Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 81

Chen Guifei was abolished and the crown prince was severely beaten by the emperor. It can be said that there was a panic in the court hall. When Lin Qingyu achieved his goal, he stopped temporarily and acted in a low-key way. He didn’t go anywhere except the palace. On weekdays, I read books in the general’s house to make drugs and raise poisonous insects.

As early as he decided to support the new emperor, he began to raise Gu in order to coerce the emperor to order the princes at the right time. This Gu is different from the common Southern Gu poison. It must be able to escape the eyes of other imperial doctors. The doctors in the Tai hospital have their own advantages. It’s not easy to be undetected by them. Lin Qingyu tried several times and killed one group after another. Finally, he achieved a little in this spring.

It was a female scorpion in southern Xinjiang. Her head was only the size of a little thumb cover, but she cut six generals through five passes and stood out among many mixed breeding insects. She will quietly get into the human body to lay eggs while people are sleeping. And these eggs are poisonous insects planted.

Lin Qingyu is bent on the insects. The first thing he does when he gets up every day is to check the situation of the insects. He doesn’t have time to send Gu Fuzhou to the court. When Gu Fuzhou returned to his house, there was no beautiful lady to greet him. When he went to the study to find it, he saw Lin Qingyu holding a small pair of tweezers and feeding the insects to eat special minced meat bit by bit. Gentle, patient and absorbed, I don’t even know my husband is back.

Gu Fuzhou wanted to laugh. The last time he was fed by Lin Qingyu was during Lu Wancheng’s time. He didn’t enjoy this welfare for a long time, but the little Gu insect was fed by a big beauty.

He coughed to show his existence. Lin Qingyu didn’t lift his head and continued to move on his hand: “I’m back.”

Gu Fuzhou pulled at once, untied the opening on the collar of the official dress, and sat down next to Lin Qingyu. Lin Qingyu was facing the table. He leaned his back against the table, looked up at Lin Qingyu and said, “I’m hungry.”

Lin Qingyu said, “if you’re hungry, go find a cook. I can’t cook.”

Gu Fuzhou choked, turned and put his chin on Lin Qingyu’s shoulder: “I want to have dinner with you.”

“I’m busy.” Gu Fuzhou pressed, and Lin Qingyu’s right hand was not easy to control. Hey, little Gu insect minced meat is a meticulous job. Lin Qingyu thinks Gu Fuzhou is in the way and drives people away: “go eat yourself first. Don’t miss me here.”

Gu Fuzhou looked at the ugly bug who was eating happily in the altar and couldn’t help feeling sad: “if I still have the chance to be reborn, I’d better be reborn on it. All day long, in addition to eating and sleeping, there are beauties to feed. Look at me now, when I go to the court to discuss politics and raise iron, I get up early and get tired every day. I’m as tired as a dog. I really don’t live as well as a bug.”

Lin Qingyu was finally willing to look him in the eye and said unhappily, “don’t say such stupid words. You won’t be born again.”

If you want to be reborn, you must die first. Gu Fuzhou realized that he had said something wrong and inadvertently touched Lin Qingyu’s most concern. He immediately cut off the topic: “by the way, Qingyu, I have ordered someone to place the palace maid named Wuya in a different courtyard that is not hidden at all, and sent confidants to guard secretly. Now it depends on when Xiao Cheng will come to the door.”

Lin Qingyu nodded lightly, “the emperor is coming to an end.”

Last autumn, he pulled the critically ill emperor back from the gate of death. Now that Xiao Cheng is exhausted, the emperor is about to lose his value. It’s time to report back to the gate of hell.

Lin Qingyu smiled at the little insect: “child, you should cheer up for your father.”

Gu Fuzhou: ”

Lin Qingyu loves little Gu insects so much that he almost forgets that he has a husband who has just been engaged. Gu Fuzhou once suspected that Lin Qingyu wanted to sleep with a porcelain altar dressed with small insects. Fortunately, Lin Qingyu didn’t exaggerate. Gu Fuzhou can also understand this behavior. Lin Qingyu has devoted countless efforts to this insect, and countless failures have brought this little insect. Just like those who engage in academic research in his hometown, it’s not easy to have some research results, which should be protected like a baby.

Today, Lin Qingyu accidentally splashed chicken blood on his hand when he was feeding chicken blood to a small insect. He didn’t like the smell and immediately got up to clean his hands. When he came back, he found that he had forgotten to cover the altar. The porcelain altar was empty.

For a moment, Lin Qingyu was worried and barely kept calm. He only cleaned his hands for a moment. The little insect can’t climb far. It must still be in this room. He searched from near to far and refused to let go of any corner. But the insect is so small that it will be missed if it is neglected.

Lin Qingyu was about to call servants in to look for them. Yu Guang suddenly glanced at a crawling black spot at the door. With a long sigh of relief, he took the porcelain altar and was ready to catch the little guy who ran away from home. Seeing that success is imminent, one leg comes into view——

“Young master, what would you like for dinner?”

Lin Qingyu watched helplessly as the Gu insect he had worked hard to raise disappeared under the sole of Huan Tong’s shoes. His face turned white and froze in place on the spot.

Huan Tong didn’t know that he stepped on the young master’s “child” and asked, “young master?”

Lin Qingyu closed his eyes. It seems that he can’t see, so it’s not true.

Seeing that Lin Qingyu didn’t speak, Huan Tong was more and more frightened: “young master, what happened?”

Lin Qingyu has always been able to restrain his good mood, and this is no exception. When he spoke, he was calm: “you trampled my bug to death.”

“Ah!” Huan Tong instinctively jumped back a big step. Sure enough, he saw the body of a scorpion where he had just stood. Huan Tong knew the importance of this Gu and his voice trembled: “young master, I, I didn’t mean it. I didn’t know it was here.”

Lin Qingyu looked down at the motionless little insect and sighed gently.

Huan Tong fell on his knees with a puff: “young master, it’s all my fault. Punish me! Punish me with 30 big boards and deduct me for another month… No, three months. Don’t be sad…”

Lin Qingyu said lightly, “even if you are punished, you can collect her body. Her body is also poisonous. Be careful.”

Huan Tong wrapped the corpse of the little insect with a handkerchief and buried it under a tree in the backyard. After finishing this, he returned to the study and saw Lin Qingyu looking at the book as if nothing had happened. He carefully leaned over: “young master.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “have you handled it?”

“All right.” Huan Tong murmured, “young master, I’d better go to housekeeper yuan to get the thirty big board.”

“No need.”

“But that’s the Gu you managed to raise. Don’t you really care?”

“What’s the use of caring?” Lin Qingyu said calmly. “The poisonous insects are dead. If I complain and punish you again, she won’t come back.”

Huan Tong was ashamed: “young master, I’m sorry.”

“Well, it’s not entirely your fault.”

Lin Qingyu always protects his weaknesses and can despise unimportant people, but he is always soft hearted to his own people. Moreover, if he hadn’t forgotten to cover the porcelain cover, the Gu insect wouldn’t have been trampled to death by Huan Tong. He is responsible for this.

After that, Huan Tong kept Lin Qingyu and was relieved to see that he was normal.

Near the evening meal, there was a “general back to the house”. Lin Qingyu quickly put down his medical book and strode out of the study.

When Gu Fuzhou stepped into the yard, he saw his beautiful wife hurrying towards him, even running in the last few steps. This made him a little flattered and swept away the fatigue of the whole day.

Lin Qingyu stood in front of him and said, “you’re back.”

Gu Fuzhou saw Lin Qingyu’s expression and knew that something had happened: “Qingyu?”

Lin Qingyu looked at Gu Fuzhou with concern on his face. He couldn’t calm down anymore. He whispered, “the little Gu insect is dead.”

There was a trace of grievance in his tone.

Gu Fuzhou realized the seriousness of the problem. He first held the fragile beauty in his arms and then asked, “what’s going on?”

“I forgot to cover the lid for a moment and let her climb to the ground from the porcelain altar. Then…” Lin Qingyu’s voice trembled slightly. “Then she was trampled to death by Huan Tong.”

Gu Fuzhou felt distressed for a while. His broad palm stroked Lin Qingyu’s hair: “well, it’s okay. I’ll help you think of a way – you don’t need to call ‘husband’ this time. Don’t be sad.”

Lin Qingyu’s face is buried in Gu Fuzhou’s chest. Gu Fuzhou went to the cavalry camp in the afternoon, wearing a cold armor, just like his mood at this moment.

“What can you do?” Lin Qingyu complained, “if you die, you’re dead. You can’t save her. I raised her for a whole month, and she’s gone.”

Gu Fuzhou said, “let’s raise another one?”

“It’s easy to say. You don’t know. I tried so many times to feed this one.”

It’s really a little difficult. Gu Fuzhou doesn’t care too much. The top priority is to coax the great beauty first. Lin Qingyu had no appetite for food, so Gu Fuzhou accompanied him to hunger. He took Lin Qingyu back to his bedroom and sent all the servants away.

Lin Qingyu sat numbly at the table. He didn’t have to restrain himself without an outsider present. In front of Gu Fuzhou, he can always be unscrupulous.

Gu Fuzhou stared at Lin Qingyu under the light. Lin Qingyu is really sad. The corners of his eyes are red. The great beauty, who is calm and self-contained in front of others and has no mercy when poisoning others, has a taste of pity at this time.

Lin Qingyu was a little uncomfortable when he stared at him and said, “look what I do.”

Gu Fuzhou youyou said, “Huo Qubing was granted a marquis at the age of 17, and sun CE dominated Jiangdong at the age of 18. Doctor Lin lost his temper and refused to eat because his little bug died at the age of 20.”

Lin Qingyu ran: “do you think you’re funny again?”

Gu Fuzhou said with a smile, “then I can’t be depressed with you. If I’m as depressed as you, who will coax you.”

Lin Qingyu narrowed his eyes: “you can still laugh.”

“I’m also very sad that the insect is dead, but it can’t come back to life. You and I have to be open.” Gu Fuzhou coaxed, “you must eat well. If you don’t eat, you don’t have the strength to murder money.”

“I know the truth.” Lin Qingyu’s face was expressionless, “but I just don’t want to eat now.”

Gu Fuzhou moved out his killer mace: “shall I bury your abdominal muscles?”

Lin Qingyu glanced at him: “you do this again.”

“It’s still cold now. I’m willing to take off my clothes and bury your abdominal muscles. That’s not enough.” Gu Fuzhou said, “or I’ll play general Ben’s little tongue for you?”

Lin Qingyu gently raised his eyebrow: “how to play.”

His lips were suddenly kissed. He heard Gu Fuzhou say, “how do you want to play, Dr. Lin.”

The number of intimacy between the two is not much. Lin Qingyu is not completely used to this kind of touch. With a jump in his heart, he unconsciously stepped back. Gu Fuzhou’s palm held the back of his head and wouldn’t let him hide.

Lin Qingyu looked into his eyes and saw them shining like stars, reflecting his face.

Lin Qingyu was distracted for a moment, so he heard a chuckle. When Gu Fuzhou bowed his head to him, Yuan Yin’s voice sounded outside the room: “general, madam, there’s something going on in uya.”


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