Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 67

After Lin Qingyu’s remarriage, Huan Tong and Hua Lu also came to the general’s house. Both of them were very tangled with Gu Fuzhou.

Huan Tong is fine. After all, he is Lin Qingyu’s man. No matter what Lin Qingyu wants to do, he will raise his hands and feet in favor. Although he was a little pitiful to Lord Lu, the general was really brave. Yesterday, he also saw that the senior general somehow annoyed the young master. In order to coax the young master to be happy, the senior general went to the school field to perform a broken big stone in his chest. Replace it with Lord Lu, can he do it? Don’t mention the big stone. That brick pressed on Lord Lu’s chest. In less than half an hour, he was gone.

People go up, water flows down. If his young master wants to remarry, he will marry someone even worse. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Needless to say, Hua Lu is Lu Wancheng’s closest maid. When Lu Wancheng was still alive, he treated her like a sister. She is willing to follow Lin Qingyu because of her love for Lin Qingyu, but more because of Lord Lu Xiaohou. She knows that Lin Qingyu is the one who is most concerned about and worried about the little Marquis, so she wants to stay with Lin Qingyu and take care of him for the little marquis.

However, Lin Qingyu seems to have completely forgotten the little marquis. He and general Gu’s newly married Yan’er stuck together all the time, and moved the upper and lower bunks designed by the little Marquis into the wedding room. I don’t know how sad it will be. It’s true that she worships the great general, but if she wants to choose, she must stand on the side of the little marquis.

Hualu doesn’t have any city government. Her mind is written on her face. Her eyes looking at Fuzhou always have some hidden resentment. Gu Fuzhou guessed what she was thinking and was ready to make bad ideas.

The new year is approaching, and it’s getting colder and colder. Although it hasn’t snowed yet, the cold wind blows on my face, which is also a knife scraping pain. Gu Fuzhou didn’t know what the wind was blowing. He didn’t stay in the warm room. He had to pull Lin Qingyu to have dinner in the yard.

Gu Fuzhou ordered people to move out a stove. Charcoal was burning under the stove and a washed stone was covered above it. When the stone was hot, Gu Fuzhou brushed a layer of oil on it, and put the sliced meat cut by the cook on it to roast. The hot oil drips down the texture of the barbecue, making a Zizi sound, which makes people’s index fingers move.

Lin Qingyu saw something new. It was the first time he saw this way of eating. Gu Fuzhou roasted several pieces of mutton and put them into Lin Qingyu’s bowl: “Qingyu, try it.”

Lin Qingyu took a small bite and said modestly, “I can only say that it’s ordinary. The smell of mutton is very heavy.”

“Don’t you just eat mutton.” Gu Fuzhou picked up a piece of fat and thin five flowers, “try this again and open your mouth.”

Lin Qingyu hesitated a little, opened his mouth and allowed Gu Fuzhou to send things in. Gu Fuzhou Yu Guang saw Hua Lu’s sad eyes, raised his voice and asked, “Qingyu, have you ever had a barbecue with your ex husband?”

Lin Qingyu: “…” what’s wrong with this man.

Gu Fuzhou touched his chin and said, “I’ve heard that Lord Lu is weak. He has to take a wheelchair everywhere and can’t eat these greasy things. What fun can you have with him before?”

“The general is right.” Lin Qingyu said coolly. “I can only say that it’s good that Lord Lu died early.”

Hua Lu stared at Lin Qingyu in disbelief – how can Shao and young master say such words!

Gu Fuzhou asked again, “do you prefer Lord Lu or general Ben?”

Lin Qingyu rolled his eyes: “are you all bored?”

The appearance of the great beauty rolling her eyes can also be pleasing to the eye. Gu Fuzhou smiled and said, “to tell you the truth, this general won’t be jealous of a dead man.”

When Lin Qingyu saw the flower dew, he was about to cry and said, “then I prefer Lu Xiaohou.”

Hua Lu was moved and said, “young master…”

Gu Fuzhou put on an expression of surprise and disappointment. He didn’t forget to continue feeding Lin Qingyu: “how can this be so? It’s the general who doesn’t do what his wife wants.”

Lin Qingyu bent his lips: “Lord Lu is younger and more beautiful than the general. I like young and beautiful. What’s wrong?”

Gu Fuzhou: ”

When Lin Qingyu saw that the beef Gu Fuzhou had given him was still red, he said, “this is not cooked yet.”

Gu Fuzhou told him, “the beef is delicious only when it is cooked three times.”

Lin Qingyu threw the “three cooked” beef into Gu Fuzhou’s bowl: “you just put the beef in the sun, and the one cooked is more delicious.”

Lin Qingyu’s words “like young and beautiful” made Gu Fuzhou toss and turn at night. Lin Qingyu slept in the lower bunk and heard him turn over from time to time, which made him unable to sleep. “Don’t you fall asleep as soon as you touch the pillow?” Lin Qingyu asked, “what’s the matter today.”

Gu Fuzhou rolled down from the bed, sat down beside Lin Qingyu and asked anxiously, “Qingyu, do you really like Lu Wancheng’s body better?”

It was for this.

Lu Wancheng and Gu Fuzhou are both first-class handsome men, but their forms are very different. Lu Wancheng’s noble spirit and Gu Fuzhou’s heroic spirit are pleasing to his eyes. But if he is allowed to choose, he still prefers Gu Fuzhou’s current body. Good health, disaster free and disease-free are more important than anything.

Lin Qingyu could see that Gu Fuzhou really cared about this problem, so he stopped mocking. He said frankly, “on the outside, Lu Wancheng and Gu Fuzhou have their own strengths; on the inside, they are all you. As long as it is you, it makes no difference to me.”

Gu Fuzhou smiled slowly. It was windy at night. He only wore his bedding clothes. It was inevitably a little cold. Gu Fuzhou put his hand into Lin Qingyu’s quilt, lay down on the edge of the bed and said, “you’re so nice. If I wear an ugly body this time, you won’t let me put my hand into your quilt.”

Lin Qingyu can’t deny: “indeed, I’ll cut off my hands for you.” although he doesn’t judge people by their appearance, he needs to see such things as husband every day. Being too ugly will inevitably affect his mood.

Gu Fuzhou’s hand gradually became dishonest, but there was a bottom line for dishonesty. The most excessive thing was to pinch it secretly on Lin Qingyu’s waist, and there was no fat at all. “The author of Huai Bu Zhi jun has certified that you are the best one in the whole book. No one can surprise you because of your appearance.

Lin Qingyu thought and said, “I’ve been amazed by my appearance.”

“True or false.” Gu Fuzhou doubted, “who?”

Lin Qingyu looked at him: “really.”

Gu Fuzhou said angrily, “what does he look like?”

“… forget.” as soon as the dream woke up, he forgot, but remembered the amazing feeling.

“It’s amazing to you. How can you forget? You have such a good memory.”

“I don’t know.” at the thought of that dream, Lin Qingyu didn’t want to give Gu Fuzhou a good look. Gu Fuzhou threw his hand out of the quilt: “get up and sleep.”

On the third day after their marriage, they went back to Lin’s house. Yuan Yin helped prepare the return ceremony. He was inspired by Gu Fuzhou. The prepared ceremony was twice as high as Lin Qingyu’s when he first returned. The warehouse of Lin’s house was full, so he had to vacate several rooms to put the gifts.

Gu Fuzhou and Lin Qingyu offered tea to their parents again. Later, Gu Fuzhou took out a gift for Lin Qinghe – a young sabre. Lin Qinghe was just good at his age. Lin Qinghe accepted his gift and said in a formal manner, “thank you, general.”

Lin Qinghe was very well taught by his parents and brothers. He has the style of a young childe of the aristocratic family in front of outsiders. Only in front of his family can he act like a spoiled child. Gu Fuzhou was one of his targets when he was Lu Wancheng. Seeing Lin Qinghe seeing the outside world like himself, he couldn’t help saying, “Qinghe, how did you call Lord Lu before?”

Thinking of Lu Wancheng, Lin Qinghe pursed his lips and said sadly, “I call him ‘brother Wancheng’.”

“That’s what you call me now.”

Lin Qinghe secretly looked at his brother and saw him nod. Fang said, “yes, uncle Gu.”

Gu Fuzhou’s face cracked.

Lin’s mother hurriedly said, “Qinghe, don’t shout. Your generation is in disorder.”

Lin Qingyu gloated: “the general is more than 20 years older than Qinghe. It’s difficult for him to call him ‘brother’.”

After returning from Lin’s house, Gu Fuzhou fell into depression. It was not that his uncle was depressed, but that the three-day marriage leave had passed, and tomorrow he would get up early and go to court.

One person in the general’s house is more depressed than Gu Fuzhou, that is Yuan Yin. Yuan Yin found Lin Qingyu and said with a bitter smile, “please ask your wife to wake up the general tomorrow.”

Lin Qingyu said lightly, “don’t worry.”

Yuan Yin was worried and said, “I’m afraid I don’t know. Since the general came back from Yongliang, he seems to have narcolepsy. He can’t wake up in the morning. Please call the general half an hour in advance to give the general some buffer time.”

Lin Qingyu smiled with deep meaning: “I may be more experienced than you in waking him up.”

Yuan Yin was so shocked that he didn’t dare to ask any more questions. He smiled and said, “thank you, madam.”

Dayu’s early morning was set at Mao, and ordinary officials would get up at five o’clock. As soon as the time came, Lin Qingyu washed and dressed, and woke up the people with a nose pinching method: “general, it’s time to go to court.”

Gu Fuzhou grabbed the quilt painfully: “I don’t want to go to court. Qingyu, I don’t want to go to court.”

“What’s the use of telling me.”

Gu Fuzhou closed his eyes: “I’ve decided that I’ll take leave – or I’ll just go straight back to the field.”

Lin Qingyu ignored him, quickly and ruthlessly opened the quilt, and then called servants to wait on Gu Fuzhou to wash.

Gu Fuzhou’s face was so gloomy and frightening because he got up angry. His face was so intimidating that people were afraid to approach him. Lin Qingyu asked his maid to step back and tidy up his official clothes for him.

Gu Fuzhou looked down at Lin Qingyu seriously tying his belt. He got up and lost most of his anger. He asked, “Qingyu, will you send me to the court?”

Lin Qingyu raised his eyes and glanced at him: “how old are you? Do you want someone to send you?”

Gu Fuzhou was not ashamed at all: “I heard Wu Zhan say that every time he left the house, his wife would send him. Every time he went back to the house, he could still drink the soup cooked by his wife – I really envy others. Of course, I don’t want you to cook soup. After all, Dr. Lin’s hands are used to do big things.”

Gu Fuzhou was nagging. Lin Qingyu picked up his official hat and made a gesture. He found that he couldn’t reach Gu Fuzhou’s head and said, “bow your head.”

Gu Fuzhou bent down to help Lin Qingyu put on his official hat.

Lin Qingyu examined Gu Fuzhou and said, “I’ll send the general to the court.”

Gu Fuzhou was stunned and said with a smile, “I’m kidding. It’s cold outside. Just stay at home and I’ll come back.”

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Lin Qingyu put on his snow-white fox fur, “let’s go.”

Gu Fuzhou smiled quietly, followed Lin Qingyu and said, “Qingyu, do you know what to say in my hometown?”

“How to say.”

“Don’t beep.”

“Remember,” Lin Qingyu said, “but you don’t like me to speak your hometown dialect.”

Gu Fuzhou sighed: “Alas, you’ve learned everything. It’s better to learn more. If you go to my hometown one day, you can communicate with my fellow villagers without obstacles.”

Lin Qingyu sent people only to the gate of the general’s house. He watched Gu Fuzhou leave in a carriage and said to Hua Lu behind him, “Hua Lu, do you understand?”

Hua Lu didn’t realize it at all. She shook her head blankly: “young master, what do I want to realize?”

Lin Qingyu sneered: “never marry a slacker younger than yourself when you marry in the future. Otherwise, you may have to send him to court in the cold in the winter morning.”

Hua Lu realized it, but she didn’t fully understand it – where did you get a lazy ghost younger than the young master?


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