”

Before Lin Qingyu knew the situation, the door was pushed open again. Gu Fuzhou made sure he was right and said in confusion, “where’s my red cap? Where’s my big red cap!”

“You said xipa?” Lin Qingyu looked at the table. “I put it there.”

Gu Fuzhou’s expression solidified, stared at Lin Qingyu’s face and complained, “isn’t it not good for you? Shouldn’t I expose xipa?”

“Wearing a xipa is very troublesome.” the husband is drinking happily outside, and his wife can only sit in the Xifang and wait for most of the day. He thought it was not the first time to get married anyway. He and Gu Fuzhou were so familiar that many gifts could be avoided. In this half day, he can read one book.

Gu Fuzhou exuded Resentment: “tell me you’re wrong, I won’t be angry if you say you’re wrong.”

Lin Qingyu didn’t think it was wrong to expose xipa’s behavior, but seeing Gu Fuzhou’s appearance as if he had been struck by lightning, he added: “but I didn’t clean my face or undress.”

Lin Qingyu is a little upset. He was wearing a wedding dress, with mother of flowers on his eyebrows, and even rouge on his lips. When he was not used to it, Gu Fuzhou accused him.

Gu Fuzhou suddenly reacted and stared at Lin Qingyu. Looking at the flower mother in the eyebrows, the flow of eye waves, the red lips of excited Dan, and the tight waist – looking at the beautiful woman who is beautiful and wearing the wedding dress he chose himself, looking at her quietly, with some complaints in her eyes, as if she was saying: How did you come.

Behind Lin Qingyu, there was a hazy candle light and a correct word “Xi”.

The peach is young and bright.

Gu Fuzhou blinked: “ah, it seems to have been coaxed by you.”

Lin Qingyu raised her eyebrows: “so fast?”

“I’m good to coax.” Gu Fuzhou staggered to Lin Qingyu. “Unlike Dr. Lin, it’s very difficult to coax. It takes a long time every time…”

Lin Qingyu came forward to hold him, smelled a smell of wine and asked, “how much wine did you drink?”

Gu Fuzhou buried his head in Lin Qingyu’s neck: “I don’t want to drink either. They keep filling me…”

Gu Fuzhou was too heavy. Lin Qingyu couldn’t support him alone. They stumbled into the happy bed together. Gu Fuzhou seemed to stick to the bed and couldn’t get up again.

Lin Qingyu asked, “who filled you? Remember to fill it back next time.”

Gu Fuzhou pulled his fingers and counted them one by one. Lin Qingyu said, “keep counting. I’ll ask someone to help you cook sober soup.”

When Lin Qingyu turned around, Gu Fuzhou, who was half drunk, suddenly stretched out his hand, wrapped around his waist from behind and took him back. Lin Qingyu fell to the bed and fell into Gu Fuzhou’s arms.




Why do you call him an old woman on your second wedding night.

Lin Qingyu treated him with his own way: “don’t shout, husband.”

Gu Fuzhou smiled and watched him smile all the time. His eyebrows and eyes were curved and as bright as stars. When he had laughed enough, he made a “you come here” gesture. Lin Qingyu leaned over. Gu Fuzhou put his hand to his lips as if to tell him a little secret: “I’m bent…”

Lin Qingyu asked, “where is the bend?”

Gu Fuzhou was stunned, and then lay back, blocking his eyes with his arm in a piece of bright red. He said wrongly, “you culprit don’t want to be responsible, even if you don’t want to be responsible, you can’t be his mother and my confidant. But I can’t bend you without your consent… I’m bored to death.”

Lin Qingyu seems to understand: “what does’ bending ‘mean?”

Gu Fuzhou closed his eyes and whispered, “I like you and want to date you.”

Lin Qingyu frowned: “more specific?”

Gu Fuzhou: ”

Lin Qingyu said again, “you haven’t drunk Heying wine yet. Are you sure you want to sleep?”

Gu Fuzhou seemed to have really slept, and only a gentle breathing sound responded to him.


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