Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 29

In the flower shop, Raymond held Yu Qing’s hand, and Raymond could also give some information without having to introduce the flowers to the flower shop.

“Very understanding?” Yu Qing thought Raymond didn’t understand this.

“I saw it online.” Raymond replied, “If you want to get married, of course you have to be more careful and understand more.”

“Afraid I don’t know?” Yu Qing asked.

“No, you know.” Raymond shook his head gently, “You know how to make potions, starting with medicinal herbs, and you know more plants. These flowers may also have medicinal value.”

Raymond didn’t want everyone in his heart to know, but he didn’t know anything.

It saves you talking over there alone, Raymond understands the awkwardness of talking alone, just like when he used to talk to himself to a portrait of his sweetheart.

“Very good.” Yu Qing suddenly discovered that Raymond was really serious about preparing for the wedding. Compared with the other party, he was not so serious. Everything was arranged by the Lei family, and the Lei family paid for it. Yu Qing basically just looked at things according to the itinerary arranged by the Lei family, “Give you some medicine.”


“Do you only make medicine for me in this life?” Raymond joked, “This is not possible, I will be beaten by a group. Your people, your heart, belong to me and it will become.”

“…” Yu Qing rolled his eyes and teased him again.

Although he didn’t just prepare medicine for Raymond, he must use the best medicine for Raymond. Before the other party betrayed him, if the other party betrayed him, he would prepare a potion and destroy Raymond!

But forget it, Raymond’s position in the empire is so important, and he has to go to the battlefield. If you don’t ruin the opponent’s ability, you will ruin the opponent’s appearance and repair the kind that can’t be repaired well.

“Look at the flowers.” Yu Qing took a red rose and stuffed it into Raymond’s hand.

“Didn’t you let me eat it?” Raymond just thought that Yu Qing was going to put the flower directly into his mouth.

“Ornamental flowers are not the same as edible flowers. There are a lot of drug residues.” Yu Qing said that it is impossible for him to stuff flowers with a lot of drug residues on his partner. other people.”

“Excuse me to rest?” Raymond sniffed the rose, “Let’s look at other flowers.”

“…” How did Yu Qing feel that the other party regarded the flower as himself, what to smell, what to smell.

The Lei family’s preparation for the wedding banquet spread in Emperor Star. Many people once tried to marry the family’s Omega or the mermaid to Leimen, but they were unsuccessful.

Nowadays, it is even more impossible for them to think about waiting for this mermaid to give birth to a child and then replace it. Things like that are too despicable, too dishonorable, as long as Raymond has no problems in his mind, it is impossible to abandon the mermaid to be with other people.


Most nobles still pay more attention to the other half, legal partners, whether outsiders can replace them at will. Not all nobles have people out there. If you want to have other people, they will be there, instead of waiting until after marriage.

Therefore, most people did not think of embarrassing Mrs. Lei, but thought that Mrs. Lei had a bad background. If they held Mrs. Lei more, they might still be valued by Mrs. Lei and benefit from the Lei family. A few people look down on Yu Qing, and they don’t have so many opportunities to get close to Yu Qing.

Because Yu Qing had no parents and no elders, Yu Qing’s original idea was to hold the wedding just like that, and he could not find a suitable person to serve as an elder. Raymond proposed to find Mrs. Chu Er, and after Yu Qing’s consent, let his friend Chu Xiao probe into Mrs. Chu’s attitude, and then he went there.

Leimen knew that Mrs. Chu Er and Mrs. Chu Erye couldn’t recognize the goddess, and he didn’t let them recognize him, just to help Yu Qing as the elders.

When Chu Xiao talked to Mrs. Chu Er, Mrs. Chu Er agreed.

“Let them come over.” Madam Chu Er did not refuse.

As long as Mrs. Chu Er did not refuse, it was impossible for Er Ye Chu to refuse.

“If they come over, they can’t go back.” Chu Xiao reminded her mother that if she doesn’t want to, she can refuse now. When someone comes, and then refuse, it becomes a joke on others.


“No regrets.” Madam Chu Er emphasized, “Mrs. Lei is also a pitiful person, a natural mermaid, how can she…”

Wait, how can a natural mermaid become an orphan? The empire did not lock up natural mermaids, and there will be various benefits. For a few days after the child is born, whether it is Alpha, Omega, or mermaid can be found, unless it is reversed by the day after tomorrow.

How could someone not want a child of a natural mermaid? No matter how big a crisis occurs in the family, the natural mermaid can be handed over to the empire to raise it, and there is no need to throw it into the orphanage.

Mrs. Chu Er had been thinking about her missing child recently, and now she wants to help Yu Qing, she also thinks more about it. What’s wrong, how can a natural mermaid become an orphan.


“The Mermaid Conservation Association did not investigate.” Chu Xiao said, everyone knows that there is a problem, but natural mermaids are so rare, no country will use natural mermaids as spies, fearing that it is not for people to eat raw fish feasts. The Mermaid Conservation Association is not so specific, as long as you make sure that Yu Qing is not dangerous, “That’s Mrs. Lei’s sex.”

The empire respects the civil war very much, and there are few civil wars in human countries, and most of them are united with the outside world. The interstellar is full of all kinds of dangers. The intelligent creatures of the outer galaxy are eyeing human beings, and there is time for civil war, so it is better to study technology to deal with aliens.

“Is his age true?” The more Madam Chu thought about it, the more she hoped that Yu Qing was her lost child. If the child fell into the sea, the child was a mermaid, and by chance he was sent to the coast by some strange beasts. After the mermaid’s tail becomes legs, it is difficult for others to see that the person is a mermaid.

Isn’t it said that there are strange animals in the forest and raise children, wolf children and the like?

Madam Chu had thought about it countless times, even in the past so many years, she still thought about it. The past few years have been okay. In the first two or three years, Mrs. Chu Er often went to the orphanage to see that everyone looked like her child and had to do a paternity test.

When he got there, the second husband of Chu was not so crazy, and he did not go to do a paternity test with the orphan.

Mrs. Chu Er still had a small hope in her heart. She hoped that the person who had hugged her was a fake child who had passed by, and that she had hugged her in a simulated past, while her own child was thrown elsewhere.

“A natural mermaid is better than transforming a mermaid to be a parent-child firm, but there are also errors.” Chu Xiao wondered if Mrs. Lei was an orphan. They Chu family had to do a paternity test with others so well, would they be regarded as a lunatic? .

Mrs. Chu second heard her son’s implication, but she couldn’t let go of this thought in her heart, “Quietly, okay?”

“…” Then is he going to steal Yu Qing’s hair with follicles quietly? Chu Xiao wondered if he would be regarded as a pervert by Raymond, or as a rival in love.

Whoops, his mother-in-law hasn’t been ill for a long time…No, it’s not a disease, it’s the obsession of being a mother.

“What if that’s it?” Madam Chu Er said, “Ms. Lei’s hair is so long. Will it fall out when I come over?”

Madam Chu Er thought about this issue seriously. Chu Xiao felt that she was going to be driven crazy and couldn’t lose her hair. Maybe it was someone else’s.

This kind of thing is done secretly, and if it is not done well, it is easy to get into trouble.

Chu Xiao could only tell Raymond that Raymond was also an adult back then, knowing that Mrs. Chu Er went crazy to find a child in the orphanage, but unfortunately she couldn’t find it. After so many years, did Mrs. Chu Er think about this again?

“No, it doesn’t matter.” Chu Xiao had a guilty heart, with pleading tone, “Just do it in private, and it won’t matter.”

Chu Xiao didn’t want her mother to be told that she would touch porcelain because Yu Qing was Mrs. Lei, she wanted to get in touch with Lei’s family. After all, their family didn’t inherit the Chu family, and even if they were given some possessions, the father could still lead them.

The Chu family is not bad, but they can’t control those people’s foolish thinking. If they say that the Chu family is okay, they are afraid that some people will say that Mrs. Lei is going to climb to the Chu family. It was originally the hands of the Chu family, but it has become someone else’s point of Hei Yuqing.

“We really shouldn’t do this.” Chu Xiao admitted that the Chu family is not doing it well now, but after all, he still didn’t replace Yu Qing with other people’s genes.

“The accuracy rate of mermaid paternity test is low.” Raymond said, once there was a natural mermaid doing paternity test with family members and found that they were not biological. The family almost fell apart. Fortunately, there is a scientific explanation. The natural mermaid contains mermaid genes and may mutate during the gestation process, similar to returning to ancestors.

To transform a mermaid is to use existing medical technology to integrate mermaid gene fragments into the human body. In the process of gestation of natural mermaid, there may be a similar process, which is only internal transformation, rather than external intervention.

Because the accuracy of the paternity test of natural mermaid is not so high, the similarity percentage will be reduced during the test. But the natural mermaid still hopes to identify the biological parents, and it is even more difficult to transform the mermaid.

Raymond is not unwilling, but because of the low accuracy rate, it may happen that the biological become non-biological. Of course, it is basically impossible for non-biological ones to become biological ones.

This thing is too circumstantial, and Raymond thinks that such a circumstantial thing is rarely done. It is not that natural mermaid cannot be identified, but there is a certain probability that it cannot be identified.

“The fish in the deep sea have a certain degree of similarity with human genes.” Raymond emphasized, “Just do it.”

Chu Xiao understood what Raymond meant, that is, don’t take it seriously. Even if it is true, they have no evidence to prove that they are dear. The mermaid who can survive in the sea must be more inclined to the deep-sea mermaid.

“Be a consolation.” Chu Xiao was disappointed. He had never had hope at the beginning. He was still very depressed when his friend said that.

In order to deal with it well, he would conceal the other party. Raymond didn’t like to do that. Besides, there was nothing to conceal about this time.

So after talking with Chu Xiao, Raymond went to Yu Qing and told him this time.

“Then appraise it and let everyone sleep at ease.” Yu Qing doesn’t matter, it can’t be anyway.


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