Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 82

There is a small house in the west of the capital, only one street away from the most prosperous Yongxing street. Just after midnight, a sedan car stopped at the door of the house. A man dressed as a bodyguard opened the car curtain and helped the people sitting inside down: “Your Highness.”

Xiao Cheng coughed twice and asked, “can you find out?”

“Yes, your highness. The former Shangyi female envoy named ujah lives here.”

Xiao Cheng looked at the closed door and his eyes darkened: “go in.”

Long after the curfew, ordinary people are sleeping peacefully at the moment. The moon was dark and the wind was high. There was a faint light in the house. It threw a thin silhouette on the window, as if it had been waiting for Xiao Cheng for a long time.

Reason told Xiao Cheng that this was probably a trap. But for now, he has nothing else to do. Even if it was a trap, in order for Shen Huai to know the clue of his whereabouts, he had to jump inside. Fortunately, he took a group of bodyguards with him tonight. If people in the house want to assassinate him, it is difficult for him to go to heaven. He has nothing to worry about.

Xiao Cheng motioned the bodyguard to open the door. The two guards held the knife handle in one hand and pushed the door in the other. In the silence, the creak of opening the door was particularly harsh.

I saw a man in white standing in the house with a backlight. He was beautiful, but his temperament was as bright as ice jade. He bowed to Xiao Cheng and said, “Your Highness.”

Xiao Cheng’s eyes were deep: “cough… It’s you, Lin Qingyu.”

Lin Qingyu smiled and said sarcastically, “Your Highness, why don’t you call me ‘xiaoqingyu’.”

Xiao Cheng Yang raised her hand and said, “you all step back.”

A bodyguard hesitated and said, “Your Highness…”

I don’t know whether it was because Shen Huai knew the root of the disease left by the sword, or after listening to Lin Qingyu’s ironic words, Xiao Cheng’s face was very pale, but she still didn’t forget to hook her lips naturally: “this man is just a doctor with no ability to bind chickens. Can he still give another sword to Gu’s chest? You wait outside.”

After the bodyguard stepped down, only Lin Qingyu and Xiao Cheng were left in the house. Xiao Cheng stared straight at Lin Qingyu’s face. He was moved by the similar eyebrows between Lin Qingyu and Jingchun. Now he realized that he was ridiculous.

The man in front of him was scheming, insidious and vicious. All he hid under his gorgeous face was seeking and calculation. Now that Lin Qingyu is here, does it mean that he is behind all this.

How can such people be like Jingchun.

Lin Qingyu said, “Your Highness seems to have something to ask me.”

Xiao Cheng said word by word, “the palace sash that Wuya took out is not Jingchun’s.”

There are three palace tapestries, one of which is his own. He gave the remaining two to Shen Huaizhi and Jingchun, which is a witness of their friendship when they were young.

They met in Changsheng temple, a valuable prince, a bodyguard of the dark Guardian organization, and a little monk without father and mother. The three men have very different personalities – the prince is arrogant, the bodyguard is honest and honest, and the little monk is innocent. Their identities are very different. They shouldn’t have had too close contacts. His mother also taught him that he would be a prince and an emperor in the future. The emperor doesn’t need friends. But he was too young at that time. At the age of total horn, no matter how young and mature, he was still a child after all.

When he was a child, he spent the most relaxed and comfortable time in his life. He didn’t have to intrigue with his half mother’s brother, be dignified in front of his real mother, or try his best to please his father and Emperor. It seems that he is just a child of ordinary people and has two good friends.

When the illness was over, he said goodbye to Jingchun and returned to the palace. As the prince, he can’t get out of the palace, but Shen Huai knows it. Every time he went out of the palace, he would go to Changsheng temple to visit Jingchun and sometimes bring back letters written by Jingchun to him. Until one day, Shen Huaizhi couldn’t find Jingchun in Changsheng temple. After asking, he learned that Jingchun was found by his biological parents and taken home.

The sea of people is vast, and it is not easy for the young two to find Jingchun. Neither he nor Shen Huaizhi expected to see Jingchun in the palace again.

A group of newly elected young eunuchs lined up outside Sili prison, waiting for the old eunuch to clean them. When Shen Huai knew the way, he heard a familiar sob. He stopped and looked. He and his Highness’s good friends were dressed in ragged clothes, with tears running down their faces and red noses.

Shen Huaizhi saves Jingchun and takes him to Xiao Cheng. The rules in the palace are strict, and those who don’t know the way can’t be allowed. Xiao Cheng wants to send Jingchun out of the palace. Jingchun is buried in Shen Huai’s arms. He cries out of breath. He says he doesn’t want to go to the palace, let alone go home and be beaten by his father. He wants to stay in the palace with two friends.

Eunuchs have to have a self-examination every other period of time. Jingchun can escape for a while, but for a lifetime. They were reluctant to let Jingchun clean up, so Xiao Cheng used some methods to let Jingchun replace a little maid who died of a sudden disease. Young Xiao Cheng didn’t know how much trouble his actions had laid in the future, and even complacent about his careful arrangement.

Since then, their friendship has been continued in the palace, year after year, quietly and gradually deteriorated.

When he grew up, he did everything for the crown prince. Tianguanmen are loyal to him. He said he would give up. However, he couldn’t give up his childhood friendship.

The father wanted to destroy the Tianjian gate because of his loyalty to him. He planned everything. Even if he hesitated because of Shen Huaizhi’s soft heart, he didn’t stop things from happening. Fortunately, he saved Shen Huaizhi. But also because of his soft heart and hesitation, the father emperor was quite dissatisfied with him, so that when Jingchun was asked to marry by the king of the north, he couldn’t do anything.

He thought countless times whether he could keep Jingchun by his side if he didn’t leave Shen Huai to know a life.

Strangely, he wanted to return, but he never regretted his decision.

The night before Jingchun’s wedding, the three met secretly. Jingchun hugged him and Shen Huaizhi in tears. He held tightly the palace sash, a symbol of childhood friendship, and said that he would commit suicide before the king of the North found himself a man, and would not even leave the body to the north. In this way, they will not be involved, and Dayu and Beijing will not go to war because of him.

On the day of Jingchun’s marriage, he saw Jingchun marry far north with the palace sash. Later, he learned from Tianji camp that Jingchun lived well in the north, and the king of the North loved him in every way. He didn’t know whether Jingchun had exposed his identity. This matter also became a heavy stone that could overwhelm him at any time. Only when he ascends the throne as soon as possible can he protect himself and Shen Huaizhi in the event of an incident in the future.

The palace sash uya took out was neither Jingchun nor his, so it could only be recognized by Shen Huai. After Jingchun left, Shen Huaizhi went alone and worked for himself. Lin Qingyu was the only person who had contact with him.

Lin Qingyu… Knows the whereabouts of Shen Huaizhi.

Xiao Cheng’s eyes were burning, as if to see through the man in front of her: “where is he?”

Lin Qingyu shook his head: “I don’t know.”

“Nonsense!” Xiao Cheng gasped. “If you haven’t seen him, how did you find the palace sash?”

“What is your highness talking about?” Lin Qingyu said. “The palace sash was found in Princess Jingchun’s house after she married.”

A grim smile appeared on Xiao Cheng’s face: “you can deceive others, but you can’t deceive loneliness. Jingchun’s palace sash was taken to the north by him. Even if you have the ability of heaven, you can’t get his one. The one you gave to Wuya was recognized by Shen Huai.”

Lin Qingyu also smiled: “Your Highness is so determined. Why don’t you tell the emperor and let him cure me of bullying the king.”

Xiao Cheng gnashed her teeth: “Lin Qingyu…!”

Lin Qingyu looks gorgeous, but her smile has an indescribable sense of treachery: “yes, after all, Princess Chen… No, she should be called Chen now. Chen has pleaded guilty and kept saying that she did it. Your highness doesn’t know about it. If you go to the saint to expose me and expose yourself as an insider, you will waste Chen’s hard work.”

Xiao Cheng’s mouth was filled with a bloody smell. She wished she could cut the snake and scorpion beauty thousands of times and frustrate her bones and ashes. His white lips turned scarlet and he said in a cold voice, “I’ll ask you again – Shen Huai knows where he is.”

“I’ll answer your highness again. Your highness, listen.” Lin Qingyu said, “I don’t know where he is. He asked others to bring me this palace sash.”

Xiao Cheng’s chest fluctuated violently: “impossible!”

“Why not.” Lin Qingyu stepped forward and forced, “Your Highness thinks how I learned the truth? Shen Huai knows that a sword can’t take your life or take your crown prince. You can only think of another way, can’t you?”

“Shut up!” Xiao Cheng coughed violently, his eyes covered with blood. “Shen Huai knows that no matter how much he hates me, he can’t really want to take my life!”

Up to now, Xiao Cheng has even forgotten the noble claim of identity. I think it’s not far from completely out of control.

Lin Qingyu sneered. Shen Huai knew that he had taken Xiao Cheng’s life without a sword that day. Whether he missed or was soft hearted, he seemed to have the answer.

“This palace sash was indeed given to me voluntarily by bodyguard Shen. Bodyguard Shen has extraordinary skills and is good at hiding himself. He can’t even find his whereabouts in Tianji camp. I’m just a doctor who can’t bind chickens. I can force him to fail.” Lin Qingyu stared coldly at the “protagonist” of Guanghuan with eyes very similar to Jingchun, “You say he can’t really want to take your life, but you look sick because of his sword. You’re not even as good as Lord Lu in those years. Is this soft hearted or cruel?”

Xiao Cheng’s eyes were wide open. Her handsome face was very ferocious in the past. In the past, there was only strong love and hatred in her frivolous eyes.

Lin Qingyu smiled: “Maybe he really didn’t want to kill you. You saved him, but all the gates of heaven prison died because of you. After you saved him, did you treat him kindly? You regarded him as a forbidden man and humiliated him recklessly in bed. He got out of your bed and had to work for you. He suffered countless injuries, large and small, and nearly died several times. What’s the meaning of killing you with a sword? Look Wouldn’t it be happier if you were tortured, betrayed, abandoned by the emperor, abandoned by Dayu and reduced to grass mustard? ”

Xiao Cheng withdrew her legs uncontrollably, leaned against the room column, her lips trembled, and said in a daze: “no… no…”

“I told your highness what the facts are.” Lin Qingyu said calmly, “Your Highness, whether you believe it or not is your Highness’s choice.”

Xiao Cheng looked purple and looked up at Lin Qingyu’s tearful mole in the corner of his eyes. With a sound, a trace of blood overflowed from the corner of his mouth. “Come, come…” blood kept flowing out of his mouth, soaking the four clawed Python in front of his chest, “come!”

The bodyguard waiting outside the door heard the news and rushed in immediately: “Your Highness!”

Two people, one on the left and one on the right, helped Xiao Cheng. The third person pulled out a knife and put it on Lin Qingyu’s shoulder: “bold assassin, what did you do to your highness!”

Lin Qingyu looked down at Xiao Cheng: “if you hurt me, you will never see him again in your life.”

Xiao Cheng closed her eyes deeply: “… Go back to the palace.”

Lin Qingyu smiled calmly: “Your Highness, take your time. I’m sorry you won’t be far away.”

After the third watch, Gu Fuzhou waited in the side room and listened to the big play. He knew that there was only literature and no fighting tonight, but in case, he surrounded the house with his confidants.

When the bodyguard broke in, he was still a little uneasy. But his wife was worthy of being his wife. In a few words, he made himself walk away.

Lin Qingyu pushed open the door of the side room. Gu Fuzhou yawned and greeted him: “it’s done?”

Lin Qingyu nodded: “Xiao Cheng vomited blood.”

Vomiting blood should be a serious thing. When he began to vomit blood, his body decayed rapidly and died in front of Lin Qingyu within a few months.

Gu Fuzhou took off his cloak and put it on Lin Qingyu. He gently put his hand on Lin Qingyu’s hair: “finish work and go home.”

After returning to the East Palace, Xiao Cheng fell ill. Everyone thought that he was greatly hurt by Chen’s entering the cold palace. Although the crown prince has become a medicine jar since last year’s “urgent illness”, the crown doctor also said that as long as he takes good care of himself, he can still live for decades. This time, he was so angry that his old injury recurred and he was unconscious. I’m afraid it’s more or less bad.

Xiao Cheng was so ill that he could no longer take care of the government. The emperor ordered to take back the token of Tianji camp from him. At this time, Xiao Yu, king of Ning, was ordered to investigate the work of Xixia, and there was a shortage of people around him. The dark Guardian organization, which worked for the royal family, came to Xiao Yu’s hand.

disasters pile up on one another. The East Palace was gloomy, and the diligent administration hall had not seen the son of heaven for many days. After the beginning of summer, it was getting hotter and hotter. The emperor’s condition not only did not improve, but also became more and more serious. The whole Tai hospital, including Lin Qingyu, who has no official position, is worried about the two people’s condition, but it is always difficult to achieve results.

The emperor was tortured to death by the headwind. He felt a shovel in his brain, and hit him in the face. The emperor’s groans echoed in the bedroom day and night. Later, he couldn’t even cry out.

The imperial doctors were helpless, and the emperor could only place his hope on Lin Qingyu. He hoped that Lin Qingyu could save him for the second time, and even gave him an official position in the vice Hospital of Taiyuan hospital. Lin Qingyu lived up to his expectations and gave him a new prescription. The emperor did not have a headache after taking it, but it was followed by a long sleep. He is always in a muddle. When he wakes up, he doesn’t know the morning and night – he doesn’t seem to feel the pain anymore.

Lin Rushan was the head of the imperial hospital. What medicine the emperor used could not escape his eyes. He found Lin Qingyu and hesitated: “Qingyu, the medicine you gave your majesty…”

Lin Qingyu said, “Your Majesty said he didn’t want to hurt any more, so I won’t let him hurt. I’m doing things according to the imperial edict. Father doesn’t have to worry.”

Lin Rushan was still worried: “do you know what you are doing? The prince and Chen won’t say it. If the queen and King Ning knew about it, would they allow you to do so?”

Lin Qingyu comforted and smiled: “father, don’t worry, I know. Don’t worry about it.”

Lin Rushan sighed, “well, I can’t control you. Be careful.”

The emperor’s crown prince fell ill one after another, and the important task of supervising the country naturally fell on the shoulders of King Ning. In the past, Xiao Yu was just an embroidered pillow with no appearance. His biological mother was humble and had no talent and virtue. No one thought that one day Dayu’s territory would be under his control. The minister who was close to Xiao Cheng was not convinced at first, but the emperor did a better job for Xiao, so they had to obey him.

The state affairs are busy. Xiao Yu has not returned to King Ning’s house for many days. He took Xi Rong to live in the side hall of the hall of diligent administration. While managing all kinds of opportunities every day, he didn’t forget to serve his father and emperor and greet his legitimate mother. After months, Xiao Yu had a good reputation of making great efforts to govern and being loyal and filial.

This day, Lin Qingyu was invited by King Ning to qinzheng hall. People who came to him said that King Ning felt uncomfortable occasionally and asked him to have a look. When he arrived at the side hall of the hall of diligent administration, he saw Xiao Yu lying on the table, sleeping soundly, holding a pen in his hand, and some ink stains on his nose.

Lin Qingyu said softly, “Lord?”

Behind him came Xi Rong’s voice: “Doctor Lin is coming.”

Lin Qingyu turned and looked. During this time, he and Xi Rong often met in the palace. Compared with when he was in the palace, Xi Rong was busy several times, but his face was not tired at all. Instead, he was full of energy and radiant. He seems to enjoy the days now.

Lin Qingyu smiled vaguely. Xi Rong poured him a cup of tea himself and politely asked, “what does Doctor Lin laugh at?”

“I laugh that housekeeper Xi and the general are two extremes.” Lin Qingyu took the tea from Xi Rong. “Housekeeper Xi is more busy and more elated. If he changes my family, he will complain loudly and quit in two days.”

Xi Rong quickly flashed a different color in his eyes. Lin Qingyu said to change his family. Is it casual or does he mean something.

“General Gu has worked hard for the country and peace in the Northwest for a long time. In order to let the general rest quietly, the Lord has exempted him from the morning every day.” Xi Rong said with a smile, “or does Doctor Lin have other requirements?”

“No, that’s good.” Lin Qingyu looked at Xiao Yu. “Housekeeper Xi let the king fall asleep like this? Although it’s summer, it’s still cold sooner or later. At this time, the king can’t fall ill again.”

“Doctor Lin, wait a minute.”

Xi Rong went to Xiao Yu and leaned over to pick him up. Xiao Ying woke up from her dream. Seeing Xi Rong’s face, she called “ah Rong” vaguely. Xi rongwen said in a voice, “I’ll take you to the bedroom.”

Xiao Yu nodded, hugged Xi Rong’s neck and closed his eyes again.

Xi Rong settled Xiao Yu, returned to the side hall, made an apology to Lin Qingyu and said, “Doctor Lin has been waiting for a long time.”

Lin Qingyu has drunk half of a cup of tea: “housekeeper Xi, what’s important, but it doesn’t hurt to say.”

The two men took what they needed and formed an alliance for a long time. When they spoke, they no longer beat around the bush like in the past. Xi Rong said, “the king has been supervising the country for some time. I don’t know if Doctor Lin is still satisfied?”

“Housekeeper Xi’s words are interesting.” Lin Qingyu said, “whether you are satisfied or not, you should ask the holy master and what I do.”

Xi Rong said with a smile, “Doctor Lin thinks who should open this mouth.”

Lin Qingyu looked up at him: “what do you mean?”

“We need a man who can stand out. He’d better be a civil servant trusted by his majesty, and a middleman who won’t be too close to the prince and King Ning.” Xi Rong said, “Your Majesty’s illness is getting worse and worse day by day, and there is less and less time to wake up. I still hope your majesty can give the prince a proper name when he wakes up. Doctor Lin is smart and should understand what I mean.”

Lin Qingyu said softly, “housekeeper Xi has been dormant for many years. Why can’t he be patient now?”

Xi Rong was dressed in beautiful clothes. He was clearly a eunuch, but he seemed to be born superior. He was more like a prince than Xiao Yu: “just because he had been dormant for many years and waited too long, he didn’t want to wait now.”

Lin Qingyu said, “if you want to be quick, you can’t reach it. Housekeeper Xi, take it easy and don’t be impatient.”

Xi Rong bowed and saluted, modestly and respectfully: “in this case, thank Dr. Lin very much.”

Lin Qingyu and Gu Fuzhou have been planning for a long time, one ring after another. Now they are only one step away from achieving their goal. What Xi Rong wanted was just an imperial edict.

This is not difficult. Anyone with a clear eye can see that the crown prince’s party has been unable to stir up trouble. Even if the emperor cares for his father and son and keeps him as a prince, how long can he sit with his body. Even if the emperor walks in front of the prince and the prince can ascend the throne, how can a new emperor with a short life sit firmly in Dayu. Now I’m just sending someone to talk about the change of Chu Jun.

Gu Fuzhou echoed among the military attach é s. It was OK for him to speak, but if he was careless, he might be accused of forcing the palace by mutiny. People’s words are terrible. Lin Qingyu doesn’t care about others, but he can’t stand his husband being criticized. The best candidate is the Nan’an Marquis who asked for Xiao Yu. Xi Rong was implying him to go to Nan’an Hou and try to change the memorial of Chu Jun.

Xi Rong can’t wait, which shows his ambition. At this time, Lin Qingyu was not in a hurry. Now Xiao Yu is in charge of the country, and behind him are Gu Fuzhou and the empress, with a seriously ill emperor in his hand. The two sides are close to each other, so Xi Rong has the courage to teach him to do things. When Xiao Ying becomes the prince, with time, his wings are becoming more and more abundant. When he wants to be on an equal footing with them, he can only dream.

He and Gu Fuzhou tried their best to pull the emperor’s father and son into the water, not for the sake of the half brothers Xiao Yu and Xi Rong.

Lin Qingyu put down the tea cup: “before I finish, housekeeper Xi thanked me.”

Xi Rong raised his eyebrows and said, “Doctor Lin means…?”

“I can give the prince a fair name, but I have three conditions.”

“Dr. Lin, please speak.”

“First, I want the token of Tianji camp.”

Xi Rong’s face changed slightly and said with a smile: “what else?”

“Second, in addition to the capital’s iron cavalry camp, the palace guards are also under the command of general Gu.” Lin Qingyu said, “third, if the prince succeeds in ascending the throne in the future, the Empress Dowager of today and the future will listen to the government.”

The only smile left on Xi Rong’s face retreated and said slowly, “Doctor Lin is so ambitious, why not be the Emperor himself?”

Lin Qingyu said, “you call me ‘Lin Taiyi’. How can a Taiyi become the ninth five year old statue?”

Xi Rong Qingshen: “I’m afraid what Doctor Lin said is not true.”

“The words have been made clear. It’s not too late for housekeeper Xi and the Lord to think about it and give me a reply.” Lin Qingyu said, “but it’s best not to let me and the general wait too long. There are many dreams at night. In case the holy master wakes up one day.”

Xi Rong watched Lin Qingyu walk to the door and suddenly said, “Doctor Lin, please stay. I have one more thing to ask what Doctor Lin and the general mean.”


“Since Princess Jingchun has been exposed in the north, should the imperial court strike first? The only king with a different surname of Dayu is always a hidden danger.”

“No, at present, the imperial court is short of troops and food and grass. Just try your best to deal with the war in the northwest.” Lin Qingyu said, “as long as Jingchun is around the king of the north one day, the north will not invade the imperial court.”

Xi Rong asked, “how does Doctor Lin know?”

Lin Qingyu was noncommittal. He also asked Gu Fuzhou the same question. Gu Fuzhou told him:

“If the story of Xiao Cheng and Shen Huai is a bucket of abusive love, reunion, and who eats who is disgusting swill, the story of Wang and Princess Jingchun in the north is a sweet cookie from beginning to end. For them, falling in love is the most important.”

The author has something to say: Er Zhuang hold on and strive to live to 11!!!

Erzhuang: wait until I call a baby.


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