Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 27

In the banquet room, many people saw Raymond and Yu Qing getting close. They didn’t think there was anything in it, and they were not allowed to love them. Anyway, they are legal husbands, even if they are a junior, the Lei family is powerful, and they can show their affection if they want to show their affection.

“Aren’t you going to find your husband?” Yu Qing deliberately asked Qin Mian.

“…” Qin Mian didn’t want to answer. Ye Haisheng didn’t come, and Ye Haisheng didn’t care what banquet he was attending. He would only tell him not to cause trouble outside, because Ye Haisheng didn’t want to bow his head to apologize to others.

Qin Mian had long been accustomed to Ye Haisheng’s ruthlessness, thinking that as long as he paid more, he would definitely change Ye Haisheng’s bad attitude. Ye Haisheng wanted the Ye family, so he helped Ye Haisheng get the Ye family. The first thing to do was to deal with the noble lady more, so that they could blow the pillow breeze around their husband, and let them help Ye Haisheng more.

“Let’s eat something.” Leimeng didn’t bother to pay attention to Qin Mian. “Before you went out, you didn’t eat much. Eat a few cherries, where can you be full.”

“Drink milk.” Yu Qing emphasized.

“It’s all water.” Raymond took Yu Qing to the dessert area, “Let’s eat some pastries first.”

“Together.” Yu Qing thought it would be better to have Raymond by his side, and the other party also knows how to stun people, so you don’t need to face those noble ladies with a stiff smile.


Qin Mian was left in place, pursing his lips, but unable to. Who made him less powerful than Lei’s family.

Madam Chu saw Qin Mian’s actions, and she only thought that the people brought by Sanfang would still be the same as they were back then. They had no abilities and knew all kinds of tricks. Mrs. Chu Er still can’t forget the child she lost in those years, she can’t find the bones, and insists on keeping the child alive, but it doesn’t make any sense. The blue sea cannot be longed for by a baby.

There are other water-based animals in the sea. Even if a baby can barely stay for a while, it will soon be eaten by those animals.

Regardless of whether the child bleeds or not, the strange beasts will eat the baby as food. Not to mention babies, even adults should pay more attention to them in the sea, swimming cautiously, paying attention to the surroundings, so as not to be caught off guard by unexpected animals.

Mrs. Chu San and those who have a good relationship with Mrs. Chu San are optimistic about Mrs. Chu Er.

For example, now, Mrs. Chu Er thinks Yu Qing is very pleasing to the eye, and it makes people feel comfortable watching it. It’s not like Qin Mian, it’s disgusting to look at it.

The Lei family is now in charge of the Raymond family, and Yu Qing is the mistress of the Lei family. Madam Chu doesn’t feel that going to Yu Qing will damage her identity.

“Mrs. Lei.” Just as Leimeng went to get Yu Qing fruit, Madam Chu Er smiled and walked to Yu Qing’s side, “This strawberry cake is not as sweet as it is, it is lighter.”

If his youngest son is still alive, he might be as energetic and energetic as the young man in front of him.


After so many years, Mrs. Chu Er still can’t forget her youngest son. After the youngest son’s accident, she hasn’t paid attention to her husband for a while. That relative of Mrs. Chu San just liked her husband, and couldn’t be a little lover, and couldn’t seduce Chu Erye. Only then did Mrs. Chu Er’s child take care of him.

Therefore, Mrs. Chu Er particularly hates those third parties, and also hates those who intend to seduce others.

Qin Mian happened to be the type of person that Mrs. Chu Er hated. It’s just that Qin Mian didn’t show up in front of Mrs. Chu’s much. Naturally, Mrs. Chu’s second lady couldn’t go to the junior to say that Qin Mian was not.

“It’s better to be lighter.” Yu Qing doesn’t like to eat too sweet. When he was a child, he ate things from the sea. Wherever there is such sweet, a little sweet is good enough.

Xu Shi developed the habit of eating when he was a child, and after Yu Qing went ashore, he still didn’t like to eat too sweet things. If it is too sweet, it will make Yu Qing feel greasy, and the excessive sweetness will cover up the aroma of the food.

Yu Qing didn’t know the person in front of him, and no one introduced him. Due to people’s long life span and maintenance, older people look younger. However, Yu Qing could still feel that the person in front of him was older than him. It’s not that good to be called Auntie. Will he call him old?


“Hello.” Yu Qing didn’t know how to call the person in front of him, so he simply said hello, “This strawberry cake is good, and the durian is probably not bad. I prefer to eat durian directly. I don’t like it when I put it in the cake. NS.”

Durian is not as good as diced mango, durian cake, some are made by smashing durian flesh.

Yu Qing didn’t like it, and preferred to peel the durian directly and eat fresh durian meat.

“I have my own way of eating.” Madam Chu Er smiled lightly.

Perhaps the person in front of her is purer, so Madam Chu Er wanted to take a few more glances. If the younger son is alive, what should the younger son be doing. Young people, if they have high abilities, they may enter the army, may be in politics, or even do light work.


The second wife of Chu gave birth to three children, and her youngest son was nearly a hundred years younger than her second son. The eldest son and the second son are so old that it is unlikely to quarrel with the younger son. It is estimated that the younger son should be raised as a son. They both spoil the younger son, and it is possible to spoil a little boy who makes trouble everywhere.

Even the little dude who makes trouble everywhere is better than being murdered at birth.

Madam Chu Er looked at Yu Qing, feeling a little uncomfortable. As long as she thought of her little son, she couldn’t be happy.

“You…” Yu Qing almost said ‘sorrow’. After noticing the sadness in the other’s eyes, he picked up the little cake and prepared to leave, “Go now.”

Yu Qing didn’t know how to comfort a stranger, walking was the best way.

“Go.” Mrs. Chu Er didn’t hold Yu Qing, and didn’t dare to show a sad expression again. This is a banquet held by Dafang, and I show sadness at this time. What is it?

Yu Qing quickly joined Raymond, Raymond carrying a fruit plate with small tomatoes, cherries, watermelon…

“Who was that person just now?” Yu Qing asked Lei Meng.

“Mrs. Chu Er.” Raymond replied, “The mother of Chu Xiao that I took you to last time.”

“No wonder she feels good-looking.” Yu Qing nodded slightly. It turned out to be Raymond’s mother, no wonder.

Not far away, Mrs. Chu San’s expression was not very good, Qin Mian talked to Yu Qing, and Mrs. Chu went there. Did she give Yu Qing a long face? It’s Mrs. Lei. Whenever Mrs. Chu Er needs to face her face, Mrs. Chu San thinks that Mrs. Chu Er deliberately refused to give her face, and deliberately went to Yu Qing.

“Second sister-in-law.” Mrs. Chu San looked at Mrs. Chu Er with an unhappy expression, “Mianmian is a good boy, and Mrs. Lei is not a fuel-efficient lamp, Mianmian is driven by him…”

“Don’t think everyone is a fool.” Madam Chu second said coldly, “It was Qin Mian who ran to Madam Lei first, which made people unpleasant. People didn’t directly shake their faces, it was for the Chu family’s face.”

Madam Chu second understood what Madam Chu San meant, that Qin Mian was not wrong, it was someone else who was wrong. Mrs. Chu San’s brain circuit is still the same as before, treating others as fools, thinking that others should surround them.

“A low status…”

“Three younger siblings.” Madame Chu saw the two younger siblings standing together, afraid that something might happen, so she walked over. No, I heard Madam Chu San belittling Madam Lei, “It’s cold. If you feel unwell, it’s better to find a doctor.”

Don’t talk too much, don’t offend people blindly.

If Mrs. Chu San offends someone at a banquet held in Dafang, Madam Chu San’s face will also be trampled under his feet. Mrs. Chu doesn’t care how these two younger siblings usually don’t deal with it, but they have to be quiet at the banquet in the big room, don’t toss about it.

Mrs. Chu San was a little afraid of the big house, so Mr. Chu lived with the people in the big house. It’s not good if the people in the big room say in front of the old man that they are not in the third room. So Mrs. Chu San soon died down, and she didn’t dare to say more about Yu Qing’s fault.

When Ye Haisheng was not there, Xia Ziyan wanted to know more nobles and leave a few more ways. It’s just that Xia Ziyan didn’t want to expose the identity of the transformed mermaid. There were many high-status nobles at this banquet. How could those people go to take care of Xia Ziyan who used drugs to maintain his legs.

There were other mermaids at the banquet, and Xia Ziyan was ignored.

Xia Ziyan’s mood was very unpleasant. No one fell in love with him at first sight, and few people asked him to talk to him. It really shouldn’t. He came through from another world. These are paper people. Xia Ziyan thinks he is noble than these paper people, but he doesn’t know that since he can live, it’s a very lucky thing in itself, and this world is not that way. One more thing of love at first sight.

Through Lei Meng’s introduction and some noble ladies took the initiative to come forward, Yu Qing met many people.

“It’s hard to remember.” Yu Qing gently pulled Leimeng’s clothes and whispered, “I can’t remember.”

“It’s okay.” Raymond thought that Yu Qing pinched him because he was hugging him, and the other party was very angry. Now, looking at Yu Qing’s careless appearance, he thought it was his own illusion. Your wife should hug more, “If you call it wrong, they will talk to you normally with a smile. Besides…Will you call it wrong?”

“No, no.” Yu Qing was stern, joke, and could say ‘hello’ if he didn’t know a person’s name.

Yu Qing said that he wasn’t stupid enough, but he just found it hard to remember.

Yu Qing and Raymond are very close, often whispering. Many people have seen that they are so close, and each of them has a deep understanding of the important position of Mrs. Lei in Lei’s family. Leimen rarely attended these banquets before, and this time it was also to accompany Mrs. Lei.

During the banquet, Mrs. Chu Er looked at Yu Qing from time to time. After the banquet was over and returned home, Mrs. Chu’s second wife couldn’t help asking her second son, Chu Xiao.

“How many times have you seen Mrs. Lei?” Mrs. Chu Er asked.

“Today, it is the second time.” Chu Xiao replied, “He doesn’t have that much scheming.”

Even though the number of meetings is small, Chu Xiao has a good impression of Yu Qing, and it doesn’t matter if the other party wants to marry a nobleman. People, it’s better to have a snack machine so that you won’t be hurt by others.

“If your brother is alive, there is nothing to think about.” Madam Chu Er said with emotion, “I don’t know if your brother is Alpha, Omega, or Bate, that’s okay.”

Mrs. Chu second thought that the younger son didn’t need to be very capable, so he could live comfortably, but it was a pity that it was useless for her to think about it now.

“Mrs. Lei is an orphan.” Chu Xiao said, “You can take him to do…help him more.”

Chu Xiao originally wanted to talk about godsons, but let’s forget it. If the mother wanted to recognize godsons, she would adopt orphans and raise them.That’s because the parents don’t want other people to take the place of the younger brother. They can do charity, but it is impossible to raise people in their status, and it is impossible to have any godsons.

“Orphan, it’s not easy.” Madam Chu nodded, “You can see you more when you have time.”

Madam Chu was sad. She had hoped that her son would be rescued by the fishermen, but the possibility was almost zero.


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