Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 69

Gu Fuzhou really thought about it. It’s incredible.

It’s not that he hasn’t thought about it in the past 19 years. As long as he is a healthy boy, he thinks about it more or less in adolescence. He is no exception. At the age of thirteen or fourteen, his father solemnly gave him a physiology class and asked him to be strict in self-discipline and respect others.

He still remembers how he felt when he first solved himself – that’s it? His hands are dying of acid, that’s it?

Of course, it’s comfortable, but the cost performance is really not high. Although he is lazy, he pays great attention to personal cleanliness. Even if you do it yourself, you have to take a bath before and after, and the whole process takes at least more than an hour. With this time, does he sleep more.

Later, when he was sixteen or seventeen, he found that his classmates, especially boys, seemed very interested in this aspect. His brother once shared with him some things that were not suitable for children. The brother blushed with excitement, but he loved the hero.

After “working” for so long and sweating so much, will the waist really not be sour? I’m so tired. He looks tired.

When he told his brother how he felt, he was shocked and asserted that he was cold. He doesn’t agree. He’s not cold. He’s really lazy. If his future wife is willing to work harder, he is still happy to do it.

In short, because he was too lazy, he lived without secular desires. Even if he had someone he liked, he didn’t deliberately think about that. Like a person, will you be impulsive to him? Must want to sleep with him? Just be happy together.

Until Lin Qingyu suddenly asked him, he was surprised that he wanted to sleep with him. Even if he is half dead tired, he… Should think it’s worth it.

It was elegant to use the word “sleep”, and he even wanted to say it more vulgar. He wants to dirty Lin Qingyu, leave various traces on Lin Qingyu, let him get his own taste, and even want to say some unpleasant “dirty words” in his ear. If Lin Qingyu hadn’t used the word “dirty”, he wouldn’t have realized that he had such a sexuality.

After understanding his mind, Gu Fuzhou suddenly felt that he was so greasy and obscene – why did he have such a side? If he starts to crave Lin Qingyu’s body, what’s the difference between him and Emperor Xiao Cheng and others.

I was shocked to sit up in my dying illness. Cao thief was myself?

No, Lin Qingyu is his wife. What’s wrong with him coveting his wife. Those who covet his wife are Cao thieves.

But the cool beauty is for appreciation, not for blasphemy.

But he really wants to play.

Gu Fuzhou, who has worldly desires, can’t help wondering – Lin Qingyu is also a man. Will he also have worldly desires?

Lin Qingyu naturally doesn’t know what Gu Fuzhou is thinking in his strange head. He just feels that the other party’s eyes are deep and dark. It’s no longer pure in the past, like there are more mature things.

When the two returned to bed, Gu Fuzhou had already thrown away the enemy’s situation and tactics. He put his hands behind his head, opened his eyes and said, “Qingyu, you are almost twenty years old.”


“This is the time when I was just young. How come I never saw you… You know what I mean?” Gu Fuzhou consciously said very clearly. It is impossible not to understand Lin Qingyu’s intelligence.

Lin Qingyu said, “I don’t understand.”

“Come on, you must understand.” Gu Fuzhou joked, “or are you not interested in it?”

“I’m really not interested. But why do you use ‘Ye’?”

Gu Fuzhou’s attention focused on the first half of Lin Qingyu’s sentence: “no… you’re not lazy. Why aren’t you interested?”

Lin Qingyu thought for a moment and said, “maybe it’s because he sees more and touches more.”

He has seen many men’s bodies and women’s bodies. He is not proficient in gynecology, but also dabbled in it. When traveling with his mentor, he also delivered the baby for pregnant women.

In his memory, he never seemed to have any special reaction because he touched someone’s body. It seems that only Gu Fuzhou’s body will make him feel like a “rotten hand”, and he feels flustered when he touches a key part.

Gu Fuzhou choked and said, “learning medicine is really terrible.”

Gu Fuzhou went to bed late, and getting up the next day was another disaster. Lin Qingyu pulled Gu Fuzhou out of bed and asked Hua Lu to bring him breakfast. He watched him drink porridge.

“Qingyu, when will you stop bathing?”

Dayu officials, except for the new year, can only take a rest on the 15th day of each month. Lin Qingyu helped him calculate and said, “ten days later.”

Gu Fuzhou Junrong twisted: “ten days? Help, help…”

After Gu Fuzhou was dressed, Lin Qingyu was about to send him out of the house. He saw Yuan Yin running to report: “general, madam, there was news from the palace that the holy master had a terrible headache and the prince’s wound had a relapse. Let’s stop working today.”

Gu Fuzhou was stunned by the sudden surprise. Except for the second wedding night, Lin Qingyu had never seen him so excited. As soon as Yuan Yin finished speaking, he disappeared. In the blink of an eye, there was an extra person on the bed, and a large piece of quilt bulged up.

Lin Qingyu smiled softly and told his servants not to get close to the bedroom so that the general could sleep in the dark today.

Not long after the news of the strike, people came to the palace again. The emperor’s illness worsened day by day, and the hospital was helpless. The emperor finally couldn’t stand it and declared Lin Qingyu into the palace again.

Lin Qingyu diagnosed the emperor’s pulse and changed the previous prescription. After drinking for a few days, the emperor’s illness eased. It is reasonable to reward Lin Qingyu, but he always held a breath in his heart. At the thought that the gentle and obedient beauty in front of him has married someone else’s wife. As the son of heaven, he still has people who can’t get it. It’s inevitable to breed unwillingness and resentment in his heart.

If he was just an ordinary minister’s wife, he would be strong. But he was Gu Fuzhou’s wife. Soon, Gu Fuzhou gave him a discount, from the deployment of troops and horses to the transportation of grain and grass, and analyzed the situation of the war in the northwest. After reading it, the emperor sent the folding to the northwest intact, no matter how unwilling he was.

The emperor refused to reinstate Lin Qingyu. Lin Qingyu didn’t take the initiative to mention it. He only said that he was not sure about the efficacy of some drugs. He wanted to go to the imperial medical department to check the classics. The emperor restored Lin Qingyu’s right to walk in the imperial medical office. In addition, Lin Qingyu goes to the palace every three days to ask for pulse for the emperor. Except for no official position and salary, it is no different from the past.

Up to now, what Lin Qingyu cares about is not the official position and salary. The success of marrying Gu Fuzhou is just a solution to the urgent need. They still have a lot to do if they want to be safe with Gu Fuzhou.

Gu Fuzhou waited for thousands of people. When he came to the monthly rest, Lin Qingyu was just about to enter the Palace this day. When Lin Qingyu got up, he deliberately lightened his movements. On second thought, it seems unnecessary. Gu Fuzhou is not a person who can be easily awakened. Unexpectedly, as soon as his feet fell to the ground, he heard a low voice from the upper bunk: “Qingyu…”

Lin Qingyu said in surprise, “Why are you awake?”

Gu Fuzhou closed his eyes and said weakly, “you’re going into the palace today. I’ll see you off.”

Lin Qingyu was stunned. The warmth that shouldn’t have appeared in winter rose in his heart, but he said, “you’re almost sleepy. How can you send me?”

Gu Fuzhou sat up bleary eyed, rubbed his eyes, and instinctively said, “no matter how sleepy you are, you have to send your wife to work…”

Lin Qingyu jokingly said, “No. you keep sleeping.”

Gu Fuzhou forced himself out of bed: “no, you will send me every day. If I don’t send you, it’s too scum.”

Gu Fuzhou was so interested that Lin Qingyu let him go. He had thought that Gu Fuzhou would be sent to the gate of the general’s house just like him. Unexpectedly, Gu Fuzhou got on the carriage with him and directly sent him to the gate of the palace. Although Gu Fuzhou dozed off on his shoulder all the time in the carriage, and they didn’t say anything, this feeling of getting up early can’t be described too much, and it’s really precious.

After Lin Qingyu entered the palace, the eunuch who led the way took him to the hall of diligence. When the emperor told him to enter, Lord Xie, the leader of Tianji camp, just stepped down. As they passed by, Lin Qingyu smelled a faint fragrance.

Soon Lin Qingyu knew where the incense came from. The emperor showed him one thing – a glittering and translucent snow lotus. He knew this extraordinary thing only by looking at the color of the petals.

The emperor said, “look, it’s good for my head wind.”

Lin Qingyu smelled the secret fragrance of Xuelian and asked, “Your Majesty, this thing comes from the north?”

Hearing the word “Northern Territory”, the emperor seemed to have no fear: “it is said that it was collected from the far north of the Northern Territory.”

Lin Qingyu smiled faintly and said, “it’s really a good medicine hard to find. Student, I’ll draw up a new prescription for your majesty. Using snow lotus in the north as medicine will get twice the result with half the effort.”

After leaving the palace, Lin Qingyu stayed in the library of the imperial medical department for half a day and returned to the general’s house at dusk. When he got out of the carriage, he saw a luxurious carriage parked at the door of the general’s house. For ordinary officials, such a guard of honor is a trespass, and who comes is obvious.

The carriage arrived just a moment earlier than Lin Qingyu. The owner of the carriage met Lin Qingyu as soon as he got off the bus: “it’s the beautiful doctor!”

Lin Qingyu said, “I’m not a doctor anymore, your highness.”

“Then I’ll call you Dr. Lin.” the visitor was Xiao Yu, the fourth prince. The housekeeper who is inseparable from him is surnamed Xi, with a single name of Rong.

Lin Qingyu is not interested in beautiful fools, but only in smart people. Compared with Xiao Yu, he paid more attention to Xi Rong. “Your Highness is here, but you have an appointment with the general?”

“No – no, it’s true. Last time, the general promised to show me his Qingyun Kyushu gun and bloody BMW. Today, I passed by the general’s house and suddenly thought of this, so…”

Xiao Yu smiled not very funny. Xi Rong bowed to Lin Qingyu and said politely, “Your Highness came on a whim and bothered the general and his wife uninvited. If the general is inconvenient, I’ll hand over a post next time and bring it down.”

Lin Qingyu said, “it’s no inconvenience for the general to take a rest today. Your highness, please come in.”

Several people entered the mansion. Xiao Yu looked around curiously and asked, “why don’t you see general Gu?”

Lin Qingyu guessed: “at this time, he should be playing.”

Xiao Yu looked ignorant. He raised his head and asked Xi Rong, “can the general also play?”

Xi Rong said, “general Gu’s’ play ‘may be different from his Highness’s’ play’.”

Xiao Ying grinned and said, “I see. For example, my ‘play’ is eating and drinking, and the ‘play’ of the general is riding and archery?”

Xi Rong smiled and nodded, “Your Highness is wise.”

Lin Qingyu said, “Your Highness, please wait in the hall. I’ll invite the general. Huan Tong, bring your highness tea.”

Xiao Yu sipped the tea from the general’s residence. His eyes brightened and he was full of praise: “it’s delicious. I think it’s better than the tea in the palace! Ah Rong, would you like to try it?”

Xi Rong shook his head and said, “Your Highness, you can’t forget the etiquette when cutting.”

Xiao Yu was disappointed: “OK.”

“Your Highness, don’t you think it’s strange?” Xi Rong said. “In terms of etiquette, it should be better for the general’s wife to stay for guests. Why should the wife invite the general in person? The wife doesn’t look like a person who doesn’t know etiquette.”

Xiao Yu thought and couldn’t think of it: “why?”

Xi Rong smiled and said, “maybe madam has something to whisper to the general.”

Lin Qingyu found Gu Fuzhou in his bedroom. Gu Fuzhou was blindfolded by black cloth. In front of him hung a porcelain bottle used by Lin Qingyu to fill medicine. A red rope was tied at the mouth of the bottle, and the other end of the red rope was tied on the beam.

Hearing Lin Qingyu’s footsteps, Gu Fuzhou pulled the black cloth up and showed his smiling eyes: “Qingyu Qingyu, I’ll give you a fun performance.”

With that, Gu Fuzhou put on the black cloth again and pushed the porcelain bottle hard. The porcelain bottle began to shake back and forth. Gu Fuzhou also shook left and right. He could avoid being hit by the porcelain bottle perfectly every time.

Gu Fuzhou played with his mouth flying: “how? I’ve practiced for half an hour.”

Lin Qingyu stepped forward, grabbed the swinging porcelain vase and said, “Xiao Yu and his eunuch are coming.”

Gu Fuzhou raised his eyebrows: “now?”

“They are already in your house.”

Gu Fuzhou smelled the familiar light taste, raised his lips higher, stretched out his hand, pretended to want to grab the porcelain vase, and hugged Lin Qingyu’s waist.

Lin Qingyu let him hold it and stretched out his hand to pull off the black cloth: “also, Xiao Cheng really sent Tianji camp to the north. The emperor should be quite dissatisfied with this matter.”

Looking at the medicine fragrance beauty in his arms, Gu Fuzhou was distracted and thought: “Dr. Lin means… Today? Is it too early?”

Lin Qingyu pushed Gu Fuzhou away and said, “you don’t have to say too much. Just try a little.”

The two returned to the front hall to meet the guests. Gu Fuzhou was deep and restrained in front of Xiao Yu and Xi Rong. Even Xi Rong didn’t think that not long ago, general Gu was still in the room to practice how not to be hit by the shaking porcelain vase.

After some greetings, Gu Fuzhou ordered people to present a Qingyun Kyushu gun. The gun is so heavy that ordinary people can’t grasp it. It takes at least two adult men to lift it.

Xiao Ying turned around the Qingyun Kyushu gun for a few times and then “wow” a few times. He turned to Xi Rong and said excitedly, “ah Rong, do you feel a murderous spirit from the northwest desert?”

Xi Rong said, “the gun is supported by blood. The gun of the general has its own spirit.”

Xiao Yu tried to pick up Qingyun Kyushu’s gun. No matter how hard he tried, he could only lift the gun with both hands. He couldn’t help sighing: “this gun can kill people, but general Gu can kill countless enemies with one hand. He is worthy of being the first warrior of Dayu.”

In the face of the prince’s praise, Gu Fuzhou still cherished words like gold: “Your Highness has a high reputation.”

After watching the gun, Gu Fuzhou took several people to the stable. A horse was drinking water and felt the smell of strangers. The horse raised its neck vigilantly and shook its tail restlessly.

The horse was as dark as ink, with slender limbs and thick mane, which was very different from ordinary horses outside. I haven’t moved for a long time. I’m much fatter than when I first arrived in the capital.

Xiao Yu was so surprised that he asked, “what’s its name?”

Lin Qingyu looked at Gu Fuzhou jokingly and said, “Xiaobai.”

Xiao Yu looked confused: “but it’s black.”

Gu Fuzhou said seriously, “indeed. Your highness, do you want to test ride?”

Xiao Yu was surprised and happy: “can I, can I?”

Xi Rong disagreed: “BMW is strong enough to recognize the Lord. Your highness is not good at riding. I hope your highness will think twice.”

Gu Fuzhou said, “with me, nothing will happen.”

Xiao Ying stroked the little white and dark horse’s back and was moved: “I just rode it for a walk. Should I be OK – ah Rong?”

Xi Rong sighed helplessly, arched his hands and said, “then please bother the general to take care of it.”

Gu Fuzhou took Xiao Yu to ride a horse. Lin Qingyu and Xi Rong watched. It is not difficult to see that the relationship between Xiao Yu and Xi Rong is by no means like that of an ordinary master and servant. Xiao Yu obviously relies heavily on Xi Rong, which is consistent with what Gu Fuzhou said. But Lin Qingyu didn’t see Xi Rong’s abnormal paranoid side. I think he is also a person who is good at hiding his true face.

Lin Qingyu said casually, “Your Highness is innocent. It’s also excellent for him to be an idle prince in the fief when the crown prince ascends the throne in the future.”

Xi Rong’s eyes were dim, and he smiled very quickly. His smile was still better than that of the woman: “what madam said is.”

The author has something to say: salted fish: I’m not no good. I’m really just lazy. Believe me = W=


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