Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 92

Xu Junyuan was eagerly invited into the palace. He thought something earth shaking had happened. Unexpectedly, there was such a big battle in Ci’an palace because the little Huai King smiled at the beautiful doctor who fed him oranges.

Xu Jun was willing to open Xiao Li’s eyes, looked again and again for a long time, and then took a meaningful look at Lin Qingyu.

The Empress Dowager urged, “national teacher, Li’er is so big that he has little expression behind him except crying when he was born. Now that he can laugh, does it prove that his ecstasy is better?”

Xu Jun is willing to ponder: “not necessarily.”

It’s not necessarily possible. The Empress Dowager couldn’t help but red her eyes and said in a trembling voice: “so, there is still hope for cure for Li’er’s disease?”

“Although the Lord’s soul is separated from the body, there is also a wisp of remnant soul left in the body to keep the body from extinction. It’s normal that both remnant souls can cry and laugh, which doesn’t mean anything.”

The Empress Dowager didn’t die and said, “but Li’er never smiled. Why did he suddenly smile.”

Xu Jun would like to ask mother Xiujiao, “you just said that the Lord smiled at Doctor Lin?”

Mother Xiujiao couldn’t help nodding: “Doctor Lin fed the LORD an orange, and the Lord smiled.”

“That’s right.” Xu Junyuan said with a smile, “the Lord can see. When he saw the beauty feeding himself, he smiled.”

Mother Xiujiao said, “but the Lord won’t laugh when he sees other beauties.”

“That’s probably because other beauties are not beautiful enough.”

Lin Qingyu said lightly, “I’ve married a wife. It’s too frivolous for a national teacher to be a beauty.”

Xu Junyuan bowed and said, “it’s my negligence. I apologize to the general’s wife here.”

Hope was followed by greater disappointment. The Empress Dowager stroked Xiao Li’s face and choked: “Li’er, you also smile at your mother…”

The Empress Dowager was so sincere that Xiao Li didn’t even want to look at her. The boy hung long clear eyelashes and quietly grabbed his fingers to play.

In this situation, even Xu Jun could not help but be moved. He said with relief: “the sun and the moon have changed over the years, and things are changeable. It is unknown that the Lord will return to his own body in the future. Since the Lord likes the general’s wife, he can let her often come to Ci’an palace to accompany the Lord. Things in the future are unpredictable. I hope the Empress Dowager will be relieved and the Phoenix body is more important.”

The Empress Dowager is a person who has experienced storms. She has honed in the deep palace for many years. Only her son and nephew can make her lose her manners. She calmed down, wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes and said, “it’s a hard trip for the national teacher.” she looked out of the window and said, “there’s less than half an hour before sunset, and the national teacher has come. It’s better to stay in the palace and accompany the emperor and AI’s family to climb the high and enjoy the lights.”

Xu Jun is willing to smile and say, “Weichen obeys.”

At night, Xiao Yu, the Empress Dowager and many royal families climbed the tower together. The Empress Dowager stood at the front with Xiao Yu’s help. Looking at Xiao Yu’s rather unnatural expression and action, she knew that the picture of mother’s kindness and son’s filial piety was somewhat true and false. Standing behind them were several old princes and princesses, as well as Xiao Li led by mother Xiujiao; Lin Qingyu and Xu Jun are willing to stand at the end. Among so many people, only they are not royal relatives and relatives.

The Imperial Palace tower, the highest in the capital, is also the most suitable place to enjoy the lights. Overlooking the capital, you can see the grand scenery of the capital.

Fire trees and silver flowers, parade floats, surging crowds, just like last year today.

The moon and the light are still, and there are no people last year. Even if you are in the best place to enjoy the lamp, who do you talk to.

Mother Xiujiao’s voice came from a distance: “Lord, look, that lantern looks like a rabbit…”

A few steps away from Lin Qingyu, there was only a wisp of ghost boy lying on the wall, with thousands of lights in his eyes as in Lin Qingyu’s eyes.

The Empress Dowager was not interested in enjoying the lamp. After watching it for half an hour, she said, “I’m tired of mourning. First take Li’er back to the palace to have a rest. It’s rare for the family to get together. Emperor, you can talk to Uncle Huang again.”

Xiao Ying said yes. Lin Qingyu took the opportunity to resign. The Empress Dowager said, “well, let Doctor Lin send the mourners back to Ci’an palace.” after saying that, she raised her hand.

Lin Qingyu paused, walked forward and asked the Empress Dowager to put her hand on the back of her hand. As they were about to go downstairs, Xi Rong suddenly stood up, lifted his clothes and knelt down. He said in a high voice, “the servant, supervisor Xi Rong, has come to ask the Empress Dowager and Doctor Lin for a crime.”

His opening attracted the attention of the old prince and the princess.

Lin Qingyu and the Empress Dowager looked at each other. The Empress Dowager said sternly, “well, what are you doing, trying to sweep away the pleasure of the emperor and your princes in enjoying the lamp?”

“No, empress mother,” Xiao Xuan said nervously, “ah Rong sincerely apologized. Just listen to him first.”

The emperor spoke in person. Naturally, the Empress Dowager could not brush his face in front of the imperial family: “it seems that the emperor knew your sin in advance. Well, tell me.”

Xi Rong kowtowed first: “On that day, Yongliang fell and the northwest was in urgent need. Except general Gu, no one at home and abroad was qualified for the western expedition. However, general Gu refused to take command of the western expedition. Helpless, it was a slave who offered advice to the emperor and Cui Xiang, deliberately angered general Wu, only to ignite general Gu’s fighting spirit, revive his majesty, take out the momentum that defeated Xixia and save Yongliang people from water and fire For the sake of Northwest China and Dayu, I have to make such a bad plan. I am willing to be punished. ”

Before the Empress Dowager could say anything, Xiao Ying said again: “empress mother, although ah Rong did this wrong, he also thought about the northwest. Xixia threatened that they would kill the city if they didn’t see general Gu. Ah Rong really had no other way to do so…”

An old king said, “I have heard a little about the events of that day. General Gu is a general of the auxiliary country personally granted by the former Emperor. When something happens in the northwest, he can hang up. The important minister said that he should go on with a decree and care about him. The emperor has given general Gu great face by doing so.”

Another Prince agreed: “what the third brother said is reasonable. In the final analysis, it’s all for Dayu’s consideration. Even if the eunuch is guilty, his merits and demerits can be offset.”

Xi Rong’s Yu Guang looks at Lin Qingyu. The beauty doctor is also looking at himself quietly. He looks like there is no wave, but he knows that Lin Qingyu… Wants his life.

The Empress Dowager’s chest fluctuated slightly and tried to hide her anger. She sneered and said, “since the two princes pleaded for you, I have to take it easy – drag it down and blame 30.”

Xiao Yu stared: “three, thirty?”

“Why,” said the Empress Dowager coolly, “the emperor is too much?”

Xi Rong whispered “emperor”, and Xiao Yu closed his lips and said nothing. But everyone could see that he was dying of heartache.

Lin Qingyu couldn’t help thinking, if Xi Rong died in front of Xiao, what kind of interesting expression Xiao would have.

He kind of wants to see it.

When she returned to Ci’an palace, the Empress Dowager asked mother Xiujiao to take Xiao Li back to her room to have a rest. Then she held back the crowd and said angrily, “it’s a good move for the wicked to sue first. It’s the AI family who despised the eunuch. What’s more, the AI family didn’t expect that the emperor would protect him to that extent!”

Lin Qingyu said, “unfortunately, it’s not the time to move Xi Rong.”


Lin Qingyu explained: “there must be no changes in the capital before the great general recovers the northwest. At least we can start until the great general recaptures Yongliang and stabilizes the situation in the northwest.”

Since he stayed in the capital, he had to ensure that Xixia did not have any chance to disturb the morale of the army, so that the soldiers could have no worries on the battlefield.

“Ai family doesn’t understand.” the Empress Dowager said coldly, “Xi Rong, a somewhat clever eunuch, killed him. How can there be changes in the capital? The emperor has to be because he can’t live with AI family and the throne.”

Lin Qingyu said, “if I say that Xi Rong is to the emperor as the little prince is to you, will you understand?”

The Empress Dowager was stunned. Of course she knew that Xiao Li was her life. In order to reunite with Xiao Li’s mother and son, she could even betray her husband. If anyone killed Xiao Li, she would have the murderer nine families buried with her, and then… Go to Jiuquan to accompany her Li’er.

“But how can it be. Even if they have the friendship that they have been with since childhood, it won’t be so.”

Lin Qingyu told the Empress Dowager about Xi Rong’s life experience. After hearing this, the Empress Dowager looked more and more fierce and said firmly, “if he is really the emperor’s half brother, we can’t keep him.”

“At this time, everything should be based on the northwest war.” Lin Qingyu still said, “everything will be discussed after Yongliang recovers.”

The Empress Dowager asked, “aren’t you afraid that he will attack us first?”

Lin Qingyu smiled: “he won’t, he doesn’t dare.”

If something happens to him in the capital, the 300000 troops under Gu Fuzhou’s command may not have killed Xixia. Xi Rong is also waiting. When Gu Fuzhou has calmed down the Northwest for him, he will look for opportunities to hide his power and recover his military power. With Xi Rong’s caution, he makes three calculations at a time. Unless he is sure of everything, he definitely dare not touch him.

Lin Qingyu stayed in the palace late at night. When he left the palace, the light Market dissipated and the crowd stopped. Only the bright moon in the sky shone thousands of miles away from the northwest.

Northwest, the governor’s office.

Gu Fuzhou stretched out his hand and asked Hu Ji to feel his pulse. Seeing Hu Ji’s dignified face, he couldn’t help sighing: “is there no cure for my disease?”

Hu Jiwei: “when people are middle-aged, they often have hair loss, especially men. General, hair loss is not serious at all. I lose more than you. You are really worried.”

“No, I obviously feel that my hair is less than half.” Gu Fuzhou said in a deep voice, “doctor Hu, you must find a way to cure me. If you fall down like this again, I will go back to see Qingyu with my head bald.”

Hu Ji had to say, “you have more rest, less reflection, or you can get better.”

Gu Fuzhou smiled: “now this situation is impossible.”

As they were talking, there was a sound of footsteps outside. There were two visitors: Wu Youyuan, the vanguard of the West expedition, and Shen Huaizhi, the dark guard of the Tianji camp.

Wu Youyuan and Shen Huaizhi both have the same martial arts. One is good at fighting head-on and the other is good at assassins. Wu Youyuan learns that Shen Huaizhi was once the dark guard of Tianji camp. In his spare time, he often pesters Shen Huaizhi to compete with him. He hasn’t won once in a month.

“General, we’re back.”

Hearing Wu Youyuan’s voice, Gu Fuzhou didn’t lift his head and asked, “Xi mention ten consecutive defeats?”

Wu Youyuan refused: “elder brother Shen is several years older than me. When I grow up a few more years, I will be able to beat him.”

Shen Huaizhi smiled helplessly and said, “general, I have your letter.”

Gu Fuzhou stood up and said, “give it to me.” in front of the three, he opened the letter and read it carefully.

Hu Ji said, “look at the expression of the senior general. I think everything must be all right in the capital.”

“Everything in the Imperial Palace in the capital is as old as before, and he is trying to solve the problem of insufficient food and salaries… It’s all business.” Gu Fuzhou turned a page and raised his mouth, “Oh, the little bug is growing well and has given birth to a second nest.”

Wu Youyuan said strangely, “little insect? What’s that?”

Gu Fuzhou said solemnly, “it’s the second miss and the third childe of the general’s house.”

Wu Youyuan was stunned: “when did the general and Doctor Lin have a baby?”

Hu Ji said with a smile, “I think the general should be talking about the Gu insects raised by doctor Lin.”

Wu Youyuan laughed, and Shen Huaizhi couldn’t help laughing. Wu Youyuan asked, “what about the eldest son of the general’s house?”

“Not my eldest son, but my eldest daughter.” Gu Fuzhou said, “she was trampled to death by the servants.”

Three people, look at me and I look at you. I don’t know what kind of expression to put on: “senior general, I’m sorry for the change.”

“Speaking of it, today is Shangyuan Festival,” Hu Ji said fondly. “In a year, there is only Shangyuan festival night in the capital, and there is no curfew. This is also the busiest day of the year.”

Hearing Hu Ji’s words, Gu Fuzhou remembered the night scene of Shangjing Festival: lanterns all over the city, Jinshui River as bright as the Milky way, great beauties as beautiful as cities and countries, and… A flower lamp in the shape of a rabbit.

Gu Fuzhou smiled. He patted Wu Youyuan on the shoulder and said, “brothers, do a good job. Finish it early and go home early.”

In more than half a year, Gu Fuzhou led his officers and men to recover several adjacent cities in Yongliang.

In the autumn of the second year of Chu Xi, the Dayu army was ready to go, pointing directly at the last city – Yongliang.


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