Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 22

Xia Ziyan’s resume is really pretty. He has work experience and the school is not bad. It is still an Alpha. Alpha is inherently superior to Beta and Omega, with high ability talents and strong ability to handle things. It is precisely because Alpha is inherently good that many companies are more willing to recruit Alpha.

It’s just that most people are Beta, and many Alpha are in the military and politics. Although not every Alpha can mix well, but some companies value Alpha more.

Therefore, when HR saw Xia Ziyan’s resume, he called him for an interview.

Online interview is one thing, and you have to interview in person. After all, the job is not from home. In the future, you will have to travel to other planets and you will have to see me.

“Yes.” Xia Ziyan made an appointment with HR.

Xia Ziyan has already applied for drugs to turn the tail into legs, even if the doctor tells Xia Ziyan to use those drugs less, it is three-point poison. But Xia Ziyan didn’t think so. The most important thing was that he chased Ye Haisheng first. After that, he would take less medicine.

After the newborn tail became legs, it was different from before.

When Xia Ziyan walked on her legs, she felt that her legs were soft and a little tingling. It must be because he was remodeled, the tail is not stiff enough, and the newborn legs are not used to walking. Practice a lot and it will be fine.


Just as Xia Ziyan contacted to walk, the light brain rang.

Xia Ziyan picked up the unfamiliar number. Maybe he was from the Mermaid Conservation Association, or another nobleman who knew he was a mermaid.

“Hey, hello.” Xia Ziyan still behaved very gentle, as if he really was a gentle person.

“Xia Ziyan.” The person at the other end of the light brain asked.

“Yes.” Xia Ziyan replied.

The person on the other end of the light brain hung up, and applied for the video again.

Xia Ziyan connected it without thinking about it. Why didn’t he connect? He is a mermaid. If there is someone from Shanghai, he can find someone from the Mermaid Conservation Association.

The video call was connected, but before three seconds passed, the person on the other end of the light brain hung up.

That man was the noble Alpha who was carried by the robot from the battlefield to the hospital. He bit his lip hard and his face was pale. How could this happen?

Yu Qing, Mrs. Lei, the ambiguous subject has undergone a mermaid transformation operation…

The nobleman Alpha’s eyes were bloodshot. He was tired from working overtime, so how could he wake up? It doesn’t matter if you change your body, your body is occupied by someone, and the other party has undergone a mermaid transformation operation, which forced the student who had promised to be with him to go to the Genetics Administration.

It doesn’t matter whether the schoolboy is a mermaid or not; it doesn’t matter whether the schoolboy has concealed it; the key is how the person occupying his body can do that, the other party must have hurt the schoolboy severely.


The gentle smile of the schoolboy appeared in his mind. The schoolboy didn’t like him that much, but it didn’t mean that the schoolboy wouldn’t try with him.

“Damn it!” The noble Alpha punched the hospital bed. The matter was a foregone conclusion. How would he change it?

Now can only adapt to current status, take good care of body, and make meritorious deeds.

Alpha, a noble nobleman, didn’t obey the command, thinking how good he was. As a result, it hurts others and hurts itself.

Now that he accepted this body, he couldn’t be sorry to the people of the empire, and had to solve the mess left by the original body.

Regardless of whether the original body came to join the military service, the original owner is already dead, and he has to carry it up if he accepts the original owner’s body. He couldn’t rush back to the Emperor Star immediately, even if he liked the younger brother any more, he was no longer the same as before. He had to deal with the current situation so that no one could discover that he was not the original owner.

It’s miserable, it’s really miserable!

The real Xia Ziyan had never thought that he would be so miserable. The original family was a little harder. He thought he was going to get ahead and have a happy life. It turned out to be even worse, but fortunately he was still alive.

Xia Ziyan of Emperor Star didn’t know these things, he was still thinking about going for an interview.


A short-term interview is fine. There is no formal work, no one sits there for eight hours a day, and there is no need to maintain your legs for so long, then there is no problem.

Xia Ziyan thinks that a mermaid like Yu Qing can maintain his legs for that long, so he will be even more capable.

“Let’s report next Monday.” After the HR interview, Xia Ziyan felt that it was okay. The other party is Alpha and should be very adaptable, so let the other party come.

Xia Ziyan now uses the knowledge of the original owner. In the former company, he used the original owner’s plan. Later, when Yu Qing was entangled by his boss, he came forward again. Later, Xia Ziyan resigned, the reason was simple and rude, because he kicked the boss of the household for Yu Qing and could not stay anymore.

In this way, Xia Ziyan didn’t have to face those things, and quickly withdrew.


“Okay.” Xia Ziyan was very confident, thinking that she would be able to do a good job.

In fact, Yu Qing now thinks that he is blind, and has not recognized Xia Ziyan’s true face earlier. He recognized Xia Ziyan’s help to him, but he also knew that after Xia Ziyan helped him, he resigned, and immediately went to undergo the mermaid transformation operation. I am afraid that Xia Ziyan had made plans early.

After Yu Qing and Raymond received the certificate, after their heads became hot, they wondered if the seniors would be unspeakable, so they paid for someone to investigate Xia Ziyan.

No, Yu Qing saw the information of Xia Ziyan. Xia Ziyan has hundreds of thousands of deposits. Although the original family is not so good, Xia Ziyan can handle it. The family didn’t borrow usury, and Xia Ziyan didn’t borrow so much money originally. It was just before Xia Ziyan went for the mermaid transformation operation that he borrowed millions.

“…” Very good, I really don’t know people clearly. Yu Qing himself and Xia Ziyan are not so close, of course it is impossible to think that Xia Ziyan was worn.

With some savings, held back the original family, which made me think of going for a mermaid transformation operation.

So I was fooled by others, maybe people just want to try their charm before going for mermaid surgery?

Try to be charming and take the initiative to say what to do with the confession.

Forget it, this is already the case, there is no need to learn more.

“Madam.” The butler knew that Xia Ziyan was the one who arranged for someone to investigate Xia Ziyan. “The mermaid owes money, and it must be repaid. There is no immunity, and the interest will continue to roll up. But the creditor allows a period of grace to wait for the mermaid to marry. The noble, the noble pays back the money.”

“A lot of people do this?” Yu Qing said that he was really innocent!

“For the nobles, this is money trading. I bought a mermaid.” The housekeeper said, “When there is no emotional foundation, it is easy to be looked down upon. Of course, you are not in this range, and the adults have a strong sense of responsibility. With you, you have a responsibility. And will work hard to love you.”

Yu Qingduo glanced at the butler, who was always saying good things to Raymond.

“No, it’s the same with me. I’m also a qualified nobleman. Marrying a wealthy family is essentially the same.” Yu Qing doesn’t think he is any better than other mermaids. He is married to a wealthy family.

In fact, even if the mermaid did not limit the nobility, the staff of the Genetics Administration would still limit the scope to the nobility first. Unless the genetic match rate is very low, it matches ordinary people. But even if the genetic match rate is low, there will still be nobles to try, after all, mermaid is easier to give birth to children than Omega.

“…” The butler wanted to say good things about Raymond, and also wanted to say good things about Mrs. Lei, but the other party was so blunt. The butler thought for a while, then said, “You are frank, and you are clearly aware of your own needs. It’s great.”

“This is a double standard.” Yu Qing said ruthlessly.

“…” The butler felt that he had better stop saying nice things, and Madam could continue to refute.

Most transformed mermaids are relatively low-key after marrying into wealthy families, rarely high-profile. First, it was originally from a bad background. Before marrying a wealthy family and having no children, it was easy to be looked down upon. Some native families asked for money. Even if they had children, it would be difficult to change the views of other nobles. He doesn’t have much ability, has no talent for supernatural powers, and has no good aspects. If he can’t be a good helper, he should talk less.

People who have expertise in a certain field can basically live a good life, and how many go for mermaid surgery. Is it too long? Mermaid reconstruction surgery reduces life expectancy. If you can’t practice your abilities any more, and your lifespan is difficult to extend, you can only take medicines to extend your lifespan, and how much life can be extended by medicines. Good life-prolonging medicines depend on the medicinal materials.

After the transformed mermaid gave birth, some nobles didn’t care about the length of life of the mermaid.

“I heard that you are a natural mermaid.” The butler smiled.

“The transformation of mermaid is as selfish as the natural mermaid.” Yu Qing replied, this can’t change the mermaid’s heart to climb up.

“Water flows to low places, people go to high places, so do I.” The steward said.

“…” Yu Qing has nothing to say this time. They are not being more selfish than anyone else.

In the evening, when Yu Qing and Raymond were eating dinner together, the butler happened to be standing by.

“The butler’s mouth is very powerful.” Yu Qing said, “Can speak well.”

“It’s right to make madam happy.” The butler replied, “My lord, madam, you talk, I’ll go see the Sydney soup stewed in the kitchen.”

The butler did not intend to continue standing and walk away for a while, just to let the adult and the wife cultivate their relationship.

“Did he say good things about me?” Raymond asked this.

“Say.” Yu Qing said funnyly, “You are the righteous master, and the entire Lei family belongs to you. How could he not say that you are good.”

“I am afraid, he can say mine is not good, he can say yours is good.” Raymond said sternly, “just hold your thigh.”

“This is not possible, it is easy to lose moisture.” Yu Qing raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah.” Raymond thought of the butler holding Yu Qing’s thighs, his eyes were irritating, “The Ye family has sent an invitation letter to Ye Haisheng to get married, go?”

“Don’t go!” Yu Qing refused. What did you do in the past, did you slap them in the face in the past?

He is not so idle, there is no need to go there, if it passes, others should think that he deliberately interrupted their wedding. If you replenish your brain a bit, people will have to think about revenge.

Tsk tsk, Yu Qing couldn’t forcefully lower his wisdom to make trouble for a moment of refreshment. It’s not good to disturb someone’s wedding.

“Really not going?” Raymond asked.

“How do I go, wearing the clothes of my ex-boyfriend?” Yu Qing rolled his eyes, “Look who Ye Haisheng chose? Or, another elopement?”

Raymond now wanted to travel through time and space to pinch his previous self, asking nonsense. Listen, my sweetheart has said such things, and I am nervous, what if my sweetheart does not elope, but ran away?


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