Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 93

The scenery of the northwest frontier fortress is quite different from that of the capital. Soon after the beginning of winter, it is cold like a knife and Hu Tianfei frost. The setting sun on the mountain, sand like snow, wild geese wail, and the lonely city is closed.

Last winter, Xixia took Yongliang from Dayu, humiliated and killed the Lord general, and threatened to kill the city. Today, a year later, the scenery of the frontier fortress is as old as before, but people inside and outside the city have already exchanged attacks and defenses. The Dayu army camped outside the city one month ago. In the past month, they stood still and rested for the last war.

Compared with the days of attacking the city and pulling out the stronghold, the days of recuperation are always boring. Keep it. A hot-blooded teenager can’t keep it.

“Senior general, we have been reorganizing our troops for a month.” this is Wu Youyuan’s third invitation to war in ten days. “Before that, our army has successively captured several small cities such as Guangyang, langu and Zhuoxian County, and the morale has been greatly boosted. This is a good time to work hard and keep cool. If we delay any longer, the officers and soldiers will inevitably be slack and the stored food and grass will be in urgent need.”

Gu Fuzhou held his arms and looked at the northwest terrain on the sand table, silent.

“The general’s words are different. The military method says, ‘when the soldiers attack the enemy, they attack the enemy, and then attack the city. The way to attack the city is a last resort.’ Yongliang is a fortress in the northwest. It has always been a battleground for soldiers. The city is strong, easy to defend and difficult to attack. Can it be compared with the small counties in Guangyang and langu.” the speaker’s name is Shi Pei, an old man in the northwest army, Officials worship general Xuanwei of the fourth grade.

Gu Fuzhou glanced at Shi Pei. This man is famous for loving soldiers like a son. Although he has been fighting for many years, he will still grieve for the casualties of every soldier. For Shi Pei, reducing our casualties is a top priority. He would rather win less beautiful than protect his soldiers. This is a noble character. Gu Fuzhou appreciates him very much.

Wu Youyuan retorted, “it’s difficult to attack the city. But it’s difficult to attack the city today. Won’t it be difficult to attack the city later? Since it’s all a matter of time, why not make a quick decision?”

Gu Fuzhou pressed the center of his eyebrows and said, “you yuan, hot blood is a good thing, but your blood is too hot. Mosquitoes have to scald their mouths after drinking your blood.”

After staying in the Northwest for a year, Gu Fuzhou didn’t bother to maintain his high and cold human facilities. He came as he liked. After Wu Youyuan and others were shocked, they gradually accepted general Gu’s new appointment. They heard from the veterans in the northwest that general Gu was poisoned and had changed his temperament after he picked up a life from Lord Yan. At that time, general Gu was outrageous. Now he is still good. At least he won’t sleep in all day. Fortunately, no matter what kind of general they are, they will not lead them to defeat.

Wu Youyuan can still listen to Gu Fuzhou’s words. He said, “but please give me your advice.”

“You forgot how general Zhao lost his cool last winter.”

“I haven’t forgotten.” Wu Youyuan said quickly, “last year, General Zhao was trapped in a cool and cool place. The roads were blocked by heavy snow, and the food and grass could not be delivered. When he ran out of ammunition and food, General Zhao opened the city gate, fought to the death, lost to the elite of Xixia and died.”

Gu Fuzhou said, “don’t you understand?”

Wu Youyuan’s intelligence is all about the art of war. Gu Fuzhou understood it when he said so. His eyes brightened and said, “the general wants to consume his food and grass like last year, forcing them to open the door to war?”

Gu Fuzhou nodded: “without Guangyang, langu, Zhuoxian and other counties, Yongliang’s grain road has been closed, and no matter how big it is, it is also an isolated city. We have a steady supply of grain and grass, and the Xixia army in the city can only eat nothing. As long as we form a counter consumption trend, our casualties can be reduced by at least half.”

Shi Pei agrees with Gu Fuzhou: “It’s wonderful to treat people with their own way. Xixia brought all the grain and grass of Guangyang and other counties to Yongliang. In addition, what they had stored in Yongliang city could last them for up to 50 days. Now it’s a month and another half. The enemy will either starve to death or open the city to meet the enemy like General Zhao. At that time, our army will be in chaos. At that time, our army had been well prepared for two months , I’m afraid I can’t take down Yongliang! ”

Wu Youyuan pondered and thought that consumption was the best policy, but he still had doubts: “Xixia needs food and grass, and we also need food and grass. The key to the trend of consumption is that we can consume more energy than Xixia.”

Gu Fuzhou turned to Shen Huaizhi: “how many days can our food and grass support?”

Shen Huaizhi said, “it will be less than ten days. But Doctor Lin said in his letter that a large number of grain and grass in Jiangnan have gone north by water at the beginning of the month, and then transferred to rail state by land. I think it won’t be long before they can be sent to the camp.”

Shi Pei said excitedly, “this time is definitely enough!”

“The premise is that the grain and grass can be delivered smoothly.” Gu Fuzhou said after measuring, “Huaizhi, please go back to rail state and escort the grain and grass to Yongliang in person.”

Shen Huai knew, “I’ll start now.”

After the agreement, Gu Fuzhou and Wu Youyuan matched the number of weapons needed for the siege. Seeing this, Shi Pei couldn’t help saying, “the great general’s return to the Northwest has really changed a lot.”

“Hmm? What do you say?”

Shi Pei said: “when the general was in the northwest two years ago, he had a headache when he came to the meeting. He let General Zhao make decisions on everything. How can he be like this? Everything is big and small. Everyone has to ask.”

“I can’t help it. I want to win too much.” Gu Fuzhou said with a low smile, “I can’t die.”

The war in Northwest China is at its last moment. Lin Qingyu hasn’t closed his eyes for three days for this batch of grain and grass transported from Jiangnan to Northwest China. That batch of grain and grass can support the northwest army for at least one month. Now everything is settled, and he can finally feel at ease.

When he walked out of the military headquarters, Lin Qingyu found that it was snowing outside. The snow was not big, but it pricked his eyes. After a trance, he stepped back and bumped into the bodyguard of the military headquarters.

The Chamberlain of the Ministry of military was under 30. He could be regarded as a young talent and a distant relative of the Empress Dowager. Naturally, Lin Qingyu stood at the head of Lin Qingyu. Lin Qingyu has done a good job of food and grass with him these days. Seeing Lin Qingyu’s pale face, he thought Lin Qingyu was worried about the war in the northwest, and said: “General Gu has recovered several cities around Yongliang, forming a trend of encirclement and suppression. It’s only a matter of time to recover Yongliang. Doctor Lin doesn’t have to worry. Dayu will win this war.”

Lin Qingyu nodded: “I hope so.”

The minister in charge of the Ministry of military smiled and said politely, “the road is slippery in the snow. Shall I send Doctor Lin out of the palace?”

Lin Qingyu was concise and comprehensive: “no need.”

Although the Minister of the Ministry of war was a little disappointed, he did not force: “be careful on the way, doctor Lin.”

After Lin Qingyu left a few steps, someone from Ci’an palace sent a message that the Empress Dowager asked him to have dinner in Ci’an palace. Over the past year, he has had more meals in Ci’an palace than Xiao Yu, the “eldest son”. For this reason, there are many gossip in the palace. Some even say that the Empress Dowager took Lin Qingyu as her adopted son and treated him more kindly than the emperor.

But Lin Qingyu knew that the reason why the Empress Dowager was so kind to him was that the mentally incomplete Xiaohuai king would only smile at him. The Empress Dowager invited him to Ci’an palace, often just to make Bo Xiaoli smile.

When Lin Qingyu arrived at Ci’an palace, he saw the emperor’s sedan parked outside the palace. He asked Laifu, “is the emperor coming?”

Laifu said, “the emperor has come to greet the Empress Dowager. He is playing with the little prince in the backyard.”

In the backyard, the royal brothers are squatting in the snow to make a snowman. To be exact, Xiao Li is the only one who is making a snowman. Xiao Li can’t do such complicated things as this. He will only rub the snow into small balls and put them away seriously. Xiao Li keeps talking to him, but he doesn’t respond at all.

Mother Xiujiao, who stood by, saw Lin Qingyu and said with a smile, “Lord, look who’s coming.”

Xiao Li raised her head and saw Lin Qingyu. She was stunned and instinctively smiled.

Xiao Yu smiled at Xiao Li for the first time and couldn’t help saying, “sixth brother, you’re really beautiful…”

Lin Qingyu wants to kneel down to Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu’s eyes are somewhat evasive: “Doctor Lin doesn’t have to be polite.”

Lin Qingyu said, “it’s cold outside. Don’t let the Lord play too long. The Lord’s snow cloak is wet.”

Mother Xiujiao hurriedly said, “I’ll take the Lord to change a snow cloak.”

Mother Xiujiao leaves with Xiao Li. Xiao Yu secretly looks at Lin Qingyu, as if he wants to see it but doesn’t dare to see it. Lin Qingyu asks, “does the emperor have something to ask Wei Chen?”

Xiao Ying shook her head, nodded again, summoned up courage and asked, “Doctor Lin, will you harm me and ah Rong?”

Lin Qingyu looked at him and said expressionless, “father Xi said something to the emperor.”

“Ah Rong said, you and general Gu are not sincere to me. He wants me to stay away from you.” Xiao Yu grabbed his head and hesitated, “but I don’t think you’re a bad man.”

Lin Qingyu Qingshen: “the emperor has been with father Xi for many years, but he doesn’t believe his words?”

Xiao Yu waved again and again: “I don’t believe it. I just think you won’t do this…”

Lin Qingyu interrupted: “emperor, as an adult man, don’t you have your own judgment. Today, if I say I won’t harm you and father Xi, you will put down your guard against me?”

Xiao Yu puffed his cheeks and seemed angry: “I kind-hearted to ask you why you say that.”

“Then I’ll tell the emperor, I won’t – not before the general comes back.” Lin Qingyu said lightly, “believe it or not.”

What Lin Qingyu said was a tacit thing with Xi Rong, and telling Xiao Xiao was harmless. But Xi Rong didn’t seem to tell Xiao Xiao about the current situation, otherwise he wouldn’t have a frightened expression: “when general Gu comes back, do you want, want…”

Lin Qingyu said, “the emperor should ask father Xi what he will do to the general when he comes back.”

Xiao Yu was stunned and murmured, “I’ll ask him…” then he ran out.

Xiao Yu returned to his bedroom. Man Gong looked for Xi Rong: “ah Rong! Where’s ah Rong?”

A eunuch said, “father Xi went out of the palace today and said he had something to go back to the house.”

“Then I’m going out of the palace too.” Xiao Yu ignored, “go and prepare for me.”

Xi Rong didn’t have a mansion, so he lived with Xiao Rong wherever he lived. Later, Xiao Qian chose a large house for Xi Rong and gave it to him. This house was originally the residence of Xiao Rong’s aunt, Princess Pingchang. Princess Pingchang was the emperor’s favorite little sister, and her Princess’s house was extremely luxurious. Unfortunately, Princess Pingchang died of illness at a young age The house remained empty until Xiao Ying ascended the throne.

At this time, the doors and windows in Xi’s study were closed, and Xi Rong was secretly talking with a mysterious visitor. The guest was wearing a cloak and hood. He spoke in a round and deliberate manner.

Those who came were not good. Xi Rong dared not take it lightly and asked, “do you want to see me now, to make peace or to die?”

The hooded man said, “I’m here to discuss a deal with my father-in-law instead of a military division.”

“Oh?” Xi Rong stared at the man. “What’s the deal? You don’t want to talk to the court. You want to talk to me.”

“Gu Fuzhou killed my crown prince. I don’t know how many heroes in Xixia died under his gun. Xixia people want to eat their meat and drink their blood.” the hooded man said angrily, “the military master is willing to take the initiative to return to Yongliang. Just ask Gu Fuzhou not to die.”

Xi Rong’s eyes were cold: “Yongliang is an isolated city, which is already in the bag of Dayu. Why do you take the initiative to return it.”

The hooded man said, “if you are willing to help our military division, in addition to Gu Fuzhou, Dayu’s army will die at most twenty or thirty thousand people. But if you have to attack hard, we will defend it. At that time, Dayu will lose at least fifty thousand troops. What do you think of Gu Fuzhou, replacing twenty thousand troops with a intact Yongliang city?”

Xi Rong said quietly, “Da Yu only came out of Gu Fuzhou a hundred years ago. Who can keep the peace in the northwest except him. Can a city buy his life?”

The hooded man whispered, “but the question is, does Father Xi want Gu Fuzhou to return to the capital alive?”

Xi Rong’s tone was dangerous: “how to say that.”

“If Gu Fuzhou dies on the battlefield, the legendary beauty doctor will lose his husband’s help and only have a leather bag left.” the hooded man looked ambiguous, “Our king has always cherished beauty and cherished jade. After hearing about the deeds of the beauty imperial doctor in recent years, he is eager to see what the beauty who can fascinate Gu Fuzhou looks like. If Duke Xi can send the beauty imperial doctor to Xixia for him to enjoy, wouldn’t it also be a beautiful talk for the two countries to cultivate the” friendship between Qin and Jin Dynasties? ”

Xi Rong sneered: “even if you have learned a few words of Central Plains dialect, you’d better not use it indiscriminately.” that’s not what Qin jinzhihao said. ”

The hooded man smiled and said, “just let Grandpa Xi know what I mean. Once Gu Fuzhou dies, the gratitude and resentment between the two countries are over, and Xixia can guarantee that it will not be committed again. Trading Gu Fuzhou’s life for peace in the northwest is worth it. Grandpa knows better than me.”

Xi Rong asked, “since you are in business, what do you want from me?”

The hooded man smiled in the shadow: “what the military division wants is very simple, nothing more than…” the hooded man stained tea with his fingertips and wrote the word “grain road” on the table.

Xi Rong was silent for a long time and said, “I know.”

The hooded man got up and saluted like the people of the Central Plains: “so, I’ll wait for my father-in-law’s good news.”

“You go out through the side door. Don’t let others see you.”

“It’s natural.”

After the hooded man left, Xi Rong sat alone and meditated. Leng Buding heard a voice outside: “emperor?”

Xi Rong’s face suddenly changed and suddenly opened the door. Xiao Yu’s white face came into view.


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