Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 84

After entering the summer, crown prince Xiao Cheng was impeached by Yan Guan repeatedly and was abolished on the charges of “illegal Zude, being good at being grumpy and gathering party followers”. Then came a Dayu emperor’s order: Prince Ning and the fourth son of the emperor respected humility and retreated. His character was valuable and bowed deeply. I would like to inform the state of zongmiao that he has been granted Book treasure and established as the crown prince. He should inherit Datong and be in the east palace.

On the day when the crown prince was set up, Lin Qingyu and Gu Fuzhou went to the palace to watch the ceremony. They stood in the scorching sun for a long time. Lin Qingyu was fine. At the end of the ceremony, they were still as beautiful as snow. Gu Fuzhou had lost half his life in the sun, and his imperial clothes had already been soaked with sweat. The “delicate” stranger couldn’t stand the high temperature in recent days. As soon as he returned to his house, he took off his heavy imperial clothes and collapsed on the cool chair with his bedroom clothes. He didn’t say a word for a long time.

Huan Tong brought a bucket of ice, and the flower dew was hung Ti, who had been soaking in the well water for a day. Gu Fuzhou slowly slowed down.

When Gu Fuzhou was dazed by the heat, Lin Qingyu had changed his clothes. But look at him all white, sitting at the table with a jade fan in his hand, telling Huan Tong about today’s dinner. The summer sunset jumped on him like a quiet painting.

Gu Fuzhou was so angry that he wanted to tease him, but he stood for at least three hours today. Now it’s hard to move his fingers. He’ll die if he leaves the cool chair.

“Let the kitchen cook a pot of barley porridge, prepare some appetizing pickles, and then stir fry two courses of seasonal vegetables.”

Huan Tong wrote it down one by one and said, “young master, don’t you really want any meat? The general is happy without meat.”

Lin Qingyu thought for a moment and said, “then stew another big bone with soy sauce. After the meal is ready, send it directly to the room.”

“OK, I’ll let the kitchen prepare it now.”

There are no elders in the general’s house, and Gu Fuzhou has “pearls on the side”, and Lin Qingyu is also slack in etiquette. When he has nothing to do, he will stay in bed with Gu Fuzhou. Gu Fuzhou doesn’t bother to go to the front hall for dinner, so he asks people to send the food to the room. It’s a rare and leisurely time. He doesn’t read books, dispense medicine or raise poisonous insects, but does nothing with Gu Fuzhou.

If he goes on like this, he will really be lazy by Gu Fuzhou.

Lin Qingyu turned back and caught a glimpse of Gu Fuzhou, who was motionless on the cool chair. He frowned a little: “how long have you been lying down and haven’t you changed your clothes?”

Gu Fuzhou stretched out his hand and pointed to the table. His tone was lazy: “Qingyu, I want to eat grapes.”

Hong ti is not far from Gu Fuzhou’s hand. He can get it as long as he straightens up. With an expression of “you are hopeless”, Lin Qingyu approached and took off a red mention: “don’t eat too much. We’ll have dinner soon.”

Gu Fuzhou blinked: “you feed it to my mouth…”

Lin Qingyu narrowed his eyes and quickly and ruthlessly stuffed Hongti into Gu Fuzhou’s mouth: “you’re so lazy.”

Hongti is sweet and juicy. It can relieve the summer heat after freezing. Gu Fuzhou is satisfied with his food. He grabs Lin Qingyu’s wrist and takes him into his arms.

Lin Qingyu was forced to sit on the lazy general’s leg. His eyes were like a knife, but he didn’t struggle: “why, now he has strength again?”

“I don’t have the strength to do other things, but I still have the strength to hold my wife.” Gu Fuzhou twisted a red to feed Lin Qingyu. After Lin Qingyu contained it, he said, “Xiao Yu has already sat on the throne of Prince. Xi Rong is honest and calm for the time being. Can you relax?”

Lin Qingyu said, “learning is boundless. As long as you have a heart, you will never be free.”

“The sea of learning is boundless, but your husband’s age is boundless.” Gu Fuzhou is dishonest holding Lin Qingyu. He feels and lingers on his graceful waist and abdomen. “I’m in my thirties. I’ll accompany me when you’re busy. Even if I want to do something to you, I’m more than willing and less able. Will you take me to the square dance or just chat under the quilt?”

Lin Qingyu was touched by Gu Fuzhou and wanted to laugh: “what is square dance?”

Hua Lu came in with food. She saw the young master sitting on the big general’s lap and listened carefully to the big general’s beautiful dance with exotic customs. She felt infinite emotion in her heart. She waited on the young master for so long. She never knew that the young master had a gentle side.

The young master and the general are always happy together, which is a kind of happiness that Lu Xiaohou can’t bring to him. When he was married to Lord Lu, he hardly looked good at him at first. Later, he gradually softened and was willing to accept the little Marquis, but there was still a layer of forbearance and depression between his eyebrows and eyes. Because he knew that the young Marquis had only one year left to live, even if he was happy, there was a shadow behind his happiness.

Now he is around general Gu. No matter how deep the shadow was, he will recover one day.

Suddenly, Hualu was relieved. She no longer feels unwilling for the dead little Marquis, nor does she blame the general for taking the young master away, because… The young master is defenseless and smiles sincerely. It’s really beautiful.

Hua Lu returned with the food and almost bumped into Huan Tong holding a pot of calamus wine. Huan Tong asked, “why did you come out again?”

Hua Lu blushed: “the young master and the general have no time to eat for the time being. We’ll send them in later. It’s so hot, let the porridge cool first.”

Gu Fuzhou was still talking in the house. He inadvertently crossed his eyes with Lin Qingyu. He suddenly felt that he was a fool talking about square dance with Lin Qingyu. He stopped the loss in time and changed the subject: “in short, since the matter has come to an end, you should also fulfill your promise. Tomorrow, you are not allowed to enter the palace or go to the imperial medical department. Stay with me at home for a day.”

Just as Lin Qingyu was about to speak, he heard Gu Fuzhou say, “you made a written note.”

Lin Qingyu curved his lips: “I see. Twelve hours a day, you won’t be missing for a moment.”

Gu Fuzhou smiled and tried to kiss him. Lin Qingyu pushed Gu Fuzhou away and said, “you’re sweating all over and haven’t bathed yet.”

Hearing the word “bath”, Gu Fuzhou was already tired: “help, I don’t want to wash my hair.”

Lin Qingyu said, “it’s hot now, and long hair is easy to dry.”

“It’s still a lot of trouble. Qingyu, I want to have my hair cut short, OK?”

“Short hair?” Lin Qingyu said, “how short.”

Gu Fuzhou stretched out his thumb and forefinger, and the two fingers were almost next to each other: “so short.”

Lin Qingyu thought a little and said, “why don’t you just become a monk?”

The next day, Lin Qingyu really didn’t go anywhere. He also specially asked Yuan Yin to close the door today. Gu Fuzhou still slept in the sun for three rods before waking up. After getting up, he had lunch with Lin Qingyu. The afternoon was the hottest time of the day. They stayed in the house with ice. Gu Fuzhou had a whim and talked about the rhythm with Lin Qingyu.

Lin Qingyu is proficient in medical skills and has seriously studied piano, chess, calligraphy and painting. Gu Fuzhou wanted to see him play the piano, so he asked Huan Tong to go to the warehouse to find a Yao Qin. Huan Tong didn’t know which one Lin Qingyu was talking about, so he just came over the whole box. In the box were all the harps Lin Qingyu had used.

Gu Fuzhou picked up a Xi Qin and said, “this is erhu.”

“Erhu?” Lin Qingyu said, “this instrument is called Xi Qin in Dayu.”

“I can do that,” Gu Fuzhou said with great interest. “When I was a child, my mother forced me to choose two kinds of musical instruments, an exotic musical instrument and a classical musical instrument. The latter is Xi Qin I learned.”

Lin Qingyu said, “how do I feel that what you know is what your mother forced you to learn.”

Gu Fuzhou said with a low smile, “yes, it’s good to have her. Otherwise, when I come to Dayu, I can’t even write with a brush. What can I do to fall in love with you?”

Seeing a trace of homesickness in Gu Fuzhou’s eyes, Lin Qingyu didn’t know how to comfort him. Gu Fuzhou’s hometown is so far away that he can’t go back at all.

Lin Qingyu lowered his eyes, gently plucked the strings and asked, “what music do you want to hear?”

Gu Fuzhou smiled and said, “Qingyu, I’ll use this Xi Qin to play a song with you. How about it?”

Lin Qingyu smiled: “OK.”

Their ensemble had no tacit understanding and was quite harsh. Huan Tong and Hua Lu were tortured for half a day, one running farther than the other.

When the sun set, Gu Fuzhou took Lin Qingyu fishing by the pool.

After coming to Dayu for so long, fishing has become Gu Fuzhou’s favorite sport. Not only do you not have to work hard, but also enjoy the fun of harvest, which is no more fragrant than playing basketball and tennis.

When Gu Fuzhou was fishing, Lin Qingyu accompanied him and sent him a mouthful of cut fresh fruit from time to time. Several servants came from a distance, saw them and approached to salute: “general, madam.”

Gu Fuzhou saw that they had a straw basket full of Ruo leaves and asked, “do you want to make zongzi?”

A servant woman said with a smile, “well, it’s the Dragon Boat Festival. The slaves wanted to wash the Ruo leaves and glutinous rice first. Unexpectedly, they disturbed the general and his wife.”

“Don’t bother.” Lin Qingyu said, “how are zongzi wrapped?”

Gu Fuzhou was greatly surprised. The servant quickly took out a piece of Ruo leaf and put a handful of glutinous rice on top: “first, then… Finally turn over one side and tie it with a rope.”

Lin Qingyu nodded: “I’ll try.”

He was not interested in fishing. He was only a little boring with Gu Fuzhou, so he found something to do for himself. Who wants to make zongzi? It looks simple, but it’s difficult to do it. He tried several times and ended in failure. After a while, he lost his patience.

Gu Fuzhou took a look and said, “high-end ingredients often only need simple cooking methods. Dr. Lin, who has been busy for half an hour, decided to leave everything to his servants.”

The breath is the leisurely smile of summer dusk.

Lin Qingyu dried his hands and said, “shut up.”

At this time, Yuan Yin found two people: “general, madam, just now one person went to the house to upload a letter…”

Lin Qingyu said, “I said, I don’t see any guests today.”

“But the man came with this.” Yuan Yin took out a gold stone, which Lin Qingyu gave to Shen Huai that day.

Lin Qingyu said, “where’s the letter? Bring it.”

Shen Huaizhi is as concise as ever: see jinxiuxuan.

Lin Qingyu said, “Shen Huaizhi is still in the capital.”

Gu Fuzhou read the letter across Lin Qingyu’s shoulder and reminded him, “it’s agreed that 12 hours a day is not a day.”

Lin Qingyu said, “then I won’t go.”

Gu Fuzhou looked at him with a slight hesitation and smiled: “no, no, Dr. Lin can’t see that I’m kidding.”

Lin Qingyu was stunned: “joke?” he really didn’t see it.

Gu Fuzhou said, “Shen Huaizhi came to you at this time. There should be something important. It’s important. How can I drag you away.”

When Gu Fuzhou said this, Lin Qingyu made a firm choice: “no, I promised to accompany you all day. A gentleman’s word.”

“Come on, when did you become a gentleman?” Gu Fuzhou said with a smile. “Obviously, you are a ‘villain’ who tells lies at will, says the wrong thing, and will repay you for your vengeance.”

Lin Qingyu said lightly, “that’s what the general thinks of me.” he has cheated many people, but he has never cheated Gu Fuzhou.

“What a coincidence. No, general Ben likes great beauties who can cheat.”

Lin Qingyu never liked Gu Fuzhou’s way of saying, “the general doesn’t like ‘big beauties who can deceive people’, the general just likes big beauties.” in other words, Gu Fuzhou’s favorite face is his face.

“I can’t say that. The reason why I like the great beauty who can cheat is because you can cheat.” Gu Fuzhou put his hands on Lin Qingyu’s shoulders and pushed him out, “well, go quickly. The protagonist of the original book is still waiting for you. Come back as soon as you’re done.”

“You…” Lin Qingyu had no choice but to compromise, “I will go myself.”

Gu Fuzhou watched Lin Qingyu leave. After others left, he smiled and stretched back to his room to make up for sleep.

The author has something to say: small theater:

The reason why strangers are so enthusiastic, in addition to being attracted by beauty, is to see who can be the husband of a great beauty – she doesn’t accept it. Why does such a great beauty already have a husband?

After some tossing, the stranger took the great beauty and finally met Mr. Jiang.

Stranger:… OK, OK, I’ll take it. Take your time. I’ll go first.

PS: the supporting actor’s emotional line completely serves the two protagonists and will not break away from the main line to write about them. There are only Lu Wancheng, Gu Fuzhou, Xiao Li and Jiang vs Qingyu.


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