Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 71

Gu Fuzhou wrote the guarantee and solemnly handed it to Lin Qingyu. Lin Qingyu took it over and saw that it was Gu Fuzhou’s consistent style, full of white vernacular. When Gu Fuzhou and others write letters or memorials, they often use refined words and literary grace, but they are also the best among the generals. Only when I write to him, I draw a few simple strokes every now and then.

Reason tells Lin Qingyu that both the promise and the guarantee are just people’s wishful thinking. When bad luck comes, can a piece of vernacular stop it. But now his heart was settled by Gu Fuzhou’s promise and guarantee.

Whether Lu Wancheng or Gu Fuzhou, this man has never let him down no matter how he doesn’t do his job and doesn’t follow it. He is willing to believe him.

Lin Qingyu put away the guarantee: “I’m fine.”

Gu Fuzhou breathed a sigh of relief and some regret. Sensitive, fragile, red eyed beauty is too difficult to see. Being watched so gently by Lin Qingyu, he felt for a few moments that he was in danger of heart fire. It seems that as long as Lin Qingyu speaks, he can give him anything, even get up early for him all his life.

Lin Qingyu was also embarrassed by his short gaffe and pretended to be calm and said, “go to sleep.”

“OK.” Gu Fuzhou opened the quilt, put Lin Qingyu into the quilt, helped him lie down, and then he also lay down.

Lin Qingyu opened his eyes slightly: “you…”

Gu Fuzhou’s cheeks were hot. While spitting on his shameless face, he covered himself and Lin Qingyu with a quilt. Naturally, he said, “I’ll coax you to sleep and go up again.”

“You coax me to sleep?” Lin Qingyu joked. “I don’t know who is the one who falls asleep as soon as he touches the pillow.”

When Gu Fuzhou asked the carpenter to make upper and lower bunks, he didn’t consider that he would sleep with Lin Qingyu with the body of general Gu. Two teenagers in the lower bunk are just right. It’s obviously crowded now. He changed his body and Lin Qingyu grew up. The little beauty with bad temper in the past has become a big beauty with deep thoughts. No matter how bad her temper is, she knows to converge in time, and secretly try to take people’s lives directly. Only in front of him, he will wantonly expose his malice.

Gu Fuzhou smiled and leaned against Lin Qingyu. Their long hair was scattered on a pillow and intertwined.

“Do you want to hear a bedtime story?” Gu Fuzhou asked.

Lin Qingyu said, “tell me about your hometown.”

“You seem very interested in this?”

“I’m very interested in everything about you.”

Gu Fuzhou smiled: “let me tell you about the mobile phone. The mobile phone is a very important tool in my hometown. If you go to my hometown one day and lose touch with me, you can find me through the mobile phone. You can write down this string of numbers first…”

Gu Fuzhou said, his voice getting smaller and smaller, and soon there was no sound at all. To tell the truth, Lin Qingyu was surprised that he could stay awake for so long. Lin Qingyu tucked in the quilt and closed his eyes beside Gu Fuzhou’s pillow.

I don’t know how long later, when he felt that Lin Qingyu’s breathing was flat for a long time, Gu Fuzhou opened one eye first. After confirming that Lin Qingyu fell asleep, he opened the other eye.

Gu Fuzhou’s eyes were clear and bright without any sleep. He and Lin Qingyu lie face to face, close at hand. They can’t even see the whole picture of each other’s face, but they still see his heart shaking. He couldn’t help reaching out, pulled the green silk in front of Lin Qingyu’s forehead behind his ear, and whispered, “good night, Qingyu.”

The next day was Lu Wancheng’s death day. After sending Gu Fuzhou to court, Lin Qingyu took Huan Tong and Hua Lu to Nan’an Hou’s house.

Not long ago, pan gave birth to a healthy boy in October. Nan’an Hou’s residence swept away the dead spirit of the past and glowed again. The people of Nan’an Marquis are in good spirits at happy events. They rise up in the court hall and regain the power of the household. The emperor also means to reuse him.

When Lin Qingyu arrived at Hou’s house, Nan’an Hou also went to the palace. It was Pan who received him.

“I was still thinking yesterday whether Dr. Lin would come today.” Pan’s spirit was quite good after giving birth, but he was a little rich. Although she is still a concubine, the servants of the Marquis house have regarded her as the mistress. After pan was pregnant, Nan’an Hou probably felt that he was still young and took several concubines on and off. There was no movement in the belly of these concubines, and they didn’t dare to be demons in front of her.

Pan didn’t want to compete for favor. He took his son to manage the housekeeper. He had a good life.

Lin Qingyu said, “I will come naturally on the death day of the little marquis. How’s the little Marquis’s brother?”

Pan said with a gentle smile, “the young master is white and fat. He is a circle older than the usual children this month. At the end of last month, it was the young master’s full moon. I wanted to send an invitation to the general’s house,” Pan smiled slightly, “but the Marquis said…”

“Aunt doesn’t have to say much, I understand.” Lin Qingyu looked at the flower dew. Hua Lu understood, took out a brocade box and said, “this is a long-life lock specially made by the young master. Give it to young master Lu. I hope the young master can grow up safely.”

Pan quickly got up with the help of his maid: “I thanked Dr. Lin for the young master.”

After talking for a while, it was time for sacrifice. In Lu’s ancestral hall, servants offer cooked food in front of Lu Wancheng’s memorial tablet, which means to let the deceased “taste new”. Then he moved to the brazier. Lin Qingyu lit the paper money and put it in it to comfort the dead. Pan also specially invited the monks of Changsheng temple to chant scriptures for Lu Wancheng.

When it was over, it was almost time for dinner. Pan is not sure whether to stay with Lin Qingyu for dinner. At this time, the Marquis should also come back. The Marquis certainly doesn’t want to see his former daughter-in-law.

Pan hesitated, but Lin Qingyu didn’t take the initiative to leave. Not long after, the steward came to send a message that Nan’an Hou had returned. Pan looked at Lin Qingyu in embarrassment: “Doctor Lin, this…”

Lin Qingyu smiled: “just right, I haven’t said hello to the Marquis for a long time.”

When Nan’an Hou returned to his house and saw Lin Qingyu, he was even more depressed because of his legitimate son’s death. Even if Lin Qingyu is now the male wife of the general of the Fu Kingdom, he can’t show a good face: “what’s the general’s wife doing in my house?”

“The general’s wife came to pay homage to the young master.” Pan advised, “he is also kind.”

Nan’an Hou snorted coldly and said, “the Lin family separated from the family that day. It’s agreed to break off kindness and righteousness, and it’s irrelevant in the future. I’ve never had a male wife. The general’s wife has no name and no points in the family, and I’m not afraid to make others laugh and humiliate the general.”

Lin Qingyu said lightly, “the general has a broad mind and has a family, country and the world in his heart. How can he mind such a small matter. The Marquis doesn’t have to worry about him.”

Nan’an Hou Qi knot: “do you have a relationship with Lu jiapan?”

“It’s not that I want to have a relationship with Lu jiapan. It’s the Lu family that needs me to deal with some things.” Lin Qingyu said, “aunt, if there’s nothing else, it’s better to see the young master first.”

Knowing that Lin Qingyu wanted to talk to Nan’an Hou alone, pan wanted to take his servants and leave. Seeing this, Nan’an Hou sneered at Pan’s capital: “do whatever he asks you to do? Don’t you forget who you are!”

Pan was stunned: “Hou ye…”

Lin Qingyu didn’t have the patience to appreciate the Lu family’s house: “it’s what the Marquis wants so many people to see. I can’t blame me.”

“What do you mean?!”

Lin Qingyu said, “Hua Lu, go and ask steward Zhang to come over.”

After Lin Qingyu left Nan’an Hou’s house, Zhang Shiquan stayed in the Hou’s house to take care of the accounts. He got the news early in the morning and knew that Lin Qingyu would come today. He had everything Lin Qingyu wanted ready and waited outside early.

Zhang Shiquan greeted several people with a stack of account books: “I’ve seen the general’s wife, Hou ye and aunt.”

Nan’an Hou asked Lin Qingyu, “what did you ask him to do?”

As soon as Lin Qingyu lifted his eyelashes, Zhang Shiquan presented an account book to Nan’an Hou. Nan’an Hou picked up the top book and looked at it with doubts. After a few pages, his expression became more and more dignified: “this, this is…”

Lin Qingyu said slowly: “look at the appearance of the Marquis, it seems that he doesn’t know anything about it.”

Nan’an Hou’s face was very white and everyone waved back. Only he, Lin Qingyu and Zhang Shiquan were left in the house. “What on earth is this?” Nan’an Hou said, “where did these huge sums of money come from and why they were on the account book of Hou’s house!”

Zhang Shiquan asked Lin Qingyu for instructions. After getting his approval, he said, “what did the Marquis say? All the money was earned by your successor Liang. Naturally, it was recorded in the account of the Marquis house.”

Although Nan’an Hou seldom cares about family affairs, he also knows the shop biezhuang operated by Hou’s house. Such a large sum of money is by no means the income of the restaurant or Chuang Tzu. Two words popped out of his mind and made his feet stagger with fear.

“Hou Ye probably guessed,” said Zhang Shiquan. “In today’s world, you can only make such a huge profit by selling private salt. According to Dayu law, selling more than a certain amount of private salt is a capital crime. As a minister of household, Hou Ye doesn’t know it?”

Nan’an Hou naturally knows. Not long ago, he also personally handled a case of local officials operating private salt. The official’s clan participated in the sale of private salt. Due to the large number, he was finally sentenced to full house copying and beheading. Looking at the records on the ledger, the Liang family is better than others.

Nan’an Hou didn’t expect Liang’s madness to cause him such a big disaster. He wanted to kill her immediately: “bitch!” he stared at Lin Qingyu with raised eyes, “when did you find it? Why do you say it now!”

Lin Qingyu said, “because the Marquis just said that I have nothing to do with Nan’an Marquis house. Even if the Marquis house provokes Longyan’s anger and decays overnight, I can continue to be my general’s wife. Maybe the holy master can reward me for my meritorious service. Do you think so?”

The word “expose” made Nan’an Hou shudder: “you…”

Lin Qingyu said again, “it’s a pity that the young master has just had a full moon. Once this matter is exposed, I don’t know if he can live to a hundred days.”

Nan’an Hou said, “poison woman, threaten me with innocent children!” Nan’an Hou took this child more important than anything after losing his son one after another. He even risked his life to save the child.

“Threat?” Lin Qingyu smiled almost piteously. “The Marquis misunderstood. I’m just kind enough to remind the marquis.”

Zhang Shiquan said, “Marquis, your wife’s family did it. For the sake of the little Marquis, the general’s wife has concealed it until now, so you can return to the court and regain the holy favor. If I were you, I would like to thank the general’s wife. How can I blame her?”

Nanan Hou’s officialdom is not for nothing. Lin Qingyu conceals the matter and suddenly mentions it. He must have something to do. He hated being controlled by others most in his life, but for Lu’s glory and his newborn child, he had to give in: “come on, what do you want?”

Lin Qingyu smiled with satisfaction: “don’t worry, marquis. I won’t let you do anything harmful to nature and against the way of loyalty to the king. I just want to invite you to a memorial and ask the emperor to grant the title of Prince of the fourth prince.”

Nan’an Hou YILENG: “the fourth prince?”


Xiao Yu had a low sense of existence not only in the holy emperor, but also in the ministers. If Lin Qingyu hadn’t mentioned it, Nan’an hou would have forgotten that he hadn’t been crowned king.

Nan’an Hou said suspiciously, “is it so simple?”

“At present… It’s that simple.”

Nan’an Hou is silent and indecisive. The fourth Prince has reached his age. He has also left the palace and established a house. It’s reasonable to seal a princess. If you are a prince, I’m afraid it will annoy the crown prince. He asked, “why didn’t general Gu play by himself?”

Lin Qingyu said, “is the Lord scared silly?”

Nan’an Hou became angry: “don’t talk nonsense!”

“The emperor and the prince are suspicious of the general. I don’t want the general to be involved.” Lin Qingyu said lightly, “do you understand what I mean?”

Nan’an Hou could only say, “Ben hou… I see.”

In the previous dynasty, the Marquis of Nan’an spoke about Xiao Yu’s assumption of the king, and the harem also needs one person to answer. Only in this way can we be safe. Lin Qingyu first thought of the queen. The queen used to take good care of him, but since he married Gu Fuzhou, she has obviously been indifferent to him. He went to Fengyi palace several times and was blocked.

The Queen’s emphasis on love and righteousness is only for her own family. In her opinion, Lin Qingyu remarried before the filial piety period. Don’t blame her for her ingratitude.

Fortunately, the Queen’s family has one besides Lu Wancheng, and it is the most important one for her.

On this day, Lin Qingyu invited Ping’an pulse for the emperor and came to the library of the imperial medical department with Hu Ji, who ended his rotation. Lin Qingyu went straight to the innermost part, where there was a locked iron door. He had previously obtained the emperor’s oral order on the grounds that he “wanted to see all the pulse records of the emperor since he got the first wind”. The bodyguard of the library opened the door. After the two entered, Hu Ji said curiously, “Dr. Lin, what are you looking for?”

Lin Qingyu said, “the pulse of Xiao Li, the sixth prince.”

The author has something to say: irresponsible small theater:

Gu Fuzhou: if you go to my hometown one day, you can find me through your mobile phone. This is my mobile phone number

Then the great beauty wears today.

One day, when Mr. Jiang was playing a game and was about to kill five, a message suddenly popped up on his mobile phone.

Unknown number: your wife lost her and borrowed her cell phone from me. He asked you to pick him up quickly.

Classmate Jiang:?


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