Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 85

Lin Qingyu changed his clothes and took a carriage to Jinxiu Pavilion.

As the first floor of the capital, jinxiuxuan is always full and bustling unless it is in a special period such as national funeral. Even though Lin Qingyu thought that Shen Huaizhi would be in the capital, he didn’t expect him to meet him at jinxiuxuan. Although he has ordered Tianji camp to stop the pursuit of Shen Huaizhi, Shen Huaizhi should not know about it and dare to appear in the capital market. Is this his confidence in his skill.

The imperial edict of abolishing the crown prince has been announced to the world. Shen Huaizhi is likely to find himself at this time for Xiao Cheng. I have to say, he has some expectations.

Lin Qingyu asked the shopkeeper of jinxiuxuan for an elegant room on the second floor and a pot of tea. He sat by the window, drinking tea and watching the flow of people. Yongxing street is as prosperous as ever, the Hawking sound of shops and vendors, and the look of passers-by when they hurried past are no different from usual. The emperor is seriously ill, and the change of position seems to have no impact on these ordinary people. This is true in the capital, let alone elsewhere.

No matter who the Chu Jun is, who sits on the Dragon chair, and who holds the imperial pen to control the world, the people’s life must go on.

Not long after, the door made a light noise. Lin Qingyu said “come in”. A man wearing a curtain hat came in, and the soap yarn hung down to block the man’s face. Lin Qingyu asked Huan Tong to watch outside. The man took off the curtain cap and showed a plain face that he forgot in the blink of an eye.

Lin Qingyu said, “I didn’t expect to see you again so soon.”

Shen Huaizhi showed a faint smile: “Dr. Lin.”

Shen Huaizhi can still laugh. It seems that he doesn’t want to ask him for punishment. Lin Qingyu pulled up his sleeves and pointed to the opposite tea table: “sit down.”

Shen Huaizhi sat down in front of Lin Qingyu, with a trace of embarrassment, but generally calm. Lin Qingyu asked him, “why did you ask me to meet here? In the past, it was in Changsheng temple.”

“I’m leaving the capital. I don’t know when I’ll meet you next time.” Shen Huai looked down. “Before I leave, I want to have a drink with you.”

Lin Qingyu looked at the man’s honest appearance, and his chest was slightly uncomfortable. He and Shen Huai have known each other for a long time. Every time they meet, they are either in the imperial medical department or in Changsheng temple. They have never sat across the table like now, with a pot of good tea on the table.

In the past, he regarded Shen Huaizhi as a chess piece. Naturally, there was no need for chess players and chess pieces to drink together. Now that Xiao Cheng has fallen, Shen Huai knows that he is not even qualified to be a chess piece in his hand. Why does he waste his time here without his husband.

Lin Qingyu asked, “why do you want to drink with me?”

Shen Huaizhi looked up and said, “because I regard Dr. Lin as a friend.”

Lin Qingyu couldn’t help smiling. With this smile, Shen Huai was stunned. He couldn’t help saying, “what’s more, your eyes are really like Jingchun.”

Lin Qingyu joked: “so, you treat me as a substitute for Princess Jingchun?”

Shen Huaizhi flatly denied: “I didn’t. You look better, better than… Than Jingchun, and you have different personalities. I won’t confuse you. But you treated my injury and found brother Zhu for me. I let me know the truth of that year. I’m very grateful to you.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “I ask you, do you not believe me because you stay in Beijing and think I will attack Jingchun?”

“I don’t believe it.” Shen Huaizhi explained hard, “I just…”

“If you care so much about Jingchun, why don’t you go to the north to see him?”

Shen Huaizhi shook his head: “he should be doing well in the north. I don’t want to disturb him.”

Lin Qingyu looked at him for a while and asked, “what wine do you want to drink?”

Shen Huai’s face showed a trace of happiness. The dead face finally had a little look: “just drink what you like.”

Shen Huaizhi didn’t mention anything about Xiao Cheng, as if he really just wanted to drink with Lin Qingyu. Lin Qingyu ordered a pot of jinxiuxuan’s signature bamboo leaf sake and ordered some dishes that he thought were good. Shen Huai is not good at words. If he doesn’t have to speak very little, Lin Qingyu is not a talker. Most of his words are with Gu Fuzhou in a day. They used the meal in silence. Finally, Shen Huaizhi picked up his wine glass and said, “it’s hard to see you at the ends of the earth today. Take care, Dr. Lin.”

Lin Qingyu also raised his glass, took a sip and said, “where are you going – back to the Nanyue fishing village?”

Shen Huai said to himself, “I haven’t thought about it yet. The world is so big that there is always room for me.”

“It’s a pity that your martial arts are wasted. You must not go back to Tianji camp.” Lin Qingyu said, “maybe you’d like to stay with me and the general.”

Lin Qingyu’s invitation greatly surprised Shen Huaizhi: “you mean… General Gu?”

Lin Qingyu nodded: “the general is now in charge of the imperial palace guard and the capital iron cavalry camp. It’s not difficult to find a position for you – you always admire the general.”

After being stunned, Shen Huaizhi smiled: “thank you for Dr. Lin’s kindness. I admire the great general. Unfortunately, I don’t want to stay in the capital.”

Lin Qingyu mused, “so you still want to escape.”

“No, I just want a peaceful day.”

Lin Qingyu smiled coldly: “if you really put down everything, you won’t be here now.”

Shen Huaizhi closed his lips and fell into silence.

At good noon, Lin Qingyu said, “Huaizhi, the ‘truth’ Zhu Yongxin told you that day is not entirely true.”

Shen Huai knew that the pupil suddenly contracted: “what?”

“Once the heavenly prison gate was destroyed, Xiao Cheng could not escape. But at the last minute, he stopped. It was the emperor who left behind. When he gave up, he ordered the elite of the heavenly secret camp to come out and kill all the heavenly prison gates in the name of chiya sect. Xiao Cheng took a lot of effort to save your life.” Lin Qingyu said, “But Xiao Cheng planned the Tianjian gate and lied to you for many years. In my opinion, he is no different from the culprit’s emperor. But maybe you have another view.”

Shen Huai knew his face was pale: “why did you suddenly tell me the truth?”

Lin Qingyu said lightly, “don’t you treat me as a friend? I don’t usually cheat my friends.”

Of course, he is willing to tell Shen Huai that he knows the truth. The most important thing is that Xiao Cheng has been defeated. She doesn’t know how long she can stay, and there is no possibility of a comeback. In this case, the “truth” is not so important.

Shen Huaizhi was silent, only his breathing became heavy.

Lin Qingyu looked at his expression and said, “why, regret stabbing Xiao Cheng’s sword?”

When Shen Huaizhi spoke again, his voice was low and dumb: “why did you lie to me?”

Lin Qingyu said bluntly, “I’m afraid you’re soft hearted.”

Shen Huai heard a strange laugh in his throat: “in your eyes, am I… So cheap?”

Lin Qingyu asked, “aren’t you cheap?”

Shen Huai knew that he was suffocating. Huo stood up and clenched his hands into fists: “I, I’m going.”

Lin Qingyu said behind him, “I’m sorry I lied to you, but I don’t regret it. In that case, you still saved Xiao Cheng’s life. If you know that Xiao Cheng was soft hearted, I’m afraid not only won’t hurt him, but also forgive him generously and continue to work hard to warm his bed…”

The undisguised contempt in Lin Qingyu’s tone seemed to be stabbing Shen Huaizhi’s heart. His eyes were scarlet and blurted out, “I won’t!”

Lin Qingyu put down his wine glass and said, “well, show me.”

Shen Huaizhi almost yelled, “what do you want me to do?”

“Xiao Cheng is recuperating in Jinyang garden. I can let you see him again.”

Shen Huai said in a dumb voice: “see him…?”

“After the meeting, do you want to take his life and avenge the heavenly prison gate, or leave him a life so that you can continue the front edge in the future, or let him live so half dead and watch you talk with others, but there is nothing you can do. You will be your prisoner all your life – as long as you say a word, I can satisfy you.” Lin Qingyu raised his mouth, with irresistible bewitchment in his slightly cold voice, “but I won’t force you. The right of choice is in your own hands.”

Shen Huaizhi was stunned for a long time and sat down slowly. Lin Qingyu stood up and said, “come back to me when you think about it.”

After the Dragon Boat Festival, the days are getting hotter and hotter. The capital has not had a drop of rain for two months, the fields have cracked and the streams have dried up. Seeing the drought in central Beijing, the new prince Xiao Yu went to Tiantai Mountain to pray for rain with the national teacher and has not returned yet.

The hot sun was high and the cicadas were ringing. Lin Qingyu stayed in the library of the imperial medical department for half a day. Half of a Book of Dayu medicine manual has been completed. Suddenly, his right shoulder was touched. He subconsciously looked to the right. There was no one around him. When he looked back, he saw a 30-year-old man sitting on the table on the left.

Lin Qingyu said, “Why are you here?”

The hotter the weather, the saltier gufuzhou. Throughout the midsummer, he didn’t see Gu Fuzhou go out several times. It must be a big deal for Gu Fuzhou to find him in the imperial medical department in the scorching sun.

Gu Fuzhou’s forehead was covered with thin sweat. With one hand behind his back, he closed the books spread out in front of Lin Qingyu, pushed them aside and said with a smile, “I have something to give you.”


Gu Fuzhou stretched out his hand with his back behind him. In his hand was a porcelain altar. His old God said, “since the little insect died at the foot of Huan Tong, you have been depressed all day and washed your face with tears. I can’t see it anymore, so…”

Lin Qingyu’s heart beat faster: “are you…”

“Yes, I’ll give you a nest of small poisonous insects.” Gu Fuzhou opened the porcelain cover. “I’ll send someone to Nanjiang to find the poisonous king. It should meet your requirements.”

Lin Qingyu took a closer look. Gu Fuzhou sent him the insect. At first glance, it really is the kind he wants. As for whether there is the effect he wants, we still have to raise it to know. But it has saved him more than half of his time.

Lin Qingyu smiled: “this is the best gift I have ever received.”

Gu Fuzhou was in a delicate mood: “well… Do you like it better than the proposal ring I gave you?”

To tell the truth, a nest of small insects is much more useful to him than a ring. Because he often had to dispense medicine, it was inconvenient to wear things on his hands. The ring given by Gu Fuzhou had been put away by him and put together with other important items. But at the moment, Lin Qingyu thinks he can tell a harmless lie. He brushed away the fine sweat from Gu Fuzhou’s forehead with his sleeve: “I still prefer rings.”

Gu Fuzhou relaxed and sat half against the table. Even so, he was much higher than Lin Qingyu standing straight. With Gu Fuzhou’s grasp, Lin Qingyu was taken a step forward and embedded between a pair of long legs.

Gu Fuzhou looked at Lin Qingyu’s expression and said, “it’s a lie again, doctor Lin. you obviously prefer small insects. Tut, you almost cheated again.”

Lin Qingyu smiled: “you sent it anyway. What’s the difference?”

Gu Fuzhou’s sword eyebrow picked: “what about my return gift?”

Lin Qingyu gently touched his cheek: “go back to the house and give it to you.”

Gu Fuzhou seemed dissatisfied and held Lin Qingyu in his arms and refused to let him go: “… Hmm? Why don’t you say you’ll give it to me in a year.”

Lin Qingyu reminded him: “this is in the library, and then there may be students from the imperial medical department.”

Gu Fuzhou smiled and let go of him: “that’s right.”

Before leaving, Lin Qingyu has to return the medical books on a table. Gu Fuzhou followed him with a book in his hand, handed one, and he put one away. When he was still short of the last book, Gu Fuzhou suddenly called him, “Qingyu.”

As soon as Lin Qingyu turned around, he was gently pushed and his back leaned directly against the bookshelf. Before he could react, Gu Fuzhou bent down and kissed his lips.

In an instant, Lin Qingyu was so flustered that he froze in place. This is not in the general’s house, not in their bedroom. They are in the library. There are two guards outside the door. Even if he won’t be seen, this is also the place where he studies medicine. How can Gu Fuzhou… Kiss him here.

Lin Qingyu barely recovered until his lips were bitten. He heard Gu Fuzhou say, “Qingyu, open your mouth.”

Lin Qingyu held the last medical book in his arms. His cheeks burned red and involuntarily called, “Jiang…”

With his lips open, childe Jiang’s little tongue arrived as scheduled, and even made an indescribable sound.

I don’t know when the sky changed outside. A thunder flash flashed through the air. After bursts of thunder, the strong wind came suddenly and the rainstorm came suddenly. The rain washed the window, and the library was as dark as night.

Lin Qingyu leaned back against the bookshelf, closed his eyes and trembled his long eyelashes, allowing Gu Fuzhou to kiss him.

Gentle and warm.

This is the first and last rain in midsummer this year.

In August, former crown prince Xiao Chenghong died in Jinyang garden; In October, the emperor died of illness, and Prince Xiao Yu ascended the throne with the name of Chu Xi; Empress Wen was the only empress dowager of Dayu and listened to the government.

The author has something to say: small theater: the daily life of classmate Jiang and the great beauty in ancient and modern times

After a period of time, Mr. Jiang applied for an ID card and registered permanent residence for the great beauty. The great beauty is not a black family at last.

Then Jiang, who is under the age of 18, bound the game account with his wife’s ID card——

Classmate Jiang: Qingyu Qingyu, help me do anti addiction face recognition. Love you!


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