Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 80

As soon as the tip of Lin Qingyu’s tongue poked out, he was hooked. Gu Fuzhou successfully distracted his attention. Lin Qingyu stopped thinking about the separation of the soul and the wrong body, and immersed himself in Gu Fuzhou’s breath.

Gradually, Lin Qingyu’s lips began to numb, and her breathing became faster and faster. He couldn’t stand it anymore and wanted to push Gu Fuzhou away. Gu Fuzhou put one hand on the back of his head and clasped his fingers with the other, holding him tighter.

Gu Fuzhou didn’t let him go until he was bitten on his lips.

Lin Qingyu gasped, his cheeks were burning red, his lips were stained with water color, and the light in his eyes turned dark, revealing the confusion that rarely appeared on him, as if he were confused by all kinds of strange reactions on himself.

Gu Fuzhou chuckled, “Dr. Lin’s face is so red.” fortunately, his skin is not white and he has installed it. If he kisses Lin Qingyu with his own body, according to the heat on his face, the degree of blushing must be no better than Lin Qingyu.

Lin Qingyu touched his face with the back of his hand. It was surprisingly hot. He forced himself to be calm and said, “because you make me unable to breathe. I can’t breathe. It’s normal to blush.”

Gu Fuzhou said, “don’t Dr. Lin know how to breathe?”

Lin Qingyu was inexplicably ashamed and said, “I don’t have you.”

Gu Fuzhou smiled: “in fact, I don’t know much, but I just seem to understand a little. I can teach you.”

Lin Qingyu leaned over his face and said, “another day.”

Gu Fuzhou blinked: “change… Day?”

“It’s getting late. I’m going to bed.”

At night, they still fell asleep up and down. Strange to say, they had slept in the same bed several times before the engagement. After the engagement, they didn’t sleep in another bed. Before going to bed every day, the two people will be inexplicably cramped for a while. If they look at each other more, they will blush and warm, making the atmosphere awkward and glued. Finally, they go to their respective beds tacitly, like two shy little daughters-in-law.

I don’t know what other people’s first love is like, but for Gu Fuzhou, his first love is ready to move in green and astringent. Even though he had known Lin Qingyu for so long and had physical contact, he was still nervous occasionally when he was alone after the engagement. But once someone else is present, he won’t be nervous.

He can’t show his nervousness. He doesn’t want to appear too useless.

In the silence, Gu Fuzhou, who had just kissed the beauty in the lower berth, suddenly smiled: “Qingyu…”

Lin Qingyu closed his eyes and said, “why aren’t you asleep yet?” his feelings subsided. Lin Qingyu thought about the kiss just now. He vaguely felt something was wrong, and couldn’t remember what was wrong.

“Didn’t you also fall asleep?” Gu Fuzhou said with a smile. “I just want to tell you that kissing you is not tired at all. I like it very much.”

Gu Fuzhou seems to be saying that if he feels tired of kissing, he doesn’t like kissing? Relatives are really not tired. I’m afraid Mr. Jiang won’t like it much if he is tired. This may be the origin of his lifelong dream.

Lin Qingyu wanted to laugh: “just like it.”

Gu Fuzhou asked, “do you like it?”

Gu Fuzhou waited for a long time before Lin Qingyu answered. When he turned over to sleep, he heard a soft “like” from the lower bunk.

When Lin Qingyu entered the palace again, he was invited by the queen to Fengyi palace.

The king of the Northern Territory saw that the rumors about Jingchun being a man or a woman became more and more intense, and even spread to the emperor’s ears. He finally made an action.

“The king of the northern border mentioned the matter in the greeting note, saying it was nonsense. His princess was a real daughter.” the queen said, “he also said that he would strictly investigate the matter and severely punish those who spread rumors.”

After Zhang Shiquan finished his work, he left the Northern Territory with his own people early in the morning. The king of the Northern Territory wanted to check, but he couldn’t start. The king of Beijing did this just to protect Jingchun and avoid a quarrel with the capital.

Lin Qingyu asked, “did the emperor believe it?”

“As the king of Beijing said in his own handwriting, the emperor naturally believed it.”

“Not necessarily.” Lin Qingyu said, “do you want to check it again?”

The queen said strangely, “since the truth has been revealed, what else can be checked.”

“If the king of the North deceives the king.”

The queen didn’t understand: “why did the king of Northern Territory lie about this?”

Lin Qingyu said, “in order to let the capital relax its vigilance, take it by surprise.”

The Queen’s face sank: “this matter is very important. You must not talk nonsense.”

“Just because the matter is very important, the emperor should be more aware and should not listen to the one-sided words of the king of the north. The so-called non-Chinese race must have different hearts. As the mother of a country, the empress has the responsibility to correct the holy hearing. Please remind the emperor to take precautions in order to prevent chaos.”

The queen thought thoughtfully, “the palace knows.”

After Lin Qingyu retired, the queen drove to the emperor’s bedroom. At that time, the Tai hospital just sent medicine. While feeding the emperor to drink medicine, the queen repeated what Lin Qingyu said one by one. “According to my concubine, it should be investigated to the end.”

The emperor looked at the Queen’s eyes with some exploration. The queen smiled and said, “but what’s wrong with what my concubine said?”

“No, I just didn’t expect the queen and I to go together.” the emperor had doubts between his eyebrows and eyes. “The king in the North said that he wanted to cover up. The queen was right. We should investigate the matter to the end, but we can’t make it public and explore it secretly.”

The queen nodded: “don’t worry, Emperor. My concubine will find out.”

The emperor took the Queen’s hand and said in a warm voice, “in the back palace, only the queen can share my worries.”

The queen was quite moved: “Your Majesty…”

The rare warmth between husband and wife was interrupted by Xue Ying who came to pass the news: “the emperor, the queen and the national teacher ask for an audience.”

The queen was surprised and said, “the national teacher suddenly entered the palace. I think there must be something important.”

The emperor sat up and said, “please invite him in.”

Xu Jun wished to remain independent and detached from the world of mortals. Unless the emperor called him personally, he rarely took the initiative to ask for an audience. The emperor has always treated Xu Junyuan as a guest of honor. Ten years ago, Xu Junyuan made a divination for the national fortune of Dayu. He explained the divination and said: the dispute over the throne, the harmony in the north, and the ghost handsome in the Western Xia.

Over the past ten years, Xu Jun’s wishes have been fulfilled one after another. The emperor originally praised the theory of celestial phenomena, and now he is more polite to Xu Jun’s wish. In front of the emperor, Xu Junyi’s casual words may be more useful than many official words.

After Xu Jun was willing to enter the hall, the emperor immediately granted his seat without ceremony. Xu Jun is willing to be respectful to the emperor, but he is also polite: “the emperor seems to look bad. I hope the emperor will take care of the dragon body.”

“My head wind is an old problem. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad. I don’t know when it’s the head.” the emperor said earnestly, “what did the national master count this time? Can my body still be cured?”

Xu Jun wished to say, “Your Majesty is the real dragon and the son of heaven. His minister is no more than a mortal. How can you see the way of the son of heaven?”

The emperor lowered his shoulders, slightly disappointed. It’s not the first time he asked Xu Jun to help him. Xu Jun’s answers are similar every time.

The queen asked, “in that case, why did the national teacher come? But Li Er’s loss of soul…”

The emperor glanced sideways at the queen, and the tenderness in his eyes was gone. The queen noticed his displeasure and had to shut her mouth.

Xu Jun wishes as if he hadn’t heard the Queen’s last words. He said: “yesterday, I watched the sky at night and saw the sign of four-star beads. If the four stars are combined, it is a big soup. Soldiers die together, gentlemen worry and small people flow. ①”

The emperor’s face became very ugly. The queen also frowned: “the national teacher means that Dayu is afraid of war? Is this talking about the northwest or…”

Xu Jun was willing to disagree and said, “what’s more strange is that there is a reversal of yin and Yang in the south. The Yang is the fate of the flying phoenix.”

Yang… Feng Luan flies high?

The queen looked uneasily at the Emperor: “emperor, this…”

The emperor’s face was bloodless, his whole body was tight, and he said in a deep voice, “empress, I’ll limit you to find out Jingchun’s true identity within three days. If you can’t find out, I’ll let concubine Chen check it. You don’t have to keep your Phoenix seal book in the future.”

The queen quickly knelt down and said, “my concubine takes orders.”

Lin Qingyu went out of the palace and saw the carriage of the general’s house at the door. His tacit understanding with Gu Fuzhou grew stronger. As long as they both entered the palace, they would wait for each other to return to the house. Lin Qingyu got into the carriage, and Gu Fuzhou took a nap with two long legs on the carriage. Seeing him coming, Gu Fuzhou put down his legs and said, “Dr. Lin has worked hard. Today we go out for dinner.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “where to go.”

Gu Fuzhou took him and sat down beside him: “jinxiuxuan.”

Jinxiuxuan is the most famous restaurant in Beijing. When Gu Fuzhou was Lu Wancheng, they visited here. When he revisited his hometown, jinxiuxuan was still the building outside the building, and he was still the son of Jiang.

When general Gu and his wife come, jinxiuxuan will also vacate an elegant room. However, Gu Fuzhou declined the shopkeeper’s kindness and took Lin Qingyu to a compartment. The compartment was divided into two by a screen. When Lin Qingyu Fang sat down, he heard a voice from the other end: “aunt uya, haven’t seen you for a long time. How’s everything outside the palace?”

This is Xi Rong’s voice.

Lin Qingyu cast an inquiring look at Gu Fuzhou. Gu Fuzhou whispered, “don’t worry, you’ll understand when you listen.”

A timid female voice in her thirties and forties sounded, “all right, all right, thank you for your concern.”

Xi Rong’s voice was chilly: “since I have followed the LORD out of the palace, I am no longer a father-in-law. My aunt can call me ‘steward Xi’.”

“Yes, housekeeper Xi.” the woman named uya said in a thin voice, “I don’t know what your highness King Ning wants to do to find a slave.”

Xi Rong said, “I vaguely remember that Princess Jingchun was taught by you in Shangyi bureau?”

“… yes.”

“Well, you should know whether Princess Jingchun is a man or a woman.”

Wuya hurriedly said, “since Princess Jingchun is a female envoy of Shangyi Bureau, how can she be a man.”

Xi Rong said, “you are so sure, but have you seen his body with your own eyes?”

Uyanna said, “although I haven’t seen it before, the head aunt has to examine herself when a female envoy enters the palace.”

“It’s a pity that the aunt of the former head of Shangyi bureau who examined Princess Jingchun’s body has long died without proof. If someone doesn’t have a guilty conscience, why kill people.”

Uya was shocked: “dead?”

“The queen is investigating this matter and will find out about you in a few days.” Xi Rong said slowly, “the Lord hopes that you can provide some useful clues to the queen. Of course, after it is completed, the Lord will benefit you. Just say that your terminally ill daughter, don’t you want to find a good doctor to save her life.”

Wuya said in a panic, “I, I don’t understand what the Lord means.”

Wuya doesn’t understand. Lin Qingyu almost understands. He asked Gu Fuzhou, “do you want her to perjure?”

“Although it is false evidence, what she proves is the truth.”

“Even if there is a witness, the material evidence…” Lin Qingyu thought of the keepsake Gu Fuzhou asked him to get from Shen Huai’s knowledge, and suddenly said, “that palace sash?”

“There are three pieces of Gong TAE, which are Shen Huaizhi, Jing Chun and Xiao Cheng. They always carry keepsakes symbolizing childhood friendship with them. They don’t expect that one day the keepsakes will become life reminders.”

On the other hand, after Xi Rong explained his intention, uya didn’t agree immediately. Xi Rong didn’t force her either and said, “go back and think about it. However, you’d better not think about it for too long. It’s not that the Lord can’t wait, but your daughter can’t wait.”

After uya left, Xi Rong came around from behind the screen: “I’ve seen the general, madam.”

Lin Qingyu said, “have housekeeper Lao Xi gone so far – do you want to stay for dinner?”

“No, the Lord is still waiting for me.” Xi Rong bowed. “I’ll leave first.”

General Xiao Yu’s salary was handled quickly and well, which impressed the emperor. The Emperor gave him more and more errands. Xiao Yu knew nothing about government and could only rely on Xi Rong. Lin Qingyu can imagine who will be the person who will hold the imperial pen and Zhu PI when Xiao Yu ascends the throne in the future.

Eunuchs have been in power since ancient times. At the end of Xiao Cheng’s breath, he should also prepare a retreat for himself and Gu Fuzhou, just in case.

The dishes in jinxiuxuan are exquisite and diverse. Gu Fuzhou rarely comes and orders all their signature dishes. Halfway through their use, Gu Fuzhou suddenly put down his chopsticks and suddenly changed his look: “it’s bad.”

“What’s the matter?” Lin Qingyu was surprised. “Is the food poisonous?”

“That’s not true,” Gu Fuzhou said slowly. “The fish bone stuck in his throat.”

Lin Qingyu: ”

Gu Fuzhou was unhappy: “that’s why I hate eating fish. Why should fish have bones?”

“Stop talking nonsense.” Lin Qingyu held up Gu Fuzhou’s chin. “Open your mouth and let me have a look.”

Gu Fuzhou did as he said. The fish bone was stuck in a deep place, which was hard to see by the naked eye. Lin Qingyu poured him a cup of tea: “try to swallow the fish bone.”

Gu Fuzhou drank a pot of water before swallowing the fish bones. Lin Qingyu looked at him and said meaningfully, “sure enough, last time was not an illusion.”

Gu Fuzhou had a bad feeling: “what illusion?”

Lin Qingyu said softly, “the general is tall and powerful, but his tongue seems to be smaller than that of ordinary people.”

Gu Fuzhou was confused: “ah?”

Lin Qingyu raised his mouth slightly and joked: “no wonder, last time you… I always thought something was wrong.”

Gu Fuzhou: ”

The greatest use of the tongue is to speak and eat. Gu Fuzhou is no different from ordinary people, so he has never paid attention to the size of his tongue. Now that Lin Qingyu said this, he was surprised that the tongue of this body seemed to be quite small, at least shorter than Lu Wancheng and his own. No one believed it when he pretended to be a hanging ghost.

Lin Qingyu said as if nothing had happened: “you don’t have to care about it too much. Although your tongue is smaller, it won’t affect your daily life.” even, it’s quite cute.

Gu Fuzhou’s expression was quite complex: “thank you. I wasn’t comforted.”

Two days later, an important event happened in the Palace – the crown prince’s biological mother, concubine Chen, who had been in favor for many years, abused power for personal gain, disrupted the back palace, was stripped of her title by the holy emperor, and was thrown into the cold palace.

This incident was caught off guard. On the surface, it was a matter of the harem, but it was inextricably related to the previous dynasty. Xiao Cheng was ill and knelt at the gate of the hall of diligence all night, but the Emperor didn’t see him and didn’t give them any affection for their mother and son.

The prince gradually lost his sacred heart and his mother’s help. In contrast, Xiao Yu was both a prince and entrusted with an important task. Wen Chen, who has always been friendly with the crown prince, said that officials are in danger and dare not act rashly. These people don’t even know why the imperial concubine was abandoned, let alone plead for her.

There are different opinions about what happened in the palace that day. Only a few people know the truth, including the maid named uya. Later, Lin Qingyu learned the whole story from Xi Rong.

The queen was ordered to investigate the case of Princess Jingchun. There was no clue in the palace, so she had to go outside the palace. Princess Jingchun entered the palace ten years ago. At that time, most of the palace maids of Shangyi now leave the palace and marry people, and uya is one of them.

The emperor paid so much attention to this matter that he even moved out the Phoenix seal Book treasure to say something. The queen did not dare to neglect and did everything herself. Uya was interrogated by her herself.

Wuya didn’t speak frankly about Jingchun’s identity, but said that Jingchun was different from other palace maids. Jingchun has never had a monthly letter. She wears high collar clothes in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Later, she happened to see Jingchun changing clothes and found that there was something unusual in Jingchun’s throat. She informed the then headmistress of the matter, but the headmistress insisted that she was wrong and ordered her not to publicize the matter.

“So, it’s the headmistress who is shielding Jingchun?” said the queen. “She’s a palace maid. She can’t hide from the world.”

Uya took out a Purple Palace sash: “After Princess Jingchun got married, my maidservant was ordered to clean the house where he lived before and found this object in it. The ribbon used for this palace sash was specially made in the palace and can only be used by empresses and princes above the imperial rank. I wanted to give it to my maiden, but unexpectedly, Shangyi Bureau suddenly changed the head female envoy, and my maidservant was also charged with an unwarranted crime and sent out of the palace.”

The queen took the palace sash and looked at it carefully. She felt very familiar: “this style of palace sash was popular in the palace for a period of time ten years ago. Now it is very rare.”

“As like as two peas,” the prince’s jade tapetries are identical to this one. “This should be a pair!

The queen looked dignified and confirmed again and again, “can you recognize it clearly?”

“The prince comes to Fengyi palace every day with that jade pendant. I’m sure the servant didn’t admit his mistake.”

“OK… OK.” the queen was very excited. “I’m going to see the emperor in the palace.”

Uya said again, “madam! Madam, I don’t know if I should say one more thing.”

The queen couldn’t wait: “do you have any clues?”

“When the empress said about the prince, the maid remembered. In the past, the pen, ink, paper and inkstone in the prince’s palace were sent by Princess Jingchun. The maid once caught them talking in the imperial garden. What did you mention about Changsheng temple when you were young…”

Laifu’s spirit flashed: “when the prince was young, in order to avoid illness, he once lived with concubine Chen in Changsheng temple for a period of time. Does it matter? Don’t be impatient. Find out what happened first, and then report back to the emperor.”

Soon, there was news from Changsheng temple. According to the monks in the temple, when the prince was avoiding illness in Changsheng temple, he was accompanied by two young children with little age difference, except the palace maids and eunuchs. One of them was Shen Huaizhi, the little guard sent to the prince by the heavenly prison gate, and the other was a young monk adopted by Changsheng temple. He was a shaved monk at a young age. He was a smiling monk and provoked A little monk loved by many people. Even if their identities are different, the three often play together. It can be said that they are friends in general, talking and laughing.

Later, the little monk’s biological parents found him in the temple and asked him to return to the common customs. The queen followed this clue and found that the little monk’s father was addicted to gambling. The reason why she wanted the little monk back was to sell him to the palace as a eunuch. Who thought there was no news after the little monk entered the palace, the queen ordered the superintendent to check, but she couldn’t find any clues about the little monk.

After checking here, the queen could no longer sit still and asked to see the emperor with human and material evidence.

“After Jingchun entered the palace, he changed from a small eunuch to a palace maid. If he wasn’t related to his family, who would risk losing his head to help him.” the queen said, “as for his family, he only knew the prince and Shen Huaizhi in the palace, and Shen Huaizhi was obedient to the prince at that time… Emperor, the prince must have something to do with Jingchun.”

The emperor listened to the whole story, looked at the palace sash, remained silent for a long time, and said, “xuanchen Guifei.”

The queen was stunned: “emperor?”

The emperor said in a cold voice, “go quickly.”

Before Chen Guifei was taken to the hall of diligent administration, she could not argue for her son. She knelt on the hall with a pale face and said with tears: “It’s my concubine. I did all this. When I was in Changsheng temple, I loved the lovely Jingchun. I couldn’t bear to see him suffer from purification, so I did such stupid things. But I never thought Jingchun would be favored by the king of the North… Emperor, my concubine didn’t mean it, Emperor!”

The queen patted the case and said, “nonsense! Imperial concubine, you don’t think the Godson’s unjust crime is big enough. Do you want to commit the crime of bullying the king!”

“Everything my concubine said is true.” Chen Guifei cried so hard that she was no longer beautiful, but she didn’t hesitate. “The palace sash was given to Jingchun by my concubine, and the one used by the prince came from my concubine’s palace. It was a pair, and the prince didn’t know about it.”

“The palace maids of Shangyi bureau have seen the prince and Jingchun meet privately for many times. How do you explain this?!”

Princess Chen sobbed and said, “Princess Jingchun is as beautiful as a flower. She was the first beauty in Beijing in those years. It’s only human nature for the prince to treat her differently. But since the emperor promised Jingchun to the prince of the north, the prince has never had any contact with her again.”

The queen is very angry, otherwise it is not difficult for her to see that the emperor wants to pick Xiao Cheng out of this matter.

“That’s enough.” the emperor closed his eyes and said, “from now on, Chen will deprive the imperial concubine of her title and be abandoned into the cold palace. That’s all.”

Listening to Xi Rong’s story, Lin Qingyu was not surprised: “sure enough, the emperor still didn’t want to move Xiao Cheng until he had to.”

“Imperial concubine Chen took great pains to protect her son. Unexpectedly, their mother and son both prospered and suffered. When imperial concubine Chen was abolished, Xiao Cheng lost her sacred heart and couldn’t support herself. How long can she last?” Gu Fuzhou smiled, “Qingyu, we’ve done bad things again.”

Lin Qingyu smiled. They feel much better to do bad things together than one person.

The author has something to say: this chapter is the integration of double and more, and the debt of 11W has been paid off

I know you don’t like to watch the plot chapter QAQ, so I finally attached a story about the great beauty wearing a modern small theater (Continued):

Mr. Jiang, who lost his memory of crossing, received a text message and backhanded a fraud report. Then the stranger sent another message: [Photo] your wife looks like this.

Classmate Jiang: this p-chart is too much, brother.

A stranger dialed a video. Mr. Jiang picked it up and the big beauty’s face appeared on the screen.

The great beauty frowned with uneasiness and fear in her eyes:… Husband?

Classmate Jiang: HMM… where are you?

① Hanshu astronomical records


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