Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 70

Xiao Yu had a good time and couldn’t come back for a while. Huan Tong brought tables, chairs and heaters: “young master, sit and wait.”

Lin Qingyu said, “bring another chair to housekeeper Xi.”

“You’re welcome, madam.” Xi Rong’s eyebrows were low. “Xi Rong can’t be a servant. How can he sit with the general’s wife.”

Lin Qingyu said lightly, “Your Highness doesn’t treat Xi Guan as his servant, and Xi housekeeper doesn’t have to talk about the word ‘servant’.”

No matter what Xi Rong thought in his heart, he still maintained humility: “Your Highness has such a temperament. He often plays with his highness in the family. His highness doesn’t understand the rules, so Xi Rong dare not understand.”

Lin Qingyu smiled, but his eyes were cold: “it seems that housekeeper Xi doesn’t want to drink my cup of tea anyway.”

“Madam is gorgeous. You can’t buy anything. A vulgar person like a small one can’t have the blessing to drink with her.”

Lin Qingyu no longer reluctantly and calmly said, “it’s up to you.”

Xi Rong stood behind Lin Qingyu and looked at the famous beauty in the capital quietly. Lin Qingyu’s appearance is impeccable. Just sitting quietly and tasting tea can turn the cold school field into a beautiful picture.

However, the more soul stirring beauty, the more dangerous it is. Lin Qingyu married Lord Lu Xiaohou and general Gu. He was once a close Minister of the son of heaven. Now he can go in and out of the palace without an official position. How can such a person have no intention of Chengfu.

Lin Qingyu noticed Xi Rong’s sight and said, “housekeeper Xi doesn’t look at your highness and see what I do.”

Xi Rong was pierced by Lin Qingyu and was still calm: “I’m looking at the tea in my wife’s hand. Just now, his highness praised the tea in your house and said it was better than that in the palace. I wonder if my wife can reveal the mystery and let me have a long experience.”

Lin Qingyu put down the tea lamp in the book and said, “steward Xi really thinks of his highness everywhere. In the future, your highness will go to the fief, and you should follow him?”

“It’s natural.”

“Are you willing?”

Xi Rong’s narrow Phoenix eyes shrunk in horror: “I don’t understand what my wife means.”

Lin Qingyu caught the slight change on Xi Rong’s face and intriguingly led him around the corner of his mouth: “if you stay in the capital and in the palace, steward Xi may be a eunuch with the seal of the chief eunuch; but once you follow the temple to the fief, you will always be a eunuch steward.”

The word “eunuch” fiercely pierced Xi Rong’s bone marrow. But he was stabbed much more, and he could keep his sense of propriety whenever and wherever he went: “the eunuch with the palm print… Madam, do you know what these four words mean?”

“The eunuch in the palm of the Minister of rites, also known as the ‘inner minister’, is the first power of the inner court. What do you mean by that?”

Xi Rong sank his face. He was naturally feminine, with a gloomy look, so that Huan Tong’s back was cold. “The general’s wife is not afraid of small misunderstandings when she says these words.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “did you misunderstand?”

Talk to wise people only to the point. Xi Rong obviously understood what he meant, but he was silent and pretended not to understand.

His reaction was expected by Lin Qingyu. Although Gu Fuzhou had some friendship with Xiao Yu, he could only be said to be a general friend. Xi Rong met him only twice. It’s too early to plan big things now, as Gu Fuzhou said. Lin Qingyu said that these were just a little temptation, and Xi Rong’s silence had given him the answer.

Since Xi Rong doesn’t trust him, give him some sweets first.

“In other words, your Highness has moved out of the palace and established his own residence, but he is only the ‘four princes’. I remember when the emperor was the prince, his brothers first sealed the prince. After the emperor ascended the throne, these princes went to the fief one after another.” Lin Qingyu said, “The holy master manages everything every day and is ill. I’m afraid he has forgotten it. It would be better if someone could remind him of it.”

Xiao Yu’s biological mother was just a maid in another palace. She was favored by the emperor overnight and gave birth to Xiao Yu. The Emperor didn’t like this son very much, and Xiao Yu didn’t have any excellence in literature and martial arts. The emperor seldom thought of his son. Other ministers wouldn’t be full to remind the emperor to give him a title. In case the crown prince was unhappy, the gain would outweigh the loss. As a result, Xiao Yu’s bid to become king has been delayed, which has become a worry for Xi Rong.

Xi Rong also wanted to use this to see how capable the general and his wife were. He smiled and said, “I also hope your highness can be crowned king as soon as possible.” after a positive response, he added, “it’s better to leave the capital as soon as possible.”

While they were talking, Xiao Yu had finished walking around and came back with Gu Fuzhou. Lin Qingyu handed Gu Fuzhou tea prepared in advance: “please use it, general.”

Gu Fuzhou smiled: “thank you, madam.”

On the other side, Xiao Xiaoxing excitedly shared with Xi Rong the feeling of riding a bloody BMW: “Xiaobai looks fierce, but he is so good in front of general Gu. The general will let him go wherever he wants, let him go fast, let him go slow, let him go slow.”

Xi Rong said, “this ordinary horse seems to be able to do it.”

“It’s different.” Xiao Ying waved his hands and explained carefully, “obviously I can feel it’s different. Alas, I don’t know how to describe…”

Xi Rong said with a smile, “I’ve seen the guns and horses. It’s not early. Your highness should go back to the house.”

Lin Qingyu and Gu Fuzhou sent them away from the house. Xiao Yu got on the carriage first. Xi Rong once again expressed his apology to them for coming uninvited, thanked them for their comprehensive hospitality, and finally said, “I’ll leave first.”

“Wait a minute.” Lin Qingyu called him, “I’ll write down the secret of tea later and give it to housekeeper Xi next time. How’s it?”

Xi Rong bowed and arched his hands and said, “thank you, madam.”

As soon as the carriage left, Gu Fuzhou rubbed his face and complained, “pretending to be facial paralysis is so tired.”

Lin Qingyu turned and entered the house: “what’s the matter? You don’t feel tired when you do it?”

“Sleep.” Gu Fuzhou followed Lin Qingyu and put his hand on his shoulder casually. “How are you talking with Xi Rong?”

“You’re right. He’s an ambitious man.”

Gu Fuzhou said with a smile, “how could I be wrong. I’m the one who has read the whole book.”

“Awesome.” Lin Qingyu boasted perfunctorily, “and he should care about his physical deformity. He can understand that the person he likes laughs innocent in front of him all day, but he can only watch him marry and have children. If it were me…”

“Wait a minute.” Gu Fuzhou frowned, “who do you like? Who do you say?”

“Nature is Xiao Yu.”

Gu Fuzhou was shocked: “why do you think Xi Rong likes Xiao Yu?”

Lin Qingyu said inexplicably, “didn’t you write it? Xiao Cheng and Shen Huai know each other, Xiao Yu and Xi Rong.”

“Then I also wrote about Xiao Li and the queen. You don’t think this mother and son can have anything.” Gu Fuzhou tutted, “I can’t see that, Dr. Lin, you have such a high degree of acceptance! You’re ashamed, you’re ashamed!”

Lin Qingyu was rarely speechless. Gu Fuzhou said it as if his thoughts were dirty. “It’s not like, what’s the relationship?” he said coolly, “don’t tell me, Xi Rong is just obedient and loyal to Xiao Yu.”

Gu Fuzhou said, “Xiao Yu’s biological mother had an affair with a bodyguard before she was favored by the emperor. There were few palace goers and no serious masters. The palace maid successfully gave birth to a baby boy after seven or eight months.”

Lin Qingyu said in surprise, “you mean… Xiao Yu and Xi Rong are half brothers?”

Gu Fuzhou nodded: “the palace girl Xi Rong sent him out of the palace and gave him to his distant relatives. The distant relatives dragged Xi Rong to the age of nine and sent him back to the palace. After Xi Rong cleaned up, he became the little eunuch around Xiao Peng. However, after all, they were only supporting roles and didn’t have much pen and ink in the book. Only he knew how Xi Rong treated Xiao Peng.”

“Does Xi Rong know his identity?”

“Yes. It is precisely because he knows that he will protect Xiao Yu. If he does, he will have ambition. Whatever comes from a mother, some are princes and some are eunuchs. If his younger brother of the prince ascends the throne one day, he will not be the emperor’s brother of the king of a country.” speaking of this, Gu Fuzhou thinks that Lin Qingyu must be informed of something in advance. “Qingyu, in the ending of the original book Huai doesn’t know you, Xi Rong protected Xiao Yu and finally went to the fief with him. I told you before that Xi Rong is a smart man and can’t be easily controlled. It’s not a good thing that a monarch without a city government and a eunuch eager for power are still brothers.”

Lin Qingyu knows what Gu Fuzhou wants to express. He asked, “in the original book, Xiao Cheng is a good emperor?”

Gu Fuzhou smiled sarcastically: “the author didn’t write in detail, but just mentioned it. He said that after Xiao Cheng made Shen Huai known as the queen, Dayu’s national fortune was prosperous and all countries came to Korea. Qingyu, if you are a person with the world in mind, you should let him go so as not to miss Dayu’s national fortune.”

Lin Qingyu said indifferently, “as you say, Jing Ke should not assassinate the king of Qin, so as not to delay the unification of the Qin Dynasty?”

Gu Fuzhou raised his eyebrows: “I didn’t say that.”

Lin Qingyu sneered: “if I can really support Xiao Yu to the top, I will take good care of their two brothers. If they don’t obey, then another obedient one will be. Xiao Yu is not the only one surnamed Xiao.”

“It’s better for you to ascend the throne and become the emperor yourself.” Gu Fuzhou said leisurely, “what’s the saying? Do princes prefer to be kind?”

Lin Qingyu glanced at Gu Fuzhou and said, “when you become an emperor, you won’t be happy to do bad things again – it’s boring.”

Lin Qingyu returned to his study and attracted Huan Tong: “pass a famous post to Nan’an Hou’s house and say that Lord Lu’s death day is coming. I want to give him a column of incense.”

Huan Tong was stunned: “have you been away for a year?”


Huan Tong was lost and said, “life passes so fast.”

In addition to Lin Qingyu, Hualu also firmly remembered the death day of Wancheng and prepared rich sacrifices early. When she was preparing the dried fruit, Gu Fuzhou happened to see her. Seeing so many things, Gu Fuzhou thought there were going to be guests.

Hua Lu was not sure whether to tell the general that the death of the young Marquis was coming. She looked at Lin Qingyu hesitantly. Lin Qingyu asked, “have you forgotten?”

Gu Fuzhou said, “have I forgotten anything?”

Lin Qingyu hesitated for a moment: “nothing.”

Lu Wancheng had a very hard time in his last period. He was too ill to remember the day. Even if the light returns for a long time, I can’t see anything.

If Gu Fuzhou doesn’t remember, it’s not a happy thing.

The day before Lu Wancheng’s death, the first snow of this winter fell in the capital. It snowed heavily, and pieces of snow fell, but for half a day, the courtyard was covered with snow.

When Gu Fuzhou returned to his house, he found Lin Qingyu in his study: “Qingyu, the snow outside is already very thick. Let’s make a snowman.”

Lin Qingyu was lack of interest: “it’s not the first time to snow. Make a snowman.”

“It hardly snows in my hometown. For me, it’s a waste of life not to make a snowman on a snowy day.” Gu Fuzhou stretched out his hand to block Lin Qingyu from reading. “Let’s go, Qingyu. I’ll have fun with your husband today, huh?”

“Let Huan Tong play with you.”

Gu Fuzhou was driven away and didn’t go: “Dr. Lin is so cold. What happened?”

Lin Qingyu paused: “No.”

Gu Fuzhou asked with some worry, “am I bothering you? Let me go?”

Lin Qingyu was slightly stunned and immediately tried to smile: “how can you bother me. I just… Don’t like snow.”

Gu Fuzhou thought: “you are because of me…”

Lin Qingyu interrupted him: “once it snows, I don’t know when I can dry the medicine. For doctors, rainy and snowy days are not as good as sunny days.”

Gu Fuzhou didn’t force him, nor did he go to Huan Tong to make a snowman. He took a script from the bookcase and watched the book quietly with Lin Qingyu.

Snow from day to night, the quilt is like a layer of frost. Probably because it was too cold, Lin Qingyu didn’t feel sleepy. I finally fell asleep and suddenly woke up from my dream in the middle of the night.

There was no light in the room, and the outline of the furniture could be seen vaguely by the moonlight and snow. Lin Qingyu’s heart beat like a drum. He got out of bed barefoot and looked up.

——The bed was empty.

Lin Qingyu’s limbs are cold, and the scene in his dream is intertwined with reality. He stood in front of the bed, forced himself to calm down and told himself again and again that it was just a dream, but his body was still frozen in place uncontrollably and couldn’t move.

Until the creaking sound of opening the door came from behind, Lin Qingyu suddenly turned around and saw the tall figure of the man.

“Qingyu?” Gu Fuzhou said in surprise, “how can you wake up?”

Lin Qingyu opened his mouth and wanted to speak, but he couldn’t say a word.

Gu Fuzhou lit the lamp with a fire fold. As soon as his face changed in Shanglin Qingyu’s eyes, he quickly walked up to him and asked, “what’s the matter?”

“Where have you been?” Lin Qingyu forced himself to open his mouth, only to find that his voice was frighteningly low.

“I woke up hungry in the middle of the night, so I went out and asked Hualu to give me a bowl of noodles.” Gu Fuzhou picked up his cheek. “Why are your eyes red? Are you angry that I eat alone and want to cry?”

Gu Fuzhou’s palm is warm, which makes Lin Qingyu’s eyes more sour. Lin Qingyu shook his head, lowered his eyelashes and whispered, “I want to… See if you’re still there.”

Gu Fuzhou calmed down, suddenly picked him up and walked towards the bed. Then he put him on the bed.

Lin Qingyu was in a trance and felt that the situation was familiar. Suddenly, he had the illusion that he was in a dream.

Gu Fuzhou knelt in front of the bed and looked up at him: “it snowed the day I died, didn’t it?”

Lin Qingyu asked, “didn’t you see it?”

Gu Fuzhou smiled: “yes, I see.”

Lin Qingyu breathed and said, “liar.”

Gu Fuzhou was noncommittal: “don’t think about the past. I’m not good now.”

“I don’t always think about it.” Lin Qingyu hesitated and said his heart, “I’m… A little afraid.”

He never showed his weakness in front of others, even in front of Lu Wancheng and Gu Fuzhou. This is the first time.

“Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid. Think about it, I use general Gu’s body this time. General Gu is so strong that he won’t die like last time. I don’t go to the battlefield now – even if I do, I just give bad ideas in the account, and I won’t die in war.” Gu Fuzhou smiled. Even if he was a 30-year-old man, his smile was as bright as a sunny day, “So I’ll always be there.”

But Lin Qingyu was still worried: “true or false.”

“Really, I swear – I’ll write a guarantee for you?” Gu Fuzhou said. He really went to the table to lay paper and write. As he wrote, he smiled again: “but I’m twelve years older than you. It’s estimated that you’ll have to send me away in 50 years.”

Lin Qingyu turned his head and smiled softly.

Gu Fuzhou looked up at the laughter.

The ruthless beauty sat on the bed, with a shallow smile on her mouth and a deep pool in her eyes, and looked at him gently.


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