Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 77

Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 77

On the fifteenth day of the first month, spring is chilly and sunny. Long before the lantern market, the shops in Yongxing street had hung a cover in front of the door, lanterns were hung under the eaves, and various flower lamp supports were placed on the lintel. I don’t think so in the daytime. At night, there are thousands of people in the streets, lanterns and lanterns are on, fire trees and silver flowers, flags and banners are connected, which can be described as a grand scene in Beijing.

When the people celebrate, it is also a time of urgent defense in the capital. The cavalry camp is busy for the Shangyuan Festival. Although it doesn’t care what the senior general does, it still needs to show his face. Gu Fuzhou struggled to get up early in the morning and went to the military camp after using morning food. Lin Qingyu doesn’t need to enter the palace today, and he doesn’t intend to go to the imperial medical department. He can be regarded as stealing a half day’s leisure.

At noon, Hua Lu served Lin Qingyu for lunch. She filled a bowl of white fish soup and handed it to Lin Qingyu. Looking forward, she asked, “young master, will you go to the lantern festival tonight?”

Lin Qingyu has always liked quiet. Shangyuan Lantern Festival is a sea of people. He grew up in the capital since he was a child and went to see it only a few times. As an adult, I haven’t been there once. “Do you want to go?”

Hua Lu nodded excitedly: “the last time I went to the Lantern Festival was several years ago. I still remember a lot of people at the Lantern Festival. The Jinshui River was full of lotus lanterns. Later, I was sent to Nan’an Marquis house to serve the little Marquis, and I never went there again…” Hua Lu realized that she had said something wrong and closed her mouth.

Lin Qingyu took a sip of fish soup and said, “well, think about what clothes to wear tonight.”

Hua Lu’s eyes lit up: “young master, do you want to take me?”

“Well.” Lin Qingyu looked at the happy girl, “go and prepare.”

Gu Fuzhou asked a lot about the customs of the Shangyuan Festival. He thought he was going to Yongxing street to join the fun. Knowing that Gu Fuzhou loved to be handsome, he specially ordered his servants to iron some newly cut Chinese clothes for him to choose.

Gu Fuzhou didn’t return to his house until dusk. Hearing the news, Lin Qingyu saw him paralyzed in bed, like a dried and dehydrated salted fish.

Lin Qingyu could not be more familiar with his state: “tired?”

Gu Fuzhou said weakly, “water, water…”

Knowing that the man was pretending, Lin Qingyu poured Gu Fuzhou a cup of tea and handed it to him. Gu Fuzhou drank the tea and said, “can you believe I haven’t fished all day today?”

“Why don’t you touch it.”

“The defense of the capital is full of loopholes. I can’t help but give a few instructions, and I’m pestered by the people of Wuhou mansion.” Gu Fuzhou regretted, “I could have come back to have lunch with you.”

Lin Qingyu said, “look at you, you don’t have the energy to go shopping.”

Gu Fuzhou was very interested in Dayu’s Lantern Festival, but he knew that Lin Qingyu didn’t like lively occasions. He said, “yes, there are many people outside. Going out for a walk will be very tiring. I can lie in bed and imagine myself going out and watching the Lantern Festival.”

“OK, think at home. I’ll take Huan Tong and Hua Lu to enjoy the lamp.”

“Hmm?” Gu Fuzhou propped up his body with one hand. “Are you going?”

Lin Qingyu said, “I promised Hualu that I would take her.”

Gu Fuzhou said slowly, “Oh,” then I’ll come with you. ”

Lin Qingyu raised his eyebrow: “aren’t you tired?”

Gu Fuzhou sighed: “no way. My wife wants to go shopping. No matter how tired she is, she has to accompany her, and she has to accompany her happily.”

At about the same time, they changed their clothes one after another. Lin Qingyu’s long hair is tied up with a jade crown, dressed in white and covered with a hooded snow cloak. Seeing that Gu Fuzhou was still dressed as a martial artist, he asked, “don’t you like to wear red?”

When Gu Fuzhou was Lu Wancheng, he preferred royal clothes. Lu Wancheng has a luxurious temperament and is most suitable for red like fire. Now he has a lot of dark color. When he doesn’t smile, he has a sharp eyebrow and a cold face.

Gu Fuzhou said with a smile, “Lu Wancheng is young and looks good in red. Red is delicate. How old am I now. Wearing this kind of thing is the most important thing for me.” then he missed it again. “It’s still my own health. I won’t be ugly in anything.”

Lin Qingyu sneered with disdain. Gu Fuzhou thought he didn’t believe it and said, “it’s true. You can give me a quick rag.”

“I’ve seen you.” Lin Qingyu deliberately said in order to avenge Gu Fuzhou’s concealment, “I can only say that your original body is not my type.”

Gu Fuzhou was not fooled: “Oh, who said in his dream that I was better looking than Lu Wancheng?”

Lin Qingyu said faintly, “you said it yourself.”

They took Huan Tong and Hua Lu out of the house. The night was only half way in, and there was a great deal of noise in the market. Walking in the street are ordinary people, dignitaries, men and women, old and young women and children, and even many foreigners. When it was completely dark, all the lights were on, and the brilliant lanterns cast a crimson on the visitors’ faces, saving the girl’s Rouge money.

Several people walked all the way. There are countless Hawking stalls along the street. Huan Tong and Hua Lu are lively. After walking for less than half an hour, their stomach is full of snacks.

Huan Tong ate happily and suddenly pointed to the way of heaven: “young master, general, look!”

I saw hundreds of Kongming lamps rising slowly from the direction of Changsheng temple to light up the night sky. Hua Lu looked up and saw the lights in her eyes: “how beautiful…”

Gu Fuzhou said, “I always feel something missing here. Qingyu, where is the best place to enjoy the moon in the capital?”

Lin Qingyu thought and said, “it should be on the palace tower.”

The Imperial Palace tower can only go up from the palace, so Gu Fuzhou had to give up. At this time, they were not far from the palace. Gu Fuzhou was a long way higher than most people in the street. Looking across the sea of people, they saw a man on the tower. In the wind, his four clawed Python robe was blown vividly.

What is this person thinking about during the Shangyuan Festival.

Gu Fuzhou looked back and suddenly felt that he had been hit by something. He looked down and saw that he was a little girl with a flower basket. Gu Fuzhou was a strong girl who almost bounced back after such a collision. Fortunately, Gu Fuzhou held her fast.

The flower basket fell to the ground, and the flowers were trampled by the tourists. The little girl flattened her mouth and seemed to cry. Lin Qingyu motioned Hualu to coax the child, but Gu Fuzhou squatted down, smiled and coaxed the little girl in a few words. When the little girl broke her tears into laughter, her mother also came. It turned out that the mother and daughter came to sell flowers on the street.

Gu Fuzhou bought all the flowers from the little girl’s mother and turned around and said, “Qingyu, here you are.”

Before Lin Qingyu could react, a big bouquet of flowers was stuffed in his arms: “why send me flowers?”

The flowers are beautiful and colorful, which makes the beauty more beautiful than the flowers.

Gu Fuzhou looked at Lin Qingyu and his eyes were filled with light: “there is nothing in the south of the Yangtze River. Talk and give a spring – Hey, it’s good that I recite many poems, otherwise I can’t take your words at ordinary times.”

Lin Qingyu bowed his head and smelled the fragrance of the flowers: “you don’t have to. You can talk as you are used to. I can understand it in your hometown dialect.”

“Oh, I sent you flowers because…”

At this time, the parade lantern car came slowly and almost filled the whole street. The woman covered with gauze on the bus was dancing, and her clothes were fragrant, attracting countless tourists to stop and watch. However, in the blink of an eye, the four people were dispersed by the stream of people. Lin Qingyu and Huan Tong were together, and the other two didn’t know where they had gone.

Lin Qingyu doesn’t worry. Gu Fuzhou is tall and easy to find. Even if you can’t find it, just go back to the carriage and wait.

This big bouquet of flowers is inconvenient to hold in his hand. Lin Qingyu gives the flowers to Huan Tong and asks him to take them to the carriage first. After Huan Tong left, he shuttled through the crowd alone, admiring the lights and looking for people.

Lin Qingyu as like as two peas, still looks flat and uninteresting. After a long time, he just didn’t appreciate the lights, just looking for people. However, there were too many tourists, bustling, and one face after another passed before his eyes. They were not the person he wanted.

Lin Qingyu was anxious for no reason. He was thinking about whether to wait in the horse cart. Suddenly he heard someone call his name.


Lin Qingyu followed his reputation and saw Gu Fuzhou looking at him by the Jinshui River and under the fire tree.

The eyes are bright and thousands of feelings are in them.

This man… Likes him.

——Gu Fuzhou likes him.

Lin Qingyu’s chest burned and his heart beat like a drum. He doesn’t have palpitations. His heart beats so fast because of one person.

He stepped out uncontrollably and walked through the crowded crowd. He saw that he was about to come to the man. There was another push and shoving behind him, which made his steps unstable——

In this way, he came to Gu Fuzhou’s arms.

Gu Fuzhou falsely held his waist and said with a smile, “why is Dr. Lin running?”

Lin Qingyu was stunned. Did he come here originally? He didn’t realize it.

Lin Qingyu couldn’t help but bend his lips and smile: “come to see you, naturally you have to run.”

Gu Fuzhou was stunned. He no longer hesitated and held the waist of the man in his arms.

Hua Lu’s voice came at this time: “general, have you found the young master?”

“Found it.” Gu Fuzhou let Lin Qingyu go and looked as usual, “where’s Huan Tong?”

Lin Qingyu said, “I asked him to go back to the horse car first.”

Gu Fuzhou asked Hualu to go back and talk to Huan Tong, so that he wouldn’t have to wait anxiously. As soon as Hualu left, there were only two of them left.

They looked at each other for a while, and both seemed a little cramped. Finally, Gu Fuzhou said, “Qingyu, do you want to go to the riverside?”

Lin Qingyu nodded, “OK.”

The moon is high, there are countless boats on the rivers, and the lotus lights decorate the water like the Milky way. Gu Fuzhou is a person who usually talks so much, but now he is silent and quiet. Lin Qingyu walks beside him and doesn’t know what to say.

When Mingming went out, their conversation was very natural. Now it’s uncomfortable.

I don’t know how long later, Gu Fuzhou coughed and said, “the moon is bright and outstanding…”

As soon as he spoke, Lin Qingyu stopped.

“Shu Yao corrects Xi, painstakingly and quietly…” Gu Fuzhou paused, his face changed, “well, what’s next.”

Fuck, he forgot his words.

Lanterns are like the day, the sound of Phoenix and flute is moving, the crowd is surging, and laughter is full. Lin Qingyu looked at him quietly. His long eyelashes couldn’t cover the water light in his eyes, and the surrounding scenery seemed to be a virtual shadow.

Gu Fuzhou looked at Lin Qingyu for a long time, lowered his eyes and smiled, like laughing at himself or easing his tension: “I’m sorry, Qingyu, the book of songs is too difficult to recite. I only recited a few articles after reciting a class at that time, and now I forget a lot. Can I change a poem? HMM… there are trees in the mountain, trees and branches…”

“I like you too.” Lin Qingyu said in Gu Fuzhou’s hometown, “do you want to date me?”


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