Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 11

Raymond and Yu Qing did not hold their wedding so quickly, so they had to prepare for a while. Raymond didn’t want his sweetheart to think he was so casual, he just set the wedding time casually, found a place casually, and invited people casually.

Too hasty, it is inevitable that people will never be respected.

Raymond thought maybe Yu Qing didn’t think so, but what about others, in case someone said something in Yu Qing’s ear. Raymond believed that Yu Qing didn’t believe those people talked, but there were too many times, and no one could be sure whether there was a crack between the two people this time.

The two of them didn’t have such deep feelings. Raymond had it, but it didn’t mean that Yu Qing had it.

After Yu Qing gave the information to Raymond, Raymond looked at it seriously, even when he went to the military headquarters. Anyway, there hasn’t been any major war recently, and he doesn’t need to deal with it. Those nobles live so long, and Raymond’s subordinates have survived for a long time, and they have done things safely.

Darryl hasn’t contacted Raymond recently. They were newly married to Yaner. It would be too wrong for him to disturb them. He didn’t expect Raymond to come to work. You should know that many nobles didn’t come every day, and lived so long. How could they come every day, sometimes every few days.

Of course, it is impossible for those nobles to give up the ability to upgrade, and the ability level is high, so that they can better deter the enemy and their subordinates.

“What’s on this table?” When Darryl came to see Raymond, he happened to see the papers on the table. He picked up a file and found that it was a magazine-like file. All of it was an introduction to a certain planet, “Honeymoon?”

“Wedding!” Raymond wanted to spend his honeymoon with Yu Qing, but their feelings were not so close. Even if they went out for their honeymoon, it is unlikely that they would get too close.

Do you think that traveling for a period of time can increase the relationship between each other? How is that possible?

Raymond didn’t think so, that some methods were useful to other people, but not to Yu Qing.

“Yes, you have to prepare for the wedding.” Darryl nodded. “For the grand wedding, I will invite the Ye family to come and let them see.”

“They look similar, they will always be discovered.” Raymond had a headache thinking about Ye Haisheng. He did not put Ye Haisheng in his eyes, but the other party was once his sweetheart’s boyfriend.

Since Ye Haisheng could be favored by his sweetheart at the beginning, this shows that Ye Haisheng still has something to do with him.

Raymond didn’t think that Yu Qing was still desperate for Ye Hai after experiencing those cruel things. It was impossible. It can’t be one thing, meeting is another thing. Raymond could also see that his sweetheart had never thought of revenge against Ye Haisheng. If he really wanted to revenge, Yu Qing would not be able to go to work in other companies and still be ambiguous with others.

I don’t know what that Xia Ziyan thought, why suddenly ran for a mermaid transformation operation.

However, Raymond thanked Xia Ziyan very much. It was good for Xia Ziyan to undergo mermaid transformation surgery. No, it stimulated Yu Qing, and Yu Qing went to the Genetics Administration to match the other half. Fortunately, his match with his sweetheart is also very high. The corners of Raymond’s lips are slightly hooked, and he and Yu Qing are the best match.

“I heard that he still hates his ex-boyfriend, and believes that his ex-boyfriend took the Ye family’s money before leaving. The ex-boyfriend is with him for the money.” Daryl knows Lei Meng’s secret love. If you pay attention to Ye Haisheng, you know some of Ye Haisheng’s behavior.

When Ye Haisheng was drunk, he complained to his friends, and those words spread.

Only Ye Haisheng knew whether he was really drunk or fake.

Darryl thinks that the people of the Ye family are really nothing. And Ye Haisheng’s mermaid fiance’s friend sought someone to chase Yu Ren, all of which were covered up, Ye Haisheng looked like he didn’t know anything.

do not know anything?

Darryl thought it was all fake. It was obvious that Ye Haisheng didn’t want to think deeply, and didn’t want to admit his cowardice.

“Perhaps he has to think that Mrs. Lei will retaliate against him by climbing the dragon and attaching the phoenix.” Darryl joked, “Such people just like to play for themselves.”

“It’s time for revenge.” Raymond nodded, but his sweetheart didn’t want revenge. He couldn’t act clearly either, he was a little worried, and he didn’t dare to let his sweetheart know of his secret crush.

A person who only dared to hide in the dark and had a crush on him, a person who did not know that his sweetheart was in danger and did not save his sweetheart in time…

After Yu Ren’s accident, Raymond believed that he had done something wrong at the beginning, and he shouldn’t not show up. If he were to pursue Yu Ren, it might be different. But when the Ye Family took the shot, he didn’t dare to come forward, fearing that his sweetheart would think that he was forcing the Ye Family to do those disgusting things. Wouldn’t that indirectly deepen the relationship between Ye Haisheng and Yu Ren.

“Then you do assists.” Darryl came up with an idea, “Fantasy revenge, don’t show signs, you have to let him know how much you like him. Did you send flowers? By the way, don’t send fish, those transformed mermaids I don’t like fish.”

Even some natural mermaids don’t like to eat fish. When natural mermaids are young, some people like to tease them, saying that they are disobedient, so they make them into braised fish, steamed fish, pickled fish…Of course the little mermaid doesn’t want to see the table. When they grow up, they know that their family members are just scaring them, and it is difficult for them to like fish.

“It’s time to go back.” Raymond was too lazy to listen to Darryl’s bad ideas. He listened to Darryl’s words back then, starting with his pen pal, saying that he could write more love letters, and that he could be online dating…

However, the distance between Raymond and Yu Ren hasn’t been reduced. If you say a few more words on the Internet, the other party will ignore him. Pen pals are even more difficult. The old pen pal method has been hot for a while, but Yu Ren didn’t read those letters or love letters.

“…” Darryl stood next to him subconsciously, and waited for Raymond to walk to the door, Darryl said hurriedly, “Remember to bring a bunch of flowers back, and don’t drag me into the blacklist.”

Yes, Darryl always felt that Raymond might put him on the blacklist again.

Daryl said that he has at least a lot of ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends, who are experienced in relationships and can come up with ideas. Basically, he dumped those boyfriends and girlfriends. How fascinated by those people, they are still begging.

According to Raymond’s words, what those people fancy is Daryl’s generous shots. Even if they break up, they can still leave a lot of money and good things. What a great thing.

Raymond walked out of the office, thinking that he would never listen to Darryl. After walked out of the military building, thought again, maybe should take a bunch of flowers home.

Lei’s family, Yu Qing has almost walked the whole building, and also went to the outside garden, swimming pool and so on. A swimming pool is much bigger than the room he lived in. It’s worth it for this rich man to marry.

He doesn’t say that even if he sells himself, he can’t afford it. After all, mermaids are more worthwhile. When mermaids are auctioned in underground auctions, they can be auctioned at high prices.

If his abilities are stronger, if he is more courageous, maybe he will auction himself, and then run away. Black eats black…but Yu Qing didn’t dare, if he didn’t run away, he wouldn’t do such a dangerous thing.

“There have been other people here before.” Yu Qing thought that Raymond was several hundred years old, almost a thousand years old, how could such a person not have a predecessor.

Yu Qing didn’t mind that much, he couldn’t let a person who had lived for so many years remain so pure.

“Yes.” The housekeeper told the truth, Lei Meng’s parents, friends, subordinates…These are all people. The housekeeper thought that Yu Qing thought it was just a normal question, so he answered like this.

The housekeeper is still a single dog. When he was young, he didn’t want to delay work. When he got older, he felt that being single was nothing. In the back, being single has become a habit. Anyway, he has brothers and other nephews and nieces, so there is no need to find the other half.

“Very good.” Yu Qing nodded, thinking that Raymond’s ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends would not be so difficult to deal with, and he didn’t want to deal with those things.

Leimen sneezed while he was on his way home. He didn’t know that he had a few more unnecessarily ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends on Yu Qing’s side. If he knew, he would yell wronged.


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