Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 94

Xi Rong secretly met the Xixia envoy in his house. Xi’s house was heavily guarded. However, it was others, not the son of heaven, nor his brother who had protected and spoiled all his life.

He knew that Xiao Xiaoquan heard it.

After many years of company, the other party was like another self. He was very familiar with Xiao Xiao’s every look and every action, but he had never seen Xiao’s expression when he was with him – panic, consternation, trembling, disappointment and fear.

Xi Rong felt a sharp pain in his heart, but his voice was soft: “emperor.”

Xiao Yu stayed where she was, like watching a cruel stranger.

Xi Rong called again, “ah Yu.”

Xiao Yu woke up like a dream and his eyes suddenly turned red: “ah, ah Rong, you… You betray, betray…”

Before the word “state” was spoken, Xi Rong interrupted Xiao Yu: “ah Yu, you misunderstood me.”

“I heard it! I heard it all!” Xiao Pang burst into tears. “That man wants to do business with you. He wants you to harm general Gu. You agree!”

Xi Rong took the first two steps to hold Xiao Yu in his arms and comfort him as carefully as when he was a child. Xiao Yu has a soft personality, has no natural mother’s care, and does not like the former Emperor. From small to large, she has suffered a lot of grievances in the sinister palace. It’s my duty as a brother to make my brother happy. Xiao Yu comforted him as many times as he cried. But this time, Xiao didn’t jump into his arms as usual, but like a frightened kitten, he was scared back and forth: “you, don’t come here…”

Xi Rong stopped and said, “ah Yu, I told you that Lin Qingyu and Gu Fuzhou won’t tolerate me to help you. As soon as Gu Fuzhou returns to Beijing, Lin Qingyu will attack me. Do you understand?”

Xiao Ying choked: “then you can’t cooperate with the enemy and betray the country! I’m a little stupid, but I’m also a descendant of Xiao. General Gu is fighting for Dayu. You can’t hurt him at this time – I, I’m going to tell the Empress Dowager and Doctor Lin!”

Xi Rong scolded, “stop.”

Xiao Yu had not been so fierce by Xi Rong. She was both wronged and angry. She cried with tears and was pitiful.

Xi Rong said rationally, “the Xixia envoy found me and wanted to use Gu Fuzhou’s life to stop the war between the two countries. I don’t agree with how to let the envoy go back and tell the Xixia military master to kill him while he died early? No matter what, it will only make Xixia strengthen its vigilance against Dayu.”

Xiao Ying couldn’t turn his head, but he understood one thing: Xi Rong didn’t really promise Xixia. “What do you mean…”

Xi Rong’s face was a little calm and said, “ah Li, think about it. Now that I have agreed to the ‘peace negotiation’ of Xixia, will they feel that they have a winning chance and take Yong Liang’s war lightly?”

“Then you pretended to agree – you lied to them?”

Seeing that Xiao Yu’s eyes were almost the same as usual, Xi Rong was relieved and said with a smile: “remember the story of Huang Gai’s false surrender I told you when I was a child. He can make false surrender, and we can make false peace. Don’t worry, I won’t let myself, let alone put you on the charge of treason.”

“So it is!” Xiao Ying was coaxed by Xi Rong in a few words and wiped his tears with the back of his hand. “You said earlier, I misunderstood you.”

Xi Rong grabbed Xiao Yu’s hand and wiped his tears with his sleeve: “just let the misunderstanding go. Well, don’t stand and come in.”

When they entered the study, Xi Rong ordered someone to fetch water to clean the emperor’s face. Xi Rong asks Xiao Yu why she suddenly left the palace. Xiao Yu tells him about her conversation with Lin Qingyu.

“Ah Rong, do we have to argue with Dr. Lin?” Xiao Yu asked naively, “I don’t want to hurt them. I think it’s good now. It’s good to keep going like this.”

Xi Rong touched Xiao Yu’s head and said, “wait until Gu Fuzhou wins Xixia.”

“All right.” Xiao Yu saw the dry handwriting on the table and said curiously, “what’s this?”

Xi Rong did not hide from him: “Gu Fuzhou has consumed Xixia’s grain and grass in the Northwest for more than a month, and the two sides have been consuming in pairs. Therefore, Xixia wants to know Dayu’s grain transportation route.”

Xiao Yu asked, “do they want to rob us of food and grass?”

Xi Rong nodded: “it should be.”

“Oh!” Xiao Yu suddenly became excited. “Can we tell them a wrong route, and then bury an ambush there in advance to catch them off guard!”

Xi Rong was surprised and said with a smile, “ah Yu has become smart.”

Xiao Ying said with a smile, “you are the only one in the world who can praise me for being smart. I should have learned something since we have been together for so long.”

Xi Rong opened the map from rail state to Yongliang: “ah Yu thought, where is the best place to bury an ambush?”

After thinking seriously for a long time, Xiao Ying pointed to one of them and said, “here is the farthest from the real grain road. It’s still a small path between the valleys. The enemy can’t retreat when they come in!”

Xi Rong hesitated for a moment and said with a smile, “just do what ah Yu said.”

Xiao Ying finally made a contribution to Dayu and felt happy. “By the way, I think we should tell our mother and Doctor Lin about it. They are also very concerned about the situation in the northwest.”

“No.” Xi Rong put away his smile. “They don’t have to know.”

Xiao Yu hesitated and said, “but…”

Xi Rong looked serious: “ah Yu, you should remember that Lin Qingyu wants my life. It’s not a good thing to let him know too much. Anything may be the blade of his life.”

Xiao Yu was confused. Although Xi Rong always said that Lin Qingyu wanted them badly, he always thought Lin Qingyu wouldn’t. Lin Qingyu looks as good as an immortal. Will his heart be so vicious.

Although Xiao Yu finally got well with Xi Rong, she was really frightened in the process. Xi Rong was afraid of his lingering fear, so he specially found a famous opera troupe in the capital to enter the palace. Xiao Yu loves to go to the theatre. When she is interested, she sits in front of the stage for a whole day.

The stage of the imperial palace is set in the peony garden. The peony garden is not far from the Ci’an palace. It was originally convenient for the Empress Dowager to listen to the opera. Now it has become a place to disturb the Empress Dowager’s peace.

The Empress Dowager is discussing with Lin Qingyu about taxes in the south of the Yangtze River. The singing tone of Wan Wan’s tunes comes from afar. The Empress Dowager is unhappy and asks, “who is listening to the opera in the peony garden?”

Lin Qingyu said, “there is no one in the imperial palace. The imperial concubine lives in Jinyang garden. Who else do you think?”

Empress Dowager Liu Mei gathered and said slowly, “the emperor is a man with leisure.”

“This is a good thing,” Lin Qingyu said lightly. “People like the emperor had better do nothing, at least not make trouble for others.”

“Having said that, the northwest is still at war after all. Even if the emperor doesn’t ask the government, he should at least make an appearance so as not to let Yanguan talk.” after thinking about it, the Empress Dowager still asked someone to invite Xiao Yu.

Xiao Ying didn’t ask the Empress Dowager to wait more, but almost immediately rushed over. After being beaten by the empress dowager, Xiao Yu knew what he had done. He ignored Lin Qingyu’s presence and said, “I know I’m wrong. I didn’t think so much… Sorry, empress mother, I’ll never listen to the play again.”

The emperor admitted his mistake and recognized his true feelings, which made the Empress Dowager cry and laugh: “it’s not that the emperor can’t listen to the opera. It depends on the time. When Dayu calms down the chaos in the northwest, AI family also wants to listen to the opera.”

Xiao Yu nodded: “I see. Thank you for your instruction. When the world is peaceful, I invite the queen mother to listen to the play with her sixth brother.”

Xiao Yu’s face is younger than her actual age. She nods very cleverly. Although the Empress Dowager was negligent about the concubine in the past, she didn’t have any malice. It was almost the same when she knocked on this job. It happened that when it was time to have dinner, the Empress Dowager asked Xiao Yu to stay for dinner. “Qingyu, you too.”

Lin Qingyu said, “Wei Chen had dinner at Ci’an palace yesterday.”

The Empress Dowager smiled and said, “if you accompany Li’er, he can always eat more.”

During the dinner, Xiao Yu always had an expression of desire to speak and stop. The queen mother asked him if he had anything to say, and he said no decisively. After dinner, Xiao Yu returned to the hall of diligence.

The Empress Dowager couldn’t help saying, “the emperor is not hopeless. If he is not the king of a country, he is a child with a pure heart.”

Lin Qingyu said “um”.

“If the emperor can leave Xi Rong and give more guidance, at least he won’t be at the mercy of others without being a Ming king.”

Lin Qingyu chuckled: “unfortunately, he can’t leave.”

“You’re more confident,” said the Empress Dowager, “The brothers of the same father and mother will turn against each other for their own self-interest, let alone them. AI’s family has seen everything in the palace for so many years. The emperor is too young to be loved, so he can rely on Xi Rong. If you find a dignified, elegant and considerate queen for him and let his feelings be trusted, maybe he won’t value Xi Rong so much.” The more the Empress Dowager thought about it, the more she thought it was a way. “The emperor has already reached his age. Now the filial piety period of the first emperor has passed, which is a good time to seal the imperial concubine for him.”

The Empress Dowager thought Lin Qingyu would agree with her, but Lin Qingyu didn’t respond. The Empress Dowager couldn’t help asking, “what do you think, Qingyu?”

Lin Qingyu said, “the Empress Dowager forgives me, but Wei Chen is not interested in imprisoning others by marriage.”

The Empress Dowager was a little stunned, and her face was a little cold. “Well,” she said excitedly, “let’s see it again.”

It was night. Xi Rong personally served Xiao Peng to go to bed. Before going to bed, both of them would talk about themselves, which was a habit they had when they were young. Xi Rong asked Xiao Peng which plays he saw today. Xiao Peng looked down and said, “I don’t want to see plays in the palace in the future.”

Xi Rong asked, “why?”

Xiao Yu told Xi Rong about what happened today: “the empress mother is right. The soldiers in the northwest are fighting with blood. I can’t help. How can I enjoy luxury in the palace.”

Xi Rong didn’t care about this: “did you have dinner with the Empress Dowager and Lin Qingyu?”

“There are also six younger brothers.” Xiao Yu thought and said, “the six younger brothers are still the same. They don’t respond to anything. They only laugh at Dr. Lin alone…”

Xi Rong interrupted him, “did you mention the food ambush with them?”

Xiao Yu was stunned and looked guilty: “No.”

Any change on Xiao Yu’s face could not hide Xi Rong’s eyes: “do you still want to tell them?”

“I… I didn’t say anything at last. Are you satisfied?” Xiao Yu muffled his head with a quilt. “I’m going to sleep. Please step back.”

Xi Rong half narrowed his eyes: “I’m leaving.”

Xiao Yu knew Xi Rong was angry when he heard that Xi Rong called himself a “slave”. But he really didn’t know what to do. Why did Xi Rong and Lin Qingyu have to fight to the death? It was clear that they were still well when he didn’t ascend the throne.

Xiao Ying fell asleep with worry. I don’t know how long later, he was awakened by the “emperor” and opened his eyes to see xiaoxuanzi, the eunuch who served him personally.

There was a rush of footsteps outside. Xiao Yu was sleepless and asked, “what’s the matter?”

Xiaoxuanzi said in panic: “emperor, there is an assassin in the palace. Father Xi, he, he…”

Xiao Yu grabbed xiaoxuanzi’s shoulder and said, “what’s the matter with him?”

“Father Xi was seriously injured and left a lot of blood… Now he is in the side hall…”

Xiao Pang climbed out of bed and ran barefoot all the way to the side hall. The forbidden guards had already sent out and surrounded the dormitory. Xi Rong had been carried to the bed. There was a shocking knife wound on his left abdomen, and blood gushed from the wound. Because after the blood loss, Xi Rong’s face was no longer bloody and miserable, but he was still conscious.

Xiao Yu cried as soon as he saw him: “where’s the doctor? Call the doctor!”

Xiaoxuanzi said, “I’ve sent someone to call. The imperial doctor should still be on the way.”

Xi Rong grabbed Xiao Yu’s hand and his breath was weak: “emperor, the servant is fine. Don’t worry.”

“How could…” Xiao Ying held Xi Rong and was on the verge of collapse. “How could there be an assassin in the palace and how could someone harm you!”

Xi Rong showed a strange smile: “who else can be such unscrupulous assassins in the palace except them.”

Xiao Yu cried out of breath: “yes, who is it?”

Xi Rong let out a painful groan. Xiaoxuanzi hurriedly said, “what father-in-law Xi said should be the people of Tianji camp.”

Xiao Yu shed tears blankly: “why?”

Xiaoxuanzi said, “I remember that the token of Tianji camp is in the hands of doctor Lin.”

“… Doctor Lin?”

Xi Rong closed his eyes and suddenly made a force in his hand: “so, do you want to get close to Lin Qingyu and tell him everything?”

Xiao Ying cried and shook his head: “I don’t want to. I won’t tell the Empress Dowager and Lin Qingyu. I won’t say anything. I just want you to be good… Ah Rong, you don’t want to die, I don’t allow you to die!”

Xi Rong’s injury looked frightening, but he didn’t hurt the vital point. He had no worry about his life, but he also lost his vitality due to excessive blood loss and had to rest for some time.

There was an assassin in the emperor’s bedroom, which was a first-class matter. Wu Zhan didn’t dare to neglect it. He led the forbidden guards to search the palace all night, but there was no trace. Lin Qingyu heard about it, and Wu Zhan and the imperial doctor who treated Xi Rong that night understood everything.

“Don’t bother about it anymore.” Lin Qingyu said, “the assassin can’t be caught.”

Wu Zhan said, “ah? Why?”

“Since the assassin has the ability to come and go in the palace without a trace, how can he not even kill a eunuch? Such loopholes can only deceive the emperor who cares and is chaotic.”

Wu Zhan still didn’t understand: “Doctor Lin means…”

Lin Qingyu said, “Xi Rong just wants to catch the emperor’s heart and let the emperor stand on his side forever.”

Wu Zhan hissed: “it’s a bitter meat trick. But it’s really cruel. I can even start with myself.”

Lin Qingyu suddenly smiled: “indeed.”

Xi Rong’s move reminded him of Gu Fuzhou. In those years, Gu Fuzhou did not hesitate to poison himself in order to return to the capital from the northwest and to return to him. In this regard, Gu Fuzhou is also a cruel man.

So this time, he will come back with his life.

The author has something to say: tenacious Erzhuang has lived another day. I’ll give you three more days, no more!

Ancient and modern small theater:

Just when he brought the great beauty home, Mr. Jiang, who had lost his memory, didn’t fully believe what he said. Just then, Mr. Jiang’s basic friend paid an IQ tax and bought a lie detector online. As long as he lied, the lie detector would “beep”.


Great beauty: young master Jiang is a diligent man

Lie detector: beep——

Great beauty: Mr. Jiang never sleeps in bed

Lie detector: beep——

Great beauty: Mr. Jiang is my husband.

Lie detector:

Classmate Jiang: emmm


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