Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 97

Although the shortage of grain and grass was concealed, the soldiers would inevitably mutter when they saw that the rice had become clear porridge, the steamed bread was a circle smaller, and the firewood for heating at night was not enough. Especially for the veterans who stayed in the Northwest last year, they experienced a food shortage and the pain of going to the battlefield hungry. Even if they are not afraid of death, they don’t want to die too oppressed. At least they can’t die in the hands of their defeated generals because they don’t have enough to eat.

Spey is one of the generals who has the best relationship with ordinary soldiers. Someone asked him if there was not enough food and grass again. He could only move out the prepared speech: “everyone is relieved. Food and grass have always been enough, but it is getting colder and colder. The senior general is worried that the road will be closed by heavy snow, as last year, so food and grass can not be transported in, so he wants to plan ahead and save some money now.”

However, this set of words is OK once or twice. If you say too much, it makes the soldiers complain.

“Since there’s enough food and grass, why don’t you take it out for the brothers? It’s too little to plug the teeth twice a day. How can you practice if you don’t have enough to eat!”

“It’s still cold at night. I’ve been guarding for half a night. My face is as stiff as anything.”

“Stop talking about people. If it goes on like this, the horse will not be able to run.”


Seeing that the morale of the army was becoming more and more lax, Wu Youyuan couldn’t sit still: “if we continue to consume it like this, we will consume ourselves! In ancient times, we only took three days of food to fight if it wasn’t enough. If we win, we will rob. If we lose, it’s better than starvation. Our food and grass can’t last more than three days. Why can’t we fight!”

There is a small pot of firewood burning in the camp. There can only be a circle around the warm place. Gu Fuzhou sat beside the firewood for a long time. His hands warmed up, and his armor was still as cold as snow. He looked at the flickering flame with his cheeks, and beside his ears were Wu Youyuan and Shi Pei, who had said countless times in recent days.

Shi Pei shook his head and disagreed: “general Xiaowu, you also said it was ancient. If you want to capture a city as big as Yongliang, you need at least ten times the strength of the defenders.”

“But has general Shi ever thought that Xixia has been consumed by us for so long, and the situation must be worse than ours. In recent months, our army has built fortifications and gathered around to provide support. If we drag on, the days will become cold day by day. If we are blocked by heavy snow as last year, won’t we become a lonely army?”

“But now, even if we can capture Yongliang, I’m afraid there will be countless casualties…”

“There is no one who will not die in war.” Wu Youyuan was in a hurry and made no choice. “General Shi is too greedy and afraid of death.”

“You yuan,” Gu Fuzhou said, “pay attention to your words.”

Wu Youyuan was startled. He just remembered that Gu Fuzhou was sitting behind him: “the general is listening to us?”

Gu Fuzhou looked up at him: “otherwise?”

“You keep silent. I thought you were thinking.”

“I don’t want to delay listening to you. One mind and two uses are the necessary skills for generals.” Gu Fuzhou added some firewood to the fire. “What you just said is too much. Go and apologize to general Shi.”

Just as Wu Youyuan was about to apologize, Shi Pei smiled bitterly and said, “I’m really afraid of death. What I’m afraid of is that the brothers will die in vain. Whether it’s the general or the cook, they are all born by their parents and live one by one…”

Wu Youyuan forgot to apologize and retorted, “but people who don’t die now will die more in the future!”

Wu Youyuan and Shi Pei are both informal people and have had a life-long friendship. Generally, they quarrel inside the account and outside the account. As long as it’s not too much, Gu Fuzhou doesn’t bother to care about them.

Shi Wu argued fiercely, and Gu Fuzhou didn’t know he was gone. When the army was having dinner, there was an endless queue in front of the kitchen. Gu Fuzhou stopped behind the tent and observed secretly. He saw that everyone received only a bowl of porridge and a steamed bread about the size of Lin Qingyu’s fist. It was not enough to eat in summer, let alone in the ice and snow.

After receiving the steamed bread, a tall and strong man did not gobble it like others, but put the steamed bread into the iron coat. Gu Fuzhou was a little strange, so he quietly followed the man, bypassed a tent and came to the stables.

The man shouted, “small forest!”

The boy who was feeding the horse turned and smiled on his beautiful face: “brother Jiang!”

The man stuffed the steamed bread in his arms into the boy’s hand: “come on, eat this while it’s hot.”

The young man stared at him: “there is only one steamed bread for each person. I ate it. What do you eat? Take it back quickly.”

The man refused to answer: “I’m not hungry. What do I eat? I told you that general Shi and I are villagers. He takes care of me. I’ve just eaten the two meat patties he gave me. I’m already full.”

“Lie, I heard your stomach cry…”

Gu Fuzhou was watching with relish. Behind him came a cold voice: “general.”

There is no one in the army except Shen Huaizhi. Shen Huaizhi’s injury hasn’t been fully cured, but he is restless. When he can get out of bed, he begins to do what he can.

Gu Fuzhou didn’t disturb XIAOLINZI and brother Jiang. He left quietly with Shen Huaizhi. “What’s up, little Shen Zi?”

Shen Huai was stunned and said, “it’s reported that the grain road from Guangyang to Yongliang has been blocked by heavy snow. Grain trucks can’t transport in. They can only be carried by people.”

Gu Fuzhou looked back at the two people in the stables, smiled and said helplessly, “unfortunately, i… I don’t seem to have any other way.”

Gu Fuzhou was obviously smiling, but Shen Huaizhi’s chest was inexplicably stifled: “general?”

“Let’s go,” Gu Fuzhou said. “Go and see if Wu Youyuan and Shi Pei have finished their quarrel.”

In the camp, the argument between Wu Youyuan and Shi Pei is not over. Gu Fuzhou picked up Xi Qin brought from the capital and pulled it. Xi Qin made a harsh sound. They finally shut up and looked at Gu Fuzhou.

Gu Fuzhou’s tone was as usual: “let the soldiers eat happily for two days. Two days later, raise troops to attack the city.”

Wu Youyuan and Shi Pei have two completely different expressions on their faces. Wu Youyuan was overjoyed and left in a hurry with a sentence “I’ll prepare now”. Shi Pei hesitated and stopped talking. Gu Fuzhou guessed what he was going to say and said, “Wu Youyuan is right. The city is always going to attack. If we continue to drag on, the casualties will be more serious.”

Shi peishen said, “since the general has made up his mind, he will obey his orders.”

“Don’t worry too much.” Gu Fuzhou comforted him. “I have a way. Maybe I can recover the cool air and reduce casualties as much as possible.”

Shi Pei’s eyes lit up: “what’s the general’s plan?”

“I can’t calculate well.” Gu Fuzhou sold it. “I’ll know then. I hope I can’t use it.”

On this day, the snow that had fallen for several days finally stopped. Under the clear moonlight, the barracks seemed no different from usual, and it seemed more quiet.

Gu Fuzhou lay on the bed and, in the dim light of the fire, read Lin Qingyu’s letter to him for the 108th time. A large part of Lin Qingyu’s family letters are about the situation in the capital, and occasionally respond to his love words in his letter.

He wrote to Lin Qingyu: Acacia in the bones, an Hongdou, exquisite dice, know it or not. ①

Lin Qingyu returns to him: know. Everything in Beijing is fairly stable, but Xiao Yu is so stupid that I’m upset.

He wrote that Lin Qingyu wrote: then replace him – no, Dr. Lin, I’ve been waiting for your reply for a month, and you’ll give me a “know”? You say you miss me.

Lin Qingyu replied to him: I don’t want to touch these two people until Yongliang recovers. I miss you so much.

He began to do bad things: where do you miss me? What do you want with me? Dr. Lin said more. I like listening.

Lin Qingyu replied to him: Xi Rong was dissatisfied with being under control and repeatedly provoked. I can’t bear it.

His depressed reply: why should you bear it? It’s done. I left so many people for you, not to let them see you wronged. Also, baby, you didn’t return my love words in your last letter. I’ll make trouble if you don’t return it this time.

Lin Qingyu: are you satisfied that I want to sleep with you? Naturally, I endured it for you and Northwest China, but Xi Rong has secretly wooed the prime minister and Prince Heng, and the Tianji camp is also under his control. I’m afraid it’s not my turn. I’ll do it first. These two great fools.


Through Lin Qingyu’s elegant handwriting, Gu Fuzhou can see a great beauty who is very angry and has to keep calm. Without him, no matter how upset Lin Qingyu is, no one coaxes him. I don’t know how helpless he will be. Then he went to do bad things, making the people who offended him more pitiful and helpless.

It’s a pity he can’t see it. It’s a fucking loss. If he continues his long-distance love, his first kiss will come back.

“General!” Wu Youyuan said before the arrival of people. “I have developed a new array. There is no one before and after. Even the Xixia military division may not be able to break the array!”

Gu Fuzhou stuffed his letter under his pillow and said perfunctorily, “great. You’re just in time. Go out with me for a month.”

Wu Youyuan couldn’t understand: “when is it? The general is still in the mood to enjoy the moon? At present, looking at the array is the right way.”

“You’re too nervous, Youyuan.” Gu Fuzhou smiled. “Even the Moonlight before the war should not be let down by us.” he went out of the camp, sat down at the door and patted the empty seat next to him. “Come and sit with me and enjoy the moon. After enjoying it, I’ll see your array.”

Wu Youyuan was about to refuse. Gu Fuzhou said, “this is a military order.”

Wu Youyuan reluctantly sat down on Gu Fuzhou’s side. Gu Fuzhou asked him, “how about the bright moon in the northwest compared with the capital?”

Wu Youyuan looked up and said, “isn’t this the same?”

Gu Fuzhou shook his head, smiled and sighed, “boring straight man.” he quietly appreciated the moon for a while, and suddenly said, “you yuan, if I am unfortunately captured…”

Wu Youyuan hurriedly interrupted, “general, don’t say such words. The general has no choice. Our army will win this war!”

“Don’t get excited,” Gu Fuzhou said with a smile, “I mean in case…”

Wu Youyuan said firmly, “there will be no accident.”

When Zhao Mingwei was defeated and captured by the enemy, he waved his knife and killed himself without saying a word. Those who worship the general can be killed but not humiliated. General Gu must think so. Once they fall into the hands of the enemy, they will never be given the opportunity to humiliate themselves.

Gu Fuzhou said, “I just want to say that if I am unfortunately captured… You must come and save me.”

Wu Youyuan was stunned: “ah?”

“I promised Dr. Lin that he wouldn’t die. I wrote him a guarantee.” Gu Fuzhou stretched out his hand, looked at the clear light on his palm and bent his lips. “Therefore, no matter what happened, please try to save me – please.”

The author has something to say: ① Er Zhuang was deliberately wrong.


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