Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 78

Half an hour later, they returned to the carriage and saw Huan Tong and Hua Lu sitting outside the carriage shoulder to shoulder. Huan Tong pointed to the fireworks blooming in the night sky and shouted excitedly; Hua Lu held her face in her hands and quietly enjoyed the beautiful scenery. While intoxicated, she couldn’t help thinking that if Lord Lu could see the prosperity of Shangyuan festival in the sky.

As soon as the two people were quiet and moved, in contrast, the Huan pupil of Zha Huhu seemed less stable. Huan Tong is one year younger than Lin Qingyu. He’s almost weak. He’s still a teenager and doesn’t care about the city government. Gu Fuzhou and Huan Tong are the same age. Although they are out of tune most of the time, they are never vague when they should be calm.

Just like now, when they just expressed their feelings to each other, Gu Fuzhou didn’t seem very excited and didn’t talk much all the way. If he hadn’t heard his answer clearly, Lin Qingyu would have thought he had misunderstood – maybe Gu Fuzhou didn’t like him so much.

Lin Qingyu soon denied this idea. He was not blind. He saw everything Gu Fuzhou got along with him. He is not stupid either. There are trees and branches in the mountains. He is happy with you. You don’t know – Gu Fuzhou has to take him to work no matter how sleepy he is. He can get up from his bed and pour him tea in the early morning of winter. If this is not like, there is no lover in the world.

Then, why is Gu Fuzhou so quiet?

The groom saw Lin Qingyu and Gu Fuzhou and said, “the general’s wife is back. Are you going back to the house now?”

Lin Qingyu glanced at Gu Fuzhou. Gu Fuzhou responded slowly and opened his mouth: “go back to…”

Lin Qingyu vaguely understood something and couldn’t help laughing silently. He took the lead in getting on the carriage. As soon as the light medicine incense was away, Gu Fuzhou returned to his senses, grabbed Huan Tong and asked eagerly, “what do I think of it?”

Huan Tong wondered, “what? The general looks almost the same as usual.”

Gu Fuzhou said sadly, “but I think I’m a fool who can’t even walk.”

Hua Tong looked at Gu Fuzhou carefully: “when the general said this, I think you are much stiffer than usual.”

Gu Fuzhou’s back straightened, and his whole body became more rigid. At this time, the groom gave him another fatal blow: “just now I saw that the general came with his wife. It seems that the general walked with hands and feet.”

Gu Fuzhou: ”

Lin Qingyu’s voice came from the carriage: “don’t you go yet?”

Gu Fuzhou took a deep breath: “coming.”

As soon as I got into the carriage, the noise around me became blurred. When the door is closed again, it seems that there is only one heaven and earth left between heaven and earth. Gu Fuzhou sat down beside Lin Qingyu. The groom shouted and the carriage ran.

Lin Qingyu’s breath lingered around Gu Fuzhou again. Gu Fuzhou’s Adam’s apple rolled and said, “Qingyu.”

Lin Qingyu looked down at his hand on his knee: “hmm?”

“I just said I wanted to date you. Did you hear me?”

“I hear you.”

“You really heard me.” Gu Fuzhou was worried and confirmed again and again, “I said…”

“You said, ‘I will, I will. I’ve liked you for a long time. I liked you when I read. When you died, I greeted the author’s ancestors for 18 generations. I’m willing to get up early for you, fight for you, accompany you wherever you want to go, and spend all the money I earn. I’ll protect you. Even if you wake me up in the middle of the night, I won’t get angry with you; I like waiting for you and watching You poisoned me. I like to listen to you. I hope you will always be happy… I like you. I want to be with you. ‘”Lin Qingyu repeated Gu Fuzhou’s words word for word,” I heard all this. ”

Gu Fuzhou was stunned and said in disbelief, “no, what I said is so incoherent and illogical. Why is it that after ‘protecting you’ is’ I won’t launch bed anger against you ‘, what’s the relationship between the two?”

Lin Qingyu raised his eyelashes and smiled, “this is about to ask yourself.”

Gu Fuzhou lowered his eyes and said sadly, “I just, really don’t know Su at all.”

Lin Qingyu never forgets to learn Gu Fuzhou’s hometown dialect and wonders, “does’ Su ‘mean handsome?”

Gu Fuzhou nodded, angry with himself and regretted: “Alas, I also want to be able to talk and laugh. That’s more handsome. I’ve thought about it. I’ll show you my heart in poetry, pretend to be elegant, and say a funny joke to ease the embarrassing atmosphere. But I didn’t have much experience in my first confession. I’m too fucking nervous.” Gu Fuzhou smiled in a low voice, “don’t despise me, Qingyu. I’ll try to get up and don’t humiliate you in the future. If you think my confession is too chaotic, I can confess again. But you have to give me some time to prepare…”

“No need.” Lin Qingyu raised his lips. “I think it’s just good. You’re very handsome. I like it very much.”

Gu Fuzhou was in a trance for a while and said, “did I get you?”

Lin Qingyu blushed and held Gu Fuzhou’s hand, which he didn’t know where to put it: “well, you got me.”

In an instant, a trembling feeling spread all over Gu Fuzhou, paralyzing his heart, his limbs, and every corner of his body.

Lin Qingyu just shook his hand.

Before the confession, they also shook hands, even hugged and slept. He didn’t burn like this.

Is this the feeling of falling in love with someone you like? It’s a little… Above.

They returned to the general’s house near midnight. It was too late, and they were more or less tired. After washing and dressing, Gu Fuzhou stood in front of the upper and lower bunks.

Will it be too fast to sleep in a bed on the first day of a promise. Gu Fuzhou said tentatively, “Qing Yu, I went up to sleep?”

Lin Qingyu paused and nodded, “OK.”

When Gu Fuzhou got into bed, Lin Qingyu blew out the candle. It was dark in the room. Only the clear moonlight and the light of lanterns under the eaves fell from the window.

This night, although Lin Qingyu was tired, he didn’t feel sleepy. There was no movement in the upper bunk. At the thought that Gu Fuzhou might have been sleeping long ago, he couldn’t sleep.

At the beginning of the day, they were in love with each other, which would make him a man like a girl in spring, tossing and turning at night. The word “love” really can’t be underestimated.

Lin Qingyu didn’t sleep until dawn. In his sleep, he heard someone calling “general”. When he opened his eyes, Huan Tong was calling Gu Fuzhou to get up.

In the past, Lin Qingyu told Gu Fuzhou to get up. Today, even he got up late. Huan Tong could only harden his head. Huan Tong didn’t want to wake up his young master, so his voice was very low. As a result, he didn’t wake up the general, but disturbed the young master’s clear dream.

Lin Qingyu sat up and said, “go and prepare the general’s official clothes. I’ll call him.”

Gu Fuzhou was dug out of his bed by Lin Qingyu and yawned out of bed. He noticed that Lin Qingyu didn’t look well, and his drowsiness immediately disappeared: “Qingyu, didn’t you sleep well last night?”


Gu Fuzhou looked down at Lin Qingyu dressing himself and asked, “why didn’t you sleep well?”

Lin Qingyu raised his eyes and glanced at him: “what do you think?”

“I’m not the only one who was flustered.” after one night, Gu Fuzhou seemed to return to normal. He smiled at the corners of his mouth and said, “I think Dr. Lin is so calm and calm. He looks like a calm heart. I thought the matter of love is nothing to you.”

Lin Qingyu’s cheek was hot and couldn’t help retorting: “it’s really nothing. I’m not much flustered.”

Gu Fuzhou didn’t believe it at all. He smiled happily: “you’ve lost sleep. You’re hard to talk back.”

Lin Qingyu said indifferently, “look at my insomnia. Are you happy?”

“To tell you the truth, it’s a little.” Gu Fuzhou said honestly, “but you can’t sleep for me this time. You’d better sleep well in the future.”

“It’s natural.”

After Gu Fuzhou is dressed, Lin Qingyu sends him away as usual. Before getting on the carriage, Gu Fuzhou suddenly asked him, “what do you Dayu people usually do after they make a commitment? Can you have fun? I don’t know what heaven and earth are?”

“No,” said Lin Qingyu lightly. “According to Dayu’s rules, we should still abide by etiquette after making a commitment, start from emotion, stop from etiquette, and be happy without sex.”

The smile on Gu Fuzhou’s face disappeared: “otherwise, you think I didn’t ask.”

Lin Qingyu wanted to laugh: “get on the bus, don’t miss the morning.”

Gu Fuzhou stood still and said in a slow voice, “no, the rules you said are the rules after Dayu’s engagement and before marriage. Since we have been married, why do we have to ‘start with emotion, stop with ceremony, and be happy without sex’?”

Lin Qingyu said, “what do you want?”

Gu Fuzhou smiled: “since Dayu’s rules are inappropriate, we should follow the rules of my hometown.”

As he spoke, Gu Fuzhou leaned down and touched his lips gently on his forehead.

It’s like a dragonfly touching the water and leaving at one touch.

Lin Qingyu felt his forehead burning. Before he could feel it, the smell of Gu Fuzhou faded.

Gu Fuzhou straightened up and saw Lin Qingyu’s calm expression, as if he had just been blown by the wind.

At the same time, Lin Qingyu’s white cheeks flushed rapidly, and his slender eyelashes trembled slightly.

Gu Fuzhou only felt that his heart was about to melt and said with a smile, “it’s worthy of being Dr. Lin. it’s so light and light after being kissed. Unlike me, my heart is going to jump to my throat.”

Lin Qingyu calmed down and said, “you are too vulnerable.”

Therefore, in Gu Fuzhou’s hometown, the custom after marriage is just kissing his forehead. He thought he would do more. He thinks too much. It seems that most people in Gu Fuzhou’s hometown are introverted people with pure heart and few desires.

Not long after the new year, Lin Qingyu received a message from Zhang Shiquan from the north. Everything he asked Zhang Shiquan to do has been done.

The princess of the northern territory is a man. After the princess of the Northern Territory found out the truth, the rumor that she was very angry spread rapidly in the Northern Territory. Naturally, it also spread to the dark guard of the Tianji camp who was looking for Xiao Cheng and knowing Shen Huai’s whereabouts in the northern territory. The secret guards of Tianji camp are on the move to take this matter to heaven.

Lin Qingyu doesn’t know how Tianji camp informed the emperor and how the emperor reacted after hearing it. All he knew was that the emperor was so angry that his head wind recurred that he had to stay in bed to recover from illness. Even so, the emperor first summoned the queen and denounced her; Later, he called all his confidants overnight to discuss the matter of the Northern Territory.

The war in the Northwest has not stopped, and the National Treasury has been empty for a long time. If there is another dissent in the north at this time, the imperial court will be attacked from behind, with insufficient food and salaries, insufficient troops, and no big generals in the army. How can we cope with it. The only thing to be thankful for is that so far this is only an unconfirmed rumor. The king of the northern border sent a greeting note not long ago, and there is no difference.

A palace maid is actually a man. If this is true, the queen in charge of the six palaces will not escape. When Lin Qingyu went to ask the queen for peace, she was worried about it.

“The palace has checked the files of Shangyi Bureau in those years, and there is nothing wrong with Jingchun’s identity. If this is just a rumor, it will make the emperor angry, and even suspect that the palace is not strict in governing the six palaces…” the queen closed her eyes and sighed, “there is really suffering in the palace.”

Gu Fuzhou said earlier that the reason why Jingchun was able to hide from the world was thanks to the protection of Xiao Cheng over the years. Xiao Cheng’s work is watertight. Naturally, she won’t leave a foot easily. The aunt in charge of the Shangyi bureau who shielded Jingchun from entering the Shangyi Bureau as a man also died as soon as she left the palace.

Lin Qingyu asked, “no wind, no waves. Since there are such rumors in the north, the identity of Princess Jingchun may be really in doubt. The king of the North didn’t attack for a long time, maybe he just didn’t want to scare the snake.”

The queen said, “the palace has ordered people to thoroughly investigate this matter. Jingchun entered the palace more than ten years ago. The female envoy of Shangyi bureau had already left the palace and married. It will take some time to find it.”

Lin Qingyu knew that he should not act too hastily, so he exposed it for the time being and said, “madam, how are your highness six recently?”

Referring to her children, the queen looked a little gentle: “those slaves who served Li’er in the past have been beaten and thrown out. The palace has selected a group of new people to go to Jinyang garden. With a lesson from the past, they should know what to do. Laifu went to Jinyang garden to see Li’er the other day and said that he has grown taller and has a lot of spirit.”

Lin Qingyu smiled: “that’s good.”

“Even so, the palace still can’t let go.” the queen said, “there’s no good imperial doctor in Jinyang garden. If you’re free, go and see him for the palace.”

Lin Qingyu nodded.

Lin Qingyu went out of Fengyi palace. Seeing that the time was almost up, he walked towards the diligent administration hall. Gu Fuzhou was declared by the emperor to the palace to discuss politics early in the morning. Now it’s almost time to finish it.

It happened that Xiao Songzi was on duty in the hall of diligence. When he saw Lin Qingyu, he was still a little strange: “didn’t Dr. Lin have asked the holy master for a pulse this morning?”

Lin Qingyu said, “I’m not here to ask the emperor for pulse.”


When they spoke, the discussion of politics in the hall of diligent administration was over. The prime minister came out first, followed by Nan’an Hou. When Nan’an Hou saw Lin Qingyu, his face changed slightly and took a detour, as if he was a little guilty. Gu Fuzhou didn’t come out until the end. He bent his mouth and strode towards Shanglin Qingyu.

“Why is madam here?”

Lin Qingyu said, “passing by. If the general has something to do, will you go back to the house with me?”

Gu Fuzhou said politely, “madam, please.”

Seeing this, Xue Ying, who sent the ministers out of the hall, sighed: “general Gu is really a great blessing.”

It was inconvenient to talk in the palace. When he got on the carriage, Lin Qingyu asked, “how is the hall of diligence today?”

“A pile of nonsense.” Gu Fuzhou said lazily, “the only useful thing is that Xiao Yu did a good job in raising military salaries. The emperor praised him and asked him to help Xiao Cheng manage politics.”

Lin Qingyu told Gu Fuzhou what the queen said: “in the case of Princess Jingchun, there is no material evidence, and the witness is dead. If the king of the North wants to hide it for Jingchun, it is difficult to draw a conclusion.”

Gu Fuzhou said: “it’s not easy to get evidence. Shen Huaizhi and Xiao Cheng are human witnesses.”

“Shen Huai knows…” Lin Qingyu said in a deep voice, “I hope we can find his whereabouts as soon as possible.”


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