Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 99

When Gu Fuzhou reached Yuanmen, it snowed a little. This was undoubtedly his quietest expedition. There was no Jin Zheng’s war drum, no arm shaking and shouting, and even no sound of flags flying – snow turned into frost, and the flags froze, and they could not move.

Gu Fuzhou and his party kept a low profile and no one saw them off. Shi Pei and Wu Youyuan each led a large army. The former attacked the city, the latter set up an ambush, and there was a big general left to guard the camp.

According to the established route, they rode slowly towards Zhuo County, leaving a line of hoof marks in the snow.

A deputy general said, “it’s so quiet. I’m not used to it.”

Gu Fuzhou said casually, “Huaizhi should be used to this kind of silence.”

“Yes, brother Shen was born in dark Wei. He must have come out day and night before.”

Shen Huaizhi smiled and nodded. The deputy general asked, “can you see very far and clearly at night?”

“Yes, night vision is a necessary skill for dark guards.”

“It’s a pity that the enemy doesn’t have such good eyes.” Gu Fuzhou said, “let everyone light torches. If Xixia comes to help, it’s best to bring them together.”

In the quiet night, lights were lit on the winding mountain road, which seemed to tell the enemy where they were. As long as you have a little brain, you can see that they are deliberately leading it, but the Xixia army trapped in the isolated city for many days knew it was a trap and had to jump in.

Just because Gu Fuzhou, the great Yu god of war who killed one of their princes, dozens of generals and countless Xixia soldiers, was in the trap. Rather than starve to death or be captured after breaking the city, it’s better to fight to the death and drag Gu Fuzhou to hell. Zhao Mingwei is dead. Once Gu Fuzhou dies, no general in Dayu army can stop Xixia from occupying the Central Plains.

Gu Fuzhou led the troops to Hulukou, but there was still no movement around. The quieter it is, the more danger it means. The snow is getting bigger and falling all over the bow and knife.

Not long after, a sound of horse hoofs from far to near made the earth tremble. Just listening to the deafening news, you can know how many people came to each other.

The deputy general was surprised and said, “why do they still have so many people? Don’t they leave someone to guard the city?”

Gu Fuzhou was not surprised: “since you know you can’t keep it, why keep it again.”

Ghost Shuai is worthy of being ghost Shuai. Unexpectedly, he can bring such a number of iron cavalry out of Yongliang without being aware of the ghost. I believe that at this time, Shi Pei has taken advantage of the enemy’s leaving the city to attack the city. The more enemy troops here, the fewer enemy troops left in Yongliang.

“Don’t panic,” Gu Fuzhou comforted the crowd. “Even if they pour out, they won’t be our opponents. They’d better come together so that we don’t have to spend time chasing the disabled soldiers.”

The sound of horses’ hoofs was getting closer and closer. I looked up, but I saw black cavalry pouring in like a flood, setting off bursts of snow foam. Then there were shouts of killing, and the sword glowed cold in the moonlight.

Shen Huai knew, “the general must not underestimate the enemy. These people are obviously dead. Once they are not afraid of death, they can do anything.”

Gu Fuzhou nodded, tightened the reins and said, “send orders, fight and enter, and lead them to the mouth of Hulu.”

The cold wind was clear, weeping, and the valley was full of the harsh sound of weapons, and there was a strong smell of blood in the nose. The white blade splashed with blood, and the blood red almost covered the sky, as if there was only one color left between heaven and earth.

When the enemy was led to Hulukou by them, suddenly a position shook, ten times stronger than the movement just now. The deputy general was overjoyed: “it must be the military general with the ambush -”

Shen Huaizhi stared into the distance and whispered, “no, it’s –”

The voice stopped abruptly. The deputy general opened his eyes, and the smile on his face was replaced by shock: “it’s Xixia, it’s Xixia’s reinforcements!”

The sound of the horse’s hooves made a loud rumble, which was several times stronger than the movement just now. It shook the snow and dust on the mountain and set off several feet high snow waves.

“That’s a good thing.” Gu Fuzhou pretended to be relaxed. “The Xixia reinforcements came to us and proved that Yongliang was safe. The reinforcements traveled a long way, and we waited for work with ease. It’s OK not to say one dozen five, one dozen two.”

Taking care of Fuzhou was so calm that other people’s hanging hearts also fell. The deputy general shouted, “brothers rush in, and the military general is waiting for us in the gourd!”

As Gu Fuzhou expected, the Xixia reinforcements came in a hurry. They had rushed hundreds of miles in the ice and snow, and their physical strength was lost by more than half. Knowing that the odds were slim, they still wanted to come.

What they want is not to win the war, nor to defend Yongliang city. They only want Gu Fuzhou’s life, even if they exchange the lives of tens of thousands of Xixia soldiers for Gu Fuzhou’s head.

Shen Huaizhi soon realized that it was wrong: “general, there are many assassins with excellent martial arts in these reinforcements. They must be coming for you.”

Gu Fuzhou sighed helplessly, “they’re working too hard to kill me.”

“Please keep the general close to me. I won’t let Xixia assassins have a chance to get close to the general.” as soon as Shen Huai finished his words, his eyebrows suddenly frowned tighter. He looked down at his previous injury and soon raised his head to concentrate on the enemy.

Dayu troops fought and retreated. It was not easy to introduce them into Hulukou, but they couldn’t wait for the ambush.

“What’s the matter?” the deputy general returned to Gu Fuzhou after killing a circle. “Where’s general Wu?”

Gu Fuzhou’s face was dignified. He looked at the snow mountains on the left and right sides. Finally, he couldn’t help but burst into a rude remark: “fuck.”

“It’s an avalanche.” Shen Huaizhi whispered, “the military general was dragged by the avalanche.”

Not only they, but others are worried about why the ambush is not here. However, the sword has no eyes, and a moment’s distraction can kill them.

“It’s a bit unlucky, brothers. But it doesn’t matter. Wu Youyuan must be trying to come. We’ll just wait for him.” Gu Fuzhou suddenly smiled and laughed wantonly. “Rivers and mountains are picturesque and beautiful – it would be a pity to die here.”

After that, Gu Fuzhou grabbed the deputy general’s bow and arrow and pulled the bow and arrow at a senior general of the enemy.

The arrow flew out like a meteor. They couldn’t see the end of the arrow. But this arrow is like a signal, and the soldiers rise up in response. They don’t worry about where the ambush is. They fight hard and can kill one more.

In order to make the enemy think he can fight, Gu Fuzhou brought no more than 3000 iron cavalry. Without Wu Youyuan’s ambush, their number was greatly inferior, but no one flinched. They believe that the ambush will arrive, and the only thing they have to do is to hold on.

Gu Fuzhou, who has always been planning strategies in the rear, really stood on the battlefield for the first time. Qingyun Kyushu gun reappeared after three years of silence. It’s killing. He has learned.

This fight from dark to dawn, from heavy snow to snow stop, from vast to corpses everywhere. The iron cavalry in front of Gu Fuzhou fell down one after another. Three thousand iron cavalry were left, but there were only thirty left.

Gu Fuzhou’s Xiaobai has died in the arrow rain. Like the rest of the infantry, he is dressed in iron clothes and a long gun against the remaining hundreds of the enemy. But it doesn’t matter. Right away – Wu Youyuan is coming soon.

Wait, wait.

Suddenly, Shen Huaiyu glanced at a ghost like figure coming silently. He resolutely stepped out and sealed each other’s throat with a dagger.

He used his lightness skill too quickly, involving old injuries, and stopped briefly. In this very short moment, a cold arrow flew out from behind him and pointed at Gu Fuzhou.

Shen Huaizhi shouted, “general!”

Gu Fuzhou heard Shen Huaizhi’s cry, but he didn’t stop waving a gun to block the sharp knife for a small soldier.

A sharp pain hit. Before Gu Fuzhou realized what had happened, he saw Shen Huaizhi running towards him with a pale face. He slowly lowered his head, looked at the arrow inserted into his chest, and pulled the corner of his mouth.

No one can win a hundred battles. He won so many games by luck. After all, he will lose to luck.

Then, the second, the third… Nowhere, an arrow flew from all directions to Gu Fuzhou.

Qingyun Kyushu gun was heavily inserted in the snow, supporting the master without kneeling down until Shen Huaizhi came and helped the tottering Gu Fuzhou.

Gu Fuzhou’s comfortable face finally showed a trace of fear.

His fear is not death. He died twice. He has experience. Death is nothing to fear for him.

What he fears is that Lin Qingyu is facing his death.

This fear even overshadowed the physical pain. Sorry, he is not a real general to protect the country, nor is he a great hero. At this moment of life and death, he only thinks of Lin Qingyu alone.

At this time, he vaguely heard someone shouting: “Yongliang victory – Yongliang victory!”

“Here comes the general!”

Shen Huaizhi, who had been fighting all night, was finally able to put down his long sword. He held Gu Fuzhou’s hand tightly. He saw Gu Fuzhou smile and said, “it hurts.”

It hurts more than twice before.

Shen Huai knows his martial arts. He lingers on the edge of life and death all year round, but he has never been so helpless. He hated his stupid mouth and couldn’t even say a word of comfort.

Gu Fuzhou’s mouth spilled blood and asked, “I seem to hear… Win?”

“Yes.” Shen Huaizhi tried to squeeze out a smile, “we won, we won.”

“Then, can you save me? I… I can’t die.” Gu Fuzhou leaned against Shen Huaizhi, his eyes widened and almost begged, “he’s still waiting for me. I wrote him a guarantee. I can’t lie to him… Don’t let me die, he’ll cry.”

Shen Huaizhi was already sobbing: “I’ll save you, general. Hold on, doctor Hu must have a way. I’ll take you to him.”

Hearing the word “doctor” vaguely, Gu Fuzhou raised his mouth slightly. What else did he want to say? Suddenly, he vomited a big mouthful of blood. Even with the help of Shen Huaizhi, he couldn’t support it, and his body slipped slowly.

“General!” Shen Huaizhi knelt in the snow and hugged Gu Fuzhou in his arms. He covered Fuzhou’s wound with his hand. Blood overflowed from his fingers and flowed into the snow. A peach forest in full bloom in winter was blooming. It was untimely, but warm as spring.

No matter how hard he tried, Gu Fuzhou’s blood was still pouring more and more.

Can’t cover, can’t stop, can’t stop.

Gu Fuzhou’s vision gradually became blurred, his chest was heavily pressed, and he was out of breath. Every breath was a heartbreaking pain. The blood seemed to take away his temperature, and his body was getting colder and colder.

Is he… Dying again.

He lied to Lin Qingyu. He’s dying. He can’t go back.

If he had known that it would be the same ending, he should not have confessed to Lin Qingyu, kissed him or soiled him. He hurt Lin Qingyu once and hurt him a second time. He’s too bad.

He knows Lin Qingyu. Lin Qingyu can’t forget him, and Lin Qingyu won’t do anything stupid. He will live, cold and unconscious.

If… If only Lin Qingyu could lose his memory, forget these years and him, maybe he could live happily. Fake death drugs are available. Can amnesia drugs also be available.

After all, his wish is that Lin Qingyu will always be happy.

From the age of seventeen to now, it has always been.

HMM… the eyes are so heavy. This dark dizziness is like last time. He remembered that Lin Qingyu didn’t stop him from closing his eyes at that time. Can he do it this time——

“General!” Shen Huaizhi sobbed, “general, hold on. Doctor Hu will be here soon. Don’t close your eyes, Doctor Lin – Lin Qingyu is still waiting for you!”

Gu Fuzhou suddenly opened his eyes and grasped Shen Huaizhi’s hand with strength.

You can’t close your eyes. He’s sure to be rescued. Just wait until the doctor comes. They’ll cure him.

Lin Qingyu will not be happy if he forgets him. Lin Qingyu will be happy only if he is alive.

So he can’t die… He must survive.

With his efforts, his vision became clear again. He saw a beam of light, a beam of light penetrating the clouds. He whispered, “it’s dawn?”

Shen Huai nodded tearfully, “yes, it’s dawn.”

“Great.” bad things usually happen at night. Dawn always symbolizes hope. He may really be saved. As long as he doesn’t close his eyes, he can survive.

Gu Fuzhou looked at the light beam in the sky like this, with unwilling and nostalgia. His pupils reflected the light source and did not move.

“General… General!”

Then the last light disappeared in Gu Fuzhou’s eyes. In the past, bright as a star, there was only infinite silence in the smiling eyes.

But he still keeps his eyes open.

——At the beginning of the third year of Chu Xi’s reign, Gu Fuzhou waited for reinforcements for a long time and died outside Yongliang city.


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