Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 13

Whether he cares or not, the other party has already married him.

Raymond thought that the other party’s expression was faint now, and he didn’t care too much. It was probably because he had been let down before, and the blame was on the person who had let Yu Qing down. And what I have to do now is to slowly warm Yu Qing’s heart. Sooner or later, my sweetheart will laugh happily, instead of not laughing at the bottom of my eyes.

“Those people are okay, it’s not particularly difficult to get along with.” Raymond originally wanted to say that his friends are easy to get along with, but the playboy category is really not good.

Things are gathered together, if the sweetheart thinks that he is also a lover, what can be done.

“I’ll know when you see it.” Raymond said, “There are so many, and only a few of them are well played. The rest are ordinary contacts.”

Raymond didn’t like to talk to those people very much. There are always people thinking about the power of the Lei family, and making friends becomes less sincere, not sincere, and it’s okay to have reservations, for fear of nonsense and instigation.

Standing in a high position, sometimes there is no need to be too kind.

Raymond didn’t want to be more kind, kind and not kind, kind and not kind, it doesn’t matter. What he needs is prestige and power to deter those people and make them obey orders.

“I have few friends.” Yu Qing is telling the truth, he really has few friends.

Before he changed his status, he didn’t have many friends. After changing status, there are still few friends.

In the workplace, colleagues, can’t be called friends, that is another kind of interpersonal relationship. Originally, Yu Qing had a good relationship with Xia Ziyan, but in the end, it was still nothing. Fortunately, he didn’t love Xia Ziyan, but he just felt that the other party was suitable for living together.

If it fails, Yu Qing will not be able to resent the other party, just feel that his vision is not good.

The previous Ye Haisheng was cowardly, and the latter Xia Ziyan even ran for a mermaid transformation operation. Yu Qing didn’t believe his vision anymore. Don’t wait until the next one, the next one will be pregnant and have a baby…

Wherever Yu Qing’s face is put, his heart must be very hurt.

“There’s nothing good to see, right.” Yu Qing didn’t want to show Raymond to people, but he really thought so. Classmates of this status are in contact, but they are not close, so there is no need to bring Raymond to meet with others, and there is no need for former colleagues who have a better relationship.

Under normal circumstances, after the relationship with a colleague becomes a former colleague, the contact with each other is less and gradually ended.


“Then no.” Raymond did not think that Yu Qing would not take him to see people. According to his investigation, the sweetheart really has no friends, so don’t put salt on the wounds of others. “If they find you, they can do it. Let them come in.”

“Not here.” Yu Qing said.

Yu Qing refused to send a message to him that he wanted to come and see him.

Yu Qing believes that there is no need to meet these people more, because they are not familiar with each other. Some people just want to get in touch with each other, and Yu Qing thinks that such a person is even more unnecessary. Those who didn’t want to get involved in relationships, ordinary friends, people asked a few words, so they didn’t say much, just said: Be happy.

In the face of ordinary friends, Yu Qing did not invite them to Lei’s house. The social class is different, and he will not be able to help those people in the future, so why bother too much. Being at peace with each other is the happiest.

“…” Raymond thought he should have known it a long time ago. The temperament of the sweetheart is like this, not indifferent, but the other party always lives so clear.

Xu is doomed love, when Raymond and Yu Qing went out to the hotel the next day, they happened to meet Ye Haisheng and Qin Mian.

Ye Haisheng still went out to eat and date with Qin Mian, but the number of times was small, but it made the two families feel comfortable, and Ye Haisheng thought he could also explain to the Ye family.

“Aren.” Ye Haisheng was stunned after seeing Yu Qing, muttering to himself.

In the next moment, Ye Haisheng shook off Qin Mian’s hand holding his arm, and walked quickly to Yu Qing’s.

“Is that you? Aren?” Ye Haisheng’s face was sad, his face full of heartache.

Of course, Yu Qing couldn’t bother Ye Haisheng. Since he changed his identity instead of simply changing his name, it meant that he had given up another identity. Then it is impossible for him to use another identity. In fact, he didn’t think that he and Raymond would get the certificate so quickly. He thought that these nobles would investigate it, and he might find a loophole in his identity.

Yu Qing leaned against Raymond, looking shocked.

“Don’t be afraid.” Leimen patted his sweetheart’s hand gently, turned his head to look at Ye Haisheng, “Of course a mermaid is also a human, with the word’human’, don’t you understand?”

“Right.” Yu Qing thought that Raymond would say that the other party admitted the wrong person, but did not expect the other party to say such a reason.


“Let’s go, Mrs. Lei, wife!” Raymond said deliberately. If he had known that he would meet Ye Haisheng this disgusting thing here, he would not bring his sweetheart over, and he should let his friends go home instead of choosing outside.

“Aren.” Ye Haisheng felt resentful in his heart, seeing Yu Qing leaving with Raymond so quickly. Suddenly, he seemed to have great courage, “Do you really like the poor and love the rich?”

“…” Yu Qing’s mouth twitched slightly. There are so many dramas. Aristocrats are not poor at all. Ye Haisheng was not poor at all.

Had it not been for Ye Haisheng to chase him so hard, Yu Qing originally wanted to find an ordinary Alpha instead of an aristocratic boyfriend. What dislikes the poor and loves the rich? Does the other party think that he agreed to be his boyfriend in the first place?

“Brother Haisheng.” Qin Mian’s long nails were pinched into the flesh, it hurts, it hurts too much.

Raymond was still there, Ye Haisheng looked at Mrs. Lei so obsessively.

Of course, Raymond couldn’t let Ye Haisheng do this. He turned his head directly, kicked Ye Haisheng viciously, and kicked Ye Haisheng to the wall. In particular, does Ye Haisheng want him to conflict with his sweetheart? The newlyweds are so familiar with the accusations, if ordinary people must have doubts.

Dislike the poor and love the rich, go to his dislike the poor and love the rich!

“Get out!” Raymond said coldly, “If you are drunk, don’t shake your eyes, don’t blind your eyes.”

Raymond Ninja Ye Haisheng has been around for a long time. He ran to stand outside Lei’s house a few days ago, and now he dares to say so. Especially when the other party knows that Yu Qing and Yu Ren have different names, and they are not sure that they are the same person, they just do it like that, hehe, he is clearly a bastard.

Don’t just look at the photos, you can tell by the feelings.

Those are all fake, that is, when Raymond sees Yu Qing, he has to be checked, and sometimes it feels like where he is doing it for a moment. It seems affectionate, but in fact it is irresponsible and not stable enough.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Qin Mian quickly bent down and lowered his head, “Brother Haisheng is drunk…”

Qin Mian held Ye Haisheng while apologizing weakly. He was very good at using tenderness to arouse sympathy. He is a mermaid, so it’s better to be weaker.

“Shut up!” Ye Haisheng gritted his teeth, don’t say anything to be sorry, there is nothing to be sorry for.

And Raymond left with Yu Qing long ago, who likes to take care of these two people.

“Brother Haisheng…”

“Release.” Ye Haisheng shook off Qin Mian’s hand vigorously. He is a supernaturalist himself, and the physical quality of the nobleman is good. Even if he was kicked hard, he was only injured.

Ye Haisheng left without looking back, too lazy to pay attention to Qin Mian, and didn’t even think about sending Qin Mian home.

Qin Mian’s eyes were red, and softly chased after him, “Brother Haisheng, go to the hospital first.”

Even though Yu Qing and Raymond had taken steps long ago, they still heard the conversation between Qin Mian and Ye Haisheng.

“…” Yu Qing said that the goose bumps were all up, and it was so special that it made people speechless.

“They are fiances.” Raymond emphasized, “They have been engaged for several years. Even if the wedding hasn’t been held, it’s time to get the certificate recently.”

Given the current situation of the Ye family and the Qin family, the engagement alone is not enough. The Qin family will definitely force the Ye family to let Qin Mian come in earlier. What is the use of the engagement?

In order for the Ye Family and the Qin Family to cooperate friendly, the affairs of Ye Haisheng and Qin Mian must go further.

“Very good.” Yu Qing said, “They are very good.”

One and two are so pretending, Yu Qing thinks that those two are the most suitable for being together, so they don’t have to do harm to others. Not everyone can escape the pursuit, and not everyone does not want to kill each of them.

Don’t say, Yu Qing had a passing attitude before, and now feel that those two people are too disgusting, or don’t retaliate, look indifferently, that is the best revenge.

Because they are all living in his shadow, tsk tsk, everyone is Yu Ren, they are all obstacles to their love.

“Indeed.” Raymond agreed with this statement very much.

Outside the hotel, Qin Mian caught up with Ye Haisheng, and was about to speak when he heard the cold words of the other party.

“I don’t love you, even if you dress like Aren and temperament, you are a fake.” Ye Haisheng didn’t seem to see Qin Mian’s pale face, “You knew it when you got engaged, then you Don’t cry now, no matter whether Aren betrayed me or not, you are a third party, and the third party should look like a third party. Be humble and painful, cry, cry, you can let them give You decide.”

“No, Brother Haisheng, I am…”

“You really love me.” Ye Haisheng sneered, “How many times have you said it, aren’t you tired? You are not tired, I am tired of listening.”


“Go back.” Ye Haisheng really dropped Qin Mian this time and didn’t talk to him again.

Qin Mian’s tears fell on the ground. After Ye Haisheng left, he reached out to wipe the tears from the corners of his eyes and turned to look at the tall buildings. Yu Ren, sooner or later, Qin Mian dug out Yu Ren from Ye Haisheng’s heart, and even made Yu Ren the existence that Ye Haisheng regretted and liked, and then made Yu Ren the existence that Ye Haisheng hated for a lifetime.


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