Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 95

After Xi Rong was injured, he lived in Xiao Yu’s bedroom. They were almost inseparable. Lin Qingyu heard from Xiao Songzi that Xiao Yu would stay in front of the sick bed whenever he had time, and would even personally feed Xi Rong to drink medicine. Xiao Yu has always been the one who is spoiled. She doesn’t serve others very well. She was clumsy when feeding Xi Rong medicine. She spilled the soup on the bed, but Xi Rong was very useful.

“This is not the emperor or the eunuch,” said Komatsu. “None of my brothers are close to them.”

Xi Rong’s bitter meat scheme really worked. At present, Xiao Yu can’t see anyone except him. As soon as the morning was over, Xiao Yu hurried to the bedroom – he wanted to go back to accompany Xi Rong to change his dressing.

Xiao Peng sat in the sedan and complained to xiaoxuanzi, “what’s the difference between going to the early dynasty or not? I don’t understand these. Anyway, there are empress dowager and Lin…” halfway through, Xiao Peng bit his teeth and said with hatred, “And that man sits in the court. They don’t need me. Why do they keep me in the Zichen hall to listen to politics? I might as well accompany ah Rong more at this time.”

Xiaoxuanzi said, “emperor, father Xi said that you are the son of heaven and the ninth five year old. Only you can sit on the Dragon chair in Zichen hall. Sitting on the top, you are telling all civil and military officials that Dayu’s world belongs to your Xiao family.”

“Dayu is originally from the Xiao family.” Xiao Yu said, “all officials know that I don’t need to tell them.”

Xiaoxuanzi whispered, “but I heard that some people think that half of Dayu is surnamed Wen and the other half is surnamed Lin.”

Xiao Yu was stunned: “Wen… Lin?”

This Wen, of course, refers to empress dowager Wen. After empress Wen hung the curtain to listen to the government, Duke Wen returned to the cabinet, and many of Wen’s in laws have been put in important positions. One of them is Li Chan. Xiao Yu has some impression that he is a handsome young man who is already a chamberlain of the fourth grade military department. Li Chan said a lot in the early morning, as if he was asking the Ministry of household for military pay in the northwest. As for Lin ……

Xiao Ying was thinking about it when the chariot suddenly stopped. He looked forward and his face sank.

Who else can there be in this forest except Lin Qingyu.

Lin Qingyu and Li Chan encounter Xiao Yu on the way to the military headquarters. They kneel down and salute according to the rules.

No matter how stupid Xiao Yu is, he also knows how he came to the throne. Before Xi Rong was assassinated, he was polite to Lin Qingyu. He never let Lin Qingyu give such a big gift, and because he was beautiful and wanted to take the initiative to get close to him. Now, as soon as he sees Lin Qingyu, he will think of Xi Rong dying in a pool of blood.

In his eyes, Lin Qingyu is still Lin Qingyu. He has a cold temperament and forms a perplexing contrast with Mingyan’s appearance, but he is shocked to see that he is such a great beauty, who almost killed ah Rong.

He won’t appreciate a person who is critical to ah Rong. He should protect ah Rong and won’t let others hurt him again.

Lin Qingyu and Li Chan knelt on the ground and didn’t hear the word “flat body” for a long time. Lin Qingyu raised his eyes and looked at Xiao Yu. To his eyes, Xiao Yu subconsciously shrunk his body and showed fear and vigilance in his eyes. Until Xiao xuanzi began to remind him, Xiao Yu said, “get up and get up.”

Lin Qingyu said, “the emperor doesn’t look well. Is there something on his mind?”

Xiao Yu tried to keep a straight face and said, “I can’t ask doctor Lin about my affairs – xiaoxuanzi, go back to the palace.”

Li Chan was one of the confidants of Lin Qingyu and the Empress Dowager in the previous dynasty. Seeing that the emperor had such an attitude towards Lin Qingyu, he couldn’t help worrying: “does Doctor Lin really want to explain to the emperor? Even if the emperor ignores the government, he is the son of heaven after all. It’s better to have a sacred heart than not to have a sacred heart.”

Lin Qingyu said, “it’s useless to explain. Fools will only believe what they are willing to believe. Besides, since Xi Rong wants to count the assassination on Tianji camp, he must be sure that Tianji camp will not dismantle his platform. If I’m right, Xi Rong won a lot of people’s hearts in the name of the son of heaven during his time in power.”

In the eyes of some people, the Empress Dowager who listens to the government behind the curtain is always a relative, let alone a doctor. So is Cui Lian, and so are the old princes surnamed Xiao. Under the name of being loyal to the Xiao family, they would rather listen to a eunuch than see the dictatorship of their relatives.

Li Chan was surprised and said, “but the token of Tianji camp is not in your hand?”

“Tianji camp is the pawn of the emperor, and has only served the man on the Dragon chair for generations. My token is nothing compared with the emperor.” Lin Qingyu mused, “I’m thinking, Xi Rong’s bitter meat plan is not used early or late. Why is it used at this time.”

Li Chan thought for a moment and said, “is it because of the northwest? At present, general Gu is trying to recover Yongliang. Yongliang is the gateway to Dayu’s north. As long as we take it, we will solve half of the suffering in the northwest.”

Lin Qingyu said, “after Xi Rong’s injury, he must rest and be unable to intervene in the government. Why should he delegate power at this juncture?”

“Maybe he wants us to relax our vigilance?” Li Chan suddenly realized and looked slightly changed. “Doctor Lin means he’s coming to a big hospital?”

“Before the storm, there will always be a time of calm.” Lin Qingyu said coldly, “if he still has some sense, he shouldn’t die at this time, so that Xixia can take advantage of it.”

“He is a eunuch.” Li Chan is even more worried. “Since ancient times, several powerful eunuchs really care about the country and the people? As long as he can achieve his goal, he can’t do anything.”

Lin Qingyu repressed the surging malice and slowly sank a sigh: “but we are not him. At this time, we should also focus on the Northwest – where are the crops in the south of the Yangtze River.”

Li Chan said, “calculate the day. It should have been sent to Yongliang.”

Lin Qingyu stayed in the military headquarters late at night. He wanted to make do with the night in the palace. He changed his mind temporarily. The general’s carriage was waiting at the gate of the palace. Lin Qingyu put away his umbrella to cover the snow and got into the carriage. He said to the coachman, “don’t look back at the house first, go to Lin house.”

The eldest son came home late at night and didn’t tell them in advance. Lin’s parents thought something big had happened. Lin Qingyu told them that nothing had happened yet.

Lin Rushan frowned: “temporarily? You mean, something may happen?”

“This is just my guess and intuition. Just in case, I asked my father to ask for leave from Taiyuan hospital and take my mother and Qinghe away from Beijing to avoid the limelight.” Lin Qingyu smiled quietly. “I remember my grandmother’s 70th birthday is next month. You can go to Jinzhou and celebrate her birthday by the way.”

Lin’s mother said with concern, “we’re gone. What about you?”

“Of course I want to stay.”


“Madam, don’t ask. Qingyu has his plan.” Lin Rushan said flatly, “please go pack your clothes, madam.”

Lin’s mother stopped talking and couldn’t hide her worry: “Qingyu, you should take good care of yourself.”

Lin Qingyu comforted her with a smile: “I will.”

Lin Rushan had nothing to warn his eldest son, but said, “be careful.”

The next day, Lin Rushan left the capital with his wife and children on the grounds of visiting relatives. In the next few days, Lin Qingyu sat in charge of politics as usual, occasionally went to see Xiao Li, and took time to show Xiao Songzi, who was not feeling well. Xiao Songzi said too much on weekdays and hurt his throat. He could recover after a few days of silence.

The 15th day of each month was once Gu Fuzhou’s most desired day. Dayu’s officials had only this day of rest in January. Lin Qingyu stole a half day’s leisure and fed small insects and snake blood in the pharmacy. Yuan Yin came in and said, “madam, someone sent a letter.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “who?”

“I don’t know. As soon as the man put down the letter, he left.” Yuan Yin said, “listen to the servant at the door. It’s a man in a hood.”

Lin Qingyu stared at the empty envelope and felt a little uneasy. Yuan Yin stood aside and watched him open the letter. He only glanced at it. The whole person was cold.

Yuan Yin tried carefully: “Madam…?”

Lin Qingyu settled the bug in a leisurely manner. Fang said, “prepare the car. I want to enter the palace.”

Hua Lu hurriedly said, “I’ll change clothes for you.” if you want to enter the palace, you have to change your official clothes.

Lin Qingyu said, “no need.”

Lin Qingyu wore a fox fur and went out of the house. He told Yuan Yin, “find the messenger.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Yuan Yin asked, “after you find it?”

Lin Qingyu did not return to the ground and got on the carriage: “kill.”

Dressed in ordinary clothes, Lin Qingyu walked all the way to the hall of diligent administration. He happened to meet Li Chan coming out of the hall.

“Doctor Lin!” Li Chan said anxiously, “I’m going to find you. It’s bad. The grain and grass sent to Yongliang…”

Lin Qingyu said coldly, “robbed.”

Li Chan was stunned: “you already know? Fortunately, the general of grain transportation is very skilled. He works hard to protect 20% of the grain and grass, but it is only enough for the northwest army to support for a few days.”

“Go in.” Lin Qingyu said, “the emperor will tell us what’s going on.”

In the hall of diligent administration, Xiao Yu, Prime Minister Cui Lian and Minister of household Nan’an Hou are all there. Xi Rong is also there. His injury is obviously not cured. His male and female face is sick, but it is still calm and calm.

Lin Qingyu only looked at him and turned his eyes to Xiao: “emperor, don’t you explain?”

Xiao Yu’s pale face turned pale: “I, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Really. But someone told me that the emperor had made peace with Xixia. The tens of thousands of stone grain and grass were the gift you gave them.”

Xiao Yu looked blankly: “I don’t! I just…”

Xi Rong cut off Xiao Yu’s words: “who told Dr. Lin? Dr. Lin, he was his plan in his heart.”

Lin Qingyu only felt ridiculous: “do you and I still need someone else to fight against each other.”

Xi Rong seemed to have expected today and said lightly, “I did have contacts with the Xixia envoy. I pretended to promise to make peace with them just to lead them into the Bureau and set up an ambush. My family still has letters from the Xixia envoy and those ambushes that can testify.”

Xiao Ying nodded hurriedly: “I can testify too! I agree with ah Rong. I also came up with this plan. I don’t know why they didn’t fall for it…”

Hearing Xiao Ying stammer through the story, Lin Qingyu’s eyebrows and eyes were full of hostility: “The narrow path is easy to ambush. You can think of it. Why didn’t the Xixia military division think of it? How could a normal person with brains use such a grain path to transport grain. If you ruled out a wrong grain path for him, he would find clues to go to the opposite place. The Xixia military division won Zhao Mingwei and almost won half of Dayu’s northwest in a year. Even Xu Junyuan wanted to call him” ghost handsome ” “He knows better than anyone where it is suitable to store and transport grain. He even knows the situation in the capital. Where do you have the confidence to play tricks with him and think that this little skill of carving insects can deceive him?”

Xiao Yu felt guilty and didn’t know what to do: “I didn’t mean it. I really just wanted to help…”

Lin Qingyu chuckled, “it’s up to you?”

Nan’an Hou’s face changed. Cui Lian said angrily, “presumptuous! Lin Qingyu, don’t forget your identity! You’re talking to the son of heaven!”

Lin Qingyu didn’t even look at Cui Lian. He thought it was a waste of time. He asked Xi Rong, “the emperor can’t see it. Can’t you see it?”

Xi Rong couldn’t find a flaw on his face: “I really didn’t expect that the Xixia military division could calculate so skillfully.”

“You don’t know? OK.” Lin Qingyu said calmly, “come here.”

Two palace guards came in: “emperor, doctor Lin.”

“Take Xi Rong down – kill him with a stick.”

After the silence, Xiao Yu reacted first. “No! I won’t let you hurt ah Rong again!” he jumped up and stood in front of Xi Rong. “I, I am the son of heaven. Why do you give orders in front of me!”

Lin Qingyu said indifferently, “he collaborated with the enemy, betrayed the country and bewitched the sacred heart.”

Xi Rong covered the wound under his abdomen and coughed: “I said. I have evidence. I didn’t cooperate with the enemy, let alone betray the country.”

Cui Lian also said, “what’s the evidence that Doctor Lin said Duke Xi betrayed the country?”

Lin Qingyu suddenly smiled: “did you misunderstand something? I don’t need evidence to kill him.”

A crack finally appeared on Xi Rong’s calm face: “you…”

“Even if you are sincere and deceitful, so what?” Lin Qingyu looked at Xi Rong as if he were looking at a lost dog. “I can’t kill it.”


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