Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 79

Gu Fuzhou’s trusted soldiers didn’t keep them waiting. They only searched for half a month and brought the good news back to the capital.

“As the general said, we went all the way south and finally found the whereabouts of Childe Shen in a fishing village in South Vietnam. We showed him his wife’s keepsake and told him that his wife was invited. Without much hesitation, he agreed to meet his wife.” the soldiers took out a secret letter from their arms, “childe Shen asked me to give it to his wife.”

The Nanyue fishing village is the place Gu Fuzhou asked his cronies to focus on. In the original book, Shen Huaizhi met his first friend in this fishing village. He lived with simple fishermen and gradually put down the past. After three years of calm, he was found by Tianji camp.

In order to avoid the pursuit of Tianji camp, Shen Huaizhi left the fishing village and fled to the ends of the world again. Xiao Cheng, who was already the son of heaven, could not wait for his return. She left the capital to find him in person. She took people back by force and plunder and imprisoned them in the palace.

It is said that Xiao Cheng once said in the face of Shen Huai’s explicit hate eyes: you hate me, at least you still have me in your eyes. I’d rather you hate me all my life than not be with me.

In this world, Gu Fuzhou first found Shen Huaizhi, while Tianji camp was still in vain in the north. Xiao Cheng was only skeptical about Shen Huaizhi in the north. Now there is a “rumor” that Princess Jingchun is a man in the north, which makes him more suspicious that Shen Huaizhi has been to the north. After all, the only people in the capital who know Jingchun’s true identity are him and Shen Huai.

Lin Qingyu opened the letter and only wrote four words: startling insects, hometown.

Three days later, it will awaken the sting; The old place should refer to Changsheng temple. He met Shen Huaizhi several times in the temple.

Gu Fuzhou said, “it’s done well. Go down and get a reward.”

After the soldiers retired, Gu Fuzhou said, “Shen Huaizhi still cares about you. As soon as you invite him, he returns to Beijing regardless of danger and is not afraid to be caught by the people of Tianji camp. Obviously, you have always been harsh and cold to him. Why is he so fond of you?”

Lin Qingyu lit the candle and burned the secret letter: “I cured him, saved him, and told him the ‘truth’ of the collapse of the heavenly prison gate. In addition, I spoke harshly to him so that he could see Xiao Cheng’s true face as soon as possible and remind him not to be cheap. Shen Huaizhi is also a loyal and honest man. It’s reasonable for him to be friendly to me.”

Gu Fuzhou played with candles and his fingers shuttled back and forth in the flame: “I think the main reason is that you are beautiful. Go and reason with Shen Huai for another person. It’s ok if he doesn’t draw a knife directly. The invitation of the great beauty will come with all his life.”

Lin Qingyu disagreed: “even if Shen Huai knows good masculinity, I shouldn’t be his type.”

“Do you have any misunderstanding about yourself, madam?” Gu Fuzhou smiled. “You grow up like this, which is the type everyone likes.”

Three days later, Lin Qingyu came to Changsheng Temple by appointment and Gu Fuzhou walked with him. Lin Qingyu asked, “do you think Shen Huaizhi will agree to testify for us?”

Gu Fuzhou didn’t think about it: “No. first, whether he is still in love with Xiao Cheng or not, in order to protect Jingchun, he won’t tell the truth.”

Lin Qingyu pondered, “how can we use Shen Huai’s knowledge to do this.”

Gu Fuzhou smiled: “you call your husband, I’ll help you find a way.”

Lin Qingyu was in a complicated mood. He has already expressed his heart to Gu Fuzhou. Gu Fuzhou is still thinking of becoming an old father-in-law in the palace. No wonder he would only kiss his forehead after his engagement, rather than take a step closer.

After all, lust was not necessary for him. As long as the two love each other and can stay together forever, it is enough. I hope Gu Fuzhou just talks and won’t really do anything to hurt himself.

Lin Qingyu shouted “husband” without expression. Gu Fuzhou was not satisfied and joked, “you shout too quietly. You should soften your voice, or I won’t feel much. Try again, you can.”

Lin Qingyu doesn’t eat this set: “do you like it or not?”

Seeing that the beauty sank her face, Gu Fuzhou accepted it and said, “after you see Shen Huai, you don’t have to force him, just…”

Shen Huaizhi only believes in Lin Qingyu. Gu Fuzhou will not show up in him. The two separated in the front hall, and Lin Qingyu came to the back wing alone. Shen Huaizhi is a man who keeps his promise. At the moment, he may follow him in the dark. When the time is right, he will appear in front of him.

Lin Qingyu asked the monk for an empty wing room for a temporary rest on the grounds of physical discomfort. He waited in the wing room for about a incense burning time, when an evil wind suddenly blew, making the windows squeak. Lin Qingyu went to the window and closed it. When he turned back, there was another person in front of him.

I haven’t seen him for a long time. Shen Huaizhi seems to have changed. His appearance has not changed much, but he has tanned a lot. What has changed greatly is his temperament. The last time Lin Qingyu met him was when Xiao Cheng was assassinated. At that time, Shen Huaizhi knew the truth Lin Qingyu wanted him to know. He was depressed and depressed. Now, those eyes look, no waves, no waves, distant silence, like the vicissitudes of the sea.

“Shen bodyguard,” said Lin Qingyu, “you’re all right.”

Shen Huaizhi gave him a very shallow smile. It seemed that he hadn’t laughed for a long time. The action involving the corners of his mouth was very stiff: “Dr. Lin.”

Lin Qingyu looked at the plain man in front of him. If he had no feeling in his heart, it was also false. As Gu Fuzhou said, Shen Huaizhi finally settled down in South Vietnam, but returned to the capital because of his invitation. This friendship is not easy.

They sat opposite each other. Lin Qingyu made a cup of tea and pushed the tea to Shen Huaizhi: “it’s hard all the way.”

Shen Huaizhi stared at Lin Qingyu’s slender hand and asked softly, “Dr. Lin… How did you find Nanyue?”

“If I say it’s a coincidence, can you trust me?”

Shen Huaizhi hesitated for a moment and nodded.

Lin Qingyu sighed, “you believe what others say. How did you live to the present?”

Shen Huai was stunned: “probably because I have good skills.”

Lin Qingyu chuckled, “you’re right to say that.” this is one of them, mainly because Shen Huaizhi, like Xiao Cheng, is the protagonist of the world.

When Lin Qingyu smiled, the simple wing rooms became shining. Shen Huaizhi looked at him and couldn’t help thinking of Jingchun. The eyes of the two people were so similar that every time he saw Lin Qingyu, he would feel a little close.

He and Jingchun grew up together. Even if there is Xiao Cheng between them, his intention to protect Jingchun will not change.

Shen Huaishi said, “the messenger told me that Dr. Lin has a life and death matter that needs my help. But…” Shen Huaishi stopped, “but that man is embarrassing you again.”

Lin Qingyu said lightly, “Xiao Cheng has no idea about me.”

Hearing Xiao Cheng’s name, Shen Huai knew that his eyes turned a little deeper: “that’s good.”

“Now, he is bent on looking for you.” Lin Qingyu said while observing Shen Huaizhi’s look. “Looking at his posture, it seems that he will never rest until he finds you. Unfortunately, if you killed him with a sword at the beginning, there would be so many things.”

Shen Huaizhi was stunned. After a long time, he whispered, “I’m useless. I can’t avenge the heavenly prison gate.”

“What if I give you another chance to revenge?”

Shen Huai knows that the pupil shrinks: “… Dr. Lin?”

Lin Qingyu gets to the point: “I ask you, is Princess Jingchun a man or a woman?”

Shen Huaizhi suddenly got up. He got up too hard and accidentally touched the tables and chairs, and the tea lamps made a crisp crash. “How did you know?”

“I don’t know. I just heard that there is such a rumor in the north.” Lin Qingyu said, “look at your reaction, this rumor should be true.”

Shen Huai pursed his lips and said nothing. His lips collapsed into a straight line.

Lin Qingyu said again, “you’re just a dark guard. You don’t have the ability to hide things from the world for Jingchun. It should be Xiao Cheng’s doing. To put it bluntly, it’s a crime of bullying the king.”

Shen Huai’s tone was stiff: “if Dr. Lin came to me for this matter, I’m sorry I can’t tell you.”

Lin Qingyu glanced at him: “are you for Xiao Cheng or for Jingchun?”

“Dian and I… Xiao Cheng and I have cleared up our grievances after the sword.” Shen Huai said with difficulty, “but Jingchun has nothing to do with this matter. I can’t involve him.”

“Liangqing?” Lin Qingyu’s eyes were fierce. “Your whole family died miserably because of the Xiao family. You stabbed him with a sword, and it’s Liangqing?”

“I don’t know…” Shen Huaizhi closed his eyes painfully. “I just want to live a peaceful life now. Don’t force me, Dr. Lin.”

Shen Huaizhi’s refusal was expected. Lin Qingyu knew that it was useless to persuade him. He said, “if you insist on clearing up with him, how can I force you? Please go this way.”

Shen Huai knew that he wanted to talk and stopped. He clenched and loosened his hands: “see you later.”

“Wait a minute.” Lin Qingyu took off the gold stone he was wearing around his waist. “Take this thing. If you want to find me in the future, it will be a keepsake. You can also give me one.”

Shen Huaizhi took the stone and put it away carefully. He hesitated for a moment, took out a Purple Palace sash from his arms and handed it to Lin Qingyu. Su Rong said in a deep voice, “Doctor Lin, no matter what you want to do, please don’t hurt Jingchun.”

As long as he can achieve his goal, Lin Qingyu never cares about other people’s life and death. However, Lin Qingyu promised Shangshen Huaizhi: “don’t worry, Jingchun will be spoiled by his husband who loves him as much as his life. You’d better worry about yourself when you’re free. I’ve led the people of Tianji camp to the north. Do it yourself.”

Shen Huai knew a fist: “thank you, Dr. Lin.”

Another gust of wind blew, and Shen Huaizhi disappeared.

When Lin Qingyu returned to the main hall, he didn’t see Gu Fuzhou, who should have been waiting here. He asked the monk to know that Gu Fuzhou was meditating with the national teacher on the back mountain.

Lin Qingyu remembered the last time he came to Changsheng temple with Gu Fuzhou. Gu Fuzhou also met Xu Junyi. Xu Jun is willing to be closed all year round. It’s not easy for the queen to see him, but Gu Fuzhou can see him every time. This seems to have happened when Gu Fuzhou was still Lu Wancheng.

Xu Jun wants this person to be unpredictable, as if he knows everything, and as if he doesn’t know anything, which is unpredictable.

When Lin Qingyu found Houshan, Gu Fuzhou and Xu Junyuan had finished their conversation. Xu Jun would like to see Gu Fuzhou off in person. Seeing Lin Qingyu coming, he raised his eyebrows: “the general’s wife is coming.”

Lin Qingyu nodded gently, politely alienated: “I’ve seen the national teacher.”

Gu Fuzhou said, “Qingyu, we should thank the national teacher.”


“Because he will do us a little favor.”

“The general is serious,” said Xu Jun with a smile. “It’s my honor to work for the general.”

Lin Qingyu said, “it’s not an honor for the national master to work for his majesty.”

Xu Jun was willing to hear Lin Qingyu’s implication and calmly said, “how can you generalize between the general and his majesty.”

“Don’t waste your breath with him.” Gu Fuzhou has a lot of experience. “The national master is a Riddler. He will never answer your questions directly. It’s useless to ask.”

Xu Jun is willing to laugh: “those who know me, the general also.”

Lin Qingyu thought for a moment and said, “even so, I still have one thing to ask the national teacher.”

“Madam, but it doesn’t hurt to say.”

“The National Master once said that the reason why your highness Liu is stupid lies in losing his soul?”

“Madam, have you seen your Highness’s pulse? Indeed, your highness lost his soul when he was young, so the medicine stone didn’t work.” Xu Jun would like to sigh, “I don’t know how long your highness can last.”

Lin Qingyu frowned: “how to say that.”

Xu Jun is willing to say, “if the soul is separated from the body, it goes against the way of heaven, how can it last long.”

Lin Qingyu suddenly sank in his heart and asked, “the soul can’t stay away from the body for a long time. What if the soul is wrong?”

Gu Fuzhou looked at Lin Qingyu and couldn’t help calling, “Qingyu…”

Xu Junyuan said with a smile, “I don’t know.”

Along the way, Lin Qingyu was worried and worried. Gu Fuzhou coaxed for a long time, but he didn’t coax well. Back in the mansion, the servant had prepared dinner. Lin Qingyu had no appetite: “eat, I’ll go to the study.”

Lin Qingyu doesn’t eat. Gu Fuzhou doesn’t dare eat alone. He went to the study and saw Lin Qingyu holding a book. He didn’t turn a page for a long time, so he came over and took away the medical book in his hand.

Lin Qingyu stood up and stretched out his hand to take it back: “give it back to me.”

Gu Fuzhou grabbed his hand and said, “Xu Jun is willing to say Xiao Li, not me. Don’t rush in, Dr. Lin. didn’t he say it? He doesn’t know about the change of soul.”

Lin Qingyu said slowly, “I can’t do it. Don’t worry. Your soul is too noisy.”

Gu Fuzhou leaned on the table and turned the book with his fingertips: “now is not the time to worry about this. We should focus on what is in front of us.”

“It’s easy for you to say.” Lin Qingyu pressed the center of his eyebrows. “Anyway, the person left behind is not you.”

Gu Fuzhou was silent.

“I don’t know how useless it is to think,” Lin Qingyu whispered. “I just… Can’t control it.”

Gu Fuzhou smiled: “what should we do? Why don’t we do something to distract our attention?”

Lin Qingyu was not interested: “for example?”

“For example…” Gu Fuzhou paused, and the book at his fingertips stopped. He threw the book on the table, bent down and kissed Lin Qingyu’s cool lips.

Lin Qingyu’s heart jumped. Shen Huai’s knowledge and Xu Jun’s wish disappeared from his mind because of the touch between his lips.

Gu Fuzhou kissed gently and warmly, and lost some rules because he was not good at the wind and moon.

In any case, Gu Fuzhou did what he wanted this time, and he was able and unhurried.

But Lin Qingyu felt the palpitation under his chest with his hand on his chest.

Gu Fuzhou’s heart beat so fast, even faster than his.

Pretty good at pretending, young master Jiang.

Lin Qingyu thought so, tentatively stretched out the tip of his tongue and responded to him.


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