Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 3

Spy, maybe a spy!

If it’s a spy, Darryl says he’s willing to sacrifice himself… But forget it, few people know who Raymond likes. Go to the Genetics Administration to match.

You have to find a better identity, get closer to Raymond, and make progress gradually. But now this is too rough.

“Bao…” Daryl almost bit his tongue. No, I can’t call baby now. “Eat more.”

Daryl decided to turn on the light brain and send a message to Raymond. Otherwise, it would be even more embarrassing to be caught. He didn’t want to try Raymond’s fist at all, nor did he want to see how powerful Raymond’s ability was.

As for whether Yu Qing was a spy or something else, it was left to Raymond to judge. Darryl said he didn’t need to think so much, and the mermaid didn’t belong to him, so he wanted to do so much.

When Yu Qing saw Daryl’s attitude changed, he was rather frivolous, but suddenly became more serious. Yu Qing couldn’t help turning his head and looking back. Even if the members of the Mermaid Conservation Association were sitting not far away, there was no need for Darryl. After all, the opponent was a nobleman.

An aristocrat with a high level of rank does not have to be so afraid of the Mermaid Conservation Association, and the Mermaid Conservation Association cannot detain mermaids and prevent them from marrying nobles. The Mermaid Conservation Association bans mermaids and allows them to marry according to their regulations. It is not known how many years ago it was the old calendar.

The Mermaid Conservation Association has been renewing and advancing with the times a long time ago. What they maintain is the freedom of mermaids, rather than banning mermaids.

“It tastes good.” Yu Qing said.

“It’s good,” Darryl replied.

“…” Yu Qing felt that this topic couldn’t continue, so should he continue to talk about it?

Although he was indeed angry for a while and said that he was asking the rich, but the wind blew and after a night, his mind became sober.

It’s just that, the form is filled out, and the genetic management bureau is matched. Of course, Yu Qing could only bite the bullet and walk on. He found that he still couldn’t do it to please others in order to marry a wealthy family. Didn’t it mean that these nobles would be kind to mermaids and would please mermaids?

Yu Qing feels that he has been cheated, and the other party does not continue to create topics, so what should he do?

“Eat slowly,” Darryl said again. “There are other dishes. I just ordered it again.”

Daryl didn’t think about going out with Yu Qing for a round. If he went out for a round, it would be bad. In case of encountering Raymond who came over, Daryl said that he must keep his legs. In order to keep his legs, he worked very hard. In order to prevent Raymond from disbelief, he also sent a photo of Yu Qing.

Raymond happened to be at home. He thought Daryl was too annoying some time ago, so he blocked Daryl. Therefore, he did not receive the message sent by Darrell.

So Darryl waited and waited, and after Yu Qing finished his meal and ate dessert, Raymond still did not come.

“Why don’t you sit down?” Darryl asked. “Something more?”

“No need.” Yu Qing really couldn’t eat so much, “I am not a fat fish.”

“Haha.” Darryl smiled, not knowing what to say, for fear of being thought he was teasing him.

“You don’t need to be so perfunctory. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like or disagree.” How could Yu Qing not know the attitude of the other party, just think it’s inappropriate, “there is the next nobleman.”

“…” The smile on Darryl’s face froze, is the other party going to see the next nobleman?

“Thank you for your lunch.” Yu Qing got up, it was the other party paying the bill anyway.

“Wait.” Daryl called to Yu Qing.

Yu Qing waved his hand and left. What’s he afraid of? He is now a mermaid, so don’t be afraid to offend the nobles. This is not too offensive for him, he just ate a free lunch.

Seeing that Yu Qing ignored him, Darryl contacted a person from the Genetics Administration Bureau to inquire about the situation and asked when Yu Qing would meet the next nobleman.

“This is the personal affair of His Royal Highness the mermaid, no comment.” That’s how the staff replied to Darryl. Even if Darryl is a nobleman, the other party has no right to interfere with the choice of the mermaid.

“…” Darryl hadn’t paid attention to these things about the Genetics Administration before, but he knew that if the Genetics Administration said so, then it would be impossible for the other party to say it.

Then he asks…ask P, go directly to Leimen.

What if the friend didn’t see it in time during the meeting, or it was delayed because of other things.

Daryl had a guilty conscience, and he thought maybe his friend blocked him again. It’s not the first time that a friend has blocked him. They would block him on weekdays. If they go out to do missions on the battlefield, they will be released, and they also have other contact information.

The staff of the Mermaid Conservation Association accompanied Yu Qing back to the place where he lived, and was relieved, “Are you tired? Go back to take a nap, and you can see the next one tomorrow, two days later, it doesn’t matter.”

“Take a nap.” Yu Qing didn’t worry, even if he didn’t find a suitable noble now, wouldn’t he still have a variety of rare fruits to eat.

Alas, the treatment of the mermaid Omega is so good, don’t know when that Alpha will perform the mermaid remodeling operation, and whether the mermaid remodeling operation will be successful.

You must know that the mermaid reconstruction operation is not 100% successful. Fortunately, even if the operation fails, it has a high probability of saving your life and the risk of death is very low. It is just that the pheromone may be destroyed. It’s just that the success rate of mermaid reconstruction surgery is still very low, so there are not so many people who do it, even if it saves their lives, the pheromone is ruined, and it is ruined with people, no difference.

Yu Qing doesn’t care about this, whether others fail or succeed, it has nothing to do with him, and he doesn’t need to seek that senior. He will still thank the senior for helping him resist the unspoken rules, and if the other party needs help, he will repay his favor.

Although he didn’t need to resist from the senior at that time, he was able to resist, but Yu Qing remembered that senior shot.

After Darryl got out of the restaurant, he got on the levitating car and speeded up to Lei’s house.

“Raymond, Raymond, are you there?” Daryl looked anxious and started calling people when he arrived in the living room.

The butler originally wanted Darryl to wait in the living room first. If it wasn’t for the other’s anxious expression, maybe the butler didn’t want to let Darryl in. Because the adults have already explained, don’t let Darryl come in at will, let him dry.

“I found your white moonlight!” Darryl said loudly, for fear that Raymond would not come out to see him.

This is not something that has never happened before. Darryl came in several times, but he sat in the living room for a long time without seeing anyone, while Raymond Mingming did not see him at home. Did he just make such a small mistake? Between friends, is it necessary to care about so much?

“If you don’t come out, he will have a blind date with someone else.” Darryl said, “He is going to marry someone else! If you don’t believe it, just look at your brain. He will have a blind date with me at noon.”

Ahhhh, no, what he said about noon, Darryl was upset.

No, he’d better run, Darryl was going to bugger, he had already said it anyway. But before he could get to the door, he was stopped by someone.


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