Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 7

After everything is ready, Lin Qingyu and Lu Wancheng bid farewell to Lin’s father and mother and returned to Nan’an Hou’s house.

The Lin family sent them to the gate of the mansion. Lu Wancheng got on the carriage first to facilitate Lin Qingyu to say goodbye to his family.

Although Lin’s house and Nan’an Hou’s house are in the capital, it’s not easy for young marquis to go back to his mother’s house. According to the rules, he must at least get the permission of his mother. In a year, he can go home only a few times.

Lin’s mother blushes because she doesn’t give up. Lin Qinghe doesn’t want to loosen her brother’s hand, but the most excited is Huan Tong, who grew up with Lin Qingyu.

When Lin Qingyu got married, Huan Tong wanted to follow him to Nan’an Hou’s house. Lin Qingyu forced him to stay in Lin’s house for his future. Huan Tong has no father or mother. As soon as he can remember, he was sold into the Lin mansion. He is so old. Following the young master and serving the young master is the only thing he can do. Lin Qingyu is not in the mansion. He doesn’t know what to do. He is confused all day and seems to have lost his meaning to live.

It was not easy to look forward to Lin Qingyu’s return to the house. He cried and cried. He wanted to follow Lin Qingyu back to the Hou house. He also begged Lin’s mother to help him speak: “you don’t have anyone you can trust in the Hou house now. You’d better take Huan Tong with you. Your father and I can be a little more at ease.”

Lin Qingyu weighed it over and over again and finally nodded, “Huan Tong, pack up and get on the bus.”

Huan Tong just broke his tears into laughter.

Lin Qingyu gets on the carriage and tells Lu Wancheng about Huan Tong. Lu Wancheng smiled carelessly: “this is a happy event. The blue wind Pavilion is now full of girls. The Yin is too heavy.”

Lin Qingyu sighed, “I just don’t want him to be trapped in the inner house like me.”

Lu Wancheng disagreed: “what’s wrong with being trapped in an inner house? It’s true for people with great aspirations like you, but for me – please let me stay in an inner house all my life. Thank you.”

Lin Qingyu turned his head and said, “different ways don’t work together.”

The carriage moved, and Lin Qingyu looked at his family through the window.

“Goodbye, brother.” Lin Qinghe waved his little hand and saw Lu Wancheng. He summoned up the courage to say, “goodbye, brother Wancheng.”

Lu Wancheng smiled, “goodbye, Xiaoqinghe.” closing the window, he said to Lin Qingyu, “your brother seems to like me.”

Lin Qingyu nodded: “Qinghe has been judging people by their appearance since he was a child. I have thought of many ways to make him change. Unfortunately, he only likes to be close to people with outstanding appearance.”

Lu Wancheng raised his lips and said, “I seem to hear someone praising me for looking good.”

Lin Qingyu glanced at him and said, “you… Are really OK.” although he couldn’t agree with Lu Wancheng’s style of behavior, his face was barely visible.

Lu Wancheng was stunned. He didn’t seem to expect Lin Qingyu to praise him. Even if Lin Qingyu didn’t think it was praise, he was just telling the truth. At this time, Lu Wancheng became modest: “I’m flattered, the first beauty.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “who is the first beauty?”


Lin Qingyu frowned: “there is no such saying. The world is so big that there are all kinds of wonders. Who can guarantee that he has seen all the people. Since he has not seen them, how can he compare them.”

Lu Wancheng smiled shallowly, “even if someone has seen it, she told me.”

Lin Qingyu naturally won’t believe this nonsense: “absurd.”

Lu Wancheng smiled, touched his chin and said, “she also told me that my face is in the whole book… In Dayu, it should also be ranked in the top five? But I think it’s very general, much worse than before…”

He began to talk nonsense again.

Lin Qingyu closed his eyes and kept Lu Wancheng’s voice out of his ears.

Not surprisingly, Liang should have known that Lu Wancheng went to Lin’s house with five chariots. I don’t know how she feels. Will she take the opportunity to find something.

Logically, it has nothing to do with him. Liang’s search is also for her son. On the surface, however, Liang has always doted on Lu Wancheng. I’m afraid he won’t talk to him about this reason. Tomorrow, when he goes to greet Liang, he will probably be “mentioned” by side.

Thinking of this, Lin Qingyu was agitated.

Returning to Nan’an Hou’s house, Lu Wancheng was drowsily carried out of the car. Huan Tong pushes him to land. Late Cheng follows Lin Qingyu and looks around curiously. Approaching the blue wind Pavilion, Lu Wancheng was almost awake, yawned and said, “seems to be going the wrong way?”

This is clearly the way back to the blue wind Pavilion. Lin Qingyu said to Huan Tong, “ignore him and keep going.”

Lu Wancheng put his hand on the armrest of the wheelchair and held the corner of his forehead: “according to the rules, shouldn’t we go to ask my mother to say hello and go back to the room?”

Lin Qingyu paused and looked back at him: “according to the rules, you should get up early every day to say hello to her. Did you go?”

“No,” Lu Wancheng insisted, “so I should go while I’m awake.”

Lin Qingyu is suspicious. On weekdays, Liang came to Lanfeng pavilion to see a doctor. Lu Wancheng either said a few words to her perfunctorily, or said he was unwell and inconvenient to see people. Please say hello. It is conceivable how the relationship between mother and son is. Today, Lu Wancheng was ill and left the house for a day. He took a carriage for a long time. Obviously, he was very tired. At this time, he took the initiative to say hello to Liang. Is it true

Lin Qingyu faintly guessed and said, “young marquis is is filial, so let’s go.”

They went to Liang’s yard. Liang had just finished his supper when he heard that they came to say hello and asked someone to prepare tea.

Lin Qingyu pushed her to land, and Wancheng asked her good night. She saw Lu Wancheng’s face was bad, and her eyebrows and corners of her eyes were tired. She was distressed and said, “although it is natural for her husband to accompany her back to the door, Wan Cheng is a patient in the end. Even if she doesn’t go, Lin’s house will certainly understand.”

Lu Wancheng said with a smile, “that’s what Qingyu said. In order not to let me go, he started quietly without telling me. Mother, do you think he should be punished?”

Lin Qingyu raised her eyebrows.

Lu Wancheng… It’s really for this.

Liang Shi looked at Lin Qingyu and paused without any trace. He said softly, “Qingyu is thinking about your body. What can be punished?”

Lu Wancheng said with a smile, “if my mother says so, I won’t be punished. But it won’t be an example. I can’t be left alone, Qingyu?”

Lin Qingyu was in a complicated mood: “HMM.”

Lu Wancheng chatted with Liang again and casually mentioned the return ceremony: “I took Qingyu’s return ceremony from my biological mother’s dowry, so I didn’t tell my mother in advance. My mother shouldn’t mind.”

Liang smiled and took a sip of tea. Fang said, “those are left to you by your biological mother. Naturally, they are at your disposal.”

Lin Qingyu heard a little about the fact that Liang was not Lu Wancheng’s biological mother. Lu Wancheng’s biological mother was the original wife of Nan’an marquis. She was the legitimate daughter of Duke Wen, one of the dignitaries in Beijing. Wen Guogong has two daughters, one married to Nan’an Hou’s house, and the other is today’s Zhonggong queen.

Lu Wancheng was born in Hou’s house. He also had a prominent maternal family. He had a bright future. Unfortunately, his biological mother died of dystocia and blood avalanche during childbirth. Together with his lack of pregnancy, he was weak and sick. It was asserted that he could not live for more than 20 years at birth.

Nan’an Hou loved his eldest son and exhausted his efforts to treat him. He did not dare to teach him strictly as he normally trained his eldest son. Later, someone took care of things in the house, married Liang’s Xuxian and had a son and a daughter.

Lu Wancheng has been raised by Liang since he was a child. Liang takes Lu Wancheng first in everything. His mother is not better than his mother – at least that’s what the matchmaker told Lin Qingyu before he married.

When he came back from Liang, Lu Wancheng almost reached his limit and lay flat after drinking the medicine. Lin Qingyu also rested on the soft collapse. There was still the screen of mandarin ducks playing in the water between them.

Lin Qingyu recalled all kinds of things today and couldn’t help asking, “little Marquis, did you sleep?”

Lu Wancheng’s voice came from behind the screen: “not yet. Why do you want to talk with me by candle at night?”

Lin Qingyu said softly, “in fact, you are not a fool.”

“Of course I’m not,” said Lu Wancheng with a laugh. “What are you thinking? I’ve always been number one when I study.”

Lin Qingyu didn’t believe it: “you lazy bones can still get the first place?”

Lu Wancheng’s voice faded: “well… Weariness of learning does not conflict with winning the first place.”

“What do you say?”

“I hate to do some things, but I know it will be good to do it, so I will force myself to do it. Learning is like this, and so is greeting.”

Lin Qingyu thought about it and asked, “but you’ve been recovering from illness since you were born. How can you have the opportunity to study with others?”

Lin Qingyu waited for a moment. Before Lu Wancheng responded, he knew that he had gone to sleep.

After the first month, it was warmer and warmer day by day, and the most difficult winter for patients was finally over. As the day warmed up, Lu Wancheng’s health obviously improved. He didn’t have to use a wheelchair to go in and out. In addition to sleeping, he also likes walking birds, watching flowers, throwing pots and watching plays… In short, he likes things that can find fun without how he moves.

Today, Lin Qingyu dispensed medicine according to the prescription in his study. The prescription was written to him by his father on the day he returned home. He wanted to find out the mystery. He didn’t think about whether to give it to Lu Wancheng. In this prescription, several medicines are toxic and will bring additional pain to the patient after taking them. I wonder if there is any other relatively mild medicine to replace them

A clear warbler cry interrupted Lin Qingyu’s thoughts. The voice is gentle and beautiful. It is enjoyable to listen to it in his spare time, but it will only annoy him when he is focused.

Lin Qingyu didn’t want to pay attention. He closed his eyes and tried to calm himself down. But the warbler’s cry continued, and there were bursts of laughter and laughter. Lin Qingyu couldn’t bear it. He got up, opened the window and said coldly to someone walking the bird: “young Marquis, please take care of your bird.”

Lu Wancheng looked back at the sound and carried the golden silk cage in his hand. Besides Huan Tong, he was surrounded by a group of Yingyan, all of whom were little servant girls in the blue wind Pavilion. They were attracted by the singing thrush bird in the cage. Behind him was a golden peach blossom in early bloom.

“It’s Dr. Lin,” Lu Wancheng said to him through the window. The spring breeze blew and his tail was smiling. “Do you want to tease my bird?”

Lu Wancheng’s face is still morbid pale, thin and clear, and his expression is lazy and casual, like drunken jade and decadent mountains, but Lin Qingyu feels a different breath.

He felt inexplicably that Lu Wancheng should not be this weak look, but a young man who “rode on a sloping bridge and filled the building with red tea moves”.

“I’m busy.” Lin Qingyu said, “can you keep your voice down?”

Lu Wancheng said, “I’m sorry. But you’ve been in your study for most of the day. It’s time to have a rest.”

Huan Tong echoed, “yes, young master, the sun is so good today. Please listen to the thrush bird singing with us.”

“Play with things and lose heart. I’ll excuse you.” Lin Qingyu said and slammed the window.

Lu Wancheng regretted: “your young master is really boring sometimes.”

Huan Tong and Lu Wancheng were playing together. He still looked at his young master in his heart: “that’s because we were in Hou’s house. When we were in Lin’s house, the young master was not like this.”

Lu Wancheng thought that Lin Qingyu had followed his mentor to study for many years and said, “you are right.” he said with another smile, “but even if he is boring, I also think…”

Without speaking, there was a violent collision in the study. They hurriedly pushed the door in and saw Lin Qingyu leaning in front of the bookshelf, scattered with several medical books and a fallen wooden stool.

Huan Tong said anxiously, “young master, are you okay?”

Lin Qingyu said calmly, “nothing. I just stepped into the air when I put the book.” when he saw so many people around the door, his expression was quite uncomfortable. “You have nothing to do?”

Lu Wancheng held his arm and said with a smile, “don’t be shy. It’s also beautiful for a beauty to fall.”

“Didn’t fall, just sprained.” sharp pain hit, Lin Qingyu couldn’t help humming, “help me to the bedroom, there’s medicine.”

“How can you walk like this?” Lu Wancheng said. “I’ll take you.”

Lin Qingyu exclaimed, “you…”

What’s the matter with Lu Wancheng? Suddenly there is no number in your heart for your weak body?

Lu Wancheng slipped his hand to his waist and picked him up.

With this hug, Lu Wancheng’s face changed slightly and his body shook suddenly. He almost fell down with the people in his arms. Fortunately, Huan Tong was there to stabilize him.

Lin Qingyu’s face turned white with pain: “please don’t bother me.”

Lu Wancheng has never been so calm as now: “I’m not…”

“I’ll come, young Marquis! I’m strong!”

Lu Wancheng looked at Huan Tong, easily picked up Lin Qingyu, ran quickly to the bedroom, suddenly smiled and said, “shit.”

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