Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 16


Yu Qing thought that Xu had heard it wrong and watched a lot of anime recently. If you don’t have a job, you just stay at home. Except for sleeping, you just look at your brain.

This kind of day is quite comfortable, and it is easy to make people lazy.

Of course Yu Qing didn’t want to become a person with weakened skills, so he still had to research herbs and make medicines. You can formulate some medicaments that are good for improving abilities and healing wounds. Unlike the low-level medicaments on the market, it must be a medium-to-high grade medicament.

Most people use low-grade medicines, after all, the prices of medicines of different grades are different.

After Yu Qing married into a wealthy family, he couldn’t just wait to have children and raise children. If that were the case, what meaning would there be in this life?

Just as Qin Mian expected, Mrs. Chu San really asked her husband to find someone from the Ye family, but the truth was that Ye Haisheng would marry Qin Mian earlier. The Chu family had been separated long ago, but outsiders only said that there were many contradictions between the second and third rooms of the Chu family, and they believed that the relationship between the third and big rooms was okay.


When the family is separated, it is still a real brother or to be pulled out. If the third room of the Chu family has something to do, it will also go to the big room.

The people of the Ye family didn’t expect Chu Sanye to take care of Qin Mian and Ye Haisheng’s marriage. It was normal to think about it. Qin Mian and Mrs. Chu San approached.

Elder Ye was very unhappy at the kindness of Chu Sanye on the surface, but inside. In terms of seniority, how qualified Chu Sanye was to order him to do this and that, even if the Chu family was good, after the Chu family was separated, Chu Sanye was not so good at all.

“They have indeed been engaged for a long time.” Old Master Ye agreed, “I am planning to let them get a marriage certificate.”

“Get married early and have offspring earlier, isn’t it okay?” Chu Sanye said, “Qin Mian is a mermaid, so it’s not easy to drag him all the time. If you change to someone else, get married early, maybe you will have children.”

“…” Old man Ye smiled, even if he got married early, he might not be able to have children so soon. The fertility rate of the nobles is low, even though some families seem to have several children, it took hundreds of thousands of years to reach it.

If a war breaks out and someone in the middle goes to the battlefield and sacrifices, the number of nobles will drop quickly.

Some people have only one child, and some nobles have no children, so they adopt and adopt.

Even so, Elder Ye didn’t like to hear Sanye Chu say these high-sounding reasons. The other party was using the strength of the Chu family to suppress him, so why bother to say so nicely.


Elder Ye did think that Qin Mian was pretty good at first, but after listening to what Chu Sanye said, he had a bad impression of Qin Mian. When wanted to come to Qin Mian, went to see Mrs. Chu San again. He was crying and complaining about something. It is not appropriate to find the family of Chu instead of the Qin family.

And Qin Mian didn’t care about this at all, what he wanted now was Ye Haisheng to marry him. After all these years, if Old Man Ye wanted Ye Haisheng to marry him, he would have arranged it a long time ago. Qin Mian thought that Old Man Ye had deliberately delayed his marriage with Ye Haisheng.

After Chu Sanye left, Old Man Ye sullen his face. He didn’t get a good expression from Sanye Chu, so he turned his head and wanted to say Ye Haisheng himself.

“You and Qin Mian’s marriage should indeed be on the agenda.” Old Master Ye said coldly, “This time I went to the Chu family, and which one should I look for next time? Our Ye family can’t afford to lose this face either. ”

Elder Ye thinks that Qin Mian is a mermaid anyway, even if he doesn’t like Qin Mian a little bit, but the mermaid is easy to be pregnant with aristocratic children.


“He can only go to these people.” Ye Haisheng sneered, “The Qin family is capable of that.”

“The Qin family has a lot of fish, don’t underestimate them.” Old man Ye thinks that if the Qin family has a lot of fish, they can marry better aristocrats, so it’s good that everyone also has relatives.

Elder Ye valued the Qin family’s own strength, and also valued the Qin family’s many fish. Each generation of the Qin family marries mermaids and has many heirs, including many mermaids.

The Qin family is known for having a lot of natural mermaid, and the in-laws are mixed. Even if the Qin family is frustrated, it is not so easy to fall. There are not so many mermaids in other families. As for whether the mermaids of the Qin family have been transformed, not many people care about it.

Natural mermaids themselves are few, and it would be nice to have transformed mermaids. What everyone sees is also that there are many fish from the Qin family.

“You arrange it.” Ye Haisheng did not object.

He wants Yu Ren to be here, and Yu Ren knows that he is about to get married. What kind of expression will he look like?

Oh, guess Yu Ren won’t be upset, maybe he wants to make noise and want more money?

Did Yu Ren spend that money?

Ye Haisheng sometimes hopes that Yu Ren will spend the money. If he spends the money, if he wants more money, then Yu Ren will come to him.

In fact, Yu Qing ignored Ye Haisheng in the morning. He had never taken the Ye family’s money, and he had never benefited from the Ye family. He could make money on his own.


In the evening, Yu Qing found out that his Star Expo was full of letters from strangers.

“I’m getting married, the mermaid you saw that day.”

“Come to the wedding banquet?”

“Do you… want an invitation? Oh, forget, you are Mrs. Lei.”

There is something wrong in his mind, Yu Qing was speechless, did not blacken this person, and did not reply.

This person should be Ye Haisheng, Yu Qing didn’t forget Ye Haisheng, he didn’t like Ye Haisheng much at the beginning. In his eyes, two people are living together as a team.

Yu Qing thought that he might be a bit scumbag, but many people in this society think that way. When two people get married, they live together. In this world, where there is so much love, some are just blind dates that feel suitable.

“Has the money been spent?”

“You can’t finish spending it, the Lei family has so much money.”

Yu Qing thinks that Ye Haisheng has a lot of dramas, and he especially likes to pretend to be affectionate. What do you do with these messages, do you want people to fall in love with him?

After dinner, Yu Qing sent screenshots of these private messages to Leimeng for the other party to see.

“Mermaid? Was it the inexplicable person I met in the restaurant that day?” Yu Qing deliberately, not afraid of being discovered, didn’t he want to toss, toss.

Let Leimen know that someone has sent a private message to Mrs. Lei, and so many messages are sent, it is clear that he wants Leimen and Mrs. Lei to divorce.

“Do they want us to get a divorce?” Yu Qing joked, “but that mermaid is looking at you, or that Alpha is going to do mermaid reconstruction for you?”

Yu Qing had no good feelings about Ye Haisheng for a long time. It is not too bad for someone who can’t influence his marriage and provoke others, after all, he wants to try. But if this causes someone to be chased and killed, then this person has a problem. He is weak and incompetent and dare not fight for it. If he fights for it, he is chased and killed together.

I’m afraid that I’m safe and sound, and I can still get a beautiful wife. When the time comes, I will say one more thing: I was ignorant when I was young.

If you were ignorant when you were young, and if you were ignorant, do others deserve to be influenced by you?

“No, absolutely not.” Raymond said quickly, it was not his own rotten peach blossom, it was clearly the person in front of him. But the person in front of him is not Yu Ren’s identity, and he shouldn’t know it, “By the way, your number is not authenticated, and there is no real information on the surface. He can still find you, so he must go to investigate.”

Raymond’s mind was quite clear, and he was busy shifting the focus.

“A person like this is terrible, don’t pay attention to him.” Raymond said, “That’s it.”

“What does blacklisted do? Don’t you think he looks so affectionate like this?” Yu Qing didn’t look at Ye Haisheng’s movements, “Deep enough to drag people to hell.”

“Yes…” Raymond thought about it carefully. It is true. If he sees this information in the future and is induced again, he may think that Yu Qing’s old love for Ye Haisheng is unforgettable.

“He harassed the mermaid!” Yu Qing said solemnly, “Report to the Mermaid Conservation Association.”

Ye Haisheng is just a scum. There is no need to spend a lot of words with a scum. It can be solved by the Mermaid Conservation Association. Why not let the Fish Conservation Association go.

Let the Fish Conservation Association think that Ye Haisheng is going to marry a mermaid, and even wants to hook up with the married mermaid. Such an Alpha nobleman is really terrifying.

“…Okay.” Raymond never thought that Yu Qing would choose to go to the Mermaid Conservation Association. He thought that Yu Qing wanted him to see it because he was going to let him deal with it and express his intentions by the way.

As a result, when Raymond was lost, he shouldn’t have felt that his sweetheart had come to show his loyalty. Perhaps the sweetheart just wants him to know that Lei Jiaqiang can put pressure on him, be able to scold Ye Haisheng, or directly attack the Ye Family.

Ye Haisheng’s actions can be regarded as provoking the dignity of the Lei family. Ye Haisheng thinks that Yu Qing is Yu Ren and that Yu Ren will miss the old love, even if Yu Qing is not Yu Ren, he still thinks that Yu Qing will be moved by Ye Haisheng’s affection for his ex-boyfriend.

Ha ha, how is this possible.

“Look back, take your bodyguard when you go out, don’t let you bully.” Raymond said, the bodyguard can also act as a thug.

The bodyguard that Raymond wanted to give must also be stronger. If the bodyguard was not strong enough to defeat Ye Haisheng, then he would not be able to abuse Ye Haisheng. If Ye Haisheng dared to get in front of Yu Qing, that would be harassing the mermaid and infringing on the rights of the mermaid. It would be justified for the mermaid’s bodyguard to beat Ye Haisheng.

“A little more powerful.” Yu Qing emphasized that if one day meets Ye Haisheng, it will happen that Ye Haisheng will know why there are white clouds in the sky and why the sea is so blue.

Dare to get in front of him, and dare to send such a disgusting private message, it is definitely a manifestation of lack of beating.

I don’t care about those things in the past, but people have to care about it. If he doesn’t care about it anymore, it would be really embarrassing.

Yu Qing felt her hands itchy, with a smile on her face, “Stay steady.”

“I must be able to beat the person I met that day.” Raymond nodded, and must not let his sweetheart down. If possible, Raymond would even want to take his sweetheart to beat Ye Hai. Of course, if the sweetheart wants to put Ye Haisheng in a sack and give a slap in the face, that’s okay.


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