Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 1

Nobles have difficulty giving birth, and even Omega can hardly give birth to them. Mermaids have a high degree of matching.

So there are people of various gender characteristics who transform adult fish.

Yu Qing is an Omega who hides his identity as a mermaid. He thinks he can lead a stable and ordinary life.

At this moment, he was sitting in the coffee shop, desperately wanting to pour a cup of hot coffee from the opposite person.

“We are not suitable. You are poor, and I am poor. I can’t live in a room smaller than the storage room of others.” In the year, after all, I was fascinated by the blossoming society, “I am going to have a mermaid operation. If you encounter trouble in the future, maybe you can still find me.”

Mermaid is more popular than Omega, because the match rate between mermaid and noble is better. Under the same fertility value, mermaid is more likely to conceive the child of noble and strong.

Alpha was originally very difficult to conceive and have children, and the probability is about zero, but if the mermaid has undergone surgery, the pregnancy rate of mermaid Alpha is much higher, sometimes even more popular than Omega.

Therefore, this senior dare to say this to Yu Qing.

Another point, the senior did not tell Yu Qing that he wears a book and knows the future plot. The mermaid is the king, the Omega in front of him is the passerby, the passerby, that is similar to cannon fodder, as long as he becomes a mermaid, there will be good days in the future.

“No.” Yu Qing got up, “Suddenly I felt that a lonely person like me is the most suitable to marry a rich family. There are no seven or eight aunts, no relatives…”

“Are you going to have a mermaid reconstruction operation?” The senior opened his eyes. You must know that Yu Qing himself is very beautiful. There were a lot of people who pursued Yu Qing in school. “Don’t do it, Omega’s body itself You are weak, you can have children, why bother?”

The senior has the memory of the original body. He doesn’t want Yu Qing to undergo mermaid transformation surgery, so don’t add a rival to himself. The Omega mermaid is more popular than the alpha mermaid. Fortunately, he wears a book and knows the future plot, but he has to avoid unnecessary troubles, such as the person in front of him.

“Heh.” Yu Qing turned and left, doing some reconstruction surgery.

Don’t do it! He was originally a mermaid with inheritance, his legs and tail can be transformed freely, unlike those transforming mermaids who can only rely on potions to change, and they are not much the same as those natural merfolk.

Those natural merman fish tails and legs can change freely, but they cannot be maintained for a long time.

And Yu Qing can maintain his legs for a long time, which is one point that he has not been discovered.

Yu Qing felt that he was really unlucky. The Alpha he met was either scum or incompetent.

Earlier, he had planned to agree to a nobleman’s proposal, but the nobleman couldn’t do the home and was caught and turned his head. The noble mermaid’s fiance asked him to chase him down. He finally escaped, changed his status, and went to another school. There were a lot of people in the school and it was more suitable for finding someone. As a result, this one was even more incompetent than the previous one, and he went to have a mermaid transformation operation.

What’s more, he just rushed with the mermaid.

Yu Qing thinks that God must let him marry a wealthy family and a nobleman, otherwise, how could he meet such a scumbag and incompetent person.

“Yu Qing, I advise you to marry early. Last time, if I hadn’t stopped you, you would have been almost ruined.” The senior said loudly, “I avoided the unspoken rules once, what about the next time?”

“Don’t hide!” Yu Qing replied, even those big-bellied squint people want to unspoken rules for him, be careful that he slaps them with his tail.

After coming out of the coffee shop, Yu Qing went to the Genetics Administration Bureau, registered to apply for matching, and restricted the matching personnel on the form: nobles.

When the staff member saw the form filled out by Yu Qing, he sighed, alas, how could such a beautiful beauty be an Omega who worships money.

“First pay a deposit of 1 million.” The staff worked in accordance with the regulations.

Too many people want to marry aristocrats, so the bureau issued a rule that if you want to match aristocrats, you have to pay a deposit first.

If the noble is matched, the noble is willing to marry that commoner, then the deposit will be returned. Otherwise, the deposit will remain under pressure, and within ten years, if there is no match for the nobles, the deposit will be nationalized. Of course, the mermaid does not need to pay a deposit.

“Do you want to hand over the mermaid?” Yu Qing asked.

“No,” the staff member replied.

“…” Yu Qing thinks this evil capital aristocratic society is really damn inequality, isn’t bullying a mermaid?

So Yu Qing took back the list silently and checked the mermaid. He didn’t have any deposit. There were only more than two hundred thousand all over his body, which was earned by his hard work, a full-time job, a part-time job, hard work for a few years, not willing to, even if willing, that is not enough.

The staff reviewed the list and checked Yu Qing’s ID card again. “It doesn’t match, it won’t work.”

Don’t think you can get confused by checking the mermaid!

“Should I show you the tail?” Yu Qing was serious.

“Yes!” The staff said solemnly. They have encountered too many situations like this. If they have the ability, they will change. If they change, then let you pass.

In the end, Yu Qing did successfully register the matching form for the nobles, but he also met someone from the Mermaid Conservation Association.

The staff’s idea is very simple. Fuck, there is a mermaid who slipped through the net. Report it quickly.

The people of the Mermaid Conservation Association acted very quickly, and immediately changed the ID card information to Yu Qing, and also performed various checks, and then gave Yu Qing the SSS-class mermaid seal.

“Don’t worry, I will definitely find you a great noble!” The humanity of the Mermaid Conservation Association said, “On your level, you can definitely get married!”

With such a high level, high physical fitness, mermaid Omega, and high fertility value, a proper wealthy lady.

“…” Yu Qing suddenly doubted whether his decision was correct, how did he feel that these people looked stupid, could they do it well? Anyway, he is ready to be a gold-worshiping mermaid.

In less than an hour, the nobles knew that an SSS-level mermaid Omega had appeared, and they started gearing up and rushing.

However, the reality is always cruel. Before these nobles appeared in front of Yu Qing holding flowers, there was already a super aristocrat who was rumored to be indifferent and received a matching document from the Genetics Administration.

Congratulations, your mermaid matched up to 99.9%.

The first thing Raymond thought of was that this was another fraudulent text message. Who didn’t know that his ability level was high, and the match rate was always single digits, barely double digits, or more than a dozen. The dozen or so people cheated through the Genetic Administration, and the actual match rate was terribly low.

“Mischief!” Raymond believed that instead of trusting in the Genetics Administration, he believed in his nose.

Several times he faintly smelled the Omega that closely matched his pheromone, but it was a pity that it was looming, and it was gone soon, and he couldn’t find it at all.

It is also a very stupid performance to be with a person only by pheromone.

He couldn’t believe it!

Then, Leimen went to the gene management bureau, and said that 99.9%, then he would really find a daughter-in-law for him, and follow the photo he gave to find!

“…” The leader of the Genetics Administration, you are a single dog who has been a dog for so many years.

But the person in this photo seems a bit familiar, where have you seen it?


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