Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 75

After a year, the emperor’s body was still the same, with good and bad headwinds. He is old and has been tossing about for the past two years. He drinks more medicine than tea. Recently, he has been forced to sit in charge of politics. He is obviously old and his temples are gray; Even if the head wind does not attack, it is also a decadent look of poor spirit.

The emperor’s dragon body is related to the country, so it must not be careless. In addition to Lin Qingyu, Chu Zhengde and Lin Rushan also regularly ask the emperor for peace pulse. In the previous dynasty, there was a precedent for the imperial concubine to bribe the imperial doctor to kill the king. The emperor would never trust any imperial doctor. The prescriptions Lin Qingyu prescribes for him will be given to the Tai hospital first, and he will use them only after confirming that they are all right.

So is the emperor and so is the prince. It’s a pity that their own bodies are not competitive. They keep them so carefully and still don’t improve much.

On the fifth day of the lunar new year, Xi Rong brought Li to the general’s house to pay a new year’s call. He is the only one this time. Xiao Yu already has the title of Prince. If he visits the general’s house as before, I don’t know how many imperial officials will pay attention to him. Xiao Yu respected Gu Fuzhou and liked to see the beautiful doctor. He wanted to come, but Xi Rong wouldn’t let him come.

Lin Qingyu doesn’t care about Xiao Yu. Xi Rong can come. This time, he invited Xi Rong to have tea at the same table, but Xi Rong did not refuse.

Lin Qingyu said, “housekeeper Xi still likes the gift I gave to the prince?”

“If you don’t like it, how can you go to your house to thank you.”

Lin Qingyu said, “I thought housekeeper Xi just came to pay a new year’s call.”

“I’m curious about how madam made Nan’an Hou and the queen speak.” Xi Rong took a sip of tea and said with a smile, “it’s really good tea.”

“As long as the gift arrives, housekeeper Xi doesn’t care where the gift comes from.”

“I just want to know if I can think that the queen and Nan’an Hou are on the side of the Lord?”

Xi Rong had made it clear, but Lin Qingyu didn’t answer. He said, “housekeeper Xi just needs to help the LORD with all his heart and let the Lord regain his holy heart. Others have to worry about it.”

Xi Rong knows who this “other person” is. He can see that Lin Qingyu wants to be the one who controls the overall situation. He and Xiao Yu are undoubtedly just two pieces in his hands. When it’s done, no one knows whether these two pieces will be abandoned or left.

Dealing with Lin Qingyu is tantamount to seeking skin from a tiger. But if he wants to achieve his goal, he has no other way.

What’s more, it’s not certain who is a tiger.

Xi Rong showed his face and smiled: “if Dr. Lin said this, I and the prince will be relieved.”

They talked for a while about the tea ceremony, and Xi Rong got up and left. Before leaving, Xi Rong asked, “the general and his wife gave the prince such a big gift. I’m afraid the return gift I brought today is far from enough. I don’t know whether the general asked for a soldier or power? Please tell your wife that the prince can fulfill his promise in the future.”

Lin Qingyu said, “don’t worry, general. He just wants to be a rich and idle man who no one dares to provoke.”

“What about you, madam?”

“Me?” Lin Qingyu hasn’t thought about it yet. He did so much, largely out of self-protection. If Xiao Cheng and the emperor had never coveted him or pressed Gu Fuzhou step by step, he probably wouldn’t have come to this step.

After that, Gu Fuzhou can realize his dream of being a salted fish waiting to die, even if he really wants to be a eunuch. What about him? What does he want.

Thinking of the spring feast on the first day of junior high school, Lin Qingyu soon had the answer. “First, I want to concentrate on my medical skills; second, I want to… Often accompany the general.”

Rebellion is a great crime to kill the nine families. Gu Fuzhou and Lin Qingyu took such a big risk and spent so much thought that Xi Rongyuan thought they wanted half of the Xiao family. At ordinary times, he would only think that Lin Qingyu was just perfunctory with polite words. But when he saw the casual warmth in Lin Qingyu’s cold eyes, he was a little convinced.

Xi Rong doubted, “is it that simple?”

Lin Qingyu smiled: “it’s so simple.”

Seeing Xi Rong off, Lin Qingyu shouted “Huan Tong”, but it was Hua Lu who came to serve. Lin Qingyu asked her to send a message in the kitchen. Now kill a sheep and slice the mutton. In the evening, the general wants to eat boiled mutton in a copper pot. Gu Fuzhou mentioned it before going to bed last night, and he wrote it down. Mutton is a tonic. It has the effect of Tonifying the middle and benefiting qi. It is suitable for consumption in winter.

Hua Lu answered “yes”, and Lin Qingyu asked, “where’s Huan Tong?”

The flower dew said, “the wind and cold in Huan Tong are getting worse. I’ve been resting in the house all day today.”

Lin Qingyu frowned: “since it’s cold, why don’t you look for me.”

“Who knows.” Hua Lu shrugged. “He probably doesn’t want to trouble the young master.”

Lin Qingyu found Huan Tong in the side room. Little boys like him live close to the main house. Lin Qingyu doesn’t treat Huan Tong like other servants. There are many houses in the general’s house and few masters. Huan Tong doesn’t have to live with other servants.

Lin Qingyu knocked on the door, heard a “come in” and pushed the door in. Huan Tong was lying in bed. Seeing that his young master was coming, he hurriedly wanted to get up, but he didn’t know where the wound was. He twisted his face and wailed, “young master, young master.”

“Don’t move.” Lin Qingyu went to the bed and put the back of his hand on Huan Tong’s forehead to explore the temperature. “It’s not cold. What’s the matter with you.”

Huan Tong’s face turned red and hesitated: “I fell accidentally.”

“Then why do you say it’s cold.” Lin Qingyu said indifferently, “have you learned to lie to me?”

“I didn’t!” Huan Tong knew he couldn’t hide it from the young master and endured the pain. “It was when he was in the kitchen yesterday, he was accidentally kicked by a sheep…”

“Where did you kick?”

Huan Tong looks down at his lower body sadly. Lin Qingyu understood and couldn’t help laughing: “does it hurt?”

Huan Tong nodded: “it hurts so much that I thought I was going to die.”

This is indeed unbearable pain for ordinary men. “Take off your pants and let me see.”

Huan Tong followed Lin Qingyu when he was young. It is reasonable to say that there is nothing to be shy in front of him. But in Huan Tong’s eyes, the young master is an immortal. He doesn’t want the young master to see unclean things and hesitates to move. Finally, Lin Qingyu’s face was cold, and he took off his pants.

Lin Qingyu pushed away with a clean stick and touched it a little. Huan Tong “hissed” and took a breath of air-conditioning, shaking his legs. He really hurts.

Huan Tong was kicked by sheep’s hooves. The wound was red and swollen. He had to take medicine.

Lin Qingyu felt calm. Sure enough, other people’s bodies are a lump of meat for him. Only Gu Fuzhou’s body will make him rotten.

“I’ll ask someone to send you medicine and wipe it for a few days to reduce the swelling.” Lin Qingyu looked out of the window. “When is it?”

Huan Tong said, “it should be almost Shenshi.”

It’s still early for Gu Fuzhou to return to his house. Lin Qingyu thought and ordered Yuan Yin to prepare the car. Yuan Yin asked, “is madam going to the imperial medical department?”

“No, I’ll go to the barracks.”

The military camp in the capital is located ten miles away from the outskirts of the city. It is an iron cavalry camp to protect the safety of the capital. Gu Fuzhou refused to go to the battlefield under the name of using troops like a God. The emperor asked him to train troops in the cavalry camp, which is also to make the best use of everything.

Lin Qingyu came to the barracks for the first time. As soon as he got off the carriage, he felt a few sharp eyes casting at him. A guard with a knife stopped him: “who’s coming?”

The groom said, “this is the general’s wife.”

“Madam?” the guard looked up and down at Lin Qingyu. He heard that the wife of the senior general was a beauty, and the man in front of him really deserved the word beauty. The carriage he took was also the carriage of the general’s house. The guard is well-trained. Even if he knows that this person is the general’s wife, he still acts according to the rules: “please do face recognition first.”

“Face recognition?” Lin Qingyu said, “what’s that?”

“Oh, people who look familiar can enter. People who look unfamiliar should register first and then inform the general.”

When Lin Qingyu registered, someone sent a message to Gu Fuzhou. As soon as he put down his pen, he heard a familiar voice: “Qingyu.”

Gu Fuzhou in the military camp is quite different from Gu Fuzhou at home. His long hair is tied up without leaving a strand. His outline is carved and his body is tall and straight; As he strode towards him, the cloak behind him turned dark red.

Gu Fuzhou stood in front of Lin Qingyu and looked down at him: “why did you come suddenly?”

Lin Qingyu knew that Gu Fuzhou had to put on a suit at the military camp in Beijing. “I’m here to pick up the general back to the house.”

If he were at home, Gu Fuzhou should have laughed so much at the moment, but he didn’t react much at this time. Only a smile was hidden in his eyes: “I still have half an hour to go. Come with me first.”

Lin Qingyu followed Gu Fuzhou in the barracks. His temperament is cool, but his appearance is bright and beautiful. This contrast can always give people irresistible attraction, and he has a strong sense of existence wherever he is. Most of the men in the barracks are big and thick. They can’t see such a beauty on weekdays. Anyone wants to see more, but they fear the general and the general’s wife, and keep their eyes firmly restrained.

Gu Fuzhou took Lin Qingyu into the account. After waving back the others, he immediately revealed his original appearance, took Lin Qingyu’s hand and sat down. He smiled and said, “what’s a good day today? Doctor Lin actually came to pick me up from work. Didn’t he come to check my post in the name of picking me up?”

Lin Qingyu said, “Huan Tong was kicked by a sheep. I thought of you.”

“Hmm? Is there any inevitable relationship between the two?” Gu Fuzhou said strangely. “I haven’t been kicked by sheep.”

Lin Qingyu smiled and said nothing. He looked around the account and saw something in it. He asked, “what are you doing here on weekdays?”

“Feed the horse, lift the iron and sleep.”

Lin Qingyu knew clearly: “in short, it’s just not doing business.”

“You can’t say that.” Gu Fuzhou played carelessly with Lin Qingyu’s mink fur collar. “I also made great contributions to the cavalry camp.”

“For example?”

“Boost morale and make a light when the soldiers are depressed.” Gu Fuzhou stood with his hands down and said solemnly, “I told them that the emperor’s Dragon chair would be more comfortable only if he worked harder to train troops. Only if he ate less military pay could the imperial concubine’s headdress be more gorgeous. It’s a long way to go. My Dayu man is not afraid of hardship and fatigue. I give myself a chance and Dayu a chance. People’s life is like a fleeting gap. If they are young and don’t work hard, the boss will be sad. Everyone wants to be lazy, But as long as you work hard, you can overcome laziness one day. Nothing is difficult in the world, just afraid of those who have a heart… ”

“Let others do what they can’t do.” Lin Qingyu said for many soldiers who admire Gu Fuzhou, “despicable foreigners.”

“I can’t help it. Hot blooded men like to listen to this.” Gu Fuzhou said a lot and was thirsty. There was no tea set in the camp, only a water bag. Gu Fuzhou opened the bag and took a sip, and asked Lin Qingyu, “do you want it?”

Lin Qingyu took the water bag, took out his handkerchief and wiped the mouth of the bag. He was about to drink. Gu Fuzhou took the water bag back.

Lin Qingyu looked at him suspiciously. Gu Fuzhou looked up and drank again. He stuffed the water bag into Lin Qingyu’s hand and said, “drink.”

Lin Qingyu stared at the mouth of the bag and bent his lips at an angle invisible to Gu Fuzhou: “I don’t seem thirsty now.”

“Dr. Lin doesn’t even want to touch the general’s mouth indirectly?” Gu Fuzhou sneered. “Why, I’m afraid of a rotten mouth.”

Lin Qingyu nodded: “a little.”

Gu Fuzhou smiled angrily and showed his overbearing side in front of Lin Qingyu for the first time: “today you must drink this water, Lin Qingyu. Don’t want to go if you don’t drink it.”

Lin Qingyu raised his eyelashes: “if I want to go, will the general stop me?”

Gu Fuzhou raised his hand. Before Lin Qingyu could react, the hairpin of his hair was taken off by the man again. There were people from the iron cavalry camp outside. Naturally, Lin Qingyu couldn’t go out with his hair on his head.

The hairpin turned around between Gu Fuzhou’s fingers and firmly held it in the palm of his hand: “I’ll give it back to you.”

Lin Qingyu looked at Gu Fuzhou: “why do you like taking hairpins so much? It’s a habit you formed in your hometown before?”

“It’s a habit formed on you.” Gu Fuzhou said coolly, “if I touch you anywhere else, I’m afraid you’ll call me a disciple, so I can only take advantage of your hair.”

Lin Qingyu took the water bag, looked up and took a sip. He asked, “are you satisfied?” he didn’t know what the indirect touch meant.

Gu Fuzhou was satisfied, but not completely satisfied. He wanted to laugh: “Dr. Lin still dislikes me.”

Lin Qingyu comforted him: “I don’t dislike you. I’m kidding you.”


“If I dislike you, why would I let you go to my bed?”

Gu Fuzhou was convinced. He helped Lin Qingyu tie up his hair again: “Dr. Lin has learned to joke.” he deliberately asked, “who did you learn from?”

Lin Qingyu didn’t say the answer Gu Fuzhou wanted to hear: “naturally, he learned from Huan Tong. Huan Tong always likes to talk and laugh, and the general doesn’t know it.”

Gu Fuzhou smiled and said, “you didn’t come to pick up your husband from work. Dr. Lin, you want to kill your husband in the military camp.”

As soon as the time came, they went home together. On the carriage, Lin Qingyu and Gu Fuzhou talked about Xi Rong’s entrance. Gu Fuzhou concluded: “now, there are queens in our harem, Nan’an Marquis among the literary ministers, and a large number of military generals. Xi Rong and Xiao Yu also got on the boat. It can be said that everything is ready, but they owe the east wind.”

Lin Qingyu added, “the emperor has me around.”

Gu Fuzhou understood Lin Qingyu’s meaning and reminded him: “you are not the only imperial doctor around the emperor, and others are not vegetarian.”

Lin Qingyu said, “I want to move the emperor. I will never move my hands and feet in the soup.”

Gu Fuzhou recalled what Lin Qingyu had been studying: “do you want to use Gu Gu?”

Lin Qingyu nodded: “Chu Zhengde only knows a little about Gu. If he planted a strange Gu in the emperor’s body, he might not be aware of it.”

Gu Fuzhou thought a little and said, “I think the key lies in Xiao Cheng.”

“What do you mean?”

“As long as Xiao Cheng doesn’t deserve to be the prince, even if you don’t use poison on the emperor, the emperor will abolish him.”


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