Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 96

The hall of diligent administration is the place where the emperor handles government affairs and receives all civil and military officials. It is intended to be diligent and love the people. Every word said at the hall of diligence may determine the national economy and the people’s livelihood, and the rise and fall of Dayu.

Once, Lin Qingyu stood in the hall of diligent administration, consulting the pulse and seeing a doctor for the former Emperor as a imperial doctor. Today, he is still standing here as a doctor. The people he faced were prime ministers, eunuchs and the son of heaven.

These people wear the official clothes they should wear, python robes and dragon robes, while Lin Qingyu only has a white coat and fox fur. He can’t see the shadow of power ministers. It seems that he is just a handsome childe of a scholar family.

However, it was this powerful minister, unlike the powerful minister, who did whatever he wanted in front of the son of heaven. In front of the son of heaven, he said frankly that he would take the lives of the people whom the son of heaven trusts most and is closest to.

Lin Qingyu gave orders again: “take Xi Rong down.”

The two guards looked at each other and saw their embarrassment in each other’s eyes. They are the people of general Gu and have always been loyal to his family. But after all, it is the son of heaven. If there is no real power, it is also the respect of 95. Even Doctor Lin used to be considerate to the emperor. Why do you ignore the rites of kings and officials today. In a big way, it’s a rebellion.

Before they could move, Xiao Yu, who stood in front of Xi Rong, said in a high voice, “dare you

Lin Qingyu said, “I dare.”

Nan’an Hou also felt that Lin Qingyu had gone too far and reminded him: “Doctor Lin, no one wants to see the food and grass issue. Even if the emperor miscalculated, it was an unintentional loss. You are so disrespectful to the emperor, aren’t you afraid of the emperor’s punishment?”

“Yes… Yes, I’m the emperor! You can’t talk to me like that. You can’t hurt my people!” Xiao Yu had a sense of hysteria. “I’ll cure you! Come on, take Lin Qingyu down and kill him with a staff!”

The last two words came out, and Xiao’s voice took on a cry. He didn’t want to kill Lin Qingyu, but Lin Qingyu wanted ah Rong to die. Ah Rong can’t die, it can only let Lin Qingyu die.

He didn’t want to, but he really had no choice. As long as ah Rong is all right, he doesn’t want to care about anything.

“Emperor.” Li Chan knelt down decisively, “father Xi is really suspected of colluding with the enemy. Doctor Lin also wants to listen to the emperor. It’s not bad to export in a hurry…”

Cui Lian sneered: “the emperor’s side of the Qing Dynasty can’t get a five grade imperial doctor to come to the Qing Dynasty, let alone who the courtiers on the emperor’s side are.”

Lin Qingyu looked at Xiao Yu quietly. The last trace of compassion and kindness in his eyes disappeared when the word “stick death” was said.

An idea suddenly rushed into Xi Rong’s mind – Lin Qingyu was moved to kill Xiao Yu.

Xi Rong has no doubt that Lin Qingyu wants his life, but before that, Lin Qingyu should not have thought of killing Xiao Yu. When he dies and Xiao Yu lives, Lin Qingyu and the Empress Dowager can fully control Xiao Yu and the whole Dayu country.

As soon as Xiao Yu died, Xiao Li was the only one left in the blood of the former Emperor. Civil and military officials and border soldiers will not want a fool to be their emperor. If they insist on supporting Xiao Li to the top, not to mention the idea of several brothers of the former Emperor, even the North may be ready to move. Therefore, in the plan of Lin Qingyu and the empress dowager, Xiao Yu must live.

But at this moment, Lin Qingyu really wants Xiao Yu to die.

This is not Lin Qingyu’s normal reaction – Lin Qingyu is getting out of control.

And Lin Qingyu’s out of control is exactly what he wants to see.

Xi Rong stood behind Xiao Yu, bent down and whispered, “emperor, what you just said is serious?”

Xiao Yu was in a trance and didn’t dare to look into Lin Qingyu’s eyes. He bit his lips and made them crimson: “Lin Qingyu despised you and made trouble. His crime is unforgivable and should be executed.”

Xi Rong hooked his lips, stroked his palm and said, “thank you.”

“I’m here.”

In addition to Lin Qingyu, everyone followed the prestige and saw a surong man stride in. This man is dressed in black, with a strong waist and a sword around his waist. He is the leader of Tianji camp, Xie min.

Xie min knelt down in front of Xiao Yu on one knee: “see the emperor, my minister.”

Xi Rong said, “can you hear the emperor’s order clearly?”

Xie min nodded slightly, got up and pulled out his sword. He held the sword in his right hand. The light of the sword reflected the four words “diligent government affairs book” on the plaque hanging in the hall, approaching Lin Qingyu step by step.

“No!” Li Chan raised his hand and stopped Xie min’s way. “Doctor Lin has a token from the former Emperor. He is your master!”

Xie min’s face was expressionless: “Tianji camp only serves the emperor. Lord Li, please get out of the way.”

Li Chan looked back at Lin Qingyu and saw him staring at the sword. His eyes were hidden under the long eyelashes like butterfly wings. No one knew what he was thinking. Li Chan was in a hurry and shouted to the two guards, “go and invite the Empress Dowager!”

A greasy voice sounded, “when will we get someone with a foreign name to ask about the affairs of our old Xiao family?”

Xiao Yu’s ninth emperor uncle, Prince Heng, appeared at the gate of the hall of diligence, followed by his elite who secretly transferred from the fief to the capital: “from now on, no one can step out of the hall of diligence unless the emperor has an order.”

Xiao Yu said, “Uncle Jiuhuang? How do you…”

Prince Heng glanced at Lin Qingyu, snorted coldly and said, “the imperial escort is late. The emperor is frightened.”

In a desperate situation, Li Chan knelt down again: “Emperor! Emperor, please think for the northwest soldiers and Dayu’s people. As Dr. Lin said just now, the ghost commander can find Xi Rong to ‘make peace’, which shows that he knows the situation in Beijing like the back of his hand. If there is another accident in the palace at this time, he will be in his plan. If the ghost commander plays with the power of the people, he is bound to take advantage of the weakness and disturb our army. The northwest ahead is uncertain, and the capital can’t be chaotic any more!”

“What is this, Mr. Shilang?” Xi Rong said with a smile, “how can a five grade imperial doctor be executed to make changes in the capital?”

Li Chan said: “Doctor Lin is the wife of general Gu. If the general knows that Doctor Lin died in the palace…”

Xi Rong said “Oh” and wrote lightly: “don’t worry, Mr. Shilang. The emperor won’t let general Gu know until general Gu recovers Yongliang.”

Li Chan was sweating in a cold sweat. There was nothing he could do. Did Lin Qingyu really want to splash blood in the hall of diligence today?

Xi Rong Tong Ren suddenly shrunk: “Lord Xie, what are you waiting for?”

Li Chan Yu Guang saw Xie min holding the handle of the sword tightly, but Lin Qingyu still had no response. He couldn’t help shouting: “Lin Qingyu!”

As soon as the voice fell, Lin Qingyu raised her eyelashes, looked at the man holding the sword in front of her, and said in a slow voice, “Lord Xie just said, only for the son of heaven?”

Xie Min said: “good.”

“If the son of heaven behind you is not recognized by the former Emperor and determined by heaven’s destiny, do you still have to follow his orders?”

Xie Minton paused: “what do you mean?”

“Like Li Chan before, I thought that only if there were no changes in the capital and the opportunity for Xixia could make the soldiers in the northwest worry free. Now, I see.” Lin Qingyu looked coldly at the two brothers Xi Rong and Xiao Yu. “Only when the people in the way completely disappeared, the capital was really stable.”

Xi Rong’s face suddenly changed color: “Lin Qingyu is insidious and cunning. Don’t give him time to confuse people – Xie min, do it.”

Lin Qingyu Xiang said, “what’s the hurry, father Xi? The Emperor gave me the token of Tianji camp. Even if it’s not enough for Lord Xie to serve me, at least it can give me time to finish my words – what do you think, Lord Xie.”

Xie min hesitated for a moment: “what are you going to say?”

“Just now father Xi clapped his hands and Lord Xie appeared.” Lin Qingyu mocked, “I won’t follow suit.”

Then a rough and loud voice came from the door: “let, let… What are you doing at the door?”

Prince Heng was squeezed, turned and angrily said, “who is it!”

The comer smiled and said, “I’m sorry, Ninth Lord. You’ve brought a lot of people and occupied all the positions. I can only let the brothers of the Imperial Army and the cavalry camp surround you.”

Prince Heng was so angry that he no longer spoke in that greasy tone: “Wu Zhan! You brought so many soldiers into the palace to rebel!”

Wu Zhan asked, “what does the Lord want to bring so many soldiers?”

“The king naturally came to escort!”

Wu Zhan laughed and said, “the general is also here to protect him. But the general’s driver is not the first emperor, but the first emperor.”

“Nonsense! The emperor is the real dragon and the son of heaven appointed by the former Emperor. His name is right and his words are right. I think you are colluding with Lin Qingyu and trying to rebel!”

Prince Heng said firmly, but he didn’t see the reaction of Xiao Yu and Xi Rong. Xiao Yu knew how his throne came and had already panicked: “ah Rong…”

Xi rongqiang said calmly, “don’t be afraid, it’s okay.”

Wu Zhan put away his smile and said, “bring people up!”

A forest guard pressed a gray haired man into the hall. The man knelt in front of Lin Qingyu and bowed his head: “… Doctor Lin.”

The voice was unusually low and thin like an ordinary man. Xi Rong guessed his identity: “is it…?”

The man looked up slowly. Xiao Yu saw his face and said in amazement, “Duke Xue?”

Xue Ying, the eunuch in charge during the reign of the late emperor, served the late emperor for many years. When the late emperor was seriously ill, Xue Ying suddenly returned home. Since then, there has been no news.

Wu Zhan said to Xue Ying, “don’t be afraid, father-in-law Xue. Tell me everything you know. I will protect you completely.”

Xue Ying glanced at Xie Min: “when the emperor was seriously ill, he wrote an imperial edict and gave it to the slaves, asking them to keep it properly. When the emperor died, he told the world.”

Cui Lian said: “nonsense! The last imperial edict of the former Emperor was seen by the eyes of a blind date. It was indeed the emperor’s imperial edict to inherit the great tradition. If you had any last imperial edict, why didn’t you take it out at that time and pretend to be here today!”

Xue Ying said in a general way: “on that day, King Ning supervised the country, gave power to both the government and the public, and forced the former Emperor to write an imperial edict to establish the prince. When the former Emperor was sober, he regretted the original, and then there was a second imperial edict. After the death of the former Emperor, King Ning ascended the throne. If the slave took out the imperial edict at this time, he would not be looking for his own death.”

Li Chan’s face turned red and asked, “where is the last edict now?”

“Before the slave escaped from the palace, he hid the imperial edict behind the plaque in the hall of diligence.”

Xie min raised her hand to the plaque. Under the palm wind, the plaque shook. A sealed imperial edict fell down and was firmly received by Xie min. Xie min looked at it and said, “this is really the handwriting and seal of the former Emperor.”

Cui Lian suddenly turned to Xi Rong: “how is this possible!”

“Ah…” Xi Rong smiled grimly. “Did Doctor Lin have expected today, so he forged an imperial edict of the late emperor in advance?”

“Fart!” Wu zhantong scolded. “Even Lord Xie said that this edict was written by the Emperor himself. What else do you have to say!”

Xiao Yu’s legs softened and nearly fell down. Xi Rong helped him. “Could it be that the so-called imperial edict of the former Emperor was to set up six princes as the reserve?” Xi Rong seemed to hear a big joke, “how could the former Emperor be so wise and powerful that he would give Dayu’s territory to a prince with incomplete mind?”

Xie min shook his head: “the imperial edict says that the first crown prince Xiao Cheng is the only person to inherit Datong and must not be abolished.”

Li Chan immediately said, “the first Prince’s mother, Chen Shi, once committed the great crime of causing chaos in the palace and bullying the king, and the first Emperor just abandoned her into the cold palace and did not involve the first prince. It can be seen that the first emperor has high hopes for the first prince. The first emperor has never shown the intention of abolishing the prince in front of anyone. How can he suddenly say abolishing it? There must be a secret.”

A chill climbed to his heart. Xi Rong stepped back and whispered, “it’s not over yet.”

Xiao Yu cried and grabbed him: “ah Rong…”

Xi Rong suddenly shook off Xiao Yu’s hand, pointed to Lin Qingyu and said, “Prince Heng, Xie min, what are you doing? Did you believe what he said? When the emperor was seriously ill, the Empress Dowager and Lin Qingyu stayed with him many times longer than the emperor. They were the one who forced the emperor to write his last edict!”

“Do you want to do it? Hurry up, don’t talk nonsense.” Wu zhanmo wiped his palm. “I won’t let the general go to the northwest to fight Xixia barbarians. The general is suffocating. Ninth prince, where did your soldiers come from and whether they can fight or not.”

Prince Heng looked back. The iron cavalry camp and the imperial forest army have surrounded them. The number is at least three times that of them, and they wait for work with ease. They have no chance of winning.

At this point, the truth of the matter is no longer important, and life protection is the most important.

Prince Heng cleared his throat and said, “I am the first brother of the former Emperor. Of course, I should take the last wish of the former Emperor first – Xi Rong and Xiao Yu. You two persecuted the crown prince first, and rebelled and usurped the throne later. It’s beyond punishment!”

Xi Rong’s hand dropped slowly, his eyes were empty, and his face was dead silent.

Wu Zhan tut shook his head: “this face becomes faster than the sky.”

Xiao Ying grabbed Xi Rong’s arm and choked: “ah Rong, ah Rong, say a word…”

“What else can we say?” Xi Rong said numbly. “The winner is the king and the loser is the Kou – ah Li, we lost.”

“Ah? Won’t you fight?” Wu Zhan regretted. “Bai is excited.”

Xiao pangmang said blankly, “lose? What will happen if you lose… Will you die? I don’t…” he rushed to Lin Qingyu and wanted to catch Lin Qingyu’s clothes, but a pair of Shanglin Qingyu’s eyes didn’t dare to stretch out their hands: “Doctor Lin, don’t kill a Rong, please… Don’t…”

Lin Qingyu slowly opened his lips: “you beg me?”

Xiao Ying nodded like garlic and said, “I beg you! I beg you…”

“If this batch of grain and grass cannot be delivered and the military plane is missed, our army will lose Xixia.” Lin Qingyu’s voice trembles. “Do you think Xixia will spare the lives of those defeated soldiers?”

Xiao Yu suddenly froze. Wu Zhan sighed: “grain and grass, grain and grass. No matter how powerful a general is, he can’t fight without grain and grass.”

“I won’t kill him now,” said Lin Qingyu. “I’ll save his life and behead him to heaven when the northwest army triumphs.”

Xiao Yu stared and shook his head: “no, no…”

Lin Qingyu went to Xi Rong’s side and said in a voice that only two people could hear, “I gave you a choice. I also said that if you don’t listen, I’ll let someone else take over. I’m not kidding.”

Xi Rong looked straight ahead: “if I don’t do it, I will still lose my life when Gu Fuzhou comes back. I don’t regret it.”

Lin Qingyu said lightly, “not necessarily.”

Xi Rong hissed lightly, obviously not believing what Lin Qingyu said. He finally looked at the tearful Xiao Yu and whispered, “keep him alive. He doesn’t understand anything.”

Lin Qingyu was noncommittal. As soon as he raised his hand, the two imperial guards came forward and took Xi Rong down.

Xiao Yu was deeply grieved and caught up with him recklessly: “ah Rong!”

Wu Zhan blocked his way and asked Lin Qingyu, “Doctor Lin, Emperor… What should he do?”

Lin Qingyu said, “the emperor is tired. Help him back to his bedroom to have a rest.”

Xie min frowned: “although the imperial edict was to protect the throne of the first prince, the first prince had already died of illness.”

“Lord Xie is right.” Prince Heng said in a fair and just tone, “no one can inherit the great unification of the former Emperor. Xiao Yu, who plotted against and usurped the throne, can not continue to sit on the throne. According to Dayu’s ancestral rules, it can only be inherited from the imperial family.”

Lin Qingyu said, “did the ninth Lord forget the Huai king?”

“Are you kidding? King Huai is mentally incomplete, just like a three-year-old child. How can he be the king of a country?”

“At least, the king of Huai will not be smart. Moreover, he may not have no possibility of cure.” Lin Qingyu said, “the northwest is at a critical juncture, and today’s affairs can’t be publicized. You are all the pillars of the court, and your interests should be clearer than the lower officials.”

After this day, Emperor Chu Xi said that he was ill and did not face the court. He changed the Emperor Zhu pi to the cabinet blue PI, and the cabinet took charge of the government. In addition, Prime Minister Cui Lianyan clearly meant to be an official. After the emperor approved the performance, he left the capital with his family far away. Prince Heng was also sent back to the fief and was not allowed to enter the capital unless ordered by the imperial edict.

The grain and grass in Jiangnan were raised by Lin Qingyu and Li Chan. They could have been supported by the northwest army for a long time, but now there are only 20%. Li Chan was already in a hurry to transfer grain from the north, but the road was blocked by heavy snow. The original journey of seven or eight days was delayed to half a month, and I don’t know if he can catch up.

After eradicating the dissidents, it should be a time to relax a little, but Lin Qingyu’s heart is always haunted with an unspeakable fear and nightmares late at night for several days.

In his dream, he returned to Nan’an Hou’s house and stood in the courtyard of Lanfeng Pavilion, holding a crimson umbrella, with a vast expanse of snow under his feet. He saw the familiar wheelchair. Lu Wancheng, dressed in red, hung his head and slept safely.

He stepped barefoot on the snow, dragged the skirt of his wedding dress, walked step by step to Lu Wancheng, and blocked the falling snowflakes with an umbrella.

At this time, Lu Wancheng suddenly turned into Gu Fuzhou’s face. He stretched out his hand desperately, and the umbrella fell into the snow, but he couldn’t reach the person in front of him.

Lin Qingyu sat up in shock. Huan Tong, the night watchman, heard the news and hurriedly took the lamp and came over: “young master?”

Lin Qingyu was in a trance. He raised his hand and touched the corners of his eyes. He felt a little wet. “Outside… It’s snowing?”

“Yes, it’s almost all night.” Huan Tong said anxiously, “young master, are you okay?”

Lin Qingyu slowly lowered his eyes: “it’s all right.”

He has not received Gu Fuzhou’s letter for half a month.

After a year of parting, there is only a solitary shadow wandering. Meeting each other is only in the soul of a dream.

But now, he dare not even dream.

After the twelfth lunar month, the wind and snow in the northwest became more and more severe in the capital, and the consumption of grain and grass was increasing day by day. The 20% of grain and grass protected by Shen Huaizhi was only a drop in the bucket.

For the sake of military stability, Gu Fuzhou concealed the robbery of grain and grass. In addition to his knowledge with Shen Huai, only Wu Youyuan and Shi Pei know the current situation of grain and grass shortage in the army. On that day, Shen Huai knew that he was an enemy of 100, and took 20% of the food and grass to get out of trouble. When he returned to the army, he was seriously injured. Fortunately, Hu Ji returned to life with a skillful hand. Gu Fuzhou wanted to send Shen Huaizhi to a safe place to rest, but Shen Huaizhi ruthlessly refused.

“Doctor Lin asked me to follow the general and protect the general’s integrity.”

Gu Fuzhou said with a smile, “why do you listen to my wife so much? Do you like him?”

Shen Huai said hurriedly, “I’m not, I don’t! The general is the pillar of the country. I have admired him for a long time. Even without the advice of Doctor Lin, I’d like to work for the general.”

Seeing that Shen Huai was so flustered that he wanted to jump up and prove his innocence, Gu Fuzhou pressed him back to bed: “just kidding and relax. However, even if you like him, I don’t mind. Many people like him, but he…”

Only like me.

Gu Fuzhou smiled and said, “I appreciate your kindness. Why don’t you go to a safe place to take care of yourself and come back later.”

Shen Huaizhi shook his head: “I want to stay in the northwest to recover.”

“What’s good in the northwest? The wind blows like a knife. It can age ten years on your face.”

Shen Huaizhi was silent for a long time and said, “I have been to many places. I am like duckweed and my life is like grass mustard. Only in the northwest, I feel that I am really alive. When I see the brothers who died in the war and the innocent people who died in vain, I find that all the things in the past, whether Jing Chun or Xiao Cheng, are just a passing dream.”

The sudden truth time made Gu Fuzhou pick his eyebrow. Shen Huaizhi stayed in the Northwest for a year and never mentioned the past, nor did he ask. What surprised him most was that Shen Huaizhi could mention Xiao Cheng’s name so calmly. I’m afraid he would be surprised that his beautiful wife was present.

“Now that you have mentioned Xiao Cheng, I have a question I really want to ask you.”

Shen Huai said, “excuse me, general.”

Gu Fuzhou asked, “have you used the fake death medicine my wife gave you that day?”

Shen Huaizhi smiled, but said nothing.

Gu Fuzhou didn’t ask, but sighed: “those who go can’t be admonished, and those who come can still be chased. If you want to stay, stay. I’ll call Shang Youyuan Shi Pei, and we’ll think about what to do next.” then he patted Shen Huaizhi on the shoulder, lifted up the camp and walked into the wind and snow.

Shen Huaizhi looked down at his shoulder patted by Gu Fuzhou.

Talking to Gu Fuzhou is an extremely comfortable thing. He seems to have a magical ability to smile and pull people trapped in the mire back to the world. Just like that day, he came back from a serious injury. Wu Youyuan and Shi Pei were furious when they learned that the food and grass had been robbed. They threatened to break into the enemy camp alone and grab the food and grass back. One was discouraged, disappointed and depressed. Only Gu Fuzhou, after a long silence, said in his usual lazy tone: “almost come on, things have happened. What’s the use of being angry again. Anger will only make us lose our reason. Don’t pull a face. In this way, I’ll play Xi Qin for you and talk about business when you calm down.”

In this world, only people like Gu Fuzhou can know and promise to spend their life with Dr. Lin.


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