Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 23

It takes too much to think about it to elope with an incompetent person like Ye Haisheng.

Yu Qing just said that, and was disappointed with Ye Haisheng a long time ago. Do not retaliate, do not toss too much, that is because he doesn’t care about Ye Haisheng and feels meaningless.

Some people are obsessed with revenge and mess up their lives. It’s not worth it.

Yu Qing was originally not the kind of person who wanted to slap others in the face, so it was nothing to go to someone’s wedding deliberately.

“Look at me, am I like a fool?” Yu Qing asked.

“You’re not stupid, I’m stupid!” Leimen replied, he was stupid, so he said about Ye Haisheng’s wedding invitation.

“Give it a gift?” Yu Qing looked at Raymond, “but I don’t have money to give it, you give it.”

It is impossible for Yu Qingcai to waste money to prepare a wedding gift for Ye Haisheng. If the Lei family wants to give it, then the butler can prepare. It was impossible for Yu Qing to prepare, and Ye Haisheng was not worth his extra effort.

“You don’t have to send it.” Raymond said, “It’s impossible to send it.”


If the Lei family sent something there, it would be to give face to the Ye family, why should you give face to the Ye family? Raymond didn’t want to upset his sweetheart because of Ye Haisheng, he was not interested in sadomasochism.

“Very good!” Yu Qing nodded, “It’s best not to send it.”

Do you think he would persuade Raymond to send it? It’s impossible, Yu Qing is not so kind, and he doesn’t have to think about using this matter to gain a foothold in the aristocratic circle. Face is given by others, but you can also choose whether or not to let others give face to yourself. Face is seen by others, and face is your own.

“…” When Raymond heard this, of course it was impossible to send it, so he didn’t have to do superficial effort.

In fact, Raymond just didn’t want to send it, so he was proud of it. Look, what Ye Haisheng is, it’s not worth their thoughts.

In the Qin family, Qin Mian is looking at his dowry. The dowry is indispensable. In addition to the money, there are also some intermediate and high-level medicines and daily necessities.

Ye Haisheng came to see Qin Mian from time to time. He didn’t want to come over at all, and was forced to come over by his family.

People in the interstellar age are not so particular, but think that before the wedding, it is normal for the husband and wife to help each other prepare for the wedding. So not only do they have to meet each other, they also have to meet more and have to prepare together, so that they can show their importance to the wedding.

“Brother Haisheng.” Qin Mian stared at Ye Haisheng with scorching eyes. “Those medicines are useful for you. I asked Grandpa specifically for them.”


Qin Mian wanted Ye Haisheng’s praise and wanted Ye Haisheng to look at him more. He really likes Ye Haisheng very much. He liked Ye Haisheng a long time ago, thinking about marrying each other, thinking that only he is the best match.

“Did I ask you to ask your grandfather?” Ye Haisheng sneered, “Don’t have any outside. If there is none outside, will your grandfather give it to you?”

How could Ye Haisheng not understand what kind of people the Qin family was? Those things were indeed worth some money, and some medicines were also useful to Ye Haisheng. Ye Haisheng didn’t think he couldn’t get those medicines. Those medicines were either rare or hard to get.

He is not in a hurry, and he can get it just as long as he spends a little more money.

Ye Haisheng didn’t like Qin Mian’s attitude in saying these words, as if he had to rely on the charity of the Qin family to have these medicines.

“If you are really good and you are really thinking about me, you should ask me for medicines that I can’t buy.” Ye Haisheng said bluntly, “Is you embarrassed to use things that others can buy as favors?”


“Yes… I’m sorry.” Qin Mian lowered his head slightly, tugging at the corner of his clothes.

Qin Mian didn’t think that what Ye Haisheng said was wrong. The other party was telling the truth. Ye Haisheng didn’t lack those medicines at all, and he could buy them. But the father and the others were not willing to give better medicine, it was because Ye Haisheng was not a member of the Qin family, and they wanted to leave the medicine to the people of the Qin family.

But Qin Mian’s talent for preparing medicines is not that high, even though he is a pharmacist now, he can also prepare a lot of medicines. In fact, it is the preparation of low-medium medicaments, the medium ones are very few, and most of them are low-grade medicaments.

In order to promote the greatness of the Qin family, Qin Mian puts great effort into proclaiming a good name for himself in order to break through the Qin family.


Qin Mian hated that the talent for transforming a mermaid was not so high in the first place, not as high as before. Bate is not Alpha, and the Qin family took Bate to undergo mermaid transformation surgery. Of course, some Bate will not have mermaid transformation surgery.

Why do have to leave individual ones? It is all for superficial effort to make people think that people in the Qin family will also give birth to ordinary people. If they are all Alpha and Beta mermaid, Omega, it is naturally easy to doubt.

Even if others will doubt it, you still have to whitewash it.

Qin Mian’s eyes flickered, maybe he should bring something more useful to Ye Haisheng. It is normal for Ye Haisheng to be dissatisfied with those things.

“What do you do for acting so weak? Did I bully you?” Ye Haisheng shook Qin Mian’s hand away and distanced himself from Qin Mian. “Before the wedding, do you want them to force me to apologize to you? ?”

“No, it’s not.” Qin Mian has long been accustomed to Ye Haisheng’s attitude, if it hadn’t been for trying to get rid of Yu Ren, he wouldn’t be able to be with Ye Haisheng. He stole this, so he is willing to bear Ye Haisheng’s dislike of him. After a long time, Ye Haisheng will naturally understand his goodness. “Brother Haisheng, Grandpa has got two new potions to increase the potential of powers. Grandpa loves me and will give it to me.”

“Everyone has to be responsible for what they say.” Ye Haisheng reminded Qin Mian that he had to do it.

Ye Haisheng was using Qin Mian. There were many Ye family members. Even if he married Qin Mian, he might not get such a good high-level medicine. He had heard earlier that the Qin family had searched for all the medicinal materials to find a senior pharmacist to formulate potions to increase the power potential, but he didn’t say it directly, he believed Qin Mian understood what he meant.

No, Qin Mian understood what he meant so quickly.

“Yeah.” Qin Mian nodded vigorously.

“Actually, besides you like being a third and want to be in the top position, you still have other advantages.” Ye Haisheng said sincerely, “Very sensible.”

Yes, at this time, Qin Mian was very sensible, Ye Haisheng said, “Remember, whose wife you will be.”

“Brother Haisheng’s.” Qin Mian’s cheeks were red, and he was Ye Haisheng’s wife. Ye Haisheng must also care about him, otherwise he wouldn’t say that. This is Alpha’s manifestation of possessiveness to his belongings.

Qin Mian thinks that his efforts will still have results. As long as he works hard to be good to Ye Hai and do better than Yu Ren, he can replace Yu Ren and surpass Yu Ren.


Yu Ren just can make some potions, and he hasn’t grown up… Qin Mian just thought of this when he heard Ye Haisheng’s words.

“If Aren is here, he will definitely be able to formulate better medicines and become a great pharmacist in the future.” Ye Haisheng looked at Qin Mian disdainfully. He never concealed his dissatisfaction with Qin Mian, and Qin Mian seemed to see His dissatisfaction is not revealed.

“I will work hard.” Qin Mian gritted his teeth, Yu Ren is dead anyway, even if he doesn’t have Yu Ren’s talent. But after a long time, he can grow up slowly. In Ye Haisheng’s memory, he is a person who prepares middle and low-level medicines, but he can’t compare with him.

How could Qin Mian not know that the living is hard to compare to the dead, but the living can plan other things, the dead cannot.

If Yu Ren can give birth to Ye Hai, so can Qin Mian.

“You just work hard.” Ye Haisheng mocked, “Sometimes, no matter how hard you work the day after tomorrow, you won’t be more talented than others. Aren’s talent is high, and he worked so hard at that time.”

“But he still betrayed you.” Qin Mian said, “I won’t!”

Qin Mian reminded Ye Haisheng that Yu Ren had already taken the money and walked high and betrayed Ye Haisheng.

“That’s also because of you.” Ye Haisheng replied, “You’re a nobleman and a mermaid. What else can he do?”

When Ye Haisheng thought so, he felt a lot more comfortable. Yu Ren betrayed him, maybe there were other reasons.

“…” Qin Mian looked at Ye Haisheng weakly and weakly. He was a mermaid, so he had to take advantage of the mermaid. How could he look foolishly at the person he likes with others.


Anyway, Ye Haisheng was going to have a wedding with him, and there was no hope for others. Even if Ye Haisheng wants to be with others, those people are all lovers who can’t be on the stage, and he can’t let those people stay by Ye Haisheng’s side.

While Ye Haisheng and Qin Mian were preparing for their wedding, Xia Ziyan received a call from Xia’s mother, and Xia’s mother asked him for money.

“Did you forget to pay for the living expenses for these two months?” Mother Xia asked directly, because the original Xia Ziyan had long been torn from the original family, and bluntly is to pay some money back every month, it is impossible to do more. It is impossible to give more.

For this reason, the original Xia Ziyan also signed an agreement with the Xia family under the witness of a lawyer. Unless Mother Xia and the others were seriously ill, they could not ask Xia Ziyan for more money.

This is not a one-off sale, but some money every month.

Xia Ziyan, who was wearing it, received the memory of the original owner, but did not think of the Xia family either. He only remembered Xia mother when Xia mother called.

“You have hands and feet, don’t you want to make money?” Xia Ziyan was impatient. He was not the original owner, so he didn’t want to give these people money. He doesn’t have that much money now, and he borrows so much money to perform mermaid transformation operations, and he has done genetic matching at the Genetics Administration, and he wants to marry a nobleman like Ye Haisheng.

Since Xia Ziyan’s mermaid surgery has just been completed, it will take some time to maintain her.

The staff of the Gene Management Bureau did not take any other actions, nor did the members of the Mermaid Conservation Association. At most, they would come back when Xia Ziyan needed help.

Why did they not move? That is to protect the mermaid and let the fish transition smoothly into the conservation period. Otherwise, it would be too bad for them to take the mermaid out for a blind date so quickly.

And Xia Ziyan still wanted to marry Ye Haisheng and go to the Genetics Administration to do a match, in order to find a way out for herself.

“The contract has been signed.” Mother Xia reminded Xia Ziyan that the bank would automatically transfer money from Xia Ziyan’s account every month. Only when the money in Xia Ziyan’s account is low to a certain extent, the bank will not continue to transfer money in order to maintain Xia Ziyan’s daily life.

In Xia Mu’s view, it is very likely that Xia Ziyan gave the money to others for safekeeping, “Did you look for Omega?”

“No.” Xia Ziyan said impatiently, “Don’t find me anymore, you have no money!”

After Xia Ziyan finished speaking, she hung up Guangnao, but didn’t know that his behavior angered Xia Mu. The original Xia Ziyan did grasp the Xia family’s handle, but such a handle couldn’t be of any great use, otherwise the original owner would cut off the relationship with the Xia family, instead of making money every month.

Besides, no matter how bad the Xia family is, it will not be so bad that the original chief sever relationship, that is, to maintain surface peace, and no one should cause trouble to anyone.

The Xia Ziyan who passed through only inherited the memory of the original owner, and did not inherit the original owner’s way of thinking. He only thought that the Xia family were all vampires, and it was impossible for him to let the Xia family continue to take money from him.

The loan sharks have not been repaid yet, and those people haven’t come to the door, so Xia Ziyan took out the identity of a mermaid and said that he would repay it sooner or later, and would double it. When he marries a nobleman, he can say anything.

Those who lend usury are not the ones waiting to kill and overtake others. Their interest rate is high, but it is also legal. Such things as usury cannot be prevented, so we can only stipulate that the interest rate cannot be higher than that.

In this world with supernatural powers, interest is limited, and people who lend usury are legal, so the borrower has to pay it back. Of course, the interest rate of underground lending is higher, higher than the empire’s regulations, thinking about not paying the police? It’s useless. Those who lend money underground will make you very miserable and may even kill you.

Xia Ziyan, who is wearing it, at least knows how to find a legal usury, regardless of the original owner is an Alpha with a good ability level, but there is no mortgage, and the bank can’t lend casually. Xia Ziyan needed a lot of money and wanted a high-level identity. Buying clothes, shoes, and dressing up all required money.

“What the hell.” Xia Ziyan didn’t want to pay attention to the people of the Xia family. He was not the original owner. What did those people care about him?

Do you think he is so stupid with the original owner? It’s impossible. Xia Ziyan can’t give the Xia family money. He thinks that he has to buy some skin care products, special skin care products for mermaid, the tail should be well maintained, and the skin should be smooth and delicate.

By the time Qin Mian and Ye Haisheng had their wedding, Yu Qing did not go, nor did Lei Meng. They sat on the sofa in the living room and watched the live broadcast.

“A grand wedding is really grand.” Yu Qing looked at the flowers, gentle exotic plants, and cute animals on the screen. “I’m afraid that others don’t know that they are married. Their wedding is sponsored, right? .”

Look at the advertising icons on the live broadcast room, and then look at the logos on some items on the wedding, a good wedding becomes an advertisement.

Gee, do businessmen’s interests come first.

“Or are they their own?” Yu Qing nibble on melon seeds.

“Both.” Raymond replied, “Qin Mian can be regarded as an internet celebrity.”

“An Internet celebrity who has lost a lot of fans.” Yu Qing understands, “Now it’s squeezing the surplus value, and by the way, use the grand wedding to attract fans.”

Yu Qing has never been an Internet celebrity, but he also knows some routines and hype.

Fortunately, I didn’t go to the wedding of Ye Haisheng and Qin Mian, otherwise, wouldn’t it be a pawn for them to advertise? Most of the people who watched Ye Haisheng and Qin Mian’s wedding were fans of Qin Mian, and they wouldn’t have to be viciously mocked by other fans.

Yu Qing said that he is not an internet celebrity, and he doesn’t know so many routines. It’s okay to stay away from right and wrong.

The next moment, Yu Qing turned off the live broadcast.

“Don’t watch it?” Raymond wondered.

“Look at what, let you hold our wedding according to other people’s weddings?” Yu Qing spread his hands out, “I am a poor man. If you compare them, what others say, I am a fake.” . Well, a fake that looks exactly the same as his ex-boyfriend. Maybe you still have a person hidden in your heart, that person is Qin Mian.”

“Not the same.” Raymond frowned, how could his wedding be the same as Ye Haisheng’s.

“Specially luxurious, suppressing others, maybe it can be a point of attack by brain fans.” Yu Qing turned on Guangnao and let Raymond see his Star Expo, “I used to sell a few bottles of potions on Xingbo, this is not. Someone compares me with Qin Mian.”

“Then what?” Raymond wondered if he wanted someone to delete those comments.

“Sell a few bottles of high-level potions, and step on it hard.” Yu Qing rolled her eyes, “I can’t delete other people’s comments. Doesn’t it seem that I am incompetent.”

“You are Mrs. Lei.” Raymond reminded that even if Yu Qing sells high-end medicine now, no one believes it.

“Yeah, I am your wife.” Yu Qing did not deny this. “It is not the potion that sells, it is the name of the Lei family. Whether I have formulated high-level potions or not, they said that I was standing behind the Lei family and said Right. Think about it for a moment, they dare not offend the Lei Family, dare to taunt you? No, they have to say you are good to me and call me a prodigal.”

Yu Qing said that he liked the way they couldn’t get rid of him, saying that he hugged his thigh, he just hugged it. And then, can those brain-dead fans say how wrong the facts are? The Lei family standing behind them.

I’m so angry, those fans will definitely think so.

Yu Qing admired those brain-dead fans, and tirelessly let others know that there is Lei’s behind him, how nice it is. After he goes out, who dares to offend him, first think of the Lei family behind him.

“Really not deleted?” Raymond still didn’t like to see those comments.

“You can delete it, wait a minute.” Yu Qing said, “The Qin family is still having a wedding, which makes people happy.”

“…” Leimen knew that this comment still had to be deleted. Where does my sweetheart want to see those bad comments, “It just made them realize the power of the Lei family.”

“Not bad!” Yu Qing looked at Raymond with approval. This husband is quite good and understands him! “A powerful and mysterious power from the Lei Family, an unspeakable power.”

And the wedding of Qin Mian and Ye Haisheng has not officially started. Qin Mian is still in the dressing room. He saw the comments on the Star Expo that slandered Yu Qing, and he also saw the fanfare’s flattery in the live broadcast room.

“Mianmian.” Qin Mian’s best friend also came, the best friend who went to find someone to kill Yu Ren.

In the past few years, this best friend’s family has gone from bad to worse. She was originally a third-rate aristocrat, but if this continues, she will soon be unable to stay in Emperor Star.

“Congratulations.” The bestie smiled and said, “Yu Ren fell into the sea back then, and was eaten by those fish and beasts to the bones.”

Sensen white bones, a person who can never come back!

“What?” At this moment, the door was kicked open, and Ye Haisheng appeared.

The door was not closed tightly, but there were gaps. Ye Haisheng was in a bad mood, so he came to look at Qin Mian, mocked a few words, and held the wedding. It didn’t work, but I heard the news that his ex-boyfriend had fallen into the sea.

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