Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 9

When you go to your mother-in-law, don’t say in a big family, even in a small family, it’s what your daughter-in-law should do every day. Lin Qingyu is extremely disgusted, but in order not to leave something for Liang, he has to go to Liang every day.

In the past, Liang had nothing to say with him. He never responded to the topics between women. Liang had no way to take him. He often asked Lu Wancheng a few words and allowed him to return to Lanfeng Pavilion.

Early this morning, Lin Qingyu stepped into the main hall and saw Liang sitting on the throne. She knew she had something to say.

Sure enough, Liang sent people on two new teas and said, “Qingyu, you’ve been married to Hou’s house for some time.”

Lin Qingyu didn’t answer. Liang waited for a moment and said, “do you know what is the most important thing as a positive wife?”

Lin Qingyu said, “I don’t know.”

“The most important thing, of course, is to have children for your husband. However…” Liang sighed and looked very sorry.

Lin Qingyu sneered: “I can’t do this. Madam can let the little Marquis divorce me and marry a good wife who can do it.”

Liang Shi was probably used to his cold words. He was not angry when he was contradicted. Instead, he smiled and said, “what stupid words do you say? You are the lucky star of late Cheng. Late Cheng can’t live without you in his life.”

Liang Shi finished and looked at Lin Qingyu’s face. Seeing that he was unmoved, Fang restrained his countenance and said positively, “as the so-called ‘husband and son’, you can’t do it for the time being, so you can only learn to ‘husband’. You are the young gentleman of the Marquis house, and you should learn how to take care of things in the house, so as to share the worries of the late Cheng.”

“Share your worries for the little Marquis?” Lin Qingyu smiled. “Madam, what’s the worry about the little Marquis? Is it that the thrush can’t sing, or the Starling can’t call people. Or… Is it his illness?”

As Lin Qingyu guessed, when he heard the word “illness”, Liang naturally pursed his lips: “the illness of late Cheng has Doctor Zhang’s care.”

“If I remember correctly, the Marquis once told me to look at Mr. Gu’s body. At that time, his wife was also present.”

“Indeed, there is such a thing.”

Lin Qingyu nodded lightly, “has the lady finished?”

Liang gradually clenched his fingers, but said with a smile: “long before you married in, I heard the matchmaker say that the son of Taiyuan hospital not only gave birth to a first-class appearance, but also has talent, outstanding talent and unforgettable ability. Those who can do more work are so smart. It must not be difficult to give consideration to family affairs and the body of Wan Cheng – come on.”

An old woman came in. It was mammy Liu who was punished for hard work a month ago. Mother Liu presented several thick account books and said, “please have a look, young gentleman.”

Lin Qingyu casually picked up the top one and said, “I don’t see you in January. Mammy Liu seems to be getting old obviously. I’m afraid it’s hard to do hard work.”

Mother Liu reluctantly smiled and said, “the slave and maid made a mistake and should be punished.”

“These are just the accounts of this month. Try to sort them out first. If you don’t understand anything, you can ask your mother at any time.” Liang Wen said, “the number is a little large, but according to your ability… Three days. How about you sort out the accounts and return them to your mother within three days?”

Before Lin Qingyu could speak, mother Liu snapped, “young gentleman, madam, this is about you.”

“No,” said Liang with a smile, “I’m old and want to enjoy happiness. In the future, such a big Hou house still has to be controlled by Qingyu.”

The master and servant play is clumsy, but it is reasonable. The housekeeper’s right is handed over to the young gentleman. It seems that the housekeeper is generous and trusts the young gentleman. If you refuse, you will become a wife in vain.

The question is, did Liang really let him be the housekeeper?

How is that possible? Unlike Lu Wancheng’s biological mother, Liang was born ordinary. Her father was only a servant under the fourth grade. She still had to be trembling in front of Nan’an Hou. The eldest son left by the original match, and his own son is a waste. The only thing Liang can stand by in Hou’s house is the right to control the family.

He had no interest in the power of the Hou family, but he was still interested in seeing Liang regret and shame.

“Madam’s kindness, I appreciate it.” Lin Qingyu threw the account books in his hand back to the tray, “I also accept these account books.”

Liang nodded happily: “Qingyu, don’t let Wei Niang down.”

As soon as Lin Qingyu left, the gentleness on Liang’s face immediately retreated and muttered, “he promised so readily…”

Mother Liu squinted at the direction of the door: “don’t look at the young gentleman as tall as an immortal. She still cares about the property of Hou’s house.”

Liang shook his head: “he only thought about the imperial medical department. It’s not such a person.”

“Why not. Madam, you must be careful not to let the young gentleman really take away the power of the housekeeper.”

“Don’t worry about it,” said Liang leisurely. “I’ve sent someone to inquire. He never asked about the account book in the Lin house before. No matter how intelligent he is, he can’t give both ends into consideration. It depends on which one he wants to give up. As for the right of housekeeper… It can only be mine in the end.”

Mother Liu said politely, “madam is wise.”

Liang’s hand slowly stood up, holding mammy Liu’s: “let the servants who understand the accounts breathe. Don’t let them help those who shouldn’t help.”

Mother Liu hurriedly said, “I’ll go now.”

In the blue wind Pavilion, Lu Wancheng slept until noon as usual. Hua Lu saw that his face was not very good-looking and asked him what was wrong with him. Lu Wancheng rubbed his forehead and said, “headache.”

The flower dew tensed and said, “well, how can you have a headache.”

Lu Wancheng guessed, “it’s probably due to lack of sleep.”

Flower dew: ”

Although it is common for Lu Wancheng to have a hot head, Hua Lu did not dare to neglect it. She went to the study and invited Lin Qingyu over.

Lin Qingyu diagnosed his pulse, touched his forehead and said, “you sleep too much.”

Lu Wancheng was shocked: “impossible.”

“Why is it impossible?” Lin Qingyu said. “Do you think you are a baby? You sleep eight hours at twelve o’clock a day. You don’t have a headache. Who has a headache?”

Lu Wancheng sighed, “what should I do?”

Lin Qingyu sat by the bed and pressed the temples on both sides for Lu Wancheng. The strength was not light or heavy: “sleep less. You want to wake up later, I’m afraid…”

The voice stopped suddenly.

Lu Wancheng rested on Lin Qingyu’s leg and smelled the faint smell of books on him. Suddenly, there was a trace of uncertainty. He stiffened for a moment and told himself that Lin Qingyu was also a boy. Then he relaxed and closed his eyes to enjoy the peace of the moment.

But he just enjoyed it. Before long, Lin Qingyu mercilessly stopped and got up and let Hualu replace him.

Lu Wancheng said quietly, “this is over?”

“I’m busy.”

“Hmm? What are you doing?”

Lin Qingyu said, “you have a good stepmother.”

When Lu Wancheng inquired a little, he knew what happened in the morning. He couldn’t help laughing and said, “it’s a little anxious. I can’t wait for months… Yes.”

The flower dew didn’t know, so she said, “if you are the housekeeper in the future, won’t our life be better?”

Lu Wancheng said with a smile, “what do you think?”

In the afternoon, Lin Qingyu rolled out of the study with medicine in his arms. Blue wind pavilion has an elegant Pavilion, which is most suitable for enjoying spring. Unfortunately, Lin Qingyu is a little late, and the pavilion has been taken first.

Lu Wancheng was half lying on the rocking chair, shaking gently in the sun. He was dressed in red and looked lazy. His long hair tied at will added a bit of style to him.

Hearing Lin Qingyu’s footsteps, Lu Wancheng opened his eyes and said, “why is Dr. Lin here? I thought you were going to stay in the study for a day.”

Lin Qingyu said, “make medicine.”

Lu Wancheng asked, “well, don’t you look at the accounts?”

Lin Qingyu said, “I’ll talk about it later.”

“Do you want to read both medical books and accounts? Do you want them all?”

Lin Qingyu asked, “otherwise?”

“Can you help?”


“Oh… Dr. Lin, what medicine are you pounding now?”

“A good medicine for men’s kidney deficiency.”

Lu Wancheng:?

Pavilions, waterside pavilions, flowers and trees. Two people, one basking in the sun and the other making medicine, share the boundless spring.

After Lin Qingyu finished dispensing today, it was getting late. He lit a light in his study and began to look through the account books. He had never been in touch with the affairs of the government, but he was often with his mother when he was young. His mother often looked at the accounts. He was influenced and knew about it.

Bookkeeping is in a running way. It’s not difficult to understand it. But Liang’s account book was small and vague. He only looked at it for half an hour, and his eyes were sour. In addition, the record date was confused and vague, and the missing content in one book appeared in another… No wonder Liang asked him to sort it out within three days.

But even so, he may not be unable to do it.

In the dead of night, candles flickered. Hearing the sound of the door, Huan Tong, who was waiting at the desk, ran to open the door: “little Marquis? Why haven’t you slept yet.”

Lu Wancheng stepped into the study with the help of flowers and dew: “it’s a long night. I don’t want to sleep. Besides, your young master won’t let me sleep more.”

Lin Qingyu looked down at the account book and said, “I told you to sleep less in the daytime. I didn’t let you stay up late.”

From morning till night, Lin Qingyu never stopped. At this time, it is hard to hide his fatigue. Looking at Lin Qingyu’s tired face, Lu Wancheng tightened his chest and said, “it’s midnight, or don’t look at it first. What about today? I’ll leave it to you tomorrow?”

Lin Qingyu didn’t lift his head: “I want to give tomorrow to today’s little marquis.”

“… huh?”

“Since the young Marquis has a long night and doesn’t want to sleep, it’s better to help me…”

Lu Wancheng choked and walked back with his forehead: “my head is starting to hurt again. Let me lie down again, lie down again…”

Lu Wancheng was so fast that Huan Tong doubted whether he had recovered from his illness. Huan Tong offered Lin Qingyu a new cup of tea and complained in a low voice, “young marquis is, I can’t help at all.”

Lin Qingyu is used to it: “he’s just a lazy bone. It’s better to burn incense and worship the Buddha than to expect him.”

After his words, Lu Wancheng turned back, walked up to Lin Qingyu and looked at the account book spread out on the table with a dignified expression.

Lin Qingyu said inexplicably, “why?”

Lu Wancheng leaned forward and blew out the table lamp.

Lin Qingyu: ”

In the dark, he felt a slight chill on his wrist and was held: “go to bed, the account book… Leave it to me.”

Lin Qingyu pulled out his hand: “give it to you? You’re not too lazy to do it.”

Lu Wancheng was speechless and could not refute.

“Besides, if you were told by Liang Shi, wouldn’t you want to cure me of disrespect for my husband. I want to do these well because…”

“I know you want to take this opportunity to hit her in the face, but you don’t have to fight with yourself. You don’t like the affairs of the house, why force yourself.” Lu Wancheng said, “Huan Tong, hide the fire fold and don’t let your young master light the light.”

Lin Qingyu said coldly, “young Marquis, just take care of yourself. It’s not your turn to ask about my business. Huan Tong, light the light.”

Huan Tong did not dare to listen to the young master and lit the light again. Only then did he see that Lu Wancheng’s expression was no longer lazy and casual. He raised his eyebrows and said, “what’s your business?”

This kind of Lu Wancheng makes Lin Qingyu a little strange.

Lu Wancheng added, “why is it your business that my stepmother made trouble? Shouldn’t it be mine.”

“Don’t bother,” Lin Qingyu said in a cold voice. “Young Marquis, please calm down and recover.”

Lu Wancheng was silent for a moment. Suddenly he smiled and returned to normal: “but I can’t sleep at night without Dr. Lin in the house.”

“Then you can endure it.” Lin Qingyu doesn’t care at all. “Sometimes you can’t die by staying up all night.”

Lu Wancheng: ”

Neither of them slept well this night. Lin Qingyu didn’t go to bed until midnight. He got up early in the morning and continued to bury himself in the account book.

“Young master,” Huan Tong’s voice sounded outside, “an uncle wants to see you. He said he was sent by the little marquis.”

What does Lu Wancheng want to do.

Lin Qingyu frowned, “let him in.”

Not long after, a decent looking middle-aged man came in, saluted and said, “Hello, young gentleman. The villain is the treasurer of the Duke Wen’s residence. His surname is Zhang and his name is Zhang Shiquan.”

Lin Qingyu was a little stunned and understood more than half: “the little Marquis asked you to come…”

“The little Marquis wrote a letter to the Duke overnight. It said that the young gentleman had a bad account to manage, which was a little weak. After the Duke carefully selected it, he sent villains to help.” Zhang Shiquan respectfully said, “don’t worry, young gentleman. I’ve done a bad job in the accounting room since I was a child. No matter how bad the account is, I can figure it out once.”

Lin Qingyu recovered and handed an account book to Zhang Shiquan: “steward Zhang, have a look.”

Zhang Shiquan turned a few pages slightly and said, “obviously, this account book has been deliberately disturbed. If you can trust me, give me a day and let the villain be busy alone. You don’t look well, so I’d better go and have a rest.”

There is a specialty in the art industry. If he can achieve his goal, he doesn’t want to waste time on it.

Lin Qingyu went out of the study, stopped a maid and asked, “where is the little Marquis?”

The handmaid said, “when the little Marquis finished eating, he went to the garden.”

Lin Qingyu came to the garden. Lu Wancheng is competing with several servant girls to throw a pot. Huan Tong lost half of his monthly case money and was so distressed that he howled. Lu Wancheng was laughing and his mouth was flying. He was an ignorant dandy disciple.

After reading him for a long time, Lin Qingyu suddenly felt that… He seemed to understand Lu Wancheng.

The author has something to say:

Little Marquis: for the sake of his wife, he began to support gradually

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