Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 74

Gu Fuzhou pondered over the word “not necessarily”. Lin Qingyu doesn’t want him and only likes girls.

What the hell is this. Why didn’t Lin Qingyu answer him head-on? Is it because Lin Qingyu likes him a little because he doesn’t love him? Don’t lie?

He wanted to ask a few more questions, but the drunken beauty had closed her eyes and her fingertips were still grasping the corners of his clothes.

Gu Fuzhou comforted himself: take your time. It’s also a kind of sincerity. It takes time for straight men to break their sleeves. He and Lin Qingyu met for two years and hugged each other. The progress is so fast that he may be able to kiss his forehead in ten or eight years.


There’s no need for sobering soup. Gu Fuzhou took off his clothes and lay down beside Lin Qingyu. Once again, he slept in the same bed with Lin Qingyu, and his reaction did not subside. It was unexpected that a body in his thirties could be so energetic after drinking wine. He felt a little uncomfortable.

But this body really hasn’t let out for too long. It’s not good for the body to bear it any longer.

Gu Fuzhou looked at Lin Qingyu’s sleeping face for a while and saw that he was burning. Then he looked around the house: the handkerchief that could be used to wipe and clean was placed on the shelf a few steps away from the bed; There was no hot water in the house. If he did anything, he had to ask someone to fetch water and wash his hands. It’s so cold outside. His quilt is so warm.

Gu Fuzhou hesitated, hesitated, hesitated again, and finally chose to lie flat.

Forget it. Go to sleep. You don’t want to sleep. Maybe you can play some exciting games in your dreams.

On New Year’s day, Lin Qingyu got up half an hour later than usual. Occasionally drink some wine to help sleep. He slept very well last night. When he woke up, he was comfortable, but he was a little thirsty.

Lin Qingyu moved a little, and his back hit a warm and strong chest. Last night he was only slightly drunk. He remembered everything he said and did. When Gu Fuzhou went to bed, he didn’t even fall asleep.

Gu Fuzhou asked him if he only liked women. Lu Wancheng asked him this question before he died.

Twice he gave different answers. Then, what did Gu Fuzhou think. He still remembers that on the second day he married Lu Wancheng, Lu Wancheng kept saying that he was not masculine. Later, he pestered him to marry Jinlan and called him brother. If you want to break your sleeve, you should break it with your confidant. A person breaks, a person keeps, will only increase trouble.

Lin Qingyu lay down for a while and wanted to get up. He lay on the inside of the bed, and the way out was completely blocked by Gu Fuzhou, who slept on the outside. If he wants to get out of bed, he can only step over Gu Fuzhou.

Gu Fuzhou slept soundly. Usually at this time, the earth and mountains can’t wake him up. Lin Qingyu felt that he didn’t have to worry, but he lightened his action. Unexpectedly, as soon as he was halfway across, Gu Fuzhou suddenly turned over, and he fell down and sat on Gu Fuzhou’s waist.

Although Lin Qingyu was thin, he was an adult man. He was so cold that Gu Fuzhou frowned and reluctantly opened his eyes.

In his sight, Lin Qingyu felt at a loss for the first time in his life. His present posture seems inappropriate.

Lin Qingyu’s hair is very long. When sitting on the man’s waist, green silk scattered on his shoulder and back, and two strands hung in front of his chest. Gu Fuzhou looked for a moment. Because he was too sleepy, he closed his eyes again.

Lin Qingyu was relieved and was about to get out of bed. He held his left and right waist with both hands.

Gu Fuzhou still closed his eyes and said in a low voice with a smile, “I want to run.”

Lin Qingyu said calmly, “I want to get up and drink water.”

Gu Fuzhou frightened him: “if you get up early on the first day of the new year, you will be forced to get up early all year.”

Lin Qingyu laughed: “getting up early is nothing to me – let go, I’m really thirsty.”

Gu Fuzhou wouldn’t let him get up. He hugged him with his backhand and stuffed him back into the brocade quilt. When Lin Qingyu saw that he was talking, he leaned closer and found that he was counting down: “five, four, three…”

On the count of “one”, Gu Fuzhou suddenly opened his eyes, opened his quilt and got out of bed. He strode to the charcoal stove, quickly poured a cup of tea, brought it to the bed and handed it to Lin Qingyu. As soon as Lin Qingyu took the tea, he turned over and went to bed: “it’s so cold, I’m going to freeze.”

The tea has been warm on the charcoal stove and is a little hot. Lin Qingyu sat on the bed and sipped. The thirst in his throat caused by drinking was soon relieved.

Gu Fuzhou wrapped his quilt and watched the beauty drink tea in the morning. Last night he wanted to solve it by himself, but he was persuaded to leave because it was too cold at night. It was not much warmer in the morning than at night. He could get up in ten seconds for Lin Qingyu and go to the outer room to bring him tea and water.

Gu Fuzhou couldn’t help feeling: fuck, I really like him.

Lin Qingyu slowly finished a cup of tea. Gu Fuzhou took the empty cup and put it by the bed. “I’m not thirsty now. Can you stay in bed with me?”

Lin Qingyu said, “take a rest today. No one will stop you when you stay in bed. Why do you take me with you?”

Gu Fuzhou said with a smile, “it’s boring to rely on one person. Two people can still talk.”

“What do you want to say?”

Gu Fuzhou thought and said, “why don’t we play idiom Solitaire?”

Lin Qingyu glanced at him: “Qinghe stopped playing the game when he was five years old. Are you sure you want to play?”

“Does Dr. Lin think my game is childish? OK, let me tell you how to become a qualified wild king.”

Lin Qingyu said strangely, “why do you want to be a qualified wild bastard.”


They were tucked in the quilt, saying meaningless words one by one, but in the blink of an eye, it was three poles in the sun. Unless he is ill, Lin Qingyu has never got up so late. He has been with lazy people for a long time. Even he can’t help being lazy occasionally.

But I have to say that it’s really good to stay in bed with Gu Fuzhou in winter.

Gu Fuzhou has no high hall, and there will be no guests in the family on the first day of the new year. No one talks about how late they get up. After grooming, they had lunch together. The servants who stayed in the house for the new year came one after another to pay New Year’s greetings to the master, saying auspicious words. Lin Qingyu asked Yuan Yin to take the reward prepared in advance and give it to the servants one by one. Among them, the reward of Huan Tong and Hua Lu is undoubtedly the most, which is several times higher than others.

Huan Tong got the reward and said happily, “thank you, young master. Thank you, general. I wish you all the best and everything you want. The younger the general lives, the younger he is – a sneeze.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “but have you caught a cold?”

Huan Tong rubbed his belly under his nose and complained, “it’s too cold these two days. When sleeping, it’s like an ice cellar in the quilt.”

Gu Fuzhou’s tone was lazy: “no, no, no, there are people who don’t have their wives to warm their beds in winter?”

Huan Tong: ”

Lin Qingyu motioned Gu Fuzhou to shut up. He summoned Yuan Yin and said, “arrange it. In the future, the carbon fire in each room will be doubled during the winter.”

When the crowd dispersed, Gu Fuzhou took out a heavy Purse: “happy new year, Qingyu. This is your lucky money.”

Lin Qingyu didn’t understand: “you are younger than me. Why do you give me lucky money?”

Gu Fuzhou said, “in terms of physical age, I’m 12 years older than you. Moreover, in my hometown, my husband is going to prepare lucky money for his wife.”

Lin Qingyu smiled: “thank you.”

Gu Fuzhou also smiled: “I’ve paid you a new year’s call. Do you want to say it, too?”

“Yes.” Lin Qingyu brushed his sleeves, put his hands in front of him, covered his eyes, and bowed slightly to Gu Fuzhou: “first, I wish my husband a thousand years old, and second, I wish my concubine always healthy. ①”

Lin Qingyu’s posture is dignified and generous. It is scholars who have style. In contrast, Gu Fuzhou felt that his new year greeting was a child’s family.

This poem, he knows, is about the couple’s toast at the spring banquet – Lin Qingyu is paying New Year’s greetings to his husband.

Gu Fuzhou learned Lin Qingyu’s actions and bowed back: “three wishes are like Liang Shangyan. We meet each other year after year.”

The news that Xiao Yu was crowned king on New Year’s Eve reached the general’s house in the afternoon. Hearing that Xiao Yu was the crowned king of Ning, Gu Fuzhou said, “King Ning? Hello, King Ning. Since ancient times, King Ning has wanted to rebel.”

“Wrong.” Lin Qingyu corrected him, “we don’t want to rebel, we want to rebel.”

There is still a difference between rebellion and rebellion. The former focuses on military power, while the latter focuses on strategy. Unless he has to, Lin Qingyu doesn’t want to use the army or take Xiao’s world. The palace changes one after another are what he wants. The world may eventually be surnamed Xiao, but it won’t be Xiao Cheng.

Gu Fuzhou said with a smile, “the only person who can make such an understatement of the word ‘rebellion’ is your wife.”

On the second day of the lunar new year, Lin Qingyu and Gu Fuzhou stayed in Lin’s house for a day. On the third day of junior high school, Lin Qingyu was recalled by the emperor to the palace to feel his pulse.

When Lin Qingyu went to the emperor’s bedroom, he just met Xiao Yu, who asked the emperor for an. Xiao Yu, dressed in a stone blue Prince Python robe, came out of the emperor’s bedroom with a worried face.

Lin Qingyu stopped to salute Xiao Yu: “students, see the Lord.”

Xiao Ying smiled when he saw it and showed his fine white teeth: “it’s Dr. Lin. are you here to ask for his father’s pulse?”

“Yes.” Lin Qingyu said, “congratulations to the Lord. Hearing that the Lord is very happy, the general and I still want to go to the house to congratulate the Lord on an auspicious day.”

“Oh, don’t mention this.” Xiao Yu waved his hand. “This Ning king is too weak for this king.”

Lin Qingyu asked knowingly, “what do you say?”

Xiao Yu murmured, “my father doesn’t want me to be an idle Lord. He sent me a job!”

Lin Qingyu slightly curved his lips: “this is not a good thing.”

“What’s better! He asked me to go to the household department and follow Marquis Nan’an to raise the military pay for the northwest next year. But I can’t do it at all! My father and Emperor gave these things to the prince’s brother before, and somehow suddenly dumped them to me.”

“Lord, don’t worry.” Lin Qingyu comforted, “I think housekeeper Xi may be able to share your worries.”

Xiao Pang sighed, “I hope so.” Xiao Pang thought of one thing and said, “by the way, Dr. Lin, ah Rong told me yesterday that Dr. Lin forgot to tell him the secret of tea. He was going to go to the general’s house to ask Dr. Lin for it.”

Lin Qingyu smiled faintly: “please tell him, I’ll wait for him.”

The author has something to say:

① From the long life girl spring feast


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