Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 88

In recent days, all civil and military officials have been discussing the loss of Yongliang in the early Dynasty. Wu Zhan offered himself again, and the Duke of Wu, who is nearly 80 years old, came forward and volunteered.

They are full of fighting spirit and have the potential to cut through thorns and difficulties. Xiao Yu was infected by the momentum of the two people, but he didn’t dare to make an opinion. He turned back and asked empress dowager Wen sitting behind the Pearl curtain: “empress mother, look…”

To the surprise of the ministers, behind the bead curtain, there was a person standing besides the Empress Dowager. This man is dressed in five grade official clothes. He is not someone else, but Lin Qingyu, who is the holy family member.

Empress Dowager Wen shook her head and said, “general Wu is good at water warfare and has never fought in the northwest. Duke Wu is old and has been providing for the elderly in Beijing for many years. I’m afraid he has more heart than strength.”

Duke Wu refused: “the famous general of the state of Zhao, Lian Po, is still able to fight on the battlefield at the age of more than 80. If the minister is not over 80, he can still fight!”

Xiao Yu sat and stood uneasily on the Dragon chair: “isn’t there anyone else… Er, except general Gu.”

“There are no other people. Over the years, Dayu’s generals have been dead and disabled, and a large number of them have been imprisoned because of the dispute over seizing their legitimate rights. Now Dayu’s generals are young and yellow, and only we can use them.” Wu Zhan pulled his mouth, “Emperor, empress dowager, although the minister has not been to the northwest, the war is much the same. Since general Gu doesn’t want to go, let him try.”

It’s not hard to hear that when Wu Zhan mentioned “general Gu”, his tone was not as respectful as usual. Last year, the emperor wanted Gu Fuzhou to return to the northwest to replace Zhao Mingwei. Gu Fuzhou declined on the grounds that the remaining poison was not cleared. At that time, both Wu Zhan and Duke Wu stood on Gu Fuzhou’s side.

But now, unlike in the past, the war in the northwest is extremely urgent. Zhao Mingwei was humiliated after his death. Xixia even cut off his tongue and openly provoked him; The northwest army is unstable, and the lives of tens of thousands of people are in the hands of Xixia thieves. At this time, whoever has the wind of military generals, even if they still exist, will be duty bound to go to the battlefield. But Gu Fuzhou, as he did last year, made excuses about his discomfort and thanked the guests behind closed doors. He even didn’t want to come in the early days.

General Gu… Let them down.

The Empress Dowager hesitated and looked at Lin Qingyu: “Doctor Lin, what do you think?”

Lin Qingyu was about to speak. Xiao Songzi came from the side door: “empress dowager, Doctor Lin, an urgent report from the northwest.”

The Empress Dowager opened the memorial and read it at a glance. Her face was very ugly: “the capital of Xixia issued a declaration of war and vowed to avenge the Xixia crown prince who died in Yongliang ten years ago. The declaration said that Da Yu was required to send Gu Fuzhou to the front line, and they could also take his head openly. Otherwise, the Xixia army would kill Yongliang city in one month.”

Ten years ago, the former Prince of Xixia died under general Gu Da’s Qingyun Kyushu gun.

Lin Qingyu took over the memorial. His hand seemed to weigh more and more. He didn’t say a word and his face was gloomy and terrible.

The Empress Dowager shouted, “Doctor Lin……” she hesitated for a moment and said, “Qingyu?”

Lin Qingyu made a “um” sound, and then he came back to himself and realized that he was still in the court hall.

“There are no generals in the court. Only general Gu can be qualified for the post of great general in the West. What’s more, if he doesn’t go, will the court abandon Yongliang and ignore tens of thousands of people.” the Empress Dowager sighed, “how can you finish the egg under the nest. Today Xixia slaughters Yongliang City, and tomorrow they will slaughter Shangjing city.”

Lin Qingyu sneered, “the Empress Dowager doesn’t have to tell her ministers these great principles. Everyone knows them.”

The Empress Dowager hesitated and said, “can you tell the ministers about it?”

Lin Qingyu found that he could not meditate, so he could only intuitively say, “don’t make a statement for the time being.”

After dispersing the dynasty, Xiao Songzi found Lin Qingyu and told him, “Doctor Lin, the slave just sent an urgent report. On the way, he met general Gu – the general has read the urgent report.”

Lin Qingyu stifled his chest and asked, “where is he now?”

“Said the general. He is waiting for you in the imperial garden.”

When Lin Qingyu finds Gu Fuzhou, Gu Fuzhou sits by the pond and feeds the fish absently. There are dozens of colorful Koi in the pond of the imperial garden, adding a touch of color to the monotonous winter.

Gu Fuzhou sprinkled a handful of fish food, and the koi rushed to swim over and scrambled for food. He saw Lin Qingyu’s reflection on the water and said, “look at the fish in this pool. They were born in the palace and fed so fat. They didn’t eat less at ordinary times. Why should they compete with their companions?”

Lin Qingyu said, “it’s because greed is endless.”

Gu Fuzhou thought: “it makes sense.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “since you’re here, why don’t you go to court.”

Gu Fuzhou threw out the remaining fish food and said, “there’s no seat for me in the Zichen hall. It’s too tired to stand.”

“If you let others hear this, people will think you have a heart of disobedience.” there are only empress dowagers who can sit in the Zichen hall except the emperor.

Gu Fuzhou said with a smile, “I’m wronged. Being an emperor is so hard, I’m not interested.”

Gu Fuzhou’s words are funny. Lin Qingyu also wants to smile as usual, but he can’t laugh. He asked, “you saw the northwest emergency report.”

Gu Fuzhou nodded and sighed, “what should I do, Qingyu? This time, I seem to have to go.”

The word “not necessarily” stuck in Lin Qingyu’s throat and couldn’t be said.

“In recent days, people in the court have complained about me. Wu Zhan found me yesterday. In a hurry, he pointed at me and scolded me for being a coward – laughing to death.” Gu Fuzhou said, laughing really, as if it was an extremely ridiculous thing. “Although it was my own death, someone must be adding fuel and vinegar to stimulate Wu Zhan like this.”

Lin Qingyu also thought of this layer: “indeed.”

“Whoever it is, his goal has been achieved. If I don’t go to the northwest and lose people’s support in the court, how can those hot-blooded men serve me wholeheartedly in the future. If a general who doesn’t want to go to the battlefield has no prestige in the army, he can’t even protect his wife.” Gu Fuzhou pressed his eyebrows. “Now Xixia threatens the lives of the Yongliang people again – I’m bored to death.”

Lin Qingyu silently listened to Gu Fuzhou and said, “so, you want to go.”

Gu Fuzhou said, “I don’t want to go, I have to go.”

Lin Qingyu said indifferently, “you are concerned about the people.”

“Because you are also a member of the people.” Gu Fuzhou said without hesitation, “I am protecting them and you.”

Lin Qingyu slowly lowered his eyes and whispered, “I don’t want your protection. I don’t want to be a saint who cares about the common people. I just want to be with you.”

Gu Fuzhou patiently explained: “how many Xixia ghosts are under the gun of general Gu? Xixia is obviously coming for me this time. Unless Xixia is completely defeated, can I hide for a while or for a lifetime?”

Lin Qingyu said sarcastically, “you have to tell me the truth.”

“I’m not…”

Lin Qingyu coldly interrupted him: “have you ever thought about what I would do if you had a long and short life?”

Gu Fuzhou was stunned.

Lin Qingyu’s voice trembled: “on a snowy night two years ago, I knelt in front of your wheelchair, watched you gradually swallow your breath, and felt your coldness in the palm of my hand. At that time, I had not seen my mind, and maybe I could bear the pain of losing my husband. But now, if I want to experience it again…”

Gu Fuzhou’s Adam’s apple rolled and said in a dumb voice, “Qingyu…”

“Losing is not terrible. What’s terrible is losing again after getting it.” Lin Qingyu looked at his hands and murmured, “it’s too cruel even to me.”

Gu Fuzhou whispered, “I’m sorry, Qingyu. But this time, I’ll try my best to come back. You see, I’ve written a guarantee for you.”

Lin Qingyu Muran said, “at that time, you also tried to live longer. What happened? Before you died, you apologized to me, said you were sorry for me, said you had worked hard, or didn’t live until the day Xiao Cheng died – did you forget all this?”

“I haven’t forgotten. But I was so ill at that time, it’s no use trying again. But now it’s different. I have a healthy body, and efforts should work miracles.” Gu Fuzhou smiled. “In other words, Qingyu, I haven’t set out yet. It’s unlucky for you to think so much.”

Lin Qingyu couldn’t help asking, “aren’t you really worried at all?”

Gu Fuzhou thought and said, “in fact, I’m still a little afraid.”

Lin Qingyu stared at him.

“I’m afraid I can’t do well. I’m afraid that people who trust me will die because of my wrong decision. I’m afraid of fatigue and pain. I also hate the taste of losing, and I’m even more afraid…” the voice stopped abruptly. Gu Fuzhou swallowed his words again. He said leisurely, “so, people like me can never be the protagonist.”

Knowing that Gu Fuzhou was coaxing him with the old way to ease the atmosphere, Lin Qingyu couldn’t help but follow his words and ask, “why do you say that?”

“Because the hero in the script is either superior in strength and can easily crush his opponent; or he has a childlike heart and knows he can’t do it. And I,” Gu Fuzhou spread his hands, “I don’t have much strength, lazy and timid. No wonder I can only wear supporting roles in books.”

“Wrong.” Lin Qingyu said, “Lu Wancheng and Gu Fuzhou may be supporting actors. But when you come, they become the protagonists.”

Gu Fuzhou smiled in his eyes: “Hello, Dr. Lin. but you are also wrong. I made Lu Wancheng and Gu Fuzhou the protagonists of this book because I came to you and got the light of a great beauty. Qingyu, do you remember what the protagonist is?”

Lin Qingyu repeated exactly what Gu Fuzhou had said: “the so-called ‘protagonist’ is that no matter how many swords and swords and bloody storms, even the moment he climbs out of the mud, he will always be the one who shines brightly.”

Gu Fuzhou snapped his fingers and said in a relaxed tone: “yes. Xiao Cheng is dead. We replaced him as the protagonist. The aura is on us, so we don’t die so easily.”

Lin Qingyu disagrees with this statement. After a moment of silence, he suddenly looked at Gu Fuzhou and said, “Xu Junyi.”

Gu Fuzhou said, “Qingyu, are you mad? I’m your husband, not Xu Junyuan.”

Lin Qingyu was rarely eager: “in those days, Xu Jun was willing to use your birthday eight characters to figure out that your life should not be lost. We can find him to calculate another divination to see if you can win a complete victory in this trip and return to Beijing safely.”

Gu Fuzhou said “Oh” and seemed to think it was useless to find Xu Junyuan, but in order not to sweep Lin Qingyu’s interest, he still said: “it makes sense.”

Lin Qingyu immediately said, “it’s not too late. I’ll order someone to prepare the car.”

Gu Fuzhou said with a smile, “you and I are all powerful ministers. We don’t need to go to Changsheng temple to find him. Come and announce Xu Jun’s wish to enter the palace, and say that the emperor wants to see him.”


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