Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 98

After hearing Gu Fuzhou’s words, Wu Youyuan’s heart became a little heavy. The general mentioned his wife, the amazing-looking doctor. He had seen Dr. Lin, but he thought it was the immortal childe who came out of the story. At this moment, he is excited about the coming war, and Dr. Lin should be worried about his husband.

The relatives of other soldiers must be the same.

Spey was afraid of death because he was afraid of his brothers; General Gu didn’t want to die because he wrote a guarantee to his wife.

Wu Youyuan thought of his family. When he left Beijing, his mother packed his luggage for him with red eyes; His old grandfather personally sent him out of the city. He didn’t say anything when he left. His hand patted him on the shoulder was trembling.

“I can’t die either.” Wu Youyuan stood up and shouted, “we can’t die!”

Gu Fuzhou was stunned and joked, “Why are you so excited all of a sudden.”

“General Shi is right. Either the general or the cook, who is not raised by their parents, one can die less.”

Gu Fuzhou nodded with satisfaction: “it’s good. It’s enlightened. There’s no reward this month.”

Wu Youyuan clenched his fists and was full of fighting spirit: “so, general, this is not the time to enjoy the moon. Please hurry to help me see the array. With this array, our army may be able to defeat ten with one, greatly reducing casualties.”

Gu Fuzhou grabbed Wu Youyuan’s arm and stood up: “I’m a little hungry. Go to the kitchen and bring two bowls of plain noodles. Let’s eat and watch.”

“Yes, I’ll go now!”

When there is a shortage of grain and grass, plain noodles with clear soup and little water are delicacies. Gu Fuzhou ate steamed bread with the soldiers these days. The little insects in his family must eat better than him.

Gu Fuzhou looked forward to the noodles to bring him happiness. Unexpectedly, when Wu Youyuan came back, he was not only empty handed, but also full of anger, and his anger was very subtle, with a taste of shame and anger.

Gu Fuzhou opened the water bag and drank water: “what’s the matter?”

“I went to the kitchen just now and saw two soldiers in the dark. They are good at it. Do it…” Wu Youyuan said boldly, “do it!”

Gu Fuzhou almost gushed water, admiring and admiring: “yes.” the last time he broke his sleeve, it seemed ten years ago. He almost forgot what it was like to have a beauty in his arms.

“What a serious place the military camp is. These two people are so bold that they will be severely punished!”

Gu Fuzhou asked, “does the military law say that you can’t break your sleeves in the barracks?”


“What should I do if it’s broken?”

“When cut!”

Gu Fuzhou said “Oh” and said, “where are those two people now? Bring them and I’ll have a look.”

In a moment, the two men were bound up and brought to Gu Fuzhou. Gu Fuzhou thought they looked familiar. After a closer look, it turned out that they were brother Jiang and XIAOLINZI who gave each other steamed bread during the day.

Both of them bowed their heads and were taken to general Gu without begging for mercy. Gu Fuzhou looked at their neat clothes, motioned Wu Youyuan to get close, and whispered beside him, “didn’t you say they broke their sleeves?”

“Yes, I saw it with my own eyes.”

“How did they do it?”

“The tall one kissed the short one on the forehead.”

Gu Fuzhou: ”

“General,” brother Jiang said in a rough voice, “I forced the small forest to do this. If you want to cut me off, cut my head alone.”

Trembling with fear, XIAOLINZI suddenly had the courage to speak: “no, no, brother Jiang didn’t force me. I was voluntary.”

Gu Fuzhou glanced at Wu Youyuan. His eyes were quite subtle: “what do you think we should do?”

Wu you said, “of course, it’s handled according to military law!”

Brother Jiang kept his face unchanged: “the general wants my life. I have nothing to say. But I’ll be in the first row in the siege two days later. I want to die at that time. Please complete it!”

Gu Fuzhou and Wu Youyuan looked at each other. When attacking the city, it is almost impossible for those who rush in front to survive. But for every city recovered, there must be the first soldier to climb the wall.

Kobayashi should have known about it long ago. He was not surprised, but sobbed uncontrollably

Brother Jiang knows that his death is coming. In order not to leave regret, he would rather violate the military order than show his heart to his sweetheart. Unexpectedly, he kissed his forehead and was caught by Wu Youyuan passing by. This reminds Gu Fuzhou of the teaching director who took a flashlight to catch puppy love on the playground at night.

After a silence, Gu Fuzhou asked, “what’s your name?”

Brother Jiang said, “Jiang Shiyue.”

Xiao Linzi said, “Lin, Lin Lan.”

Gu Fuzhou was thoughtful and suddenly smiled, “that’s stable. You’ll never die tomorrow.”

Jiang Shiyue was surprised and said, “ah? Why?”

“Because your name sounds good. In Dayu, people with good names will certainly live a long time.”

Jiang Shiyue was a little confused and asked, “the general won’t kill me tonight?”

“If you don’t kill him, go back and have a rest.” Gu Fuzhou said, “XIAOLINZI, I’ll accompany you brother Jiang on the last day before the war. Twelve hours is not a day at all.”

Jiang Shiyue was overjoyed: “thank you for your success. If I can survive in two days, I will…”

“Shh.” Gu Fuzhou put his index finger in front of his mouth and asked seriously, “it’s the most taboo to say such words before going out for the war. Don’t say it next time.”

Jiang Shiyue couldn’t understand the meaning of the general, but what the general said was what he said. He kowtowed again and retreated with Lin Lan.

After walking away, Lin Lan couldn’t help asking, “brother Jiang, what did you just want to say? If you can survive…”

As soon as his sweetheart asked, Jiang Shiyue forgot the general’s warning: “if I can survive, when the war is over, I will propose marriage at your house. I heard from my brother from the capital that many people in the capital now marry male wives, and even our general married a male beauty.”

Lin Lan smiled with tears: “it’s good.”

Two days later, Dayu raised his troops to attack the city. No matter how they fought, the Xixia army never fought. Yongliang has a strong city defense, a thick gate and a wall of more than four feet high.

Gu Fuzhou rides Xiaohei, and Shi Pei and Wu Youyuan are separated from him. He did not know how many times he had looked at the gate of Yongliang and found it so high for the first time.

When the big flag is hunting, the battle drums of Jin Zheng are singing together. At the command of the Lord general, the soldiers shake their arms and shout. The soldiers are facing the front, which is cool.

Almost at the same time, thousands of arrows were fired at the top of the city, and the arrow rain poured in. The infantry at the front struggled to fall, and the car soldiers pushing the car at the back stepped on the bodies of their predecessors. Then they were knocked down by the second wave of arrow rain, and the bodies were buried in the surging crowd.

When they finally set up a ladder under the city, they were greeted by boulders falling from high.

After this day, Gu Fuzhou never saw Jiang Shiyue again. He only saw Lin Lan, who was alone in the corner, eating steamed bread and crying silently. Two days later, he couldn’t even see Lin Lan.

For several days, Yongliang city could not be attacked for a long time, the morale of the army was greatly reduced, and the grain and grass were gradually bottomed out. The barracks were full of wounded soldiers groaning in pain. Since the siege, Hu Ji can’t remember how long he hasn’t closed his eyes, but there are still more and more wounded soldiers.

“It’s normal to attack the city, especially the big city of Yongliang. In those years, Emperor Taizu attacked Luoyang City for a whole year and eight months, and finally attacked it!” Wu Youyuan encouraged the people, “the enemy’s arrows and boulders will run out one day. As long as we hold on, we can break the city!”

Gu Fuzhou’s tone was tired: “I never doubt that we can capture Yongliang. The problem is, ghost Shuai has no doubt. He knows he can’t keep Yongliang.”

Wu Youyuan asked, “he knows he can’t keep it. Why don’t he open the city as soon as possible and still resist in this corner?”

“Since Yongliang will lose it sooner or later, if I were him, I would make Yongliang lose valuable.”

Shi Pei asked, “what is the value of the great general?”

“Dayu’s soldiers, horses, money and food, siege equipment, or… Me.” Gu Fuzhou said softly, “For Xixia, nothing is more valuable than Gu Fuzhou’s life. From the enemy’s point of view, Yong Liang can’t attack for a long time, and Dayu is facing the dilemma of food and grass shortage. It’s reasonable to withdraw troops temporarily. If I pretend to withdraw and lead the enemy out of the city to ambush. Even if the ghost commander knows this is a trick, he will be willing to take the bait – anyway, Yong Liang will be lost, and they will die after breaking the city. If I can kill him Will it not be pleasant for the great general of their prince to die with them? ”

Several people looked at each other. Shi Pei said, “the general wants to… Lure the enemy with his body?” the last four words were stuck in Shi Pei’s throat for a long time.

“No!” Wu Youyuan said excitedly, “I’d rather we all die in battle than let the general risk himself!”

Gu Fuzhou “tut” said, “not long ago, I said you were enlightened.” now, it’s a lonely one.

“General, think twice.” Shi Pei frowned. “Xixia is at the end of a powerful crossbow. It can’t last long. Why…”

“You think I want to. We can’t last long without food, brother.” seeing the same look on several faces, Gu Fuzhou smiled and said, “strictly speaking, I’m not risking myself – come here.”

The crowd gathered around and Gu Fuzhou pointed to a point on the map and said, “the terrain here is like a gourd mouth. Then I will lead the enemy here. Wu Youyuan and a thousand iron cavalry will kill out of another mountain pass, forming a trend of closing the door and beating the dog. It will be difficult for the enemy to fly.”

Shi Pei thought for a long time and said, “but in case… General, if you want to lure the enemy, I’d like to replace the general!”

“Your courage is worthy of recognition, but with all due respect, your life is of little value to Xixia and is not enough for them to fight to death. Don’t worry, I believe Youyuan will come to save me,” Gu Fuzhou said with a smile, standing in the mottled light and shadow. “Youyuan, are you willing to be believed by me?”

Wu Youyuan’s Adam’s apple rolled: “general…”

“I’ll go with the general,” Shen Huaizhi said. “I promised Dr. Lin that I would protect the general thoroughly.”

Gu Fuzhou thought for a moment and said, “you can go if Hu Ji thinks your body is enough to go to the battlefield.”

Shen Huaizhi immediately said, “I can.”

In the next two days, Dayu’s attack on the city gradually weakened, and Xixia was able to breathe briefly.

Since he wanted to pretend to withdraw troops, he could not withdraw openly during the day. The ghost commander of the Western Xia Dynasty intended to take care of Fu Zhou. He didn’t detect Gu Fu Zhou’s figure and would never act rashly. Gu Fu Zhou ordered his subordinates to take the parcel soldiers out in three ways, and he led one of them to Hulukou, which was negotiated in advance.

Gu Fuzhou rode on Xiaohei and stared at the vast night. Suddenly, he found that his heart beat a little fast: “it’s over.”

Shen Huaizhi followed him and hurriedly asked, “what’s the matter, general?”

“It’s all right.” Gu Fuzhou chuckled, “I’m just a little…”

Just a little scared.

But now he is Gu Fuzhou, an invincible general and a well-known God of war of Dayu. Gu Fuzhou will not be afraid, so he can’t be afraid, at least in front of these soldiers who trust him.

He thought of Lin Qingyu.

If only Lin Qingyu were there. If his wife was around, he could hold his waist and complain recklessly. He was so tired that he couldn’t sleep every day. He didn’t want to lead the army or fight at all. He just wanted to be a salted fish, a salted fish that adhered to Lin Qingyu all day.

But he is Gu Fuzhou. Gu Fuzhou should stand majestically, shoot with a horizontal gun and be in high spirits. He has worked hard to do it. I hope he has not let his soldiers down.

Gu Fuzhou took a deep breath and comforted himself, “there’s nothing terrible. I’ve made a plan.” he heard himself say, “I’m not afraid at all.”


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