Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 10

No matter how Ye Haisheng said in his heart that he must be in charge of the Ye family and seize power, it was useless. He still had to listen to what Ye Old Man said, and he had to worry about the other people in the Ye family. To put it bluntly, he was still a selfish person. The first thing he thought of was himself. He couldn’t leave the Ye family for the sake of his ex-boyfriend.

What’s more, Ye Haisheng kept telling himself before that it was all the fault of his ex-boyfriend Yu Ren, and if Yu Ren were to undergo mermaid transformation surgery, there would not be so much resistance.

Ye Haisheng didn’t want to think that even if Yu Ren became a mermaid, his family could not agree to him being with Yu Ren. Because there is a mermaid with a higher status that values ​​Ye Haisheng, Ye Haisheng’s family will still be dissatisfied, and they will still have to leave.

Excuses are all excuses.

Ye Haisheng just didn’t want to admit his failure, but attributed the failure to others, thinking that one day he could become stronger. How many people have grown from weak to strong, so can he.

In the hospital, Xia Ziyan had already undergone a mermaid reconstruction operation, and his condition was relatively stable. He did not wake up without falling into a coma. But he still has to soak in the nutrient solution. The genes in his body are gradually changing, and the mermaid genes will be inserted into the gene fragments in his body, and he will change from an ordinary Alpha to a mermaid.

“The situation is still relatively stable.” The doctor looked at Xia Ziyan, who was half of his body lying in the nutrient solution, almost showing his head.

From the doctor’s point of view, this Alpha is still a pity, the opponent’s body is destined to be impossible to be as strong as it used to be. If the body is weak, the ability talent will be reduced, and the ability level will be more difficult to cultivate, and even face the danger of losing the level. If the ability level is dropped, the life span will also be lost.

When the doctors participated in the mermaid reconstruction operation, the doctors would explain the risks to them in advance, so as to save them from going to the hospital later.

Because Xia Ziyan is still transforming into a mermaid, and he hasn’t changed so quickly, so he can’t be sure whether it succeeded or failed. Some people failed later, and now they have to wait.

The doctor didn’t say that Xia Ziyan’s power level had been lowered a bit. He had already emphasized it with Xia Ziyan before. If you say it now, it will only make the other party irritated, and it will not be conducive to the progress of the mermaid transformation.

And Xia Ziyan also imagined that his abilities would go further, he was different from these people, he was a book wearer, and book wearers would have to be lucky.

In fact, Xia Ziyan didn’t really understand the original owner’s abilities at all, and even if he had the memory of the original owner, he couldn’t use it freely. This also caused Xia Ziyan to not feel the power level drop at all. At most, he felt that his body was much weaker and not so comfortable.

Xia Ziyan also attributed these problems to the surgery just now, instead of considering the issue of abilities.

“That’s good.” Xia Ziyan’s voice is relatively weak, he only hopes that his body can quickly transform into an adult fish.

The original work hasn’t really started yet, now it can only be said to be a prequel, Gong hasn’t become a big boss, hasn’t controlled the Ye Family, hasn’t become bold and vicious. Those who make big things don’t stick to the trivial, Xia Ziyan doesn’t feel that there is any problem with attacking someone who has offended him. On the contrary, he feels very handsome.

Before attacking, he didn’t like his fiancé, who even encouraged others to murder his ex-boyfriend. It’s just that these two people can still be together in a sadistic relationship in the end, how vicious that sufferer, and their ex-boyfriend did nothing wrong.

Behind, there was a person who looked very similar to his ex-boyfriend. That person was made by a good friend who received plastic surgery, fire prevention, theft prevention, and girlfriends, that’s it. In the midst of being obsessed and tortured, Gong realized that he didn’t love his ex-boyfriend, but liked his fiancé.

Xia Ziyan thinks that receiving is really a good way. He knows that a good friend has a plastic surgery and becomes an ex-boyfriend of his fiancé, who is still babbling there. To put it bluntly, to accept is to use friends to completely take Bai Yueguang from the attacking side.

What’s more, there is a fan in the back that is even more disgusting, that is, Gong saw another person who looked exactly like his ex-boyfriend.

Xia Ziyan thought that Gong couldn’t be blamed, Gong was just a poor man who was played in the palm of his hand. If it were him, he wouldn’t be able to play with offense like that, he would stay with offense wholeheartedly. It just so happens that he didn’t do those stupid things, he could accompany the attacker to fight together and become the right-hand man of the attacker.

He also thought that he could drink the medicine first, turn the fish tail into his legs, and accompany the attack. Then show the tail of the fish at the right time, so that the two people’s feelings will come naturally.

“Take a good rest, don’t look at the light brain.” The doctors are all suggesting this, but some people can’t stand the pain during the transformation, and they need the light brain to divert attention. However, doctors still do not want patients to keep staring at the light brain, and their mood fluctuates, which can easily affect the success rate of the transformation.

“Good.” Xia Ziyan answered.

Xia Ziyan felt that his legs were itchy and wanted to reach out to touch them. Fortunately, his legs were already covered, not his hands could touch.

Lei’s family, Yu Qing is sitting in the garden drinking afternoon tea and eating small cakes. Xu Shi had dust in the wind, and Yu Qing sneezed.


“Madam, this is a brief introduction to the planets and the planets under the name of the lord.” The butler brought a bunch of paper documents over. “There are also some introductions to other beautiful planets. Take a look. If you don’t understand, you can Ask your lord.”

“Huh?” Yu Qing frowned slightly.

“You can hold your wedding on any planet you want.” The butler smiled. “You have to look at the information first. If you are right, you can tell the adults.”

“Isn’t it with you?” Yu Qing thought the housekeeper was in charge.

“This is your wedding with an adult. Of course you have to discuss it.” The butler is not so stunned. The master wants to discuss with his wife. Why is he embarrassed to join in, and of course he has to find opportunities for them. “The adults are usually busy. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t value you. He also hopes that you can ask him more and cultivate more feelings.”

So you don’t have to be polite, just go straight.

Yu Qing looked at the thick stack of documents on the table, suspecting that he had to look at it for many days. Even if he watched it for many days, he might not be able to understand these planets.

A planet is so big, how can it be covered with just a few pages of paper?

Yu Qing wanted to throw the information over there, and when Raymond came back, let Raymond look at it. Maybe the other party doesn’t need to look at it at all, the other party already understands those planets. Anyway, he felt that he couldn’t finish the information and said he didn’t look forward to the wedding. It was also false. It was just that he had no choice but to choose this way. He felt that he could not choose a good one.

I don’t understand, how to choose, don’t understand from the information.

“Put it here first.” Yu Qing said.

When Raymond came back from a trip, he saw a large stack of documents introducing various planets on the table.

Yu Qing asked people to move the files to the room. He preferred the cherries on the planet MK23 and did not like the text introduction on the planet MK23.

“Let’s take a look.” There was a faint smile on Yu Qing’s face, as if he was pampered, “It involves your lifelong events, which planet you want to be on, it’s up to you.”

After Leimen saw the smile on Yu Qing’s face, he felt good in his heart, especially when he heard the other’s gentle tone, he felt that the other party treated him well.

In fact, Yu Qing thought: What kind of planet introduction, long ago returned the geography knowledge to the teacher, and did not want to be a tour guide.

If you talk about what style of clothes to choose, maybe Yu Qing will choose, at least the clothes are much smaller, which can be seen at a glance. And the planet, what the hell, such a big thing, the planet is also divided into cities, ha ha, forget it, whoever loves to choose who chooses.

“Where do you like it?” Raymond didn’t have a direct choice, he still had to look at his sweetheart.

“It’s up to you.” Don’t ask me what I like, Yu Qing wants the other party to ask again, and the other party won’t enter the house tonight! Oh, this possibility is very low. This is the Lei family, and the relationship between them is not good enough to rush people to the study. “Choose whichever you like!”

Yu Qing emphasized, don’t ask any more, ask again, you will be mad.

“…” Although Yu Qing was smiling, Raymond still felt strange, and the other party didn’t want to choose at all.

“Which one do you like?” Yu Qing asked, “If you don’t know which one to choose for a while, you can read more of these materials. If you don’t understand, you can search on the Internet and ask other people.”

Anyway, don’t come to him. There are people who make people look at so many texts, and most of them are stupid hats. If it’s just a few cities, it’s a good choice, but there are so many planets.

“Okay, I’ll take a closer look.” Raymond replied, “Look at these materials too.”

“You are so serious, you must be a good person.” Yu Qing was satisfied. “If you want to ask you when you come, you can answer with your birth.”

Haha, if he asks, the other party will find written materials, which means that the other party is not paying much attention.

Yu Qing thought secretly, anyone wants to relive the terrible geography, what monsoon, what belt, what city, what climate, what environment, local customs, and so on. This is for others to see.

“I heard that people with high levels of ability have good memory.” Yu Qing added.

“Memory may be a lot better.” Raymond can only smile.

Whoever tells him to let his sweetheart choose the planet for the wedding, he will be anxious. This simply can’t bring the two people closer together, and Raymond has an idea, “If we are free, we can go for a walk first.”

“It will take a few years to finish these planets,” Yu Qing said, “I still only look at individual cities.”

“…” Raymond had long known that his sweetheart was not a romantic person. Of course, he couldn’t blame the other party, but if he didn’t do a good job, the other party just told a fact.

Forget it, don’t wait for a few years. If you wait a few years, the day lily will be cold.

Raymond thought he had good patience, but in front of his sweetheart, his patience was really not good enough to wait forever. have obtained the certificate, so let’s hold the wedding earlier, oh, let Ye Haisheng come and have a look.


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