Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 87

Lin Qingyu has been unwilling to open his eyes. In the darkness where his eyes can’t see, his touch becomes bright. He felt something dripping on his face. He opened his eyes and looked at Gu Fuzhou.

Gu Fuzhou… Has been looking at him. The youth’s astringency has faded from his eyes, leaving only the surging undercurrent of adult men. Gu Fuzhou looked at him like this. His face was flushed and his lips were slightly open, revealing an expression that could not appear on his face at ordinary times. What dripped on his face was Gu Fuzhou’s sweat. It was so cold outside, but Gu Fuzhou was sweating all over.

Lin Qingyu couldn’t help asking, “are you tired?”

Gu Fuzhou laughed: “No. why do you think so?”

“If you’re not tired, why are you sweating so much?”

Gu Fuzhou made a movement and said in an uncertain tone, “well… Maybe it’s hard to bear?”

Lin Qingyu was stunned and wanted to stop talking.

Gu Fuzhou smiled and asked, “do you want to help me?”

Lin Qingyu raised his hand and put it down: “forget it, i… don’t know much.”

He can’t do it well himself, let alone help others.

“Hmm? Dr. Lin still has something he can’t do.” Gu Fuzhou smiled, “but it’s not a big problem. I can teach you. It’s very simple…”

With that, Gu Fuzhou really grabbed his hand and taught him hand in hand.

Lin Qingyu closed his eyes again, and the smell of Gu Fuzhou lingered in his ears. Gu Fuzhou would talk to him from time to time – call him “Qingyu”, call him “baby”, and then call him “wife”. This “wife” almost made him wither. He couldn’t help but doubt that the word “wife” must not mean an old woman in Gu Fuzhou’s hometown, otherwise Gu Fuzhou’s hobby was really unacceptable to him.

Fortunately, Gu Fuzhou kissed him at this time. Between his lips and teeth, he temporarily left the “old woman” behind. Then Gu Fuzhou began to praise him for his long eyelashes, his beautiful body, his good voice and coaxing him to call him “husband”, which made him almost wither again.

Lin Qingyu knew that Gu Fuzhou talked a lot, but he really didn’t expect that Gu Fuzhou could speak so freely in bed. Gu Fuzhou’s voice was low. Every sentence seemed to give him ecstasy, which made him have strange and strange reactions – except for “husband and wife”, which should be poisons.

Gu Fuzhou got what he wanted and succeeded in soiling his beautiful wife. Afterwards, he got out of bed without complaint and asked his servants to bring a basin of hot water.

Hua Lu and a mammy surnamed Yun were on duty in the master’s room that night. After sending in the hot water and the handkerchief, mother Yun said with a smile, “it’s time to wait until this day. I thought the general and his wife would be so innocent all their life.”

The flower dew said, “what day has mammy waited?”

Mother Yun smiled happily: “the couple want hot water and a handkerchief in the middle of the night. In addition to that, what else can they do for?”

Hua Lu reacted and blushed immediately. She has been with Lin Qingyu for so long that she has never thought of such a thing. In her opinion, even if the young master became close to the general, he was respectful and polite. I didn’t think the young master’s immortal figure was finally dragged into the bustle of the world of mortals by general Gu.

Mother Yun said happily, “in the future, the people on duty at night will have to run more times.”

Gu Fuzhou cleaned up the scene and changed himself and Lin Qingyu into clean bedclothes. They hugged each other and slept. With physical contact without estrangement, their relationship has also faded the unique green and pure feelings of their youth. Since then, the bed in the general’s bedroom was replaced with a big bed, and the upper and lower bunks with a “long history” were moved back to the study. One day, the senior general made his wife angry and was driven out of the bedroom. He could make do with it in the study, lying on the upper and lower bunks and recalling the extraordinary years when they worshipped the handle.

The winter in the first year of Chu Xi came earlier than in previous years. However, at the end of October, the first snow fell in the capital. Dressed in Dayu’s winter official clothes, Lin Qingyu walked on the way to sweep the snow in the palace. A eunuch followed him step by step and steadily held an umbrella for him.

At the gate of the hall of diligent administration, Lin Qingyu saw his husband and said in surprise, “when did you enter the palace?”

“Half an hour ago, the palace sent someone to invite me.” Gu Fuzhou looked at the plaque hanging at the door of the palace. “It seems that something big has happened.”

After Xiao Ying ascended the throne, Gu Fuzhou started the semi pension model. He rarely entered the palace unless it was a major event such as the throne ceremony. Lin Qingyu was worried that he would lose his prestige in the court. His worries proved superfluous. Gu Fuzhou has that ability. While squatting at home, he can also have an insight into the situation in the court and buy people’s hearts. He can hold the military power firmly in the palm of his hand without being tired.

On that day, they supported Xiao Yu to ascend the throne. One of the conditions they offered was that general Gu could not be tired. Xi Rong won’t disturb Gu Fuzhou in ordinary small trouble, so it must be a big deal for him to invite Gu Fuzhou to the palace.

They entered the temple together. In addition to Xiao Xi Rong, Empress Dowager Wen was also in the hall. In the presence of the empress dowager, Xi Rong restrained himself and acted like an ordinary head father-in-law.

Lin Qingyu and Gu Fuzhou salute Xiao and the Empress Dowager. The Empress Dowager frowns. Xiao’s face is as white as paper. “Here you are,” said the queen mother, “sit down.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “what’s the matter?”

The Empress Dowager closed her eyes and said, “Xi Rong, bring it to the general and doctor Lin.”

Xi Rong handed Lin Qingyu a palm sized brocade box. Xiao Ying watched Lin Qingyu open the brocade box and shrunk in the Dragon chair: “Doctor Lin, you should be prepared and don’t be frightened by the things inside.”

Xi Rong’s eyes were slightly invisible: “the emperor doesn’t have to worry. Doctor Lin is well-informed and won’t be afraid of anything.”

Even if he guessed that there would be nothing good inside, Lin Qingyu froze when he saw a dried “meat strip” in the brocade box. Standing behind him, Gu Fuzhou smelled a bloody smell wrapped in cold, frowned and asked, “what’s this?”

Lin Qingyu quickly closed the brocade box and said in a cold voice, “tongue – human tongue.”

Gu Fuzhou also had a meal and asked, “whose?”

Xiao shuddered and said, “Zhao Mingwei, General Zhao.”

Lin Qingyu felt Gu Fuzhou’s breath sink suddenly, and his chest was also stifled.

Zhao Mingwei, a famous general of Dayu, was once a deputy general under Gu Fuzhou. Although he is not as victorious as Gu Fuzhou, he is also a good talent who is very good at using the army. After Gu Fuzhou returned to Beijing, Zhao Mingwei continued to lead the northwest army to guard Yongliang. Over the past year, under his leadership, Dayu’s northwest army has been close to Xixia, and both sides have their own victories and defeats.

Earlier, Zhao Mingwei suddenly came the news that he was expected to wipe out the Xixia army in one fell swoop, but Gu Fuzhou felt it was inappropriate. Although he did not confront the Xixia military division, he could be seen from the northwest military daily that he was unpredictable and crafty. In his memorials, he suggested that Zhao Mingwei plan and then move. The military order has been delivered to the northwest. He doesn’t know whether Zhao Mingwei has complied with the order.

“What’s going on?” Lin Qingyu said. “General Zhao… Has died in the country.”

Xi Rong looked at Gu Fuzhou and said, “Xixia defeated Zhao Mingwei’s 200000 army. General Gu’s army has been defending Yongliang for more than ten years and lost it. General Zhao killed himself after being captured. Xixia cut off his tongue and sent it to Beijing with the news of Dayu’s defeat.”

Yongliang, an important city in the northwest, is the strongest line of defense along the Dayu border. Once the city is broken, the northwest of Dayu can be said to be open.

“They have gone too far. They are not human!” said Xiao Yu in a hoarse voice. “The people of Yongliang have no time to escape and their lives are pinched by Xixia. General Gu, if Xixia wants to kill the city and cut off everyone’s tongue, what shall we do…”

“This year’s winter is colder than two years ago. It has snowed heavily in the Northwest for days, and several roads for transporting food and grass have been blocked. It takes half a month from Yongliang to the capital.” the Empress Dowager’s armor is firmly embedded in the palm of her hand, “that is to say, Zhao Mingwei died half a month ago. Now, Yongliang doesn’t know what the situation is.”

Lin Qingyu was silent for a long time and said, “the Xixia invaded Dayu’s border for many years. All they wanted was money, grain, cattle and sheep. Since they have captured Yongliang and captured general Zhao alive, why don’t they take this opportunity to talk to Dayu, but cut off General Zhao’s tongue as a provocation?”

Gu Fuzhou smiled, but couldn’t find a smile on his face: “probably because the Xixia military division didn’t want money, food, cattle and sheep.”

Xiao Yu asked, “what does he want?”

“There is such a kind of people who like to fight and enjoy the feeling of planning strategies. Only on the battlefield can they feel that their life is meaningful.” Gu Fuzhou said coldly, “so he will hope that there will be no end between Dayu and Xixia.”

Xiao Yu was surprised: “will there be such people?”

After a silence, the Empress Dowager said: “When the former Emperor was still there, he asked the national master to calculate a divination for Dayu’s country. The divination said, ‘in the struggle for seizing the line, the north border and relatives, and the Western Xia ghost is handsome’. In the struggle for seizing the line, the brothers and brothers were maimed, the emperor’s heirs withered, and many civil and military officials lost their black hats or even lost their heads under the struggle of friends. The north border and relatives are the source of the former crown prince’s abolition. The first two things mentioned by the national master have been answered The last sentence, “the ghost of Xixia is handsome”, is it Xixia, a mysterious military teacher? ”

Xi Rong said: “Your Majesty, empress dowager, whether this Xixia military division is the person mentioned by the heaven or not. Now Yongliang is lost and there are no heads in the northwest. Coupled with the heavy snow blocking the road, the food and salaries can not be delivered on time. This is a good opportunity given by Xixia. If you let it go, I’m afraid they will break through the momentum and invade the capital in the future. It’s urgent to send a senior general to the northwest Lord as soon as possible Hold the overall situation. ”

The Empress Dowager was disgusted with the eunuch’s participation in politics, but the situation was urgent. She had to agree with Xi Rong. “General Gu,” the Empress Dowager’s tone slowed down a bit, “looking at the central court, now only you can save the northwest.”

Before Gu Fuzhou answered, Lin Qingyu said, “not necessarily. The general’s old injury has recurred recently, so it’s not suitable to go out.”

Xi Rong said with deep meaning, “the general should know whether there is a recurrence of the old injury.”

Gu Fuzhou said lightly, “it has relapsed.”

Xi Rong narrowed his eyes. The Empress Dowager sighed and said, “pass it on to the ministers of the cabinet to discuss affairs in the diligent government hall.”

On the way back to the general’s house, Lin Qingyu and Gu Fuzhou were speechless. When they got back to the room, Lin Qingyu said, “I’m sorry about General Zhao… But you’re not allowed to go.”

Gu Fuzhou whispered, “there has been no big general in the army for a long time, so it’s Yongliang…”

“Yongliang has nothing to do with me.” Lin Qingyu said coldly, “I just want you to be good.”

Gu Fuzhou shook his head: “small, the pattern is small.”

“What do you mean?”

“The Xixia military division and the Xixia general are the same person. He is both a division and a handsome man. He doesn’t describe much in the original book Huai doesn’t know the king, but he is a military genius sealed by the author. If you let him burn cool today, he may attack the capital tomorrow. By then, I will certainly not survive. And you will probably be killed because of your beauty – shit, I’ll be angry if you think about it.”

Lin Qingyu frowned: “so, do you really want to go?”

Gu Fuzhou said, “no, I just feel like there’s really no one else.”

Lin Qingyu’s eyes were cold.

Gu Fuzhou said helplessly, “baby, don’t be angry first. Come and hold it.”

Gu Fuzhou opens his arms and wants to hold Lin Qingyu. Lin Qingyu looks calm and retreats to avoid: “I won’t give you a hug.”

After being rejected, Gu Fuzhou was not angry. He exaggerated and sighed and said, “are you serious about taking a half step back? Small actions still hurt so much.”

Lin Qingyu clenched his teeth: “when is it? You’re still in the mood to laugh. You say you rely on luck to fight. Do you think you can surpass the ghost talent set by the author?”

“I don’t think so.” Gu Fuzhou said honestly, “I was still studying before I could. Every time I finished the exam, I thought I was very bad, but I always got the first place.”

Lin Qingyu: “


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