Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 8

Huan Tong carries Lin Qingyu into the house and puts it on the soft collapse. Lin Qingyu asked him to take out the medical box from the cabinet and find the medicine for bruises and sprains. Hua Lu saw Lin Qingyu sweating in pain and said anxiously, “do you want to find a doctor for you?”

Huan Tong took off his shoes for Lin Qingyu and said, “what nonsense do you say? My young master is the best doctor.”

Lin Qingyu poured the medicine into the palm of his hand and rubbed his sprained part. The light medicine fragrance spread in the bedroom.

Flower dew said, “young gentleman, let me rub it for you? I can massage people.”

“No need.” Lin Qingyu endured the pain. “You go to draw a basin of well water, immerse the handkerchief, and I have to cold compress for half an hour after using the medicine.”

Lin Qingyu rubbed the wound and suddenly felt that the room was too quiet – where was the person who said the most?

Lin Qingyu looked up and saw Lu Wancheng sitting at the table, his face heavy and unhappy.

Thinking that Lu Wancheng almost fell down just now, Lin Qingyu asked him, “do you have a bruise?”

Lu Wancheng shook his head and said, “how’s your injury?”

“It’s not a big problem. You can recover in three days.”

Lu Wancheng smiled: “that’s good.”

Lin Qingyu said again lightly: “originally, I only had to keep my sprain for two days, but I was thrown by you…”

Lu Wancheng covered his face in pain: “stop it, I’m wrong.”

In order to make up for his mistake, Lu Wancheng generously gave his wheelchair to Lin Qingyu. However, Lin Qingyu doesn’t appreciate it. He only asks Huan Tong to serve him personally. If he needs anything, let Huan Tong get it. When he couldn’t avoid walking, he also asked Huan Tong to help him go.

At that time, Hua Lu was waiting on Lu Wancheng to drink medicine. Lin Qingyu was dressed in white. With the help of Huan Tong, she walked slowly with one hand holding the table. Her long hair fell on her shoulders and her eyebrows frowned, which made her a little girl feel pity.

Lu Wancheng asked leisurely, “does it look good?”

Hua Lu nodded honestly: “good looking! Young gentleman is injured, which seems different from usual.”

Lu Wancheng looked at Lin Qingyu and drank up the bitter medicine: “this is called ‘war damage beauty’.”

At night, Lin Qingyu was reading by the soft collapse as usual. From time to time, the movement of turning over came from the big bed behind the screen, which made him unable to read at ease. Usually at this time, Lu Wancheng has already fallen asleep. Today, I don’t know what the wind is.

Hearing another sigh, Lin Qingyu asked, “young marquis is is indifferent to fame and wealth, regardless of gain and loss. What can make you frown and sigh late at night?”

After a silence, Lu Wancheng slowly sat up on the screen, desolate and lonely: “I can’t fucking hold you?”

Lin Qingyu: “…” Lu Wancheng couldn’t sleep at night for this kind of thing?

Lu Wancheng said quietly, “this is more terrible than a ghost story.”

These words aroused Lin Qingyu’s curiosity: “you have no confidence that you can hold me.”

Lu Wancheng couldn’t understand: “your waist is so thin, it must not be heavy. How can I not hold it.”

Lin Qingyu was too lazy to take into account Lu Wancheng’s inexplicable self-esteem. He said truthfully, “your body now takes three breaths after walking a little longer. The strength of flower dew is greater than you. Young Marquis, it’s important to have self-knowledge.”

“I’m so angry.” Lu Wancheng beat the bed heavily. “Even Huan tong can do it. I can’t even do it?”

“Huan Tong has been doing hard work for many years. What do you compare with him?”

Lu Wancheng was so angry that he got out of bed, put on his fox fur and came out from behind the screen: “I’m taller than him.”

Lin Qingyu put down the book and looked at him: “little marquis.”


Lin Qingyu vividly imitated the tone of landing night Cheng: “be a man, don’t compare too much.”

Lu Wancheng was speechless for a moment and completely lost his power of refutation. Lin Qingyu couldn’t help but tilt up from the corners of his mouth.

In fact, Lin Qingyu often laughs, but most of the time it is sneering and sneering. Lu Wancheng meets him for the first time with such a smile.

In the dim light, Lin Qingyu is half lying on the soft collapse, green silk hanging on his chest, holding a book in his hand, unloading all his precautions and indifference, and quietly watching you smile.

Lu Wancheng suddenly understood what is called “beauty is in the bone, not in the skin”. He couldn’t help but lighten his voice for fear of disturbing Lin Qingyu: “do you still hurt?”

Lin Qingyu’s attention returned to the book: “OK.”

Lu Wancheng sat down beside the soft collapse and said, “you are also a patient now. Go to bed.”

Lin Qingyu thought Lu Wancheng was going to exchange with him. He went to bed. Lu Wancheng came to sleep. “No, you’re more ill than me.”

Lu Wancheng naturally said, “so I also sleep in bed.”

Linqingyu fingertips a meal, simply refused: “No.”

“You and I are not very masculine. What are you afraid of?”

Lin Qingyu calmly opened the book: “I’m afraid you’re pressing my hair.”

Lu Wancheng never expected that Lin Qingyu would come up with this excuse to refuse him. He couldn’t help laughing and saying, “you haven’t slept with me. Why do you think I’ll press your hair?”

“Because you sleep badly.”

“Well, try it with me. Just try it.”

“Don’t try.”

“You’ve gone too far.” Lu Wancheng accused, “you can’t mix your imaginary me with the real me…”

Lin Qingyu looked up at him and pretended to be cold: “young Marquis, if you talk nonsense again, I can make you unable to say a word in three days. Do you believe it?”

“Believe it – why not?” Lu Wancheng scolded and went back to bed and lay down. “You are a snake and scorpion beauty who dares to lay hands on the east palace. You can’t do anything.”

Lin Qingyu’s injury spread to Liang’s ears. Liang sent a maid to greet him, which was a superficial effort. Another young servant girl went to the blue wind Pavilion and gave Lin Qingyu some plasters. She said it was a secret recipe handed down by their aunt and had a miraculous effect on sprain.

Lin Qingyu asked, “your aunt?”

“It’s aunt Pan who sleeps in Ramadan,” said the servant girl with a smile. “Young gentleman, I think I haven’t seen her yet.”

In the high gate of Beijing, the inner house of Nan’an Hou is small. Nan’an Hou had only two or three concubines besides his wife. The Liang family manages well and attends to his concubine in an orderly manner. Although Lin Qingyu is a young gentleman, he is a man. Men and women are different. Unless it’s the new year, I usually can’t see these concubines.

Lin Qingyu smelled the ointment. It was really a good medicine. But he never knew aunt pan and didn’t want to owe this favor.

Lin Qingyu was about to refuse. Lu Wancheng came out of the inner hall and said for him, “keep the medicine and thank my aunt for us.”

Someone else was there. Lin Qingyu didn’t say anything. After the servant girl left, before Lin Qingyu asked, Lu Wancheng said, “aunt pan has no bad thoughts. She is a cowardly and honest person. You can give her some face. Maybe she will go to your camp in the future.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “little Marquis never asked about the house. How do you know which is good or bad?”

Lu Wancheng half true and half false said, “because like Dayu’s national teacher, I can watch the sky at night and predict the future.”

Lin Qingyu: ”

Lin Qingyu has been married to Hou men for some time. He knows that although Lu Wancheng looks unreliable, he has never been malicious to him. There are hundreds of people in Nan’an Hou’s house. Only Lu Wancheng is barely worthy of his trust. He doesn’t want to be calm with Prime Minister Lu Wancheng, but… Lu Wancheng is serious for only three minutes. For some reason, when can he change his problem of lying!

“Then go watch the sky at night,” Lin Qingyu said indifferently. “Don’t annoy me.”

Lu Wancheng only thought he didn’t hear Lin Qingyu’s departure order. He played with the plaster sent by Aunt pan and said, “do you remember the acupuncture bag I wanted to give you, but you ruthlessly refused? It was the wedding gift sent by Aunt pan, which she sewed herself.”

Lin Qingyu was surprised: “really.”

Did Pan’s repeated kindness to him really mean well, or did he have another intention?

Lin Qingyu was thinking. Suddenly, someone held his ankle and lifted it up. He looked at Lu Wancheng’s eyes and said, “what are you doing?”

“Help you stick the medicine.”

Lin Qingyu earned a little: “no, let go.”

Lu Wancheng held his ankle and said with a smile, “you’re welcome. I have a good set of film. I promise to help you stick it beautifully.”

“Get up.” after only seven minutes of effort, Lin Qingyu easily disengaged himself from Lu Wancheng’s hands and helped Huan Tong away.

Lu Wancheng looked down at his hand with resentment in his eyes. He looked like he was about to suffocate.

Lin Qingyu’s sprain has been cured after three days. Lu Wancheng is tired of listening to the thrush singing. He doesn’t know where he got a starling. He has nothing to teach starlings to talk and chatter. It’s very annoying. Lin Qingyu couldn’t bear the disturbance. He took Huan Tong out of the blue wind Pavilion. Taking advantage of the good spring light, he found an open space in the garden and dried the medicine.

Huan Tong spread out the herbs one by one and asked, “young master, the yard of Lanfeng Pavilion is so big and the sun is full. Why don’t we sun there?”

Lin Qingyu said, “too noisy, too many birds.”

Huan Tong smiled: “I think it’s fun. The little Marquis has been teaching the Starling to call ‘Doctor Lin’.” before, the young master didn’t let him come to the Marquis house. He thought how hard it was to be in the Marquis house. When he came, he found that it was not very happy.

The young marquis is noble and ill all the time. Any good things in the house were sent to their yard first, and their servants also got a lot of light. The young Marquis himself is also interesting. Although he is in poor health, he can always find fun he can play. He is good to his young master. This is already a blessing in misfortune.

They were drying their medicine. Huan Tong saw a girl in a pink Ru skirt coming towards them from a distance and asked, “young master, who is that?”

Lin Qingyu looked up. The girl was followed by a Mammy and a maid. She must be a master. There is only one master at this age in Nan’an Hou’s house – the second miss of Hou’s house, Lu Niantao, Lu Wancheng’s half sister.

Lu Niantao was born with bright eyes and bright teeth. His every move showed the style of a young lady. She walked slowly to Lin Qingyu, leaned slightly and said, “I’ve seen my sister-in-law.”

Liang’s daughter, he doesn’t want to pay attention. But Lu Niantao is a girl. It doesn’t hurt to give some face in front of the servants.

Lin Qingyu nodded lightly and said, “Miss Lu Er.”

Lu Niantao smiled and said, “my sister-in-law called me Niantao. I’m ashamed to say that Niantao has always wanted to visit my brother and sister-in-law in Lanfeng Pavilion. Unfortunately, my brother is still ill and doesn’t want to be disturbed by others. Today, I finally had a chance to meet. My sister-in-law really said what the following people said — ‘Lang Yan is unique, there is no second in the world’.”

“Miss Lu Er doesn’t have to call my sister-in-law like that.”

“But… You are my sister-in-law.” Lu Niantao thought, “or shall I call you brother Lin?”

Both of these names made him answer. Lin Qingyu hesitated and decided to take the lesser of the two rights: “then you’d better call sister-in-law.”

Lu Niantao said softly, “yes.” she saw the medicine behind Lin Qingyu and asked, “sister-in-law, is this drying medicine?”


Lu Niantao moved in his heart: “is it for big brother?”

These medicines are all from his father’s prescription. The preparation of prescriptions is extremely difficult. Every medicinal material has strict requirements. It takes at least more than months from dispensing to finished medicine. He spent so much time and energy dispensing medicine, but it was just practice. Of course, it’s not impossible to ask Lu Wancheng to try the medicine for him after the medicine is finished.

Lin Qingyu didn’t answer. Lu Niantao took it for granted. “Brother has the final say from Zhang Xiao, what what medicine to take and what medicine to eat is Doctor Zhang’s final say.”

Lin Qingyu exhausted his patience: “what do you want to say?”

“Don’t get me wrong, sister-in-law!” Lu Niantao seemed a little frightened. “I know that sister-in-law cares about brother-in-law and wants him to get better quickly. But brother-in-law’s body is very expensive and can’t be careless at all. Even if sister-in-law was born into a famous medicine family, if you want to use medicine for brother-in-law, you’d better talk to Doctor Zhang first.”

Huan Tong said unhappily, “second lady, my young master not only has the master’s true biography, but also has a great doctor as a teacher abroad. In terms of medical skills, Doctor Zhang may not be like him…”

Lin Qingyu felt vaguely wrong and interrupted: “Huan Tong.”

Huan Tong closed his mouth bitterly. Lin Qingyu said again, “this medicine is not dried for the little marquis. The second lady is worried about it.”

“Not for big brother? That’s…”

“It’s getting late.” Lin Qingyu turned a deaf ear, “Huan Tong, clean up and go back to the blue wind Pavilion.”

When Lin Qingyu returned to the blue wind Pavilion, Lu Wancheng’s new favorite starling had learned to call people. Lu Wancheng carries it around Lin Qingyu. One person, one bird, one doctor Lin, makes Lin Qingyu want to poison them.

Lin Qingyu threatened, “if you bother me with your bird again, I’ll kill it for stew.”

“Ferocious doctor Lin.” Lu Wancheng handed the bird cage to Hua Lu and motioned her to carry it out. “You are so fierce. When I die, which girl will marry you?”

Lin Qingyu said coldly, “I don’t have to worry about the little marquis. I will marry a good man and go to the grave with my wife’s belt at Qingming.”

Lu Wancheng said with a smile, “then remember to burn me more paper money. I’m afraid I don’t have enough money below.”


After agreeing to burn paper at the grave, Lin Qingyu talked about his business and told Lu Wancheng about his encounter with Lu Niantao in the garden. “Lu Niantao wanted to see you several times, but you pushed him off for various reasons. What do you know?”

“Didn’t I tell you? I know a lot.”

On the table was Lin Qingyu’s freshly dried medicinal materials. Lu Wancheng looked fresh and grabbed them with his hand. Lin Qingyu slapped him and screamed, “this is what the ‘celestial phenomena’ told you?”

“Yes,” said Lu Wancheng, blowing the back of his red hand, “the sky says she’s not a good person, so don’t pay attention to her.”

Lin Qingyu said thoughtfully, “I know.”

The author has something to say:

So one day——

Lin Qingyu looked at the sleepy pillow man and sighed: sure enough, his hair was pressed.


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