Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 90

Half a month later, Gu Fuzhou led the reinforcements to the northwest, and Lin Qingyu met him again. The only comfort is that this time they can at least write to each other, which is a privilege granted to them by the emperor.

Every memorial sent to the capital from the northwest will be mixed with a letter from general Gu’s family to his wife, and both will be sent to Lin Qingyu’s desk at the first time.

Although the memorial and family letter are written by one person, their styles are quite different. The memorial was concise and well worded, and all the words were military matters. During this time, under the leadership of GUI Shuai, the Xixia army was as powerful as a spear. After occupying Yongliang, it won several important towns in the northwest. After Gu Fuzhou led the reinforcements of the capital, he stabilized the morale of the army at first, and his morale also improved.

Under the fierce offensive of Xixia army, Dayu army kept track of the city. This is the last line of defense in the northwest. Once Guizhou falls, Dayu’s northwest portal will open. At that time, Xixia can retreat from the Jiangnan plain and directly point to the national capital.

After all, Gu Fuzhou is a man who wears a quilt to go to the city gate to command the deployment. He has a lot of experience in guarding the city. The northwest army and the reinforcements worked together. According to the Xixia army outside the rail state city, it temporarily blocked the advance of Xixia.

These are simply written in the memorial, only the results, and the process and details are omitted. But judging by the number of casualties alone, we can see the difficulty. Gu Fuzhou’s letter to his family is like this:

“Qingyu, you won’t believe it. I haven’t slept in since I came to the northwest. Do you see my determination to triumph?”

“After discussing with the generals in the evening, I went out of the tent and saw that the stars in the Northwest were very bright. I suddenly felt that it would be better if you were by my side at this time.”

“That ghost handsome is a little powerful. I don’t think I’m his opponent. But Wu Youyuan looks very confident. He can talk about tactics for two hours every day – I listened to him carefully, and then I began to lose my hair in a lot.”

“Qingyu, last time I was in the northwest, I’ve won six consecutive games. I have a hunch that I’m coming and my first defeat will come soon. Help.”


Somehow, seeing Gu Fuzhou complaining that Xixia ghost Shuai uses his arms like a God and crying that he is not his opponent, Lin Qingyu is not particularly worried. This should be Gu Fuzhou’s tone. It’s clearly not a good thing, but somehow it can make people have confidence in him. This person is always like this. He does his best in everything in his unwilling laziness.

Gu Fuzhou’s peace of mind was never based on words. This time… It must be the same.

No, it must be the same.

Lin Qingyu’s life this year is very simple. Although Yuan Yin, like in previous years, hung red silk lanterns in the general’s house and pasted window flowers on the windows, he also made the kitchen prepare a rich new year’s Eve dinner. But Lin Qingyu’s heart is not here. He casually uses two and goes back to his room to have a rest.

The room is still the big bed carefully selected by Gu Fuzhou. In order to get up less at night, Gu Fuzhou specially asked the carpenter to make a wooden table matching the bed and prepare tea on the table every night, so that he can get water when he wakes up thirsty at night.

Lin Qingyu is lying on the inside of the bed, his limbs are slightly cool. No matter how thick the quilt is covered, his body can’t get warm.

Until the fourth watch, Lin Qingyu gave up sleeping. He got out of bed, put on his fox fur, took the candlestick and went to the table. He wrote down what he thought: the mandarin duck tile is cold and the frost is heavy, and the jade quilt is cold. Who will share with him.

First, I wish my husband a thousand years old, second, I wish my concubine a healthy body, and third, I wish you a long time like Liang Shangyan… After all, it’s just a good wish.

After writing, Lin Qingyu was absent-minded for a moment and looked up at the northwest sky.

The candle burned out and sat alone at dawn.

On the third day of the lunar new year, people came to the general’s house to pay New Year’s greetings. Unlike last year, many generals and civil servants came to your house to pay New Year’s greetings this year. After the new emperor ascended the throne, the gaomen in Beijing also understood that in addition to general Gu, the general’s wife is also a figure that can not be underestimated. It is said that it is the fifth grade Medical Officer Lin Taiyi, but the word “doctor” can be changed to “Fu”.

Most of the worship Posts handed to the door were pushed away by Lin Qingyu, but some people had to see them. For example, Gu Fuzhou’s right-hand man in the army, Wu Zhan.

Wu Zhan also thought about his rude remarks to the general. On this trip, one was to pay a new year’s call and the other was to make an apology. The gifts took up half of the yard. “These are the wishes of the brothers. I hope your wife will not dislike them.”

“No.” Lin Qingyu said politely, “general Wu, sit down. Flower dew, serve tea.”

Wu Zhan drank the tea from the general’s house and still sat uneasy. He and Gu Fuzhou are both martial arts people. They are used to informal details. If they want to apologize, they should apologize in a big way. But now sitting in front of Lin Qingyu, he looked at him calmly, and those words of apology became ashamed to speak.

Lin Qingyu said, “general Wu seems to have something to do.”

Wu Zhan went out of his way: “what, I scolded the general for a moment before he set out for the war. Later, I found out that I misunderstood the general. I feel terribly guilty…”

Lin Qingyu asked, “did you tell the general about it?”

“Yes, the general said he didn’t have the same view as me.”

Lin Qingyu nodded: “in that case, I won’t see things like you.”

Wu Zhan sighed with relief and said with a grin, “madam, don’t worry. I’ll take care of my temper next time. If I speak ill of the general again, I’ll ask myself to feed the horses in the stable for three months.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “general Wu just said that he was’ temporarily excited ‘and scolded the general. I don’t know where this’ temporarily excited’ came from?”

Wu Zhan feels guilty: “In fact, it’s not a ‘temporary’ excitement. At first, I saw that the northwest was like that, and the general was still indifferent. He was a little angry. Not only me, but also Duke Wu thought it wasn’t something that the senior general would do. But we also thought that the senior general might have his deep meaning. So we just said something in private, but we didn’t expect Cui Xiang to hear.”

Prime Minister Cui Lian, who was in his fifties, was the Minister of the former Emperor. Xiao Cheng also trusted him when he was the crown prince. He was still prestigious in the court, and Lin Qingyu didn’t move his mind for the time being.

Lin Qingyu asked, “what did Cui Xiang say to make you so indignant?”

“Cui Xiang said that we don’t understand the great general. The great general has fought for Dayu for more than ten years. Now he has married a beautiful lady and is indulging in the gentle countryside. The Xixia military master is crafty and the great general is also a mortal. It’s normal to fight against the ‘ghost’ and shrink back. Let’s not be too harsh on him.”

Lin Qingyu found something wrong: “so Cui Xiang is talking for the general?”

“Yes, yes.” when Wu Zhan looked back, he didn’t think it was right. “Cui Xiang also said that the dream of ease in the capital was due to the general’s years of war. The words were to the general, but we were angry. Then I rushed to the barracks without holding back… Alas, I’m confused.”

Lin Qingyu is lost in thought. Did Cui Lian think about this trip, or was he instructed? He always thought the old minister was safe. Now it seems… He will do bad things alone.

“Madam, why didn’t the general want to go to the northwest at first?” Wu Zhan couldn’t help asking, “is it really because he doesn’t want to give up the prosperity of the capital? I don’t believe it!”

Lin Qingyu glanced at Wu Zhan and said, “because he feels that he is not on the battlefield and less involved in the northwest, he is responsible for the 300000 Western army and the people.”

Wu Zhan was shocked and said, “how could he think so? The general is the God of war of Dayu. The soldiers trust him so much!”

“So he finally went for your trust.” Lin Qingyu said coldly, “even if you didn’t force him, he would still go.”

Young master Jiang is different from him. In his bones, he is still a gentle young man.

After seeing Wu Zhan off, Lin Qingyu ordered Hua Lu to prepare a generous gift and let yuan Yinbei get off the carriage. Since Cui Lian was willing to help his husband speak, he naturally came to the door to thank him.

Cui Lian personally welcomed Lin Qingyu into the main hall. The tea was also good. His attitude was neither warm nor cold, but polite.

“I really didn’t expect that Doctor Lin would visit the prime minister’s house for the new year.” Cui Lian said, “I don’t know when I entered Doctor Lin’s eyes.”

Lin Qingyu said, “I didn’t mean to hide it from Cui Xiang. I just heard that the general had received Cui Xiang’s good words before he set out for the war. I hereby come to the door to thank him.”

Cui Lian didn’t change his face, but his tea hand stiffened: “the great general worked hard and made great achievements. He fought for Dayu. I really can’t bear to see the great general reluctantly go to the battlefield again.”

Lin Qingyu said softly, “but I clearly remember that Cui Xiang said in his memorials earlier that the general is the only person to command the northwest. I don’t know why he can make Cui Xiang change his old ways.”

Cui Lian was speechless for a moment. He quickly reacted and said calmly, “play the script? I didn’t play it for the northwest. Did Dr. Lin remember wrong?”

“So,” Lin Qingyu smiled, “maybe I remember wrong.”

Beauty is supposed to be a feast for the eyes, but Cui Lian is afraid to see it. He has been to this play, but the only one who saw that play is the Holy One. What does Lin Qingyu really know, or does he want to set him up?

Before Cui Lian thought more, Lin Qingyu got up and said goodbye. Before leaving, Lin Qingyu said, “Cui Xiang, the elder of the two dynasties and the pillar of the country, I hope the prime minister will think twice before he acts. Don’t do anything stupid.”

After Lin Qingyu left, Cui Lian was uneasy and thought again and again. He went into the palace when he was taking a rest. The holy master had gone to bed and saw that he was still the father-in-law Xi. The first time he met the holy master alone, the holy Master said: Xi Rong’s meaning is all mine, and Aiqing can treat him like me.

Cui Lian told Xi Rong exactly what happened today: “father Xi, the memorial of the power customer general…”

“Don’t worry, Prime Minister. It burned after reading. Doctor Lin can’t have seen it.”

Cui Lian was terrified: “in this way, he really wants to set his true face. It’s really insidious and cunning. It’s impossible to prevent!”

Xi Rong pulled the corners of his mouth: “but didn’t the prime minister tell Dr. Lin that there was a ghost in your heart when he went into the palace to ask for a face Saint during his rest?”

Cui Lian suddenly realized that he was annoyed: “I didn’t think of this layer!”

“Prime minister, you don’t have to blame yourself.” Xi Rong said with great interest, “Doctor Lin has long understood that what you did was just to send him evidence. Even if there was no evidence, he had already confirmed the facts.”

“You mean, he knows?”

Xi Rong narrowed his eyes: “today, he came to ask you for punishment. It’s my turn in the future.”

At this time, a small eunuch found Xi Rong: “father Xi, the emperor is awake and is looking for you.”

“Thank you, Prime Minister. I’ll take care of the rest.” Xi Rong said and hurried to the emperor’s bedroom.

On the day of Shangyuan Festival, Lin Qingyu received another letter from Gu Fuzhou: “seven wins in a row, baby. Wu Youyuan has made great achievements and is worthy of being a man who can destroy Xixia. But he seems to be floating. He always thinks he can beat five. But it’s not a big problem. I’ll stop him from going out – happy first anniversary of his promise.”

Gu Fuzhou wrote the last letter to Lin Qingyu during the Chinese New Year. When it was sent to Lin Qingyu, it happened to be the day of their engagement.

Lin Qingyu gently bent his lips, put away his letter and put it with the ring given to him by Gu Fuzhou.

In the afternoon, the officials of Ci’an palace came to the house to upload a message. The Empress Dowager invited Lin Qingyu to the palace to spend the Lantern Festival, and climbed the tower to enjoy the lights after sunset.

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Small theater:

Mr. Jiang took his beautiful wife shopping.

On the subway, the beauty who has just learned to use her mobile phone is chatting on wechat with strangers who help him.

Stranger: what? He also took you on the subway! I can’t stand sleeping in the slot, can’t I take a taxi! How can a great beauty take the subway! Male high school students who can’t see and use, damn!

After seeing it, Mr. Jiang thought it over and said to his beautiful wife: emmm… Why don’t you take a driver’s license first?


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