Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 26

Many people came to the Chu family’s banquet. The Chu family’s big house inherited the Chu family, and they also lived in the main house with Mr. Chu and others. The Chu family’s big house banquets, and many people came by themselves.

The relationship between the Chu family’s big room and the third room is not as rigid as the second room and the third room. People in the third room do not invite them because the second room does not invite them. The contradiction between the second room and the third room is irreconcilable. Naturally, the people in the big room are not so stupid to reconcile. There can be one life, that life in between. It’s the Chu family.

Under such circumstances, Mrs. Chu would not ask for trouble by herself, and she could also see the old man’s attitude, that is, alienating from Sanfang, that thing is indeed Sanfang’s fault. It is true that the old man does not value Sanfang as much as he used to, but if Sanfang is a member of the Chu family, he still has to do superficial work.

No, when Mrs. Chu San came to the banquet, she also brought Qin Mian. It’s not that the Ye family didn’t have invitations, but the Ye family couldn’t bring so many people. Madam Ye didn’t want to bring Qin Mian. How could Qin Mian be willing to follow Madam Chu San as before.

Coincidentally, Yu Qing also came, and came with Lei Meng.


Many people are aware of Yu Qing and Qin Mian’s little trouble, who told Qin Mian to live on the Internet before, and that’s it.

“You don’t need to go over.” Raymond took Yu Qing’s hand, “We just stand in the corner.”

With the power of the Lei family, there is no need to cater to those people, and there is no need to greet those people. Those people will naturally come to Yu Qing.

Raymond wanted to take this opportunity to let Yu Qing get used to it. A mermaid like Yu Qing who has no family background is easy to be looked down upon by some people. In the past, when greeted, he would be said that he had no place in the Lei family and was eager to expand the circle; if Yu Qing couldn’t go up, they said that Yu Qing was arrogant.

This is the case where Raymond referred to the transformation of mermaids from ordinary families who married into aristocrats. In order to make his sweetheart live better, he went to investigate.

Sometimes, as the other half, you have to consider more, especially those with high status. The status of the two is very different, and their thoughts are different. If they don’t change and understand, the two people will easily go further and further.

“Listen to you.” Yu Qing held Lei Meng’s hand, and didn’t feel at all what would happen to one man holding the other man’s hand. Omega itself had such an attitude towards Alpha.

In the corner, Xia Ziyan, who finally got into the banquet, saw Yu Qing.

Xia Ziyan is transforming a mermaid, and it is inevitable that nobles will be attracted to the status of a mermaid. Some of those nobles also had a circumstantial relationship. No, Xia Ziyan entered the banquet.


Xia Ziyan wanted to find other nobles if he couldn’t catch up with Ye Haisheng. So he has begun to develop ambiguous objects, to be a white lotus.

Yu Qing noticed that someone was staring at him, turned his head and saw Xia Ziyan.

“…” My day, what a bad day is today. Yu Qing didn’t expect to see Xia Ziyan at the banquet. This senior had done the mermaid transformation surgery so quickly, and he was able to catch up with the nobles so quickly. It’s amazing.

Yu Qing touched her cheek, and suddenly felt that she didn’t seem so good-looking. No, no matter how good-looking people are, they may not be better than the temptation of money and power.

“Did you do something bad?” Yu Qing stretched out his hand, poked Leimeng’s arm lightly, and curled his lips.

“No.” Raymond was slightly stunned, then replied, where did he do bad things, does the sweetheart know that he is investigating him secretly?

“That might be because I did something bad.” Yu Qing sighed softly, “This is all evil fate.”


“What kind of fate?” Raymond first thought of Ye Haisheng.

“My senior who underwent mermaid transformation surgery is here.” Yu Qing said, “Don’t want me, abandon me, I almost agreed to his confession.”

“That’s my luck.” Raymond thought it was fortunate that the senior had a pit in his head, but the tone was still considered, “Why, isn’t it very sad?”

“No, I’m very happy.” Yu Qing shrugged, “Then I don’t need to be with him, I don’t need to break up, I’ll be with you directly. Maybe you are the end point.”

Who said that Yu Qing can’t say nice things, Leiming now thinks what Yu Qing said is particularly nice.


Yes, I am the end point, and the two of them will be together forever and ever.

“Of course.” Raymond nodded, “I would be single without you, but I have to cherish me.”

“Treasure, cherish.” Yu Qing thought it was normal that Raymond was better than Ye Haisheng and Xia Ziyan.

Xia Ziyan saw that Yu Qing was so close to an Alpha, his heart ached, damn it, the remaining feelings of the original owner were causing trouble again.

Even if Xia Ziyan thinks he is a book wearer, he should slap his face and get the best. But he didn’t get in front of Yu Qing either. Yu Qing had already married a nobleman, and Xia Ziyan hadn’t married a nobleman, and his backing wasn’t strong enough, so he shouldn’t come forward and be ridiculed.

Xia Ziyan scanned the surroundings. He wanted to see if Ye Haisheng had come, but he didn’t see Ye Haisheng.

Ye Haisheng is a junior, and most of the banquets held in the Chu family’s big room are heirs or patrons. Madam Ye is not the one who waits for the child who hurts the cubicle better than her own. Madam Ye wants to bring someone, and that is also the one who brought the big room, so Xia Ziyan can’t see Ye Haisheng, what Xia Ziyan can see is Qin. sleep.

Since Qin Mian and Ye Haisheng’s wedding was broadcast live on the Internet, many people have seen it, and Xia Ziyan has also seen it. He remembered Ye Haisheng’s appearance, and Ye Haisheng fits his aesthetic very well. At the same time, Xia Ziyan also remembered Qin Mian.

The protagonist’s feeling is just a lowly feeling, or a useless white lotus.

Xia Ziyan believed that if he were with Ye Haisheng, he would definitely help Ye Haisheng expand his business, warm the bed, and be a good helper.

“Hello.” Xia Ziyan took the initiative to greet Qin Mian.

When Xia Ziyan played ambiguously with those nobles, he also told them not to let others know that he was a mermaid. He wanted to live a normal life. Xia Ziyan was still thinking about whether he wanted to let Qin Mian know, but for now, let’s not. He couldn’t be good friends with Qin Mian. If Qin Mian knew that he was a mermaid, the other party would definitely not let him be Ye Haisheng’s assistant.

When the mermaid came to the banquet, some mermaid maintained the fish tail, and some mermaid turned the fish tail into legs. Legs are better to walk, but fish tails are not so easy. More mermaids like to be mermaid carts when they maintain the shape of fish tails, so as not to hurt their tails.

The tail of the modified mermaid is very fragile and not suitable for walking. It is better when it becomes legs.

“Yeah.” Qin Mian nodded, but didn’t take Li Xia Ziyan much, but walked towards Yu Qing with a wine glass.

Qin Mian always likes to write, like to be weak. He had offended Yu Qing before, but now that he saw him, how could he step forward to apologize.

But it was just an apology. Qin Mian was never afraid to apologize. He said a few words of apology without pain, bowed and bent over, it was nothing.

“Mrs. Lei.” Qin Mian had long turned the fish tail into legs. After he was engaged to Ye Haisheng, he seldom maintained the fish tail outside. He also has a reason for infatuation. He just wants Ye Haisheng to look at his fish tail more. The mermaid who has a fiance has to be more self-respectful and doesn’t want others to look at it.

Qin Mian said that reason, and some people said that Qin Mian was hypocritical, wouldn’t it be good for other mermaids to maintain their tails outside? Therefore, there are mermaids who don’t look at Qin Mian. After saying a few words to Qin Mian, Qin Mian explained with red eyes that it was taken out of context by others, and he just loved Ye Haisheng deeply.

Then, there were few mermaids to say that Qin Mian was wrong, and Qin Mian’s affection for Ye Haisheng was also spread. After all, mermaids always use drugs to turn fish tails into legs, which is not good for the body.

“I’m sorry for what happened before.” Qin Mianrou said weakly, not very loud, but it could be heard by some people around him, “Brother Haisheng is married to me. He did something wrong, and I was wrong too. I should apologize to you.”

“Declaring sovereignty is the main cause, and apology is secondary.” Yu Qing didn’t like to see such soft and weak people as Qin Mian, as if it was someone else’s fault, as if someone had bullied him.

In the interstellar age, few people have been so disgusting with others, and Qin Mian still looks like such a disgusting person. Is it because the other party is a mermaid, so it can be so?

It’s hard for Yu Qing to like other mermaids, and it’s hard to feel the kindness, savageness, willfulness, and white lotus of these mermaids…he didn’t meet a few mermaids with better character. When he was in school, there were mermaid fights. Because of his identity, he asked him to give up his seat in the library.

Ah, bah, now everyone is a mermaid, come on, let’s see who abuses whom.

“You can stay together at ease and don’t play in front of other people.” Yu Qingsi didn’t give Qin Mian any face.

“That’s good.” Seeing Qin Mian turned his head to look at him, Raymond looked at him with such a delicate and imploring look. He was very speechless, and his goose bumps were all up. “Please don’t look at me with such weak eyes. , I have obtained the certificate with my dear, it is legal.”

Yu Qing leaned on Leimeng’s shoulder gently, and Leimeng stretched out his hand to wrap Yu Qing’s waist.

But it’s a declaration of sovereignty, who wouldn’t.

Raymond was just like a naive young man, and he didn’t need Yu Qing to take action.

“…” Yu Qing pinched Raymond lightly in secret, you snatched my line.

Raymond thought it was because he hugged him too tightly, so tighter, how could his wife not be able to hug him. It’s not doing indecent things under the public, “Otherwise, I have reason to suspect that you want to seduce me.”

Qin Mian was stunned, how could there be such a shameless person.

“Everyone will have two at one time,” Raymond said, “Don’t treat everyone as a fool.”

Similar things did happen in this aristocratic circle. A mermaid stepped on many boats, soft and pitiful, and even hooked up with a married boy and girl friend.

“Master Lei.” Yu Qing deliberately gritted his teeth, “You are grabbing a conversation.”

“I can’t bear to talk nonsense with them.” Raymond grabbed Yu Qing’s hand.

When it comes to disgusting others, Raymond and Yu Qing work together and they are not bad at all.

Watching this scene, Qin Mian only felt that Yu Qing was provoking him. Next time, he must let Ye Haisheng come with him, and let Ye Haisheng see how affectionate Yu Qing and Raymond are. Don’t imagine Yu Qing is Yu Ren’s.Fortunately, only then can we deeply feel the despair of being betrayed, can give up, can produce strong hatred.


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