Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 83

Xi Rong gave Lin Qingyu a reply before long. He agreed to Lin Qingyu’s three conditions and ordered people to send the token of Tianji camp to the general’s house. In the name of the prince of the prison state, he authorized Gu Fuzhou to be the commander of the Imperial Guard and take charge of the safety of the imperial palace of the capital.

“It’s too pleasant to promise.” Gu Fuzhou knocked on the table with the token of Tianji camp in his hand. “It’s not like Xi Rong’s style.”

Lin Qingyu agreed: “he must have left behind.”

On that day, he put forward those three conditions and didn’t expect Xi Rong to agree. With Xi Rong’s ambition, how can he tolerate the wolves after Xiao Yu ascended the throne. Xi Rong is willing to promise now because his heel and Xiao Yu are not stable and can’t live without the support of him and Gu Fuzhou for the time being. When the time is ripe, if he really wants to cross the river and tear down the bridge, he can always think of a way.

“Haven’t you also left behind — ‘if Xiao Yu and Xi Rong don’t obey, replace them,’ that’s what you said.”

Lin Qingyu looked at the token that could mobilize all the elite assassins of Tianji camp: “there are only so many sons of the emperor. Get rid of Xiao Cheng and replace Xiao Yu. There is only one left.”

Gu Fuzhou knocked out the rhythm of the token of Tianji camp and said, “it’s ridiculous for a fool to be an emperor.”

“I don’t want to do anything outrageous. I hope Xi Rong is obedient. Don’t force me to replace them – don’t knock.” Lin Qingyu can’t bear it. “Your hand is so short. You have to play something?”

Gu Fuzhou stopped and pretended to be wronged: “we are all in love. Why is Dr. Lin so fierce?”

Lin Qingyu said with a smile, “it’s true to say that you owe me. Why are you cruel?”

“Then I’m bored. Naturally, I’ll find something to play with.” Gu Fuzhou said carelessly, “you won’t accompany me. You always want to play with medicine and power, and take time to play with my feelings, Dr. Lin. speaking of this, I want to envy those two love brains far away in the north.”

During this time, Lin Qingyu is busy dealing with all parties. He really doesn’t have much time to play with Childe Jiang’s feelings. Gu Fuzhou didn’t need to go to the morning Dynasty and didn’t go into the palace much. Instead, he ran to the palace day by day. When he was too busy, he occasionally stayed in Taiji hospital. Gu Fuzhou will inevitably complain when he keeps the upper and lower bunks alone for a long time.

Lin Qingyu asked, “why, do you want to be a love brain?”

Gu Fuzhou shrugged: “you don’t like love brain. What should I be? I want to be a mature boy like Dr. Lin.”

Lin Qingyu teased: “I don’t like salted fish, but I haven’t seen you work hard.”

“I can only say that my salted fish can make the first beauty of Dayu like it. This is my ability.” Gu Fuzhou is not ashamed, but proud. “You all like it. Now it’s too late to say regret.”

Lin Qingyu sighed: “I miscalculated.”

Gu Fuzhou smiled and said, “come on, I’m a salted fish, but I support you in your career. Don’t worry about it. Come back to me when something happens, and I’ll help you deal with the aftermath.”

Lin Qingyu said, “I can’t come to you without an accident? You said you were bored. If so, I have a lot of business to do for you.”

“No.” Gu Fuzhou waved on the table. “Unless it’s for you, I’d rather stay at home and get moldy than do business.”

Lin Qingyu raised his hand and touched a shallow mark on Gu Fuzhou’s forehead: “you’ve done things for me before I have time to play with your feelings.”

Gu Fuzhou raised his eyebrows and said, “if it’s true or false, you should write a note.”

Lin Qingyu laughed: “how do you want me to stand?”

Gu Fuzhou brought a pen and paper: “just write that when things are done, you should accompany me at home for a day. Twelve hours a day is not a day at all.”

A few days later, the civil and military officials found that the guards in the palace changed a batch quietly. Most of these guards are strangers. They patrol the palace round the clock, guarding the eight palace gates, the East and west twelve palaces, six innings and 24 divisions. A good person inquired a little and learned that the new batch of forbidden troops were selected and formed by general Gu himself. All of them are loyal to general Gu.

At the same time, Xue Ying, an old eunuch who had served the emperor for many years, suddenly wanted to return home. As soon as he left, the eunuchs and maids in the emperor’s bedroom also changed. Now, father-in-law Laifu of Fengyi palace is in charge on his behalf.

The queen waited on the Dragon bed all day. Other concubines and princesses wanted to wait on the Dragon bed. She sent them back to the harem on the grounds that the emperor needed to rest and should not see anyone. In the former imperial court and the Imperial Palace, only Lin Taiyi from the imperial hospital can see the emperor except those from Fengyi palace.

Everyone knows that it’s going to change in the palace.

On this day, general Gu, who had not been to the court for a long time, appeared in the Ministry of household with his wife. Nan’an Hou, then the Minister of household, personally received him. Among the civil servants, Gu Fuzhou’s military officer’s clothes are particularly conspicuous, and he even has a knife on his waist.

Gu Fuzhou asked others to step down and leave Nan’an Hou alone. Nan’an Hou Yingyi said, “I don’t know if general Gu is coming to the household department. What can I do for you?”

Nan’an Hou has been an official for many years and has never participated in party struggle. He only works for the emperor, who is his only backer. Now the emperor is seriously ill and his backer is shaky. He is more cautious than usual. Prince or King Ning, no matter which new emperor is, he can keep his glory.

Gu Fuzhou looked at the man who used to call himself “father” walking on thin ice. He wanted to laugh: “didn’t you see my wife? Why didn’t you say hello to him?”

Nan’an Marquis’s face was stiff. He was a first-class marquis. It was his turn to say hello to a doctor, not to mention that the doctor was once the male wife of his family.

Lin Qingyu said, “what the general says is business.”

“OK.” Gu Fuzhou said, “I don’t understand one thing. I’ve come to consult Nan’an Hou.”

Nan’an Hou said, “senior general, please speak.”

Gu Fuzhou was tired of talking and took the initiative to give the right to speak to Lin Qingyu: “madam.”

Lin Qingyu said, “Chen Guifei was abolished, the crown prince was seriously ill at the same time, and King Ning supervised the country for a long time. The general was quite curious about why none of the civil servants stood up under such a situation.”

Nan’an Hou’s heart clicked. Lin Qingyu’s meaning has been made clear. He had a hunch that this matter would fall on him. Previously, Lin Qingyu threatened him with private salt and asked him to ask for the title of the fourth prince. He thought that the fourth prince asked for nothing but a prince’s title. Now it seems that Lin Qingyu had arranged a chess game and asked him to enter the urn.

Nan’an Hou Leng said, “the prime minister is the head of the civil service. Cui didn’t say anything. Where can I get Ben hou to speak?”

Lin Qingyu disagreed: “it’s easy to do. Go and talk to Cui Xiang, and then sign a joint letter.”

Gu Fuzhou said, “madam is right.”

Nan’an Hou looked puzzled: “what do the… General want us to do?”

Gu Fuzhou seemed to inadvertently hold the handle of the sabre: “Lord Hou is a smart man. He shouldn’t need my general to speak frankly.”

Nan’an Marquis wiped his sweat and said boldly, “although concubine Chen made a big mistake, she was not involved in the prince. The emperor doesn’t seem to have the intention of abolishing the prince. If we ask the emperor to abolish the prince just because the prince is ill and the king would rather supervise the country, wouldn’t we become a person who follows the trend and acts in the wind.”

Lin Qingyu said, “Lord Hou is joking. How can this become a trend? The general just wants you to follow the trend.”

Gu Fuzhou nodded: “what madam said is very true.”

Nan’an Hou YILENG: “follow the trend? But…”

“On that day, when the Lord asked for the seal for the Lord, he was on the Lord’s ship. At that time, the four princes had no political achievements and no sacred heart, but the Lord could help. The Lord always remembered this kindness. Now that the Lord has political achievements and the hearts of the people, the Lord is sure to get off the ship at this time, instead of helping him to be a helmsman.”

Nan’an Hou seemed to be moved, and a little wavering appeared in his eyes.

Lin Qingyu also said, “as long as the Lord can win the hearts of the people for the Lord and make many literary officials use for the Lord, not to mention a minister of household, it is the position of prime minister, and the Lord can reward the Lord.”

When Nan’an Hou hesitated to respond, Gu Fuzhou made up his mind: “it should be for the glory of the Lu family and for your child under the age of one year.”

Nan’an Hou sighed: “Wen Chen, I will do it for the prince.”

Not long ago, a manuscript written by Nan’an Hou and played jointly by many officials was sent to the emperor’s bedroom. Lin Qingyu handed the memorial to the Queen: “madam, it’s wrong to see.”

The queen looked at it and said, “nothing wrong.”

“Then call the emperor.”

After many days, Lin Qingyu again injected the unconscious emperor. After the emperor woke up with difficulty, his eyes looked turbid to the bedside: “Queen…”

“Emperor,” said the queen softly, “you are awake.”

The emperor’s fingers moved, and his voice was hoarse as gravel: “where’s the doctor?”

Lin Qingyu said, “my minister is here.”

The bedroom was lit with an unknown strong incense. The emperor looked at Lin Qingyu and his expression gradually became dull.

“I ask the emperor to come back. I want the emperor to do something.” Lin Qingyu’s voice is very light, like talking to a child. “Can the emperor do it for me?”

The emperor nodded.

Lin Qingyu smiled: “really obedient.” he raised his eyes and motioned. Laifu on one side immediately lifted a table and put it in front of the bed. The queen helped the emperor sit up and handed the Royal pen to the emperor.

When everything was ready, Laifu presented a jade seal, and the queen took the emperor’s hand and printed it on the imperial edict. After that, the emperor fell asleep again. The queen covered him indifferently and said to herself: “Emperor, don’t blame my concubine. Blame yourself. Even if you have the slightest friendship for Li’er, my concubine is not like this. The emperor has so many princes and princes, but my concubine is only Li’er. My concubine just wants to reunite with Li’er’s mother and son. Why don’t you just refuse? Li’er is your own flesh and blood again. Why…”

The queen said, choking.

Lin Qingyu received the Edict and said, “madam, your highness Liu is still waiting for you in Jinyang garden.”

The queen wiped away her tears without expression and said, “the emperor once said that Jinyang garden is warm in winter and cool in summer. The climate is pleasant. It’s a good place to recuperate. That’s why he let Li’er grow up there. According to this palace, after the third prince Xiao Cheng moves out of the East Palace, he can also recuperate in Jinyang garden. If he’s okay… Don’t come back.”

Lin Qingyu nodded lightly, “OK.”

The author has something to say: Ancient wear today’s small theater:

Classmate Jiang and Damei make an appointment to meet at the mall. There are many people in the mall. Even if they encounter a liar, they are not afraid.

Jiang took the subway to the mall (sorry, 17-year-old high school students can’t drive). He hasn’t seen the great beauty for a long time.

He sent a message to strangers: where are people?

Stranger: your wife can’t get in.

Classmate Jiang:?

Stranger: he has no health code. ==


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