Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 68

In the early days, all the officials were discussing the war between Dayu and Xixia. Xixia made a comeback this time and also changed the coach. The marching style is very different from before. Zhao Mingwei had no trace. After three small defeats in a row, he adopted a conservative strategy of guarding the city, avoided it and asked for help from Beijing. In the memorials, Zhao Mingwei repeatedly stressed that he was not competent for the post of commander-in-chief. Please let general Gu take command again as soon as possible.

The emperor sat on the Dragon chair and looked down on the ministers, while Xiao Cheng stood at the head of the ministers. The father and son of the heavenly family are somewhat similar in shape. Now they are the same, sick, thin and haggard. The emperor held his forehead with his hands, frowned tightly, and the voices of the ministers continued to be heard. From time to time, it was also mixed with the sound of Xiao Cheng’s stuffy cough, which made him feel like a headache.

Xiao Cheng was also holding on to the court. Shen Huai knew the sword and hurt his left lung. Unless the miracle doctor is reborn, he can’t live like a normal person for the rest of his life.

Gu Fuzhou was also strongly supported in the previous dynasty. I saw him standing straight with his eyelashes down. When others saw him, they thought he was thinking with his eyes closed.

“General Gu and childe Lin have only been married for a few days, so they have rushed him to the battlefield? The wedding bed is not hot.” the speaker is general Wu, Wu Zhan, who is friendly with Gu Fuzhou.

The prime minister stroked his beard and said, “general Wu’s words are bad. Only a country can have a family. When the country is in trouble, should general Gu abandon the 300000 troops in the West because he is greedy for tenderness?”

Wu Zhan cursed: “what national disaster? Cui Xiang’s words are too exaggerated. There are only a few Xixia grass bandits.” Wu Zhan knelt down. “Emperor, you give me 10000 elite soldiers, and I will go to the northwest to support General Zhao immediately. I will win a big battle for Dayu in March!”

The prime minister shook his head and said, “speak wildly and overestimate your strength.”

Wu zhanhuo Avenue: “I don’t think much of myself? Then you can go!”

The emperor quietly listened to the two men arguing and suddenly said, “prince, what do you think of this?”

Xiao Cheng didn’t seem to hear it. As soon as her look changed, she was obviously absent-minded.

The emperor snapped, “prince!”

Xiao Cheng then returned to his senses and said, “my son and minister, I agree.”

“You seconded? Whose seconded?”

“Naturally, it’s Cui Xiang’s.” Xiao Cheng coughed again. “My son’s minister is unwell and lost his appearance in front of the hall. I hope my father and Emperor will forgive me.”

Considering Xiao Cheng’s body, the emperor held back and asked Gu Fuzhou, “Gu Aiqing, what do you think?”

Gu Fuzhou: ”

Being ignored twice in succession, the emperor couldn’t bear it. He patted the table and shouted angrily, “Gu Fuzhou!”

Gu Fuzhou opened his eyes and a daze flashed in his eyes. He saw Wu standing kneeling in front of the emperor and volunteering. He could probably guess what the emperor was asking him. “General Wu is a general, not a handsome one. I think he is more suitable to be a pioneer.”

Wu Zhan winked at Gu Fuzhou. Gu Fuzhou just didn’t see it: “and the terrain in the northwest is mostly plain and desert. General Wu is good at water warfare. It’s not appropriate for him to go to the northwest.”

Gu Fuzhou’s words were justified, so that the emperor could not pick out the fault, so he had to slow down and say, “Gu Aiqing’s words were reasonable. Wu Zhan is really not suitable to take command of the northwest.”

The prime minister took the opportunity to say, “general Gu has been in the Northwest for many years. No one knows how to March and fight in the plains and deserts better than general Gu. The commander in chief of the West expedition is general Gu.”

The Minister of the Ministry of military echoed: “the great general secretly returned to Beijing that day to relieve the poison of tianspider. Now tianspider has been solved, and the great general has married a pro in a big way. He can’t hide it in Beijing for a long time. Xixia dared to act so recklessly only when he learned that the great general is not in Yongliang. If the great general doesn’t go back to stabilize the army, he’s afraid it will make Xixia worse.”

Gu Fuzhou frowned, covered his chest and said, “I’d like to lead the army.”

Wu Zhan hurriedly said, “no! Although the spider has been relieved, one after another poisoning and injuries have already hurt the foundation of the general’s body. The doctor said that if the general wants to live a few more years, he must stay in the capital for rest.”

The doctor in Wu Zhan’s mouth is Gu Fuzhou’s newly married wife. A few days ago, Wu Zhan visited the general’s house. General Gu was informal and asked his newly married wife to drink at the same table with him. It was at that time that the general’s wife revealed to him the general’s physical condition.

Gu Fuzhou said in a deep voice: “before the great national righteousness, I am willing to put my life and death aside.”

“How can this make it? The life and death of the great general is related to the country. If we let him forcibly return to the northwest at this time, leading to the recurrence of the old disease, wouldn’t it be more in line with the wishes of the thieves in Xixia!”

The emperor had a headache. He expected Xiao Cheng to come out and preside over the overall situation, but Xiao Cheng didn’t say a word more than he said, and he didn’t know what he was thinking.

How did the crown prince, who had high hopes, become what he is now.

“The matter of the commander will be discussed later. We’ll first draw up a temporary plan so that Zhao Mingwei can do something – retreat from the dynasty.” the emperor stood up exhausted and shook his body. The minister immediately knelt down: “take care of the dragon, Emperor.”

After dispersing the dynasty, Gu Fuzhou went with Wu Zhan. Wu Zhan asked him, “general, why don’t you let me go to the northwest?”

Gu Fuzhou said, “you’re not suitable for the northwest battlefield.” if you go, you’re giving heads to the opposite side. You don’t have to.

“But if I don’t go, the general will go.” Wu Zhan joked, “is the general willing to leave his new wife and go to the desolate places in the Northwest for several years?”

“Naturally willing.” Gu Fuzhou said in a voice, “a big husband is ambitious. How can he be imprisoned in one heaven and earth because of his children’s private affairs.”

Wu Zhan immediately stood in awe: “the great general is really a model of our generation!”

After separating from Wu Zhan, Gu Fuzhou saw a eunuch carrying a vase coming. The vase is half as tall as a man. You can’t see the road ahead when you move it in your hand.

The eunuch who led Gu Fuzhou was afraid that this man would block general Gu’s way and said, “little Songzi, you have to slow down.”

“Little pine nuts?” Gu Fuzhou asked, “but the little pine nuts in the hall of diligence?”

Xiao Songzi poked his head out from behind the vase and saw that it was Gu Fuzhou. He hurriedly said, “if you return to the big general, the servant is on duty in the hall of diligence.”

Gu Fuzhou said, “I’ve heard a lot.”

Xiao Songzi is flattered. He De, a eunuch, can’t let general Gu hear a lot about him. “The senior general is joking. It’s a slave. I’ve heard a lot about the prestige of the senior general.”

“You are modest.” Gu Fuzhou turned to the eunuch who led him, “let this little pine son send general Ben out of the palace.”

The eunuch who led the way took the vase from xiaosongzi and withdrew. Gu Fuzhou said, “I heard your wife mention you.”

Xiao Songzi said, “Doctor Lin… No, it’s the general’s wife who used to see doctors for us slaves.”

Gu Fuzhou nodded lightly and asked, “didn’t the saint’s head disease get better before? Why is his face so bad today.”

Xiaosongzi is worthy of xiaosongzi. Without much hesitation, he said, “if you return to the big general, the emperor was really much better before. But it suddenly became serious again in winter. It’s useless to drink medicine and apply needles. Even the forest court is helpless.”

Gu Fuzhou returned to the general’s house. Before he could ask, Yuan Yin said, “madam, I should be in the study now.”

Gu Fuzhou threw his official hat to Yuan Yin and went straight to the study. The door of the study was open. When he lifted the curtain of the wind, he saw Lin Qingyu dressed in white and sitting by the window playing chess alone. He held a chess manual in one hand and casually turned a sunspot on the tip of the other finger. Mingming has a bright face, but his temperament is as cold as the moon, as if he doesn’t eat fireworks. Huan Tong stood aside and quietly added charcoal fire to the stove.

Shit, please let him be imprisoned to death by his children’s affair.

The eldest husband is ambitious. It’s none of his business. He just wants to wake up naturally and stay at home to see the beauty.

Lin Qingyu was absorbed in the chess score and didn’t notice anyone entering until he heard a familiar voice: “Lin Qingyu -”

Lin Qingyu looked up: “what’s the matter?”

“What’s the matter?”

“You never call me Lin Qingyu.”

Gu Fuzhou deliberately asked, “how do I usually call you?”

“Qingyu, or doctor Lin.” Lin Qingyu frowned, “is something wrong?”

“Nothing,” Gu Fuzhou smiled a little badly. “Isn’t Huan Tong still there? I think we shouldn’t be too tired. He hasn’t been married. He’ll be sad to see us show our love.”

Huan Tong called injustice: “I won’t!”

Lin Qingyu said displeased, “don’t call my full name next time. I’m not used to it.”

Gu Fuzhou coughed twice and didn’t want to be too proud: “I’ll try my best.”

Gu Fuzhou collapsed in front of Lin Qingyu, picked up a white son and threw it one by one. He casually said, “Qingyu, your wedding leave is probably coming to an end.”

Lin Qingyu mentioned to Gu Fuzhou before that the emperor’s prescription for curing the headwind had the wings of a golden silkworm. The golden silkworm Gu has different forms in different seasons, and the dispensing needs to change accordingly. Even his father doesn’t know the mystery. When it gets colder, the previous prescription fails. If the emperor doesn’t want to be tortured by the headwind, he can only come and ask him back.

So he was not surprised: “Yeah.”

Not long after, Hualu came to ask them to have dinner. After dinner, Gu Fuzhou went to the school to lift the iron. Lin Qingyu continued his unfinished chess. When the night was getting darker, the two returned to their bedroom and went to bed up and down to have a rest.

In the middle of the night, Lin Qingyu woke up thirsty and opened his eyes to see light in the room. It was Gu Fuzhou who lit the lamp and wrote under the lamp. He didn’t know what he was writing.

Lin Qingyu sees Gu Fuzhou’s unsettling appearance. Only when he sees him seriously once in a while will he think of this man who is as scheming as him, but most of the time he is too lazy to think about it.

Lin Qingyu sat up. Gu Fuzhou heard the news and looked at him, “wake you up?”

“I wonder how the new commander-in-chief of Xixia used the army.” Gu Fuzhou looked down at the enemy’s march route restored by his memory and Zhao Mingwei’s memorials. “It’s a little interesting.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “why don’t you want to during the day?”

Gu Fuzhou did not think about cableway: “because I want to play during the day.”

Lin Qingyu got out of bed, put on his crane cloak and poured himself a cup of tea: “so you’re worried about the war in the northwest?”

“No, I just think about it.” Gu Fuzhou held his pen. “He’s strong. He’s strong. I choose to lie at home.”

Lin Qingyu retreated two steps ahead of the rain and looked warily at Gu Fuzhou’s pen. As long as Gu Fuzhou holds a pen while thinking, he is in danger of being splashed with ink.

Gu Fuzhou said, “what’s the matter?”

Lin Qingyu said, “do you want to dirty me again?”

Gu Fuzhou was stunned. After determining his mind, he smiled and said, “it’s over. It seems that he wants to.”


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