Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 89

After an hour, Xu Jun is willing to enter the palace. He was led to the imperial garden by the eunuch. He didn’t see the emperor, but he saw a pair of beautiful people in the pavilion.

Xu Jun was not surprised at all. Instead, he could talk and laugh with them: “since ancient times, beauties deserve heroes. When I saw them from a distance, I thought I had mistakenly entered a picture of beauties. It would be better if Doctor Lin could wear a white body and shine with the winter snow.” then he nodded hello to them, “general Gu, Dr. Lin.”

Lin Qingyu opened the door to the mountain and said, “I asked the national master to enter the palace because I wanted the national master to calculate a divination for the general.”

Xu Jun was willing to raise his eyebrows: “it was Doctor Lin who invited me? But the internal official who came to Changsheng Temple clearly said that the emperor wanted to see me. Is there any misunderstanding?”

Gu Fuzhou said, “what’s the difference? The emperor manages everything every day. Naturally, he can’t do everything himself. My wife and I are ordered to do things. Is the National Teacher dissatisfied?”

Xu Junyuan pondered: “No. I dare ask Dr. Lin, what do you want me to be a general?”

Lin Qingyu said, “in those years, the National Master once calculated what for his late husband, Lord Lu Xiaohou, and today he will calculate what for the general.”

Xu Junyi’s face was embarrassed: “I’m afraid it’s… Inappropriate.”

Lin Qingyu said in his eyes, “why?”

“The divination I calculate is one divination, one divination and one completion. I used the eight characters of Childe Jiang’s name and birthday to calculate that he should not die two years ago. This is a divination.” when Xu Jun was willing to say the three characters of Childe Jiang, his face looked as usual, as if this was the consensus reached by the three people. “Now, general Gu counts the same thing. Will you tell me whether general Gu uses the eight characters of his own birthday or the eight characters of Childe Jiang’s birthday? If the former, general Gu died in battle two years ago; if the latter, forced to count again with the same name and eight characters, it would be just looking for the moon in the water in vain.”

Lin Qingyu sneered: “the national master really knows everything.”

“Doctor Lin has a good reputation.” Xu Jun would like to say with a smile, “I know, but I know a little more than others.”

“Why can’t you make two calculations with one divination when you have such a great ability?”

Xu Jun wished to say, “the way of heaven can’t be seen. It’s a blessing to see it occasionally. If you know it many times, you’re afraid of being eaten back.”

“Absurd.” Lin Qingyu said in a cold voice, “I want you today.”

Xu Jun is willing to be helpless: “I have said that even if I force another calculation, the income does not belong to heaven.”

“Qingyu.” Gu Fuzhou pulls Lin Qingyu, “it’s no use telling him.”

On Lu Wancheng’s death last year, Lin Qingyu woke up in the middle of the night and lost control. He spent a lot of effort to coax people well. To this end, he also wrote a guarantee. What Lin Qingyu didn’t know was that the next day Gu Fuzhou went to Changsheng Temple alone and forced Xu Junyuan to calculate another divination for himself. He almost put the knife on Xu Junyuan’s neck and got the same words as today.

Lin Qingyu’s cold eyes swept away: “you already know?”

Gu Fuzhou refused to comment and said, “if the national master really knows people’s life and death, he might as well change his name to Xu shengshengshu. In the final analysis, he is also a mortal. What he can calculate is always limited.”

Xu Junyuan said with a smile, “the great general is worthy of being a man who has experienced life and death. He is really thorough in looking at things. Life and death have a life and wealth in heaven. I hope Doctor Lin doesn’t force him.”

Lin Qingyu looked sharp: “if you don’t let me force me, I also force me to do it again. What if I do it again.”

Xu Jun was willing to say, “then ask Dr. Lin to believe in childe Jiang. He was chosen by heaven and came from a long distance. He certainly has something extraordinary. Although I can’t figure out the fate of Fuzhou, I’m willing to believe that childe Jiang can always survive when he is favored by heaven.”

“The national teacher is still the same.” Gu Fuzhou Xiang said, “listen to your words and read for ten years in vain.”

Xu Junyuan smiled brightly and said, “thank you, thank you.”

Gu Fuzhou has not yet made a statement about the expedition, and many memorials have been handed over to Lin Qingyu. Most of these people are generals below the fourth grade. They have their own advantages and disadvantages. They can be pioneers and difficult to be generals. One of them attracted Gu Fuzhou’s attention – Wu Youyuan, a 17-year-old young general, the legitimate grandson of the Duke of Wu, is now practicing in the imperial forest army.

“Wu Youyuan?” Gu Fuzhou said, “grandson of Duke Wu?”

“It’s him.” Lin Qingyu asked, “do you recognize him?”

“Once or twice, my little brother is quite handsome and one of the admirers of general Gu I mentioned this man in my foreign policy. Although I did, I said that Wu Youyuan inherited Gu Fuzhou’s last wish and killed Xixia in ten years. I wanted to recommend him to go to the northwest, but he was too young to grow up. In the original book, he lost several battles in his youth, but he became more and more calm after he was 25, and gradually showed his talent as a general. ”

Lin Qingyu said, “seventeen years old, as old as when you first came to Dayu.”

Gu Fuzhou said with a smile, “yes. When I was 17, I was still walking birds and throwing pots in Hou’s house. People already wanted to make meritorious service on the battlefield.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “do you want him to go?”

Gu Fuzhou said: “with his current qualifications, he certainly can’t be in command, but being a pioneer should still be no problem.”

After weighing, Lin Qingyu said, “if he wants to go, take him with him. He can’t get to the height of the original book without going through the storm. When you get to the northwest, look at him more. Don’t let him go back to the old way and act rashly for the sake of being angry.”

Gu Fuzhou grasped the key point: “so, do you agree with me?”

Lin Qingyu said lightly, “I agree or not, don’t you want to go?”

Gu Fuzhou gave a low smile and said, “life has been so difficult. Dr. Lin should not expose some things.”

The next morning, Gu Fuzhou knelt on one knee on the main hall and said, “this is the time when Dayu is in danger. I am willing to put my life and death aside in order to avoid danger in the northwest. I, Gu Fuzhou, ask for war.”

As soon as the voice fell, the military attache was full of joy. Wu Zhan was so excited that he clenched his hands: “I knew it! I knew it! What did I say? General Gu will certainly not sit idly by!”

“With general Gu in the northwest, it is just around the corner to recapture Yongliang!”

“General Gu must cut off the tongue of Xixia thieves and avenge General Zhao!”

Duke Wu smiled happily. Xi Rong silently hooked his lips and flashed a secret calculation in his eyes; Even empress dowager Wen was relieved.

Everyone was happy for Gu Fuzhou’s initiative. Only Lin Qingyu stood behind the Dragon chair and looked down at the ministers. His eyebrows were cold.

The emperor, Longyan Dayue, granted Gu Fuzhou’s invitation to fight and appointed Wu Youyuan as the vanguard of the West expedition.

There was little left to kill the city as Xixia said. The Emperor gave Gu Fuzhou three days to prepare. Three days later, Gu Fuzhou will lead the capital’s reinforcements to the northwest.

Before the expedition, Lin Qingyu and Gu Fuzhou had important things to do. The servant of the night watch has not sent hot water to the master at night for many days. It can be seen where they are thinking.

At that time, the general’s family did not say that it was gloomy, but also had a gloomy atmosphere. Huan Tong and most of his servants thought that the great general’s expedition was a matter of lofty ambition and would return in triumph in the future; Women like Hua Lu worry that swords and swords have no eyes on the battlefield, and so many injuries on the general do not appear out of thin air. However, they can’t do much. They can only sew the general’s robes one by one.

Lin Qingyu met two people successively at the house, one of whom was Hu Ji. Hu Ji used to be a special imperial doctor for the abandoned Prince and Chen family. As soon as they left with the former Emperor, the imperial concubine moved to Jinyang garden. There were no empresses, princes and princesses in the palace. Hu Ji was also idle. Now he spends most of his time seeing a palace maid eunuch.

Lin Qingyu asked Hu Ji if he would like to go out with the army. Hu Ji answered without saying a word. Northwest has just experienced several big defeats and countless casualties. It is the time of employment. As a doctor, Hu Ji will go forward wherever he needs him.

Hu Ji’s medical skills are outstanding among his peers. He is also Lin Qingyu’s good friend for many years. Lin Qingyu can trust him. After that, Lin Qingyu wrote another letter to Zhang Shiquan and asked him to take the letter to Xuzhou to find Zhu Yongxin. When Shen Huaizhi said goodbye to him, he said that if he had something to look for in the future, Zhu Yongxin knew his whereabouts.

Shen Huai knows excellent martial arts, but he is not good at art of war. What he learned all his life is the skill of assassinating the protector needed by the Royal dark guard. If he is willing to go to the northwest to help take care of Fuzhou, Lin Qingyu will be relieved.

When Lin Qingyu was working hard, the generals were giving Gu Fuzhou a farewell party at the cavalry camp. They were not allowed to drink alcohol in the camp, so they roasted a fresh slaughtered fat sheep and replaced wine with tea to wish the general a complete victory and return.

Looking at them, it seems that they really feel that as long as Gu Fuzhou, who has not failed, goes to the northwest, all problems will be solved.

Duke Wu patted Gu Fuzhou on the shoulder and said, “brother Fuzhou, I’ll give you my useless grandson. The boy has learned the art of war with me since he was a child. I don’t ask him to make achievements when he went to war for the first time, as long as he doesn’t hold you back.”

Gu Fuzhou smiled and answered, but he thought that Wu Youyuan would develop quickly so that he could lie down and win.

“Senior general, I’m sorry for you. I shouldn’t say you’re a… it’s a…” Wu Zhan said with a “Ho” and said shamefully, “I hope you don’t remember the villains. Don’t have the same experience as me and other rough people.”

Gu Fuzhou said, “I don’t want to see you, but I need you to stay in the capital and do something for me.”

“But at the command of the general, the last general will die!”

Gu Fuzhou winked and Wu Zhan understood. They left the crowd and came to a quiet place. Gu Fuzhou said, “I’m going to the northwest. The date of return is unknown. I’m really worried about leaving my wife alone in Beijing.”

“Does the general mean Dr. Lin?” Wu Zhan couldn’t understand. “Dr. Lin is a popular man around the emperor and the Empress Dowager. What can he do?”

Gu Fuzhou whispered, “I hope I think too much. Just in case, I want to leave him a ‘knife’ in the capital to protect his integrity.”

“‘dao ‘?” Wu Zhan said bitterly, “general, if you have anything to say, my brain can’t turn around.”

Gu Fuzhou lowered his voice: “I want you to hide a soldier in the capital for me.”

A group of hot-blooded men always feel dissatisfied with drinking tea. Someone suggested that they learn from the literati, pack a boat on the Jinshui River, order some pots of good wine, and find some beautiful singers for everyone to enjoy. Everyone agreed and asked Gu’s opinion. However, the general could not be seen in the barracks.

Gu Fuzhou stepped into the yard, took off his cloak and threw it to the servant: “Qingyu, I’m dying. I ate most of the leg of sheep by myself today.”

Lin Qingyu stood at the table and smiled: “just right, there is nothing in the kitchen tonight. There is only a bowl of longevity noodles. You should still be able to eat.”

“Longevity noodles?” Gu Fuzhou stepped forward and saw two bowls of steaming noodles on the table, green scallions and half cooked loose eggs floating on the soup. “Oh… My birthday is coming.”

Lin Qingyu said, “you’re going to cross the road on your 20th birthday. In that case, it doesn’t hurt to be two days ahead of time.”

Gu Fuzhou bowed his head and kissed Lin Qingyu’s forehead: “happy, thank you, baby. I’ll wash my hands first.”

Lin Qingyu watched Gu Fuzhou turn around, and the smile on the corners of his mouth faded. When he turned back, he smiled again.

The two sat down at the table. Lin Qingyu told Gu Fuzhou: “don’t clip off the face.”

Gu Fuzhou laughed: “when did you start to believe this?”

Lin Qingyu was at a loss for a while. Yeah, he never believed that before. “Probably, after Lu Wancheng’s death.”

Gu Fuzhou paused, picked up his chopsticks and said with a smile, “then I’ll finish it at one go.”

While they were eating noodles, Huan Tong came in and reported that the young master of the Duke of Wu asked to see him. Lin Qingyu asked, “is it Wu Youyuan?”

“It should be.” Gu Fuzhou wiped his mouth with a handkerchief. “Please ask him to go to the front hall. I’ll go right away.”

Lin Qingyu said, “I’ll go with you.”

The 17-year-old handsome young man, dressed in the armor of the Royal Army, was full of vitality, as if he had endless energy. As soon as he saw Gu Fuzhou, he couldn’t wait to salute and said, “general, I thought of a method that might break the ground fire array of Xixia Army division!”

Before he finished, Wu Youyuan saw the man behind the general and bit his tongue. For a moment, he was stunned.

Gu Fuzhou raised his eyebrows and asked, “good looking?”

Lin Qingyu gives Gu Fuzhou a warning look.

Wu Youyuan nodded blankly, “it’s nice.”

“It’s right to look good.” everyone loves to see it. Gu Fuzhou is not jealous of such a small thing. If others will be jealous if they look at each other more, he and Lin Qingyu don’t have to do anything else all day. They can’t eat all the vinegar. “Call the general’s wife.”

Wu you was far from relieved and hurriedly arched his hand and said, “Wu you has foresight, general’s wife.”

Gu Fuzhou asked, “did you come to me to discuss the art of war with me?”

Wu Youyuan remembered the purpose of his trip and rekindled his excitement: “it’s exactly! General, the ground fire array seems to have no solution, but there is a flaw that is very difficult to notice…”

Lin Qingyu said, “why don’t you take little general Wu to the study?”

“OK,” Gu Fuzhou said helplessly, “come with me.”

Lin Qingyu sent them to the study, ordered Hualu to serve tea, and went to the pharmacy.

This was the last night before Gu Fuzhou went to war. He wanted to spend a good night with his beautiful wife. He had better do something. Unexpectedly, it took him an hour to listen to Wu Youyuan’s art of war. Seeing that the curfew was approaching, Wu Youyuan said goodbye.

When Gu Fuzhou returned to the room, Lin Qingyu had just finished bathing and was wiping his wet hair with a towel. Gu Fuzhou walked behind him, naturally took the towel from his hand and sighed: “the poetry of youth blood and youth has just begun.”

Lin Qingyu let Gu Fuzhou wipe his long hair and asked, “who are you talking about?”

“Nature is Wu Youyuan.”

“What about you?” Lin Qingyu said, “you’re not a teenager?”

“No.” Gu Fuzhou was quite sad. “When I saw Wu Youyuan, 17, I found that I was old.”

Lin Qingyu reminded him, “in terms of your actual age, you are only 20 years old.”

Gu Fuzhou sighed: “it’s not because this body has no sense of youth, and my mentality is getting old.”



“Even if you use the body of a 33 year old man, I can feel the so-called ‘sense of youth’ in you.”

Gu Fuzhou didn’t answer, just looked at Lin Qingyu and smiled blindly.

Lin Qingyu glanced at him: “look what I do.”

“You’re really good at saying love words,” Gu Fuzhou said to Lin Qingyu in a bronze mirror. “They’re all in love for the first time. How can you say that?”

“I’m just telling you the truth, how it turns into love words in your ears.”

Gu Fuzhou exclaimed, “it’s great. It’s great. Speak more. I like listening.”

Lin Qingyu: ”

When Lin Qingyu’s hair was almost dry, Gu Fuzhou thought of something and asked, “by the way, where’s my Qingyun Kyushu gun?”

Lin Qingyu said, “there should be ashes in the corner.”

Gu Fuzhou can pick up the Qingyun Kyushu gun that ordinary people can’t move with both hands. “Fortunately, it’s quite easy.” Gu Fuzhou said, “it’s not in vain for me to lift iron for an hour every day.”

Lin Qingyu frowned, “didn’t you say you were only planning strategies in the account.”

“Occasionally, I still have to carry a blue cloud Kyushu gun and pretend to be handsome in front of the soldiers. If I draw my sword in front of them and look around at my heart, where will the general’s face go?”

Gu Fuzhou wiped his gun under the lamp. Lin Qingyu accompanied him and suddenly said, “I’ll go to the Northwest with you.”

Lin Qingyu began to regret when he finished. In the current situation, if he and Gu Fuzhou leave the capital together and use Xi Rong’s means, he is afraid that when they come back, there will be no place for them in Beijing. Gu Fuzhou fought in the northwest. He sat in the capital, so as to maintain the delicate balance at present.

Fortunately, Gu Fuzhou didn’t take his words seriously: “you won’t go.”

“You know?”

Gu Fuzhou nodded: “I know, because we Dr. Lin have never been in love.”

Lin Qingyu said faintly, “I wish I were a love brain.”

Just like Jingchun and the king of Beijing, they don’t care about anything. They just want to stay with each other forever and never separate.

“I don’t want to.” Gu Fuzhou smiled at him with nostalgia and appreciation. “This is my doctor Lin

Lin Qingyu chuckled and said, “the nine chapters are so familiar. Why can’t you recite the book of songs well.”

Gu Fuzhou knew that Lin Qingyu meant the failed confession of Shangyuan Festival and said with a smile, “it’s different. At that time, you made me nervous.”

Recalling all the things of that day, it seems that it was yesterday. The city is full of gorgeous lanterns, surging crowds and smiling… And Lin Qingyu’s sentence “I like you too”.

Gu Fuzhou stared at the sharp tip of the gun and murmured, “Qingyu, I’m really… A little afraid.”

Lin Qingyu stood up and ordered him, “put down the Qingyun Kyushu gun.”

Gu Fuzhou did as he said. Lin Qingyu approached slowly, and the flickering candle reflected the beauty like in the fog. He raised his hand and untied his clothes. His clothes slipped to his ankles, and his thin and white body appeared in front of Gu Fuzhou.

The skin is like cold jade, the red spot is like cherry, the long hair hangs on the back of the United States, and the beauty is unique.

“Give me your hand.” Lin Qingyu said.

Gu Fuzhou’s eyes were dark, and his breathing was hurried. He smiled and said, “what are you doing, baby, tempting me?”

“No.” Lin Qingyu opened Gu Fuzhou’s hand and put the ointment made by himself in his palm, “I’m — inviting you.”

Gu Fuzhou’s pupil was wide open. The whole person seemed to be nailed to a chair and couldn’t move. He forced himself to lower his head, but Lin Qingyu pinched his chin and forced him to look at him. He had no choice but to see the beauty.

“If you’re tired, I’ll come by myself.”

Gu Fuzhou said with difficulty, “why don’t you invite me when I come back.”

“Why wait for you to come back?” Lin Qingyu’s eyes turned red without warning. “Is it the same reason that you refused to tell me your name… In your dream?”

Gu Fuzhou took the fox fur hanging on one side and put it on Lin Qingyu: “of course not. If you think about it, I’ve been away for less than half a year, more than three or five years. You let me open meat, eat marrow and know the taste, and then throw me to the northwest to eat vegetarian. Who can resist it? Rather than this, I’d better bear it first. As you said, it’s more painful to lose again than never have.”

If there is no last sentence, Gu Fuzhou’s remark is interesting. Lin Qingyu bent his lips and looked sad. Gu Fuzhou could see that Lin Qingyu didn’t believe what he said. He just pretended to believe it.

Neither of them said anything. Gu Fuzhou was afraid that Lin Qingyu would catch a cold. He put the man in bed and wrapped him firmly in a quilt. Lin Qingyu didn’t resist either. He lowered his eyebrows and collected his eyes. He looked at the mercy of others. Suddenly, he seemed to think of something. He grabbed Gu Fuzhou’s skirt and said eagerly, “you wrote me a guarantee.”

“Yes, I wrote you a guarantee.” Gu Fuzhou got into bed and held the fragile beauty in his arms. “If I deceived you, you can sue me at the Lord of hell.”

Lin Qingyu said softly, “I want to hide you and lock you up so that you can’t go anywhere. You can only stay by my side and look at me.”

Gu Fuzhou raised Lin Qingyu’s face and looked at him carefully. The cruel and ruthless beauty looked blankly, her eyes were moist, and seemed to be trying to restrain something. Gu Fuzhou held him tighter and said with a smile, “I can’t wait. You’d better find another iron chain to tie me up so that I can do things with you in addition to eating, drinking and sleeping.”

Lin Qingyu reluctantly smiled and stuck more tightly in Gu Fuzhou’s arms: “good idea.” after a moment, he finally made up his mind, “you go, but you must come back – you must come back.”

Gu Fuzhou didn’t say much at this time. He stroked Lin Qingyu’s long hair and said, “OK.”

In the first year of Chu Xi, Xiao Xue, Gu Fuzhou took command and set out for the war. The emperor, with all his civil and military officials, sent them off at the gate.

Gu Fuzhou looked up and saw Lin Qingyu standing behind Xiao Yu, almost flush with him. He was wearing a sky blue imperial dress, a snow cape and a layer of White Mink hair between his neck. His temperament was as cold as the moon, but the rising sun threw a warm red light on him, which made his face seem to be stained with light red. His bright eyes were fond of admiring and the streamer was hidden.

When the two eyes were facing each other, Lin Qingyu’s red lips opened slightly and said five words.

Gu Fuzhou only heard the wind, but he could see that Lin Qingyu said: I’ll wait for you to come back.

After this sentence, Lin Qingyu said two words again. According to his mouth shape, it doesn’t look like a “general”, nor does it look like a “husband”, nor does it look like a “Fu Zhou”.

Gu Fuzhou thought a little, the corners of his mouth raised slightly, then pulled the reins, turned the horse’s head, and Wu you on the opposite side said, “let’s go.”

As Gu Fuzhou turned around, a group of elite forest guards followed him and left the capital.

After that, he never looked back. Whether forced or not, regardless of the odds, when he really leaves, he can always be so natural and unrestrained, just like the teenager who said “a little afraid” in front of Lin Qingyu last night, just like… Just like he said goodbye to him in his dream.

I didn’t look back at him once.

In the sound of the trumpet, there are sad songs, strong men, iron horses and half a roll of banners. He fought for three thousand miles and won eternal fame.

At this time, when you smile for a young hero, don’t be bitter for years of parting. In the future, the mountains will be separated, the mountains will be high and the road will be long. Only when there are hundreds of battles in the yellow sand, don’t forget to go to Beijing. In the long night, someone looks through the autumn water and waits for you to return.


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