Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 24

At this moment, Ye Haisheng didn’t care whether this was a dressing room, or whether he and Qin Mian were waiting for a wedding or not. He only knew that Yu Ren fell into the sea, and now only the bones are left.

“What’s the matter? You say?” Ye Haisheng’s eyes were bloodshot, and he looked at Qin Mian angrily.

“Brother Haisheng, what do you want me to say?” Qin Mian looked at Ye Haisheng blankly.

“Where is A Ren? Where is Yu Ren?” Ye Haisheng gritted his teeth.

“No…I don’t know.” Qin Mian refused to admit it, and looked at his girlfriend specifically. What’s going on with the girlfriend? Why did Ye Haisheng hear about Yu Ren at this time, and he wondered if the girlfriend did it on purpose.

“Mianmian doesn’t know.” Of course, the best friend didn’t plan to tear her face on her face, of course she didn’t know, “We just said that for a while… after a while, we will have a funny party, the little skull is very cute.”

Ye Haisheng had already heard it anyway, and there was no need to say more. When in doubt, the other party can check. The other party couldn’t find it before, it was because those people were afraid to say that they were all busy with Ye Haisheng.


That matter was arranged by myself. This best friend is not afraid. His name is Zuo Li’an, and he is a transforming mermaid from the Zuo family. The Zuo family always asked him to favor Qin Mian, saying that he was Qin Mian’s best friend, rather than being a follower. Qin Mian always doesn’t like to take the initiative to speak, but likes to suggest, and then he does all kinds of bad things.

Zuo Li’an hated Qin Mian, but he enjoyed the benefits of staying with Qin Mian. Qin Mian also bought a lot of things for Zuo Li’an.

“Little white bones are not bad, they have to be customized.” Zuo Li’an said with a smile.

“Really?” Ye Haisheng didn’t believe Zuo Li’an. Who would say such things when the wedding was about to begin.

No matter how cute the little skull is, no one will say at the wedding, after the banquet, what to say at this time.

“You still have a wedding.” Zuo Li’an reminded Ye Haisheng. Of course, he hoped that they would make trouble at this time. But if they really make a fuss, then Qin Mian will definitely blame him and will tear his face apart.

The peace on the face is still necessary. When the time comes, he will say accidentally. Doesn’t Qin Mian like that. Qin Mian had never said anything about it before. Others liked to say that Qin Mian was simple and that Qin Mian was simple.

Haha, people like Qin Mian are still innocent, so there are too many innocent people in the world.

“Brother Haisheng.” Qin Mian stretched out his hand and pulled Ye Haisheng’s arm tightly, begging, “If Brother Haisheng doesn’t want to hold a wedding with me, I’ll go and say that Brother Haisheng will not be embarrassed.”


“Ye Shao, don’t not hold a wedding. Let Mianmian be like that after Mianmian. Mianmian loves you so much.” When Zuo Lian heard Qin Mian’s words, he knew what he should say. There are so many people here, no weddings, not just Sleep, but also the Ye family.”

Ye Haisheng clenched his fists. He couldn’t help but hold the wedding. After the wedding between him and Qin Mian, his position in the company would be greatly improved and he could do more. Only by marrying Qin Mian and holding a wedding can he get more from the father.

So Ye Haisheng endured it and said, “Qin Mian, you have to remember that you snatched this wedding from A Ren. Don’t think I forget A Ren, it will be impossible in this lifetime.”

“I understand, I understand.” Qin Mian was very sad, and it was Yu Ren again.

Seeing Qin Mian’s sad look, Zuo Li’an helped Qin Mian to prevent Qin Mian from falling. He thought in his heart that if Zuo’s family really couldn’t stay in Emperor Star, then he had to be prepared. He had already made an appointment with a doctor, and his current plastic surgery technique is so good. Even if there are still some traces after the plastic surgery, he should not do it. Basically, I can’t find it after inspection.


And if it is assisted by advanced healing potions, it will be more difficult to find.

Zuo Li’an hated Qin Mian, and thought that Yu Ren just fell into the ocean and the possibility of being alive was very low. But if people have such a little hope in their hearts, they might feel that Yu Ren is alive. Zuo Li’an looked at Ye Haisheng, even if Ye Haisheng thought that Yu Ren had betrayed him, there was still room for manipulation. As long as the other party investigated the truth, he would definitely hate Qin Mian.

“The guests are here,” Zuo Lian said, “I’ll see you in a while…”

“If you want to see people, don’t keep your eyes red. You are not a rabbit.” Ye Haisheng had another excuse to mock Qin Mian. “Do you want everyone to feel wronged? If you feel wronged, you can say no when you take an oath for a while. agree.”

“No.” Qin Mian said hurriedly.

“That’s right, you are a mermaid, a natural mermaid, no one thinks it is your fault, it is my fault.” Ye Haisheng laughed at himself, “If you want revenge on me, just do that.”

Ye Haisheng slammed the door and left. He didn’t want to have a wedding with Qin Mian at all, but they all forced him to marry Qin Mian.


After Ye Haisheng left, Qin Mian went to close the door, and looked at Zuo Li’an coldly, “Did you mean it?”

“Mianmian, don’t say that. People just leaked it for a while and didn’t want you to worry about other things. You and Ye Haisheng would be happy.” Zuo Li’an apologized, “If I did it on purpose, I just talk to Ye Shao. Come on, what to say in front of you.

Qin Mian frowned. He never believed these people, even his girlfriends.

“We have been friends for so long, don’t you believe me?” Zuo Li’an said aggrieved.

“Believe you.” Qin Mian said, thinking that Zuo Li’an is no longer useful, and Zuo Family will soon be unable to stay in Emperor Star. I heard that the Zuo family’s recent situation is very bad. Zuo Li’an had better follow the Zuo family to leave the Emperor Star and never come back.

Li’an on the left is to transform the mermaid, I am afraid it will not be so easy.

“I’m still waiting for you to introduce someone to me.” Zuo Li’an joked. He didn’t think Qin Mian would find him a good noble Alpha. The people Qin Mian introduced to him were very poor. On the surface, they had status and status, but in reality they were abandoned sons abandoned by nobles, and playboys who had many lovers.

How could Zuo Li’an not know that Qin Mian’s emotional path was not going well, and how could he let others go.

Ye Haisheng and Qin Mian’s wedding was held as usual, and the scenes in the live broadcast room naturally did not show Qin Mian and Ye Haisheng quarreling.

It was peaceful, as if Ye Haisheng was particularly happy, Qin Mian was very happy anyway. Qin Mian finally fulfilled his wish and finally held a wedding with Ye Haisheng. So many people attended their wedding and it became public.

As for the marriage certificate, the Mermaid Protection Association and the Genetics Administration will also ask them to get it, because they have held such a grand wedding, and Qin Mian is a mermaid, how can he not get a marriage certificate? It is also impossible for Qin Mian not to receive the certificate, neither the Qin Family nor the Ye Family can indulge Ye Haisheng.

It can be said that Ye Haisheng was forced to be with Qin Mian, and Qin Mian didn’t think there was anything in it. As long as you can use the means to stay with your sweetheart, that’s okay. I’m afraid that the sweetheart won’t be with him.

When Yu Qing watched Xingbo again, the weddings of Ye Haisheng and Qin Mian were all hot searched.


“This hot search is not bought, right.” Yu Qing asked Lei Meng.

“It should not be.” Raymond replied very seriously, “Nobles rarely publicize their weddings and don’t do live broadcasts.”

No matter how grand the nobles held their weddings, few nobles did live broadcasts. They got married or not, and had nothing to do with the people, and they didn’t have to tell the world. At most, some reporters got into the invitation card and went in to take pictures. It depends on the nobles’ permission to take pictures.

“Having a live broadcast does not necessarily mean happiness. It may be because of lack of self-confidence and need everyone’s testimony.” Raymond found another reason.

“We don’t do live broadcasting.” Yu Qing never thought about broadcasting the wedding. He doesn’t need so many fans, and he doesn’t need to advertise on Xingbo.

“Of course, that’s the love you believe in me.” Raymond straightened up, trust me.

“…” Okay, believe, what love, Yu Qing looked at Raymond seriously.

Raymond also looked at Yu Qing seriously, did you see it, his eyes were hot.

“Are you going to bake poached eggs on your eyes?” Yu Qing whispered, fearing that he might be blinded, “Thunder-type abilities, or fire-type?”

“Thunder.” Raymond replied.

“Then it can be ridiculous.” Yu Qing subconsciously said, after returning to his senses, he coughed lightly, “I mean the lightning abilities are very strong, ridiculous…Thunder abilities deal with people, isn’t it just ridiculous? ”

There is nothing wrong with this. What is the explanation? It makes sense logically.


Yu Qing didn’t want to find a reason, it was too difficult to find. Isn’t Raymond his husband? If every time he accidentally leaks, he has to find a reason to explain it. That’s not good. In order to make the other party more familiar with him, don’t forcefully explain.

“That’s it.” Raymond wasn’t upset. It was like that, so why not be upset. He just watched his sweetheart look at his expression carefully, and then deliberately said those things loudly, he felt that the other party was like a little hamster, so cute.

The little hamster hid something, bulged his mouth, and said that hamsters would store food in the first place.

Raymond liked Yu Qing’s personality, and the other party didn’t hurt others, didn’t say anything bad, and what he said was right. Since there is nothing wrong, why do you want to be angry, and there is nothing good about it, it will only make the distance between the two people more and more alienated.

“When the lightning abilities were ridiculous, you can straighten their hair, or you can scorch them.” Raymond recalled when he used the lightning abilities to deal with people. When people are smashed, they are smashed into black, just like being smoked.”

“It’s okay for you to be fine.” Yu Qing thinks that the power can’t be controlled, that’s normal.

Sometimes Yu Qing couldn’t control his fish tail, especially during the period when he was ashore when he was a child, he secretly hid the fish tail, so that the children in the orphanage thought he was a little weird.

Mermaid, it can’t be verified by genetic verification. The genes of humans and bananas can reach 50% similarity, and fish can reach a certain similarity. Who makes everyone’s cells all eukaryotic cells? heard that there is an ancestor single cell.

It’s just that it has been many, many years, and don’t know how many billions of years it has been.

Yu Qing was very careful at the time. Sometimes when he controlled the water polo, he was too old and young, trying to make ice water, but it turned into hot water.

There is no need to think about this kind of thing, who didn’t have one or two embarrassing things when he was a child.

“Injury to others, at most it is a fight.” Yu Qing used to fight and quarrel with people when he was in the orphanage. How could it be possible not to fight without fighting? That’s impossible.

The orphanages in Star Age are very good. They have food and can go to school. Even if the food is not that good, it is of course impossible to go to aristocratic private schools when you go to school. Aristocratic private schools are very expensive, and some only the aristocrats and abilities can enter.

When Yu Qing was in the orphanage, she also showed supernatural powers. He didn’t show supernatural powers and was treated as an ordinary person, but was not treated so well. He is not stupid, it is enough to hide the identity of the mermaid, why hide so much.

If you conceal the ability, wait until you are bullied, and then slap your face in the future? Scrap counterattack?

Anyway, Yu Qing didn’t have such a hobby. At that time, there was a kid in the orphanage who had a good ability and was later adopted by a family with good family conditions. The kid was very arrogant at the time, and even mocked the other children who stayed in the orphanage.


Yu Qing is white and pure, and he is also an Omega. Some people are willing to adopt him, but he does not want to go.

“If it hurts, apply some medicine.” Yu Qing said.

“Do you fight mermaids too?” Leimeng remembered that Yu Qing said he was a natural mermaid.

“…” Yu Qing glared at Raymond and said quietly, “I used to hide my identity.”

What? Can’t it be concealed? Anyway, the law does not stipulate what happens when concealing the identity of a mermaid. It’s not that he has an infectious disease that will spread to others, and it’s okay to conceal the identity of a mermaid.

It is good for Yu Qing to conceal it, but if he does not conceal it, he may be adopted by an aristocratic family, may be a child bride-in-law, or he may be treated as a marriage. Of course, it is also possible to be really loved by others.

Either way, Yu Qing hopes to live by himself, he has his little secrets, he doesn’t want to be discovered by others. From the sea to the land, I was afraid of many things when I was young, but also very bold. If he hadn’t ventured to land at that time, he might still be gnawing raw fish in the sea. If he gnawed too much raw fish, it would not be so delicious. It would still be much more delicious on land.

“Have you been injured?” Raymond took a deep breath, his sweetheart was too patient, he had to adapt to the identity of the other party.

Raymond couldn’t help wondering if his sweetheart had changed other identities before. It’s over, how can he talk about this with his sweetheart. If you change the topic, will your sweetheart think that he doesn’t care enough about him? If you don’t change the topic, you will always feel that you will say something wrong sooner or later.

“Don’t count, skin injuries, fights, there will always be.” Yu Qing used to fight with people, even if he wins, there will be some skin injuries.

At that time, the mother and the dean of the orphanage rushed to the yard and asked them to hold the water basin with both hands. The water basin was filled with cold water and asked them to stand in the corner. If the lift is unstable, cold water will be poured from their heads, and the dean’s mother also asked them: Are their minds awake?

There are not many orphans in the orphanage, but there are many, not just one or two. There are not so many staff in the orphanage, and it is impossible for a parent to take care of one or two children like an ordinary family, and there is no pain from the older grandparents.


If you are not your own child, you don’t feel so distressed. But we can’t blame the staff in the orphanage. There are so many children. If every one of them has to be coaxed, the robot is a robot, not a real person.

Robots cannot completely replace people in taking care of children. If robots are allowed to take care of and teach children, they are afraid to teach children with quality problems. After all, it is difficult for robots to analyze a child’s psychological problems, and it is more to look at it on the surface.

“Children, digest quickly, sometimes when I get hungry, I go to dig the sweet potatoes planted by the dean’s mother. Unfortunately, the sweet potatoes are not as big as a fist.” Yu Qing and her friends were chased and beaten by the dean’s mother.

But that happened many years ago. Yu Qing did not go to the orphanage in the morning, but he had donated money. A person like him who has changed his status is certainly not good for him to go back again.

“Now you can eat as many sweet potatoes as you want.” Raymond felt distressed.

“What kind of sweet potatoes are you eating now? Isn’t the cherries delicious?” Yu Qing rolled her eyes. Some of them were delicious, so why did they remember sweet potatoes?

“I was wrong.” Raymond admitted his mistake. What kind of sweet potato to eat now, just eat it occasionally, there are other more delicious things, of course, to eat other things, “Eat braised hoofs and sugar in the evening. Vinegar ribs.”

“It’s okay, I don’t choose.” At most, I don’t like to eat, eat a little less, Yu Qing said this is fine.

Where did Raymond dare to say that Yu Qing didn’t pick, the other party just had some dishes but chopsticks. Isn’t he here? He eats it.

Yu Qing was just as Leimen thought, he wasn’t the only one at the dinner table. If he was the only one, let’s talk about what to eat.

At night, Ye Haisheng and Qin Mian stayed in the same room, their new house.

“Satisfied.” Ye Haisheng looked at Qin Mian who was finishing the floor. He couldn’t sleep on the same bed as Qin Mian, “What should I say tomorrow, remember.”

“Brother Haisheng.” Of course Qin Mian wanted to have a further relationship with Ye Haisheng, but Ye Haisheng was unwilling.

Is it because Ye Haisheng heard those words during the day that he didn’t want to? After all, Ye Haisheng had always thought that Yu Ren had betrayed him.

“Do you mermaids like to look at others with such aggrieved eyes? Are you so lacking in Alpha?” Ye Haisheng sneered, “I’m missing a few, let me find a few for you?”

“No, it’s not.” Qin Mian wants to be with Ye Haisheng where Alpha is missing, he wants to give birth to a child earlier and bind Ye Haisheng.

“No, then make your bed.” Ye Haisheng sarcastically, “If you don’t want to sleep on a good bed, if you want to sleep on the floor, then go to sleep.”

Ye Haisheng didn’t say who should make Qin Mian’s bed. Didn’t the other party say that he could hit the floor, then go to the floor. Zuo Li’an’s words flashed in his mind, and he fell into the sea, deep bones…

No, it must not be Yu Ren!

But Ye Haisheng understood that most of what Zuo Li’an said was Yu Ren.

Yu Ren is dead. Even if Yu Ren is not dead, he may be injured, perhaps because of amnesia.

What betrayed, what ran away with money, that is all fake.

It is impossible for Yu Ren to betray him. Yes, Yu Ren can make medicines. The professor also said that Yu Ren is very talented and will become a great pharmacist one day. Yu Ren’s talent is so good, no matter how little money the Ye family gave, Yu Ren can earn it in the future.

It is clear that Yu Ren is so talented in medicine, why does his family have to force Yu Ren to undergo mermaid transformation surgery?

No, they must know that Yu Ren can’t do mermaid surgery.

Ye Haisheng’s eyes flickered, he must investigate the truth and can’t be stunned.

This night, Ye Haisheng posted another Xingbo on his infatuated trumpet: death or alive, I will find you and seek justice for you.

Of course, it was impossible for Yu Qing to see Ye Haisheng’s trumpet this night, he didn’t even know which Ye Haisheng’s trumpet was.

Back then, Yu Qing used the identity of Yu Ren to be with Ye Haisheng, and didn’t even think about whether a trumpet was a trumpet or not. You don’t need to be a big one, but you are not sincere enough to do anything with a trumpet.

“Big night…” Yu Qing saw the cherries on the table. In fact, he could still eat a little bit more. Watch the dog-blood mother-in-law TV series. If you love me but I don’t love you, eat some cherries.

Watching dog blood TV series does not affect his preparation of medicines. Yu Qing also reads professional books on weekdays to compare his inheritance memory.

The prescriptions in the memory of inheritance are not much the same as the prescriptions of medicines currently circulating on the market. It may be because some of the herbs are seaweed, picked from the deep sea, so they are different.

The mermaid can go ashore and go to the deep sea, so the medicines and prescriptions prepared by the mermaid also contain medicinal materials from the land, which are also useful for humans.

Therefore, he is not considered as a talented person, it is pure luck, and he has inherited memory. If it is the master fish world now, maybe Yu Qing’s inheritance memory is not very useful, after all, some things may have been more streamlined.

Who has so few fish? It is difficult for those people to reach the deep sea, let alone use the deep-sea medicinal resources.

“Let’s eat.” Yu Qing said that making a salted fish is also very good. Occasionally, it is easy to study medicines and not waste skills.

Raymond looked at the two cherries in the opponent’s hand, thinking that the other party would give him one, but he didn’t expect that the other party would only give him one.

“Take it yourself.” The next moment, Yu Qing stuffed another cherry into his mouth, “You have a hand.”

“Yes.” Raymond felt that he hadn’t eaten it yet, he felt sweet in his heart, one for each person, how great.

Yu Qing ate the cherries, and thought of what he said during the day. He said that. He didn’t expect that there would be big sweet and crisp cherries at night. Or, talk about mango tomorrow?

But he is a little allergic to mangoes. Of course, he is not allergic to all mangoes, he is not allergic to big mangoes, he is allergic to small mangoes, especially allergic to exotic flowers.

“Eat more, and more.” Yu Qing simply grabbed a handful for Raymond, who was pretty good.

Yu Qing’s hand is not as big as Raymond, not as strong as Raymond. When he put the cherries in Raymond’s hands, he couldn’t help but compare the hands of the two.

“Your hands are big.” Yu Qing frowned.

“Maybe because he is taller than you?” After Raymond said it, he felt wrong again. “Alpha is basically stronger than Omega.”

“Right.” Then, Yu Qing put the rest of the cherries in front of him, “the weak ones should eat more and make up for it.”

The strong ones should eat less, otherwise, go and ask the servants to take some more.

Yu Qing wanted to give Raymond a handful of cherries, his hands were full, but the other’s hands were not full yet. Give whatever you give, if you give it again, the cherries on the plate will be in the hands of the other party.

“Make up more.” Raymond said in a funny way.

On the far edge of the galaxy planet, Yuan Xia, the former Xia Ziyan, is now called Yuan Xia. Yuan’s family is a nobleman. There are not many children. His father has two children. He is hundreds of years younger than his brother. It can be said that he was raised by his brother as a son.

Such a noble son is being spoiled, and it is inevitable that he will not recognize his own shortcomings, and he is surrounded by people holding him.

So Yuan Xia thought he was very powerful, thinking that her ability level was high, but in fact, that ability level was also derived from drugs, and the actual combat ability was not good. When he was studying in school, it was just fine that he passed the grade. Sometimes he didn’t go to class, just because the teacher turned one eye to him.

It is this kind of young man who was thrown to the front line by his family to earn merits. He said that he was not prepared to be thrown by his family. It was Yuanxia who got into trouble. He interrupted others when they were promoted by their supernatural powers. NS.

In order to keep Yuan Xia, Yuan Family brought Yuan Xia to the front line. It’s just that the people in Yuan’s family didn’t expect Yuan Xia to be so self-righteous on the front line, and he took the team to fight, thinking that he could handle everything alone, no, the whole army was destroyed, one team, and everyone else died.

The original Yuan Xia also died, and now this is the former Xia Ziyan.

Yuan Xia, Yuan Xia, Yuan Xia… the original Xia Ziyan?

The original Xia Ziyan couldn’t help thinking that this was the mysterious destiny?

Whether it is mysterious or not, he is already Yuan Xia.

Yuan Xia remembers Yu Qing’s Guangbrain account, but he dared not dial out the Guangbrain account, dare not contact the other party, or even add him as a friend.

“Stranger.” Yuan Xia’s heart could not be bleak. She was originally going to be a couple, but now Yu Qing is married, “That’s a stranger.”

Yuan Xia didn’t contact Yu Qing. Yuan was just a dude and had molested others. He didn’t want to contact Yu Qing against the bad reputation of the original owner, fearing that Yu Qing would be misunderstood. After all, his current reputation was not much better, and he was not afraid of worse.

Fortunately, the original owner’s abilities are the same as the original Xia Ziyan, they are all fire abilities. Then he can make better use of his abilities, regardless of whether the original owner’s abilities are caused by drugs or not, he has to practice well, and he can still use them when he is on the battlefield.

Where can the people of the military department not come to visit Yuanxia, ​​Yuanxia is from the Yuan family.

“Since you are alive, you can heal your wounds.” The people in the military department didn’t want Yuan Xia to run into the army to command blindly, because Yuan Xia was from Yuan Xia, and Yuan Xia’s brother was very capable. This led to A small group of people think Yuanxia should be good too.

Not bad? Not bad, because so many people have been killed, people like Yuan Xia should be sentenced.

It just can’t, because Yuanxia is from the Yuan family, and everyone makes mistakes. Not to mention Yuanxia, ​​but other people, there are times when the command is wrong.

But this time things can be avoided. After all, young and energetic, there are always young people who think they are great. Fortunately, for the team that Yuan Xia brought out, the main personnel belonged to Yuan’s family, and Yuan’s family didn’t speak anymore. So what else could the other people say is to give Yuan Xia a punishment.

“It’s all right.” Yuanxia didn’t want to stay in the hospital, but wanted to go to the battlefield. When he comes here, he has to build merits on the battlefield. “I was wrong. I will conduct a thorough review. From now on, I will obey the command of the higher level and earnestly practice abilities.”

When people see Yuan Xia speaking so seriously, they can only hope that Yuan Xia really knows what was wrong. So many people have died, and they should be awakened.

Yuan Xia didn’t let people ask too much about Xia Ziyan. Since that body is no longer his own, and he has a new body, then what should be cut off should be cut off. God gave him a new body, and he didn’t want him to be too involved with the original body.

If he asks people to inquire, people think of the original owner’s temperament again, maybe they think that the original owner likes Xia Ziyan.

But how could Yuan Xia like Xia Ziyan now, and it is impossible to retaliate, it is not worth it.

On a new day, Yu Qing woke up and found himself in Raymond’s arms again.

No, is your sleeping situation so bad?

“Are you holding me secretly while I’m asleep?” Yu Qing asked. Don’t panic, don’t say that your sleeping condition is not good, and there is no need to be careful. , It’s absolutely impossible to roll around, my previous bed was not that big.”

“You are my wife, can’t you hug it?” Raymond stared at Yu Qing without any guilty conscience. “It’s legal, even if you just fall in love, you can hug it.”

“Oh.” Yu Qing sighed and sighed again. “Hold it, just don’t wake me up.”

“…” Raymond originally thought that Yu Qing would be unhappy, and would say that he was not. He never thought that the other party would say that he could hug. If he knew it, he would hug more before, instead of thinking that Yu Qing was awake soon, so he didn’t dare to hug more.

Before, when Raymond hugged Yu Qing at night, he was nervous and excited, worried that the other party would be unhappy when he woke up, and happy that he could hold his sweetheart.

Raymond felt that he had missed a lot of hugs. Yes, it was just a simple hug. How could he feel that Yu Qing would be very angry at what he was thinking at the time.

“It’s okay to hold hands.” Yu Qing put his hand on Lei Meng’s, “Well, it looks like my hands are white and tender and look better.”

Raymond snorted and laughed, “Yes, your hands are not as rough as mine, they look good!”

“It’s okay, your hands can be rougher.” Yu Qing said seriously, “It’s all a gift from time.”

Yu Qing did not withdraw his hand because Lei Meng’s hand was not soft enough. The opponent was a great nobleman, and had to go to the battlefield, deal with many things, and defend the empire. So the opponent’s hands are rougher, it is very normal, if you say that you don’t like it, it would be too unreasonable to make trouble.

“What about you?” Raymond asked.

“I, I am a gift from God.” Yu Qing tilted his head, “So, let’s have a delicious big mango today. Not many, just one.”

Big mango has a lot of water, and eating too much is not good for the body.

Yu Qing said that as a pharmacist, he should understand even if he is not a nutritionist.

“Okay, yes, you are alone with a big mango.” Raymond chuckled lightly.

Yu Qing and Raymond received a testimony for a period of time that there was no vigorous love between the two, but both of them worked very hard to understand and accept each other.

Raymond wondered if his relationship with Yu Qing was closer than before, and he said more, whether he should go out on more dates in the next step. Otherwise, always go home from get off work to meet sweetheart. Sooner or later have to talk without topics, go out to meet people, and see the scenery outside, so that can have more topics to talk about.

Staying in one place is like imprisoning a bird in a cage.

Even if Raymond did not control Yu Qing’s freedom, Yu Qing always did not go out, which worried Raymond.

If Yu Qing knew what Raymond was thinking, he would roll his eyes: There are strange flowers outside, I have to be quiet.

Yu Qing now wants to be a lazy salted fish, feeling that there is no goal in life. I used to want to make a lot of money, buy a house in Emperor Star, have my own house elsewhere, and have a big swimming pool…

Now that think about it, feel that he used to be stupid. He can go to the sea anytime. How big is the sea? What kind of house he wants, and he also thinks about a swimming pool smaller than a house. He has no pursuit at all.

“Don’t eat fried dough sticks or bread in the morning, it’s too hot.” Yu Qing has eaten a lot of hot food recently, and her throat can’t bear it.

The butlers are at best to remind Yu Qing that it is impossible to stop Yu Qing from eating those things. No, there is no one to care about a fish that stays at home. eat it casually and eat too much. finally realize that shouldn’t eat too much hot food. Drink more water and eat more fruit.

“I won’t put it on the table in the last few days.” Raymond said subconsciously.

“That’s right, if you don’t see it, you don’t want to eat it.” Yu Qing nodded, and the other party snatched what he wanted to say.

When Yu Qing used the identity of Yu Ren to fall in love with Ye Haisheng, they were both students. Even if Yu Qing doesn’t know how to fall in love, he can talk about learning things, and then go to the library and the like, time will pass quickly, and there is nothing left to say.

When Yu Qing was with Raymond, he was not a student, but a husband. Yu Qing didn’t know what they could say, so he tried very hard to accept Raymond. He doesn’t like to change himself too much for the other half. That’s how he speaks. It was the same when he was in school before.

He never deliberately made changes, even if he changed from Yu Ren to Yu Qing. But there should be changes, after all, so many things have gone through.

“You should eat less, eat something else.” Yu Qing raised his head and glanced at Raymond more, just in time to see the smile on his face.

What’s so funny, Yu Qing touched her cheek, she still woke up without washing her face, her hair was messy, and she didn’t look good at all. It’s not like Raymond, with short hair and good spirits, the other person is still quite handsome.

Oh, what do you think, Yu Qing wants to pat her face.

“I’m your husband, isn’t it handsome?” Raymond heard what Yu Qing said unknowingly.

“Well, very good.” Yu Qing nodded slightly and got up from the bed. “Did you miss something?”

“You look good.” Raymond said.

“Oh, I’ll be shy if you say that.” Yu Qing joked, “That’s right, go wash your face.”

Yu Qing said that he had said good things to the other party, so the other party should respond, and business talked about each other. It doesn’t count, they are husbands, and they cultivate feelings between them, and they say nice things to each other, which is also conducive to promoting the feelings between the husbands.

Either he has a character that doesn’t suffer, or he just speaks nice things to each other himself.

Yu Qing is still more squeamish sometimes, and hope the other party feels good about him, so he should talk about it. He is a mermaid from the sea, they don’t tell him what is good, let him guess, then they don’t guess.

The corners of Raymond’s lips twitched slightly, looking at the back of his sweetheart, and he was in a good mood.

At this moment, Raymond saw the sound of information from Yu Qing’s brain.

Yu Qing didn’t set the optical brain password, so he threw the optical brain beside him when he went to bed. No, Raymond can see it.

“My dear, are you really amnesia?”

After seeing the message sent by an unfamiliar Guangbrain number, Raymond didn’t frown his brows when he saw it. He didn’t delete the message, so he just looked at it.

“Newly married.” Raymond first thought of Ye Haisheng. Ye Haisheng only had a wedding with Qin Mian. Did he send messages to other mermaids so soon?

In fact, this message was not sent by Ye Hai, but Ye Haisheng found Yu Ren’s best friend Ouyang Jing.

Originally, Ouyang Jing didn’t want to talk to Ye Haisheng. He wanted to scold Ye Haisheng and hang up. The other party said that Yu Ren might have fallen into the sea and lost his memory, saying that he was worried that Yu Ren would be forcibly transformed into an adult fish.

After all, Ye Haisheng still thought that Yu Qing was Yu Ren, and wanted Ouyang Jing to come and listen.

Time and time again, Ouyang Jing couldn’t help it after all, telling herself, just send a message, just one message, if there is no reply, he will not send it anymore.

“No reply yet?” Ouyang Jing stared at Guangnao. He was afraid that Yu Ren would be forcibly transformed into an adult fish, and he was afraid that Yu Ren would have sequelae after being transformed into an adult fish.

After a while, Ouyang Jing regretted it again. What message should he send? The Lei family is so powerful, since Raymond married Yu Qing, whether Yu Qing transforms a mermaid or not, whether there is any problem with his body, the Lei family will find someone to see it.

But Ouyang Jing was worried that some nobles only wanted children, regardless of how long the mother’s body could live.

“Is it right?” Ouyang Jing patted his head abruptly. Are Ye Haisheng’s words credible?

After Yu Qing brushed his teeth and washed his face, he saw Raymond still looking at his light brain, as if thinking about something.

“There is no secret on my optical brain, you can watch it.” Yu Qing wanted to let Raymond not see it, so she wouldn’t just throw the optical brain over there, he would definitely set a password. No, it’s not just setting a password, but hiding the light brain.

A person can not only have one optical brain, there are other optical brains in Yu Qing’s space.

“It’s impossible for Hong Xing to go out of the wall, unless you go out.” Yu Qing said, “There is also the decline of the Lei family, maybe I will abandon the husband and the son.”

“Then give birth to the son first.” Raymond answered, raising his eyebrows, “How?”

“…” Yu Qing almost said, ‘I know that the child I gave birth is mine, but it’s not necessarily yours’. It must be because I have watched Xingbo for too long recently, so where can I say such things casually.

Too self-loving!

He wouldn’t say anything like that, even if it was a joke.

Because if there is a problem between the husband and the husband, sometimes when you think back to the past, you may take the joke seriously.

“Wait…Wait.” Yu Qing felt that she was going to stammer, and she should be able to wait.

“Wait until the day lilies are cold?” Raymond asked.

“No, day lily can be replanted throughout the year.” Don’t think that the pharmacist doesn’t know how to plant, Yu Qing is serious.

“…” Raymond had nothing to say, it was true.

Having said that, who is incomprehensible about the amorous feelings, Raymond feels that this family is not only the only one who is incomprehensible about the amorous feelings…maybe I can’t say that, my sweetheart is a little cute, and he is also cute.

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