Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 91

The Shangyuan lantern festival only started in the evening. Lin Qingyu wanted to discuss Cui Lian with the Empress Dowager and entered the palace early,

Nowadays, the sage is always thinking of filial piety. Ci’an palace is the best in its application. Knowing that the Empress Dowager liked chrysanthemums, he specially ordered people to make dozens of chrysanthemum style lanterns and put them in the courtyard of Ci’an palace. It was only a little dark, and the lanterns bloomed in the snow, gorgeous and full of spring.

Laifu looked at a sea of flowers and said with a smile, “empress dowager, the emperor has used his heart to you.”

The Empress Dowager was lack of interest: “although AI family is the emperor’s legitimate mother, there has been no mother son relationship in the past 20 years. These are just appearances. Besides, with the emperor’s temperament, how can you think of such a pattern? It’s the idea given to him by the eunuch around him.”

When Lin Qingyu arrived at Ci’an palace, the dining room of Ci’an palace had just cooked a pot of yuanxiao, and the Empress Dowager was tasting it with the king of Xiaohuai. After hearing Laifu’s report, the Empress Dowager asked Laifu to invite people in.

When Lin Qingyu entered the inner hall, he saw the Empress Dowager and Xiao Li sitting at the table. Xiao Li was obviously dressed up carefully. She was wearing the prince’s single Python five claw robe and a jade pendant on her thin waist. Although she was not grown up and her facial features were unique to teenagers, she was still handsome without a couple and no other in the world. He was supposed to be a young man with a clear wind and a bright moon, but his eyes were dull and dull. He couldn’t find a trace of vitality.

Lin Qingyu saluted the two: “to the empress dowager, please greet the prince.”

The Empress Dowager said kindly, “Qingyu is coming. Sit down. Come and serve Yuanxiao to doctor Lin.”

Lin Qingyu is not used to people other than his family and husband calling his name. This year, he and the Empress Dowager were on the same boat and jointly did several top secret things that could not be done for foreigners. It can be said that both prosperity and loss were lost. Whether the Empress Dowager is true or false, when he is still better than he is Lu Wancheng’s wife.

Lin Qingyu declined: “I’ve already used it at home. I won’t disturb the Empress Dowager and the prince.”

The Empress Dowager said, “you can use it again after use. As a man, you can’t even eat a bowl of yuanxiao. Ci’an palace mourns for the family and Li’er. It’s always colder. You used to be the niece and daughter-in-law of the family. Li’er’s cousin is also a family. There are no outsiders in Ci’an palace. You don’t have to be polite.”

When the Empress Dowager said this, Lin Qingyu sat down according to his words. The dumpling in front of him was steaming. Lin Qingyu tasted one. The glutinous rice outside was sweet and soft, and the sesame wrapped inside was slightly sweet and greasy for him.

The Empress Dowager patronized Xiao Li and couldn’t afford to eat. If Xiao Li wants to eat by herself, he grabs it with his hand and puts it in his mouth. In the Ci’an palace, there are special mothers who take care of Xiao Li to feed him, and the Empress Dowager often feeds him personally.

As soon as the dumplings were handed to her mouth, Xiao Li opened her mouth and swallowed them, then chewed and swallowed them slowly. Even if you are mentally deficient, you won’t appear clumsy and embarrassed when you eat.

Seeing Xiao Li take a bite of dumplings, the mother who took care of Xiao Li smiled and said, “our little prince likes to eat yuanxiao very much. Look at him happy.”

Listening to Mammy’s tone, I thought she was talking about a baby less than a year old. Xiao Li was so happy that there was no expression on his face. This kind of words could coax the Empress Dowager.

The Empress Dowager regarded her son as her life. At the moment, she was really coaxed. She asked softly, “does Li’er like to eat dumplings?”

Xiao Li opened her lips slightly and stared at the spoon in the Empress Dowager’s hand.

“Li’er calls the empress mother, and the empress mother will feed you. OK? Li’er, call the empress mother – the empress mother.” the Empress Dowager said patiently, “Li’er, learn from the empress mother – the mother and the empress.”

Xiao Li seemed to be in another world. She could not hear the Empress Dowager’s voice and would not respond to her words.

Lin Qingyu said, “although Yuanxiao is good, it should not be greedy.”

The Empress Dowager fell down and said, “forget it. Take all these away.”

Xiao Li couldn’t eat dumplings and didn’t cry or make noise. He slowly lowered his head and immersed himself in his own world again.

The Empress Dowager sighed and couldn’t hide her loss: “after the new year, Li’er is sixteen years old. Her mind is still like a three or four-year-old child, and she doesn’t speak like other children… I don’t know if in this life, AI family can listen to Li’er call AI family ’empress mother’.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “can the LORD speak?” he never seemed to hear Xiao Li’s voice.

“The national teacher said that Li’er had all five senses, and could not react because his soul was not here.” the Empress Dowager smiled bitterly. “He also said that there were many aphonias and his face was close to the demon. Fortunately, Li’er was in the emperor’s house. If he was just a common people and had such a face, I don’t know how much hardship he would suffer.”

Lin Qingyu said, “the little prince really looks great.”

The Empress Dowager looked at him and said, “it’s always inferior to you.”

“The little prince is young and has not yet grown up.”

“What’s the use of a good face? I’d rather he was plain.”

The palace maid took off the Lantern Festival and served the fruit to relieve the boredom and digestion. Lin Qingyu mentioned Cui Lian and asked, “has the Empress Dowager ever seen the memorials on Cui Xiang’s appointment to the northwest?”

The Empress Dowager recalled it carefully and said, “No. AI family remembers that Cui Xiang had an ambiguous attitude towards this matter when he went to court. He was vague and elusive.”

Lin Qingyu said, “I’ve read all the memorials about the northwest, but I haven’t seen Cui Xiang’s handwriting. It seems that someone deliberately hid it in order to make use of Cui Xiang and add fuel to the fire among the military attach é s.”

Lin Qingyu and the Empress Dowager know who this person is.

“I’m still unwilling to be controlled.” the Empress Dowager took off her armor and peeled the citrus herself. “There’s one thing that AI family doesn’t quite understand.”

“Please speak clearly.”

“You seem to have known that he was restless. Why should you give him a chance?”

Lin Qingyu said: “Among the three sons of the former Emperor, apart from the abolition of the crown prince, there are only the current emperor – I beg your pardon. If we supported the little prince at that time, don’t say that all civil and military officials believed the imperial edict of the former Emperor, that is, what would they think when they learned that Dayu’s future emperor was mentally deficient. Therefore, our choice is only the emperor. However, the emperor’s ambition is not above the court, so I need Xi Rong to replace him He has made political achievements, so that he can be promoted to the throne without disturbing the agenda. ”

“Ai Jia understands.” the Empress Dowager gently wiped the corners of Xiao Li’s mouth with a handkerchief. “You did a good job, and the emperor ascended the throne smoothly. AI Jia and you will help the emperor look after the rivers and mountains in the future. Xi Rong is not necessary to live, is he?”

Lin Qingyu smiled: “what the Empress Dowager said is very true. But Xi Rong is not an idle person. He has attracted the Prime Minister of a dynasty and won the respect of the emperor. He did it rashly for fear that he would scare the snake.”

The Empress Dowager snorted coldly, “if a thing has no root, it will surprise him. What about him?”

In the Empress Dowager’s opinion, Xi Rong is just a little smart and can’t make any waves. She doesn’t know that Xi Rong and Xiao Yu have been living together for many years. It’s not difficult to kill Xi Rong, but if Xiao Yu is lost, who will sit on the throne will become a problem.

Lin Qingyu raised his eyes to Xiao Li, and his eyes turned a little deeper.

It is true that Xiao Li is easier to control than anyone, but he is a fool after all. At present, the northwest is in chaos. If he and the Empress Dowager support another fool to ascend the throne, it will be difficult to stabilize the hearts of the army and the people.

At least wait until Gu Fuzhou comes back.

“Empress Dowager.” Laifu came forward, “the princesses of the old princes have come to Ci’an palace to invite Ann.”

“Ai Jia, go and see them.” the Empress Dowager said, “Xiujiao, you feed the LORD some fruit.”

The mother named Xiujiao peeled another orange and fed it to Xiao Li. Xiao Li pursed her lips and seemed not interested in oranges. Mother Xiujiao coaxed in a soft voice: “Lord, eat another one.”

Apart from his family and Gu Fuzhou, Lin Qingyu has always been cold and indifferent to others. But somehow, when he saw Xiao Li only a few times, he felt that the foolish prince was amiable, which gave him an unspeakable sense of familiarity.

Lin Qingyu said, “I’ll try.”

After a little hesitation, mother Xiujiao retreated and gave the position beside Xiao Li to Lin Qingyu.

Lin Qingyu picked up a orange and said, “little prince, open your mouth.”

Xiao Li looked at him for a moment, obediently opened his mouth, let him put the citrus into his mouth, and a small piece of his cheek bulged.

“Sweet or not.”

Lin Qingyu asked casually, but Xiao Li had a reaction.

——He smiled.

Xiao Li’s complexion is excellent. When he smiles, his eyes fade and his pupils are as bright as stars. He can catch the spirits of some people who have never seen the world. At present, a layer of things he can’t see is floating. Gu Fuzhou told him about it and called it “lying silkworm” , he also said that once his original face smiled, there would be lying silkworms. It was very beautiful. Unfortunately, neither Lu Wancheng nor Gu Fuzhou had lying silkworms.

At present, there is this layer of things. It’s really beautiful to laugh.

Xiao Li only smiled for a very short moment, and soon recovered his dead expression, as if he had just smiled, but others were dazzled.

Xiujiao was stunned for a moment. She didn’t react for a long time. She hurried to tell the Empress Dowager: “empress dowager, the Lord smiled!”

When the Empress Dowager heard the speech, she ignored the princesses present and suddenly stood up: “seriously?”

“Seriously! The maidservant saw it very clearly, and Doctor Lin also saw it.”

The Empress Dowager was very excited: “go and invite the national teacher!”


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