Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 28

Orphan, are you pitiful? Yes, some orphans are very pitiful and worthy of sympathy.

And Yu Qing doesn’t think he is pitiful, he has inherited memory, if he can’t live on land, he can still go to the sea. The blue sea uses a lot of various resources and is rich in products. Yu Qing likes the sea very much.

It’s just that being alone is not as good as the prosperity on the shore.

The mermaid came ashore, mostly because of the magnificence on the shore.

Yu Qing’s small life is going well, and he is about to prepare for the wedding. Before the wedding, there are many things to do.

The forest is bigger, and there are all kinds of birds. The Lei family has a lot of business, and also has wonderful relatives.

On this day, when Yu Qing was in the flower shop, she happened to meet Lei’s distant relatives.

The distant relative recognized Yu Qing, and even if he did not recognize Yu Qing, he could recognize the housekeeper next to Yu Qing. But the distant relative didn’t recognize Yu Qing, and deliberately said sarcasm.


“People nowadays, no better than we used to, all of them want to marry rich men.” That man was an Omega, who gave birth to several children for his husband. Of course, his husband’s ability level is not high. He once thought that it would be best for Raymond to have no heirs in his entire life, and he would have to have stepchildren. Let them in the next two Alphas, so that no one child will be born at that time.”

When Yu Qing heard this, he knew that this person had a bad character, but as an Omega, he still said such things. He clearly regarded the one who gave birth as a fertility machine.

“Omega, mermaid, didn’t give birth to a child, who knows if it’s good.” The male Omega continued.

“There are still such feudal people now.” Yu Qing looked at the housekeeper, her voice was not low, just for the male Omega to hear, and for others to hear, “Take people as fertility machines, don’t get married, sir, It also depends on whether others are willing or not. It is clear that you want to kick someone off at any time and you are not responsible.”

“Yes.” Of course, the butler is on Yu Qing’s side. It doesn’t matter whether others are going to marry a wealthy family, one is willing to fight and the other is willing to suffer.

The housekeeper can see thoroughly, it is impossible for Yu Qing to be unhappy because he doesn’t have a good family background. He is just a servant, and he is not qualified to be the master of the adult. If the adult recognizes him, then these servants should accept it.

If the mistress did something sorry for the adults, then they could still remind the adults. The point is that the mistress didn’t do anything wrong, but the butler felt that the male Omega had pits in his brain, and all of them were so self-righteous.


“Then your husband shouldn’t marry you and come in.” Madam Chu also happened to be in the flower shop, but she just walked to another place and was not here. It happened that Mrs. Chu Er heard what the male Omega said and was rather unhappy, “Your husband is responsible to you, but not to others.”

Regardless of the fact that the male Omega in front of him is not very old, his married Alpha does not have much power. But Mrs. Chu’s second wife still knows these people better, especially the male Omega in front of him. The husband of the other party doesn’t know how many lovers there are, as well as illegitimate children.

An Alpha aristocrat with a low level of ability and not very talented, has good fertility and has many heirs. If such a person loses his family, sooner or later he will become a commoner.

Without excellent genes and strong abilities, how can one continue to be a nobleman?

“The next time I see flowers, I will clear the field and let these people see how you marry a rich family. What about a rich family member, still trample them under their feet.” Madam Chu doesn’t like bullying people, but some people like to bully. People with bad family background, “I’m not afraid they will wait for your divorce. If you get divorced, I will let my son marry you.”


“No need.” Yu Qing never expected that Madam Chu Er would say this, inexplicably resisting in her heart.

“My son is still good, not much worse than Lei Meng.” Mrs. Chu said, “They are friends, it doesn’t matter, no one stipulates that you can’t marry a friend’s wife.”

Mrs. Chu Er not only told Yu Qing, but also told other people, don’t think of bullying others.

“…” Yu Qing couldn’t help wondering if she looked very bully, was she very weak, otherwise, why would Madam Chu Er say that?

It feels good to be supported by someone, but Yu Qing really never thought about marrying Chu Xiao.

“Have you ever lost a child in your family?” Yu Qing suddenly thought of a joke on the Internet that a lover eventually became a brother and sister.


Yu Qing didn’t know that Mrs. Chu Er had lost a child. He was originally from the upper class, and Raymond didn’t introduce him too much about the Chu family. What happened in the Chu family has become a thing of the past. Few people mention those things, and it is normal for Yu Qing not to understand.

The person who didn’t know was innocent, but when Yu Qing saw the sadness in Madam Chu’s eyes, he knew that he had said the wrong thing.

“Sorry, I’m an orphan. I used to live alone. Sometimes I didn’t pay much attention to it. I’m sorry.” Yu Qing quickly apologized. He was not so impenetrable before. He will observe more.

After Yu Qing and Raymond got married, they didn’t pay much attention. It was because they relaxed a lot, that the easier it was to say the wrong things. He thought it was a joke, but it became something to hurt others. He really didn’t expect such a thing to happen to a noble family like the Chu family.

If you don’t care that you are an orphan, and if you don’t think about your biological parents, it doesn’t mean that others are willing to lose their biological children.

Yu Qing can only apologize, this is his mistake.

Others didn’t dare to say anything. The identity of Madam Chu Er was placed there, and Yu Qing was Madam Lei again. If you don’t know how to say a few words from a distance, there are too many people with high status, so just shut up.

The male Omega didn’t dare to run over at this time and say that Yu Qing was not the case, he had already left angrily. If the bar is no better than others, it is the best plan to go.

“It’s okay.” Madam Chu Er joked, putting away the sadness in her eyes, “Are you afraid that your lover will eventually become a brother?”

If it is really possible, that’s okay, Madam Chu thinks so, but it’s impossible.

“You are a natural mermaid. It’s easier to have a paternity test. If you transform a mermaid and insert a mermaid gene, it will be difficult.” Mrs. Chu said with emotion, “If it weren’t for extremely dangerous situations, parents wouldn’t want children. ”

As for the kind of parents with bad character, that is also very rare.

“You can look for it.” Mrs. Chu said, “Under normal circumstances, natural mermaids often appear among the nobles. It is impossible for the nobles to be unable to raise children. Perhaps an accident has occurred.”

Mrs. Chu Er has heard that Mrs. Lei is a natural mermaid. Without my permission, the Gene Management Bureau cannot compare the genes of these people at will, unless it is the kind of people who find other people’s genes for comparison, or they are all judicial or administrative agencies.

Not everyone wants to find their parents. Moreover, there are many orphans. Without a range, it is impossible to compare the past one by one in the huge gene pool.

“You don’t need a nobleman to rely on.” Yu Qing shook his head. He understood Mrs. Chu’s kindness and found his biological parents, who are nobles, so he can be considered to have a good birth. But he understood that he came from the blue sea, he was ignorant when he was a child, and opened the inheritance memory. The inheritance memory does not let him understand everything all at once.

The inheritance memory didn’t tell him who his parents were, and Yu Qing thought it was not important.

“If there is an accident, look for it.” Yu Qing replied, “When I was in the orphanage, when I was very young, I did a related paternity test.”

At that time, nothing was identified, and now it is even more unnecessary.

When Yu Qing was a child, she didn’t know that the orphanage would arrange for personal identification, and she didn’t know the knowledge about genes. Fortunately, there is nothing wrong with his genes, not fish genes, otherwise he will either be locked up in a laboratory or escaped to the sea early.

“Really?” Mrs. Chu felt regretful. At this moment, she felt that she had said too much. Originally, it was the other party who caused her sadness, but now it is herself who caused the other party’s sadness. “Don’t be sad, you have a family.”

“Yes.” Yu Qing nodded. He will live with Raymond now.

At this moment, Raymond walked in from outside the flower shop. He had gone to the military department to deal with things before, and then he came.

The housekeeper had told Raymond about the distant relative of the Lei family on Guangbrao before. The housekeeper regretted that he hadn’t shown his abilities, so his wife spoke up. If it is someone else’s house, it is estimated that the servant will be on the job. The housekeeper said that he was happy to come, but the wife spoke up, so he wouldn’t be able to interrupt her.

If the madam doesn’t complain, let him, the housekeeper, say it. The housekeeper didn’t feel that he was doing anything wrong. The wife was bullied and didn’t tell the adults. This is because they don’t want them to cultivate the rhythm of feelings.

“Are you okay?” Raymond walked in front of Yu Qing, took his sweetheart’s hand and brushed the black hair on his forehead. Seeing that Yu Qing was not injured, he looked at Mrs. Chu, “Auntie.”

“You are busy.” Madam Chu didn’t wait much, and left soon.

Mrs. Chu Er thinks she is more fate with Mrs. Lei, and she can meet him when she comes to the flower shop.

Leimen didn’t take much care of Mrs. Chu’s second wife, so he was ready to see the flowers with his sweetheart and choose flowers for their wedding.

“It’s all the truth here, it’s not like being lifeless on the Internet.” Raymond said.

“Come here so soon?” Yu Qing thought that Raymond was very busy, so he watched it all by himself.

When Yu Qing came to the store, he saw that some newcomers were in pairs, either in pairs or with friends. Xu Qing didn’t feel much about it because he saw that everyone else was accompanied and followed the housekeeper by himself.

When he saw Raymond coming, he was excited, and Yu Qing secretly wondered when he would be like this.

Yu Qing had never been like this when he was with Ye Haisheng. Obviously Leimeng didn’t have such romantic things as Ye Haisheng, and when he was with Raymond, he was just plain and unremarkable.

“Miss you.” Raymond spoke directly. After losing it once, he knew how to be direct.

“…” Yu Qing suddenly felt a bit hot on his face, and couldn’t bear to look at Leimen’s eyes. The hot eyes were a little dazzling, so let’s take a look at the flowers first.


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