Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 73

The next day, when Lin Qingyu went into the palace to ask the emperor for pulse, the queen and concubine Chen happened to be there. The queen is in charge of the sixth palace, and concubine Chen is assistant. The three are discussing the new year in the palace.

The empress and concubine Chen were beautiful women when they were young. Now that they are old, the empress is graceful and dignified, better than her mother’s temperament; Chen Guifei is well maintained and has been spoiled for many years. She looks like a peony in her early thirties.

Lin Qingyu knelt down and saluted the three: “see the emperor, the queen, the imperial concubine and the empress.”

The emperor was upset about the two women on the left and right. When he saw Lin Qingyu again, he felt that his wives and concubines were noisy. However, seeing Lin Qingyu without an official position, he caught people’s attention in his crescent white clothes without modification.

As soon as the queen saw him, her face became cold. Chen Guifei was kind to him: “the emperor’s head wind has improved a lot recently, which is due to doctor Lin.”

Lin Qingyu said, “it’s lucky for the students to share your worries for your majesty.”

“My concubine heard that there was an epidemic in the South last year, and Doctor Lin found a prescription to understand the epidemic.” Chen Guifei took the emperor’s arm, “emperor, my concubine wants to borrow doctor Lin.”

The emperor asked carelessly, “where does the imperial concubine feel uncomfortable?”

“It’s not a concubine, it’s the crown prince.” Chen Guifei frowned and licked her calf. “The crown prince’s health has been much worse since he met… Since he was seriously ill. He can’t take much medicine. In a word, the crown doctors in the imperial hospital are incompetent. They can’t cure the emperor’s head wind and raise the crown prince’s body.”

The emperor’s face was light: “I think the prince is hard to cure. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have done the job I gave him so carelessly.”

Chen Guifei’s face changed slightly, her fingertips tightened, and she tried to smile: “the crown prince must want to do the job well, but she may be unable to do it.”

Lin Qingyu looked at the queen quietly. The queen hid her emotions so well that she could not see her joy and anger.

“Just.” the emperor stretched out his wrist and said to Lin Qingyu, “go back to the East Palace and take a look for the prince.”

Lin Qingyu replied, “yes.”

The queen hesitated for a moment and said, “the list of ministers and concubines for the family banquet on New Year’s Eve has been drawn up. Please have a look at it.”

The emperor is dispensable: “no, I don’t worry about the queen.”

“Your Majesty, let’s have a look.” imperial concubine Chen recalled her lips. “The queen has reserved a place for the sixth Prince this time.”

The emperor said displeased, “really?”

The queen hurriedly knelt down and was no longer as calm as before: “New Year’s Eve is the occasion of family reunion. Li’er is not only the blood of the emperor and his concubines, but also the brother of princes and princesses…”

The emperor interrupted coldly, “the sixth Prince doesn’t understand these. Why bother to let him come back.”

The queen begged, “Emperor…”

“Empress, stop talking.” Chen Guifei looked kind and round, “the emperor is getting angry.”

The emperor was quite impatient: “all right, you two retreat.”

The queen forbeared and said, “my concubine leaves.”

As soon as the queen and concubine Chen left, Lin Qingyu’s pulse was also diagnosed: “the emperor’s head wind has not been eliminated. No matter how heavy state affairs are, we should also have more rest.”

The Emperor didn’t want to rest. Once there was a prince who could supervise the country. Now the prince doesn’t know where to put his heart. He can only do many things himself.

The emperor stared at Lin Qingyu and suddenly asked, “you have been married to Gu Fuzhou for some time.”


“How did he treat you?”

Lin Qingyu smiled: “the general treats me very well.”

The emperor became more and more impetuous and waved away the people.

Lin Qingyu went out of the hall of diligence and went directly to Fengyi palace to see the queen. The maid of Fengyi palace saw him, but there was no communication. She said, “your mother won’t see you. Please go back, doctor Lin.”

Lin Qingyu said, “I went to Jinyang garden two days ago.”

The maid of honor turned and stopped.

“Your Highness Liu, I want to tell the queen something. Can you pass it on for me, miss?”

Lin Qingyu was invited into Fengyi palace after the maid of honor passed it on. The queen was so sad that she couldn’t reunite with her son on New Year’s Eve. Hearing the news that Lin Qingyu had Xiao Li, she didn’t care about her past gratitude and resentment. As soon as she opened her mouth, she asked, “what happened to Li’er in Jinyang garden?”

Lin Qingyu said in a slow voice, “there will be no accident.”

“What do you mean?” the queen said anxiously, “Li’er, isn’t he doing well?”

Lin Qingyu shook his head: “no – very bad. When I saw his highness, he squatted in the snow, dressed in a single coat, digging snow and eating in handfuls.”

The eyes of the always steady queen suddenly turned red: “how, how can it be so… Laifu! Bring Laifu to our palace!”

The queen can’t go out to visit her son. She can only send eunuchs to Laifu to send some things to Jinyang garden from time to time. All the things she sent were excellent. Laifu always paid back, which means that his highness Liu is doing well in other palaces. She always thought that although her Li’er was no better than the prince who grew up in the palace, she also lived in a rich family. Who would have thought that those slaves dared to cheat her for so many years.

Facing the empress’s pressing question, Laifu said sadly, “I’m wronged, madam! Every time I go to Jinyang garden, my highness six is well served! I really don’t know anything!”

The queen had lost her mind and wanted to extort a confession by torture. Lin Qingyu stopped her: “Laifu is the confidant of the empress and is loyal to the empress. The problem should be in Jinyang garden. The emperor hasn’t gone to other palaces for many years. The servants in the garden are lazy and can’t get the reward from the master. Naturally, they will try their best to get some oil and water.”

At the thought of her son’s situation in another palace, the queen couldn’t help crying: “they just bully Li’er, they don’t know why, they can’t speak… My Li’er…”

Even if the queen is the mother of a country, she is just an ordinary mother at this time. When she cried, she didn’t cry like most people, but she cried silently. The maid in waiting handed over a clean handkerchief: “be careful of the Phoenix body, madam. If she cries, who can your highness six expect?”

The queen wiped her tears and forced herself to cheer up: “you’re right. Those slaves in Jinyang garden are still waiting for the palace to clean up.”

Lin Qingyu said, “even if you change all the people in Jinyang garden, how can you ensure that the new people will not treat your highness as badly as they do in the future.”

The queen stared, “what do you think the Palace should do?”

“The best way is to take your highness Liu back to the palace and let her mother take care of it herself.”

The queen smiled strangely: “do you think our palace doesn’t want to? You saw it today. The emperor doesn’t even want to see Li’er except for the Xi family banquet. How can we allow our palace to keep Li’er around.”

Lin Qingyu pretended to think: “the emperor’s mind is hard to change. Maybe the empress can explain this to the prince and ask the prince to speak to the emperor.”

“Prince?” the queen said coldly, “I think you are a wise man. The prince and Chen Guifei wish Li’er were far away from the palace. How could they speak for the palace.”

Lin Qingyu said lightly, “in this way, even if the Empress Dowager becomes the Empress Dowager in the future, she still has to endure the pain of separation of bone and flesh.”

The empress faintly noticed Lin Qingyu’s meaning and suddenly tightened her heart. She asked the others to step down and asked uncertainly, “do you know what you’re talking about?”

“After the prince ascends the throne, what will happen to you and your highness Liu? You should think more than I do.”

“Presumptuous!” the Queen’s eyes were fierce. “Do you dare to discuss the establishment of a reserve with the palace? Are you not afraid to lose your head!”

Lin Qingyu said calmly, “what I said is the most important thing for the little Marquis before he died.”

The queen was stunned: “is it Wancheng…?”

“The empress treats the young Marquis like her own, and the young Marquis always cares about you and his highness Liu. He is worried about your situation in the palace and your embarrassment by imperial concubine Chen, and asks me to do my best to share your worries.”

The queen looked at him coldly: “if you really put the late Cheng in your heart, how can you remarry when his bones are not cold!”

Lin Qingyu sighed: “if I don’t, how can I help my mother.”

The queen fixed her eyebrows and eyes at Lin Qingyu. The man in front of him was brilliant and handsome. His eyes were as deep as a pool. He seemed to be luring people close, and then looking for the right time to drown them.

Lin Qingyu may have ulterior motives, but there is no doubt that if Xiao Cheng ascends the throne smoothly, her Li’er will never come back in her life.

After weighing several times, the queen said calmly, “what do you want the palace to do?”

A few days later, Nan’an Marquis asked to see the emperor alone and proposed that Xiao Yu be granted the king. The emperor was slightly surprised that Nan’an Hou had never participated in the party struggle. When the dispute over seizing the legitimate rights was the most intense, he never spoke for any prince. Why would he speak for a mediocre fourth Prince now.

Nan’an Hou took out the reason Lin Qingyu had thought in advance: “the crown prince was a talent for governing the country, but he didn’t intend to govern for a long time due to illness. The minister thought that the emperor could beat the crown prince a little by taking advantage of the four princes’ sealing the king. The dispute between princes is terrible, and it can also be used.”

The emperor listened to the words, but did not immediately say his position. He only said, “let me think about it.”

In the twinkling of an eye, it was new year’s Eve. New year’s Eve Palace Banquet, harem concubines, princes and princesses gather together for new year’s Eve dinner. During the banquet, people talked and laughed, so it was not lively.

Seeing that the emperor was in good spirits, the queen smiled and said, “the fourth prince will be nineteen after the new year. It’s time to find a princess for him.”

Xiao Ying just picked up a piece of dessert and bit it in half. He quickly swallowed it: “thank you for your mother’s concern. Children and ministers are not in a hurry.”

“Don’t worry about it.” the queen said angrily, “your uncles married the princess when they were as old as you. Many of them are still fathers.”

The Queen’s words reminded the emperor of the invitation of Nan’an Hou. He looked at Xiao Cheng and saw that he was holding the glass absentmindedly. He looked dejected. He was no longer in high spirits in the past, so he made a decision now.

——Xiao Yu was crowned prince at the new year’s Eve Palace Banquet, with the title Ning.

Compared with the excitement in the palace, the general’s house is much deserted. Only the general and his wife spend the new year together. Even so, Yuan Yin decorated the house up and down. The window is pasted with window flowers, and lanterns are hung under the eaves.

After the dinner was served, Lin Qingyu gave the servant a holiday. Gu Fuzhou moved the table to the corridor. They sat under the red lanterns, enjoying the moon and drinking.

After completing a plan, Lin Qingyu drank a few more cups. Ruyu’s face was full of wine, and even his tear mole was stained with crimson. Gu Fuzhou’s drinking capacity has been tempered in the military camp, which is much better than Lin Qingyu. Seeing that Lin Qingyu was a little drunk, he said, “I’ll take you back to the room?”

Lin Qingyu supported his forehead with his hand and looked at him dimly. He looked like a layer of light: “why do you like holding me so much…”

Gu Fuzhou said half true and half false, “because I want to be handsome in front of you.”

Lin Qingyu chuckled, stretched out his hand to Gu Fuzhou and invited him, “come on.”

Gu Fuzhou leaned over and picked up Lin Qingyu. The two people are too much different in stature. Such a hug makes Lin Qingyu look small. In fact, he is slender among men of his age.

Gu Fuzhou returned to the room and sat down by the bed, but he didn’t put Lin Qingyu down, but let him sit on his lap. “Would you like some sober soup?”

Lin Qingyu put his arm around his neck, leaned close to his ear and asked in a dumb voice, “what are you… Hard?”

Gu Fuzhou smiled low and said in distress, “Alas, have you been found. Sorry, I can’t help it.” his voice was low and cut into Lin Qingyu’s ear, “too much.”

Lin Qingyu’s red corner of the eye slightly picked: “want to?”

Gu Fuzhou’s Adam’s apple rolled and asked, “Qingyu, do you still only like girls?”

Lin Qingyu’s eyes floated a confused mist, as if he didn’t even know the answer.

Gu Fuzhou sighed, got up and put Lin Qingyu on the bed. He planned to ask someone to cook sober soup. When he turned around, he felt his sleeve was pulled, looked down and looked at Shanglin Qingyu’s Yingying eyes.

Lin Qingyu’s breath is hot with wine: “… Not necessarily.”


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