Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 66

Early in the morning, Lin Qingyu felt someone moving around. He had always slept shallow, and when it was time for him to get up, he soon opened his eyes.

He slept on the outside of the bed. His eyes were burning red candles and the morning light coming through the window. Slightly turned over, the man beside the pillow… Or the teenager, facing him, slept heavily, revealing half his face and one hand from the quilt, and the other hand was on his waist.

Last night, after Gu Fuzhou was drunk to death, Lin Qingyu took off his happy clothes for him and stuffed him into the quilt with difficulty. He wanted to go to the study to make do with the night, and thought it would be the wedding night at least. Last wedding night, they never knew each other and slept in the same room. This time, if they sleep in separate rooms, they have known each other for two years.

There is only one bed and no soft couch in the wedding room. Lin Qingyu thought about it and tried to push Gu Fuzhou into bed. He lay outside him.

Lin Qingyu thought he would not sleep well. He didn’t want Gu Fuzhou to be very honest after falling asleep. He didn’t even turn over. No wonder when Yongliang was attacked by the enemy, he could still sleep in the dark, and finally had to move his position under a quilt.

He is 19 years old, and he likes to sleep like a child. Lin Qingyu couldn’t help reaching out and touching Gu Fuzhou’s straight nose. Then he planned to get up.

But he couldn’t get up. Gu Fuzhou… Pressed his hair.

The second half of Lin Qingyu’s long hair is pressed by Gu Fuzhou. If he moves a little bigger, he will be pulled to pain. He tried to push Gu Fuzhou away. After half a day’s effort, Gu Fuzhou remained motionless. He tried to pull his hair out again. He didn’t pull out much hair. Instead, he hurt so much that he wanted to poison others.

Lin Qingyu can’t bear it. Gu Fuzhou couldn’t wake up by shouting. He held Gu Fuzhou’s nose in his hand. No matter how much Gu Fuzhou loved to sleep, he frowned because of his bad breathing. Then he opened his eyes and opened his mouth when he saw Lin Qingyu.

Lin Qingyu said coolly, “wake up?”

Awakened by cruel means, Gu Fuzhou people were ignorant, with a layer of fog in their eyes. He stared at the face close at hand. The fog dispersed and his eyes gradually became clear.

“How do you…” Gu Fuzhou’s voice was low and dumb. He realized where his hands were. His eyes suddenly widened and his fingers curled up. He didn’t seem to know where to put them. “Why are you in my bed?”

Lin Qingyu said coldly, “what do you think?”

“You were brought up by me?” Gu Fuzhou was shocked for ten thousand years. “Am I so promising?”

Lin Qingyu said, “it’s up to you?” he pounded Gu Fuzhou’s arm. “Get up, you’re pressing my hair.”

Gu Fuzhou moved his position, and Lin Qingyu was finally free. He sat up and said, “since you wake up, get up.”

Gu Fuzhou recalled what happened last night. All he remembered was that he pushed the door open with hope. As a result, he saw a beautiful woman without a veil. His blood pressure suddenly came up. After that, he had no impression. He should have slept.

Lin Qingyu was not forcibly taken to bed by him, was he willing to sleep? Is there such a good thing?

Damn, how could he sleep last night. At his age, there is still a great beauty lying beside him. How can he sleep.

Lin Qingyu looked after Fu Zhou and asked, “can’t afford it?”

Gu Fuzhou calmed down from his shock and said slowly, “why do you get up so early? You don’t have to offer tea to your mother-in-law.”

Lin Qingyu said, “get up and have breakfast.”

“You can sleep a little longer and have lunch when it’s time.” Gu Fuzhou smiled in his quilt. “Qingyu, this is our first time to sleep together. Let’s sleep longer.”

Lin Qingyu didn’t have the habit of staying in bed, but he still lay back with his eyes slightly looking forward to Shanggu Fuzhou. He put his long hair aside to ensure that it would not be pressed by Gu Fuzhou. They just lay face to face, talking one by one.

Lin Qingyu asked, “are there civil servants among yesterday’s guests?”

Gu Fuzhou was absent-minded and said, “there are still a few. Not all civil servants are fools – Xiao Yu also came and brought a lot of generous gifts. This is a way to make money. Qingyu, you can marry me several times and become the richest man in the capital.”

Lin Qingyu didn’t bother to pay attention to Gu Fuzhou’s nonsense and asked usefully, “what’s the relationship between you and Xiao Yu now?”

“He admired me and said he wanted to touch the Qingyun Kyushu gun with his own hands.”

Lin Qingyu remembered that Gu Fuzhou had been back to Beijing for so long that he had not seen the legendary magic gun. “Did you put the Qingyun Kyushu gun on the school yard?”

Gu Fuzhou said with a smile, “at least it’s a gift from the emperor. Of course I have to put it in my room to show my attention.”

“In his own room?” Lin Qingyu looked around. “Where is it?”

Gu Fuzhou lazily pointed to the corner: “there.”

I saw something standing in the corner. At first glance, it looked like an iron bar with red silk on it.

Gu Fuzhou added, “it’s very convenient to hang clothes.”

Lin Qingyu: ”

After lying down for a long time, Lin Qingyu wanted to change his posture. When raising his hand, he inadvertently met something. He couldn’t help but freeze and quickly took his hand back.

Some people seem calm, lying in bed talking and laughing with him, but in fact they have always been… So energetic?

Gu Fuzhou was also stunned, and the atmosphere suddenly became a little strange.

After a brief silence, Gu Fuzhou said, “what’s your reaction?” Gu Fuzhou joked, “do you think you’ll rot your hands?”

“Rotten hands” made Lin Qingyu feel like laughing: “I don’t think so.”

“You weren’t like this before. You used to be –” Gu Fuzhou began to speak like others again, because they were too familiar and understood. He was more like learning from Lin Qingyu than from Xiao Cheng. “You don’t have to make such a fuss, doctor.”

Gu Fuzhou learned too much, and Lin Qingyu couldn’t refute it at all. He really knows a lot. It’s just a few pieces of meat for him. Before Lu Wancheng withered, he could calmly offer to help check. He didn’t know why he had that reaction just now.

After some reflection, Lin Qingyu said, “maybe it’s because you’re using general Gu’s body.”

“What does it matter?”

“I admire general Gu for a long time. I don’t want to disrespect him.”

Gu Fuzhou sneered and said, “pull it down. You’re in bed. Now tell me you don’t adapt to my current body?”

Lin Qingyu was speechless and simply broke the jar: “yes, I just think it will rot my hands.”

Gu Fuzhou clapped his hands and said with a smile, “yes, it’s worthy of Dr. Lin.”

So, all day long, Gu Fuzhou would grab Lin Qingyu’s hand and look left and right: “why is Dr. Lin’s hand still good? When will it start to rot…”

Lin Qingyu couldn’t help but doubt whether it was the right decision to marry Gu Fuzhou. That night, he ordered people to put the upper and lower bunks moved from Lin’s house into the wedding room.

After the wedding, Gu Fuzhou did not have to go to the court for discussion for three days. When Lin Qingyu ordered his subordinates to pack up the things he brought, Gu Fuzhou did nothing.

He saw a locked wooden box and asked casually, “what’s in it?”

Lin Qingyu glanced, waved back, opened the wooden box and said, “it’s the memorial tablet of general Gu. Is there a hidden house in your house?”

“Later, I’ll ask Yuan Yin to find one for you – isn’t there two tablets? Whose is the other one?”

Lin Qingyu’s tone was subtle: “you can take it up and have a look.”

Gu Fuzhou took out both tablets. One of them was general Gu’s tablet. Yes, the other was

Gu Fuzhou almost didn’t throw out the things in his hand: “what is this? Who is Jiang Dazhuang?”

Lin Qingyu said quietly, “on that day, your life and death were unknown. I set up a holy place for you, so that you would not enjoy the incense of later generations if you really died.”

“I appreciate your kindness.” Gu Fuzhou’s expression is complex, “but why do you think I’m called this name?”

Lin Qingyu smiled and said, “you told me yourself. At first, you said your name was Zhu Dazhuang, and then you changed your name to Jiang. Naturally, it is the word ‘Jiang Dazhuang’.”

Gu Fuzhou joked, “you know I’m joking. How can you take it seriously?”

With a bang, Lin Qingyu slammed the lid of the wooden box. “What can I do if I don’t? I don’t know your name at all.” Lin Qingyu rolled in his throat. “I ask you, you don’t tell me.”

Gu Fuzhou frowned and looked serious: “when did you ask me?”

Knowing that it was just his own dream, he felt outrageous when he said it, but he couldn’t help complaining: “just when you were in the first seven. I asked you, I asked you so many times – I chased after you and asked you, but you still walked away without looking back.”

Gu Fuzhou murmured, “isn’t that a dream… Fuck, can dreams still be online?”

Lin Qingyu’s eyes converged: “what do you mean?”

Lin Qingyu sat at the table and watched Gu Fuzhou drag the stool to his side. Even if both of them were sitting, Gu Fuzhou was still a long way taller than him. When talking to him, he had to bend over and bow his head: “I’m sorry, Qingyu, I didn’t know I could survive.”

Lin Qingyu said in surprise, “do you… Know that dream?”

Gu Fuzhou nodded: “after I finished that dream, I woke up in general Gu’s body.”

Lin Qingyu stood up: “so it’s really you? You really don’t want to tell me your name…”

“I just think it should be easier to forget me if I die and you don’t know my name.”

Lin Qingyu gritted his teeth and said, “you know I never forget. I can’t even forget the rooster I worship. Why do you think I can forget you?”

Gu Fuzhou chuckled, “I’m wrong.” Gu Fuzhou took his hand and sat down one by one. He looked at Gu Fuzhou and wanted to bow his head. Gu Fuzhou looked up at him and said, “I’ll tell you now, okay? My name sounds good.”

“I don’t want to know now.” Lin Qingyu turned away from him and said calmly, “what I call you has nothing to do with me.”

Gu Fuzhou said seriously, “it’s over. It seems that Dr. Lin is the most angry since the reunion. He’s more angry than Shen Huai who didn’t know whether he missed or was soft hearted.”

Lin Qingyu is really angry. At the thought of his feeling of loss when he woke up, he wanted to strangle Gu Fuzhou.

“It’s not good to touch your abdominal muscles. Why don’t I bury it for you?”

He’s so angry. Is this man still in the mood to joke?

Lin Qingyu’s face was expressionless: “no, I’m afraid of rotten face.”


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